Bob Welch Radio Show Appearance (07/07/03)

July 07, 2003: Bob Welch can be heard on Thursday, July 10th, on a radio show called 'Rock-It Science with Greg Lewis,' from 6:25-8pm at Northern Jersey Public Radio WNTI Hackettstown 91.9 FM. This can be heard in northwest NJ , the Pocono region and worldwide on the net at Bob's music will begin playing at 6:25 PM; the interview should begin just after 7 PM and run through 8 PM.

Thanks to Greg Lewis for the heads up.

Picture of Bob, Mick, Chris and John sharing a laugh. Caption: Bob remains close to laughing ex-Mac colleagues Fleetwood and Christine and John McVie, shown in 1974. Welch is one of the wriest conversationalists in L.A. this side of Jack Nicholson.

Picture of Bob stretched out and leaning back on his motorcycle. Caption: Though basking in the rays of the solo fame, ego doesn't blind him: "I believe everybody's as big an ass as I am."

Thanks to Les for posting this to the Ledge and to Anusha for formatting and sending it to us.