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Country Music, The Duo of Bekka & Billy Is Over

Country Music, March/April, 1998

The duo of Bekka & Billy is over. The pair-- Rebecca Bramlett and Billy Burnette-- remain friends and songwriting buds, however. Bekka is on tour with Billy Joel to far-away places with strange sounding names. When Bekka got the call, "Hey Bekka, it's Billy Joel," her reply was, "Aw, shut up, Jason," thinking it was pal Jason Sellers on the phone, pulling a prank. To make the story real appealing and very international...seems Bekka met Billy Joel in Tokyo when she was there with Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, whom she was dating at the time. Seems Joel had a crush on her mom, Bonnie Bramlett. Bon Jovi was gigging on the beautiful island of Japan at the time.

Thanks to Golf4lynn sending it to us.