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  • Record Labels: Warner Brothers, Capitol Records, Reprise Records.
  • Various radio broadcasts/interviews from 1982 forward.
  • Special thanks to Jeff Kenney for providing the exhaustive listings from his 'Chain Gang' site which make up the artist discographies.
  • Special thanks to John Fitzgerald for his ceaseless and painstaking work on the Discography section, making it the most thorough compendium of FM music anywhere.
  • Thanks to 'bwalters' for help with the Rick Vito page
  • Thanks to Dan Nash (Post-production audio engineer for Tango in the Night video) for various pieces of information.
  • Thanks to John McVie for additional 'tidbits' of information regarding FM history.
  • Thanks to Stephen MacDougall for biographical information concerning Dave Mason and Peter Green & The Splinter Group.
  • Some photographs appear courtesy of Chris Walter of Photofeatures International.
  • The Peter Green/Splinter photograph appears courtesy of Steve Fairhead.
  • Thanks to Helen Gibson Davies for assistance with the Peter Green & The Splinter Group biography.
  • Many lyrics were kindly provided by Jeff Kenney, Ron Chambliss, Chris Frohring, Paul Barlow, K. E. Gil, and Welsh.
  • Some midi files were provided by Dustin Friedman and Renee.
  • Jamie Cole designed the lyrics, guitar tabs, interpretaions, Real Audio, and MIDI icons in the discography.
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