Precious Little Review Courier Press

Jeremy Spencer

"Precious Little"

(Blind Pig)

Part of three-pronged guitar juggernaut that spearheaded the original lineup of British blues band Fleetwood Mac (before its metamorphosis to pop megastars) in the late 1960s, Spencer was known for his tireless, note-perfect renditions of bluesman Elmore James and early rock 'n' roll. However, fame took its toll, and like the band's other frontman, guitarist Peter Green, he left unexpectedly under strange circumstances. Spencer ran off to join a religious group called the Children of God. Although he has played and recorded occasionally since then, he has lived a private life.

Spencer not only has retained his chops, as this CD proves, but there was apparently much more to his playing than his wild man blues-rock antics in Fleetwood Mac all those years ago. Recorded with an ace band of Norwegian blues players (blues remains huge in Europe), Spencer's guitar tone is beautiful and vibrant, his voice warm and relaxed. Although there are a pair each of Elmore James and early rock gems here, Spencer surprises with a set of strong original compositions. It is hoped that this album will succeed enough that Spencer will record more frequently.