Philadelphia Daily News (07/18/2006), Album Review

Jeremy Spencer ran away from Fleetwood Mac to join a religious order, amidst the group's transition from British blues to Americanized pop rock, and just before their career skyrocketed. Thirty-five years later, he's re-emerged on "Precious Little" (Bluestown/Blind Pig, B+)and scant has changed. The man sounds remarkably youthful and together, his shockingly sweet, high-pitched tenor voice and sublime slide guitar work still intact. And he's mixing in gently pointed acoustic blues and rockabilly tunes like they did "back in the day."

The originals "Bitter Lemon" and "Psychic Waste" set a high moral tone, as Spencer squeezes bitter stuff into "sweet lemondade" and laments the horrible imagery we're spoon-fed on the telly. Turning back the clock are "Please Don't Stop" - a hit first for Fabian, though Spencer does it more in an Elvis voice - plus his cover of Elmore James' "It Hurts Me To" and a re-write of "Corina, Corina" as "Serena, Serena."

By Jonathan Takiff

Contributed by Livia