Billy to be on Bluebird Cafe (02/10/2002)

February 10, 2002: The Bluebird Cafe airs on the new Turner South network cable systems through the Southeastern United States and is the setting for a weekly music TV. Each week, 3 of Nashville's great songwriters present their music from the Bluebird in the In The Round setting, swapping stories, guitar licks, harmony parts and great songs. Billy Burnette was featured along with Shawn Camp and Jack Clement in an episode that aired at the end of January and early February. It is being re-aired here: March 6 (10:30 PM/ET), March 9 (12:30 AM/ET), March 10 (6:00 PM/ET), and March 11 (11:00 PM/ET). Check your local TV listings if you live in this area or have access to satellite TV.

Thanks to Michele Mategrano for this information.