Big Boy Review, Globe and Mail (Canada)

May 12, 1979, Globe and Mail (Canada)

Kirwan was the third lead guitarist in the original 1968 version of Fleetwood Mac. It is this piece of arcane trivia that now permits him to make albums a decade later under his own name.

Hello There Big Boy is almost a text-book example of how not to make a hit album. Where Kirwan's strength is instrumental, he spends most of his time on this album singing, and to say that his voice is undistinguished gives him more credit than he deserves.

The album is perfectly produced. In fact, it's so well produced that it sears off any of the raw edges that might have provided some spark of interest. What is left is a package of nice songs, adequately played, that might have been released by any one of a hundred singers.

It takes no chances and it deserves the obscurity it will probably flounder in.
- A.N.