Awards & Accolades


'VH1 Best of the Web award'
(July 7, 1999)

"In connection with the countdown of 100 Greatest Women in Rock, has been looking for the best sites on the web dedicated to the premier movers and shakes in music. Two of those shakers are Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks, and your site dedicated to the Mac is one of the best out there. It's so expansive and brilliantly designed that I'd venture to label it the Tusk of websites! We would like to give your site a VH1 Best of the Web award. I've enclosed a VH1 seal with this email which you can post on your site and we'll establish a link to your page on We'll refer users to your site for the month of July and maintain the link in our website archive thereafter." -- Charles Bottomley, VH1

'Rock & Roll Legacy Links'
(February 6, 1999)

The Penguin was recognized as one of the best Rock & Roll sites on the Web. As such, it has been awarded the Legacy Choice Award For Excellence. Legacy Links is the largest collection of sixties rock and roll sites on the web. The award was granted for our coverage of Fleetwood Mac and Chicken Shack.

'Katherine Fox's Open Your Doors to the World' (November 7, 1998)
The Penguin won the "Gifted Fox Award®".


'Official Classic Rock Guide for the Mining Company' (October 12, 1998)
The Penguin was chosen as the Classic Rock "Gem of the Day". "Your source for Fleetwood Mac information on the web!"
'Guinness Rockopedia - The Ultimate A-Z of Rock & Pop' (October, 1998)
Full title: Guinness Rockopedia - The Ultimate A-Z of Rock & Pop (1998), Guinness Publishing Ltd: London, UK., David Roberts (Ed.), p. 156-157
The Penguin is listed as the sole source for online Fleetwood Mac information.
' Affiliate Network Site of the Month' (October, 1998)
This month's ANP Member of the Month is The Penguin: Fleetwood Mac. If you're looking for a comprehensive site about Fleetwood Mac, Martin Adelson's your man. Fast loading, swell graphics, and a truckload of info make this our choice for Site of the Month.
'The 80's Server'
(April 12, 1998)

Awarded The 80's Totally Awesome Site of the Day Award.
'The Crypt of Nosferatu'
(April 8, 1998)

Awarded the Nosferatu's Choice Music Masterpiece Award.
'Macro Music'
(December 11, 1997)

Awarded Macro Music's Noteworthy Site of the Day Award.
'Lycos TOP 5%'
(September 26, 1997)

Content: 95 Design: 85 Overall: 91
Lisa and Marty Adelson are your hosts at this capacious online tribute to Fleetwood Mac. You'll find all the usual fan stuff here, including biographies, news and lyrics. But the depth and breadth of content offered at The Penguin surpasses the usual fan site. The discography section, for example, contains "483 album track listings, 313 album covers, 364 lyrics, 29 MIDI files, and 5 guitar tabs." You'll also find message boards, tour information, video and sound clips and a huge assortment of links, plus details on the many members of the band's incarnations. For true aficionados, there are trivia contests (including name that Mac tune) that'll stump the best of `em. The entire site is nicely packaged, religiously organized and updated frequently. Every band should have a fan site this complete.
'Fleetwood Mac’s rekindled epiphanies' article (August 20, 1997)
Our site was listed as an internet link for the band.
  'No Longer A Rumour' article
(Mentioned August 10, 1997)

One of the most thorough Fleetwood Mac sites is The Penguin, which includes band member biographies, a discography, several games (including name-that-Mac-tune), links, a poll, video clips and other assorted other Mac goodies.
Rating: 4.0/4.0
(Awarded February 20, 1997)

Here's the premier Fleetwood Mac site on the Web. You'll find an F.M. history, plus details on the many members of the band's various incarnations. For true aficionados, there are some trivia contests to stretch your brains.