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Rick Vito 2000 Germany Club Shows

Rick Vito played several shows in Germany in 2000. One great review submitted to The Penguin for a show at the "Starclub" in Muelheim/Ruhr on April 29, 2000 has been posted.

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Written by Joern Rossa Jun 06, 2008 at 03:33 PM
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May 8, 2000

Hi Lisa & Marty,

First of all I want congratulate you to this fantastic site!! I am regularly surfing through this site, and I thought for all this information on Fleetwood Mac that you are sharing with the FM fans, I have to give some information back to you.

I was very happy, when I heard that Rick Vito is going to tour in Germany to promote his new album "Lucky Devils", which also came out on a german label. I first saw Rick Vito with Fleetwood Mac about 12 years ago, and he is such a great guitar player and live performer.

From the list of the locations were he was going to perform it was obvious that this will be small clubs, but that's great. There is always a special atmosphere that the huge stadiums or theaters can not give.

I went to the show at the "Starclub" in Muelheim/Ruhr on April 29 2000. The capacity of this Starclub, as I was told, is about 330! I came quite early, so I even heard him and his band doing the soundcheck. Unfortunately there were only about 100-120 people showing up. However, the atmosphere was great, and Rick seemed to have a lot of fun. And he was in good shape playing such great slide guitar solos! And the show was full of energy, his band also did a great job, being very dynamic. Rick let Tommy Kaye (rhythm guitar) also play a few guitar solos.

The show started at about 21:35 local time and went until 23:55 with an approximately 30 min break, where you had the opportunity to buy that new CD (those, who did not already had this great CD), and Rick autographed them. Wow, that was pretty cool! There was also some time to talk to him, an opportunity which I took of course! You probably will never have such an opportunity at the huge stadiums.

So it was a long show, but man, the time went by so fast. His band, the "Lucky Devils" consisted of Jim DeJulio on drums, Tommy Kaye on rhythm guitar, and Peter Eckmann (I don't know if I got the name correct) on bass. And of course the man himself, the "king of slide guitar" Rick Vito.

He opened with the instrumental from his "Pink & Black" album called Streamliner, of course played on this Streamliner guitar.

Set list: (not in order)

Streamliner / Voodoo Woman / Long Black Car / Bad Girl Blues / World on Fire / Exotica By Night / Carry It on Home to Rosie / When The Big One Comes / Bayou Goodbye / Homework / I Loved Another Woman / I Wouldn't Lay My Guitar Down / Living Without You / Walk Another Mile / Bluestown (a cover) / Lazy Love / Little Sheeba (cover) / Johnny B. Goode (cover) / Knock Me Down.

Maybe there were two or three more songs, but it was a good mixture from his new "Lucky Devils" album, his 2nd "Pink & Black", two songs from his first CD " King of Hearts" and some covers.

He was playing so well, and got a lot of cheers from the audience. Some of the highlights were, when Rick played a solo with his guitar behind his head (those of you, who have seen him with Fleetwood Mac, know what I am talking about). One of the encores (Knock Me Down) was very terrific, with energetic slide guitar solos all over, as was one of my favorite tunes on his new CD "World On Fire". All in all it was a very powerful and fantastic performance, that I really enjoyed, and will never forget.

Inspired by that show, I also went to the concert at "Die Kantine" in Cologne on May 04 2000. I was expecting that more people were showing up at this location, but there were only 50 people there. I don't know why only so few people came, because his music deserves to be listened to by many many more people. The show was also very dynamic and full of energy. The show started at 21:25 and was shorter than the show at Muelheim, this time about 90 min., but with no break. The setlist was similar, with fewer songs of course. But Rick really seemed to enjoy the show, too.

After the show he again signed his new CDs, and I purchased a second one. I also brought the booklets of Rick's first two CD with me, which he also signed. He even regognized me, that I was in one of his shows, very cool. And he is such a great guy, very down to earth.

One of his shows (the first one) was taped for the "Ohne Filter" show, and will be broadcasted on the german TV somewhere in September. He also told me, that he will probably return to Germany in Oct./Nov. to do a few additional shows. I hope that at that time more folks will show up, he deserves it. And it's worth it, every second! I wish to thank Rick Vito for this great moments and for his music.

Best regards,

Joern Rossa
Bochum, Germany
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