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Q&A Sessions
Bob Welch: November 8 - 21, 1999
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I have a few questions regarding your Three Hearts album and The Other One album. First, I've noticed the single Precious Love had a b-side song called Something Strong. I haven't heard this song and was wondering if it was available on CD or cassette? The second question I had was regarding the album The Other One. This is my favorite Bob Welch album(although I love all your albums :)Anyway, I was just curious about the lovely and talented Todd Sharp. Did he play mostly lead guitar on this album? Great guitar work BTW! One more question for ya, I love the song Oh Jenny from Three Hearts. I was wondering if the song is about Mick Fleetwood's then wife Jenny Boyd? Thanks for all the great music Bob! (David Gaines, Norwalk, California, USA)

As far as I know, "Something Strong" isn't available at all, unless you could find an old vinyl copy of "Precious Love" somewhere.

Todd Sharp (the ever-handsome and impeccably groomed) and I both play lead guitar on "The Other One" in different places, When we play in the same places, that's called 'a train wreck"....;-) (Joke !)

The Other One, "Eye Contact" and "Bop" are my favorite albums of mine for overall "guitar work"!

"Oh Jenny" is sort of about the renowned "Boyd"...see a previous answer too.

Hi Bob,Thanks for doing the Q&A and for the wonderful music. I too tend to play the "mid" Mac CD's quite regularly. I do a bit of radio and would get more out of playing some of the tracks off the albums to which you (and Danny)contributed than many others. My personal fav' of yours lies between "Sentimental Lady" and "Future Games" which I love dearly. I have a couple of questions and hope that I'm not repeating anyone else. If I am, ignore.

1) Have you seen the Splinter Group perform. If so, what do you think?

2) How did you feel about the success of "Rumours" given that you had slogged so hard with the band? Were you pleased for them? jealous?

3) Do you have any one abiding memory of gigging with 'the Mac?

4) I am aware of Danny's plight (sadly). When was your last contact with him?

5) Have you ever found any cheese in your hair?

Thanks Bob. I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about on the last question. BTW have you ever played in Ireland? If not, bear it in mind next time you're over this side of the water. (Peter Cunningham, Dublin, Rep. of Ireland)

Peter, thanks for your words of appreciation for my work, this kind of feedback is priceless for an artist, although if you don't watch out, it can be a little rich for the old ego !;-)

1. I've never seen 'The Splinter Group",...I'd love to though...

2. I was very pleased, although somewhat ming-boggled by "Rumours" success. Obviously, I had my own successes at that time with "French Kiss", although not on the "supernatural" level of Rumours, I felt that leaving the group had definitely been the right thing to do, in that we BOTH prospered as a result. It was hard not to be a little bit envious about the sheer QUANTITY of Rumours success, but I tried not to measure success just on the "mine is bigger than yours" scale, which, although we all do it sometimes, is pretty childish. (But.....mine IS bigger than yours...;-)

3. An abiding memory of playing with the Mac would be me and Mick really "getting into it" (in a GOOD way) on stage, jamming the end of a song and making up things as we went along, not knowing how it was going to come out, or how it was going to end. Not many bands do this kind of "jamming" anymore ! Mick would be rolling his eyes like in a trance, and in a way, I guess we were in a trance !

4. My last contact in person with Danny would be when he left the band, all those years ago...sad to say...

5."Cheese' in my hair, is a now a regular feature of my morning routine, glad you asked ! Couldn't live without it ! ;-)

Peter, I've never even BEEN to Ireland, but I'd love to go....send me a ticket !;-)

Bob, my question is on the topic that many others have already asked. It is basically on the use of the name Fleetwood Mac. Didn't the Cliff Davis era problems resolve who owned the name of Fleetwood Mac? Isn't that how Mick Fleetwood comes to control the name of the band, from a positive perspective - taking control at a time when someone else controls your life?

BTW, I was first exposed to FM browsing through my brother's albums, including MTM and Penguin. I wore those two out one summer and saw FM the following winter at the old Winterland on the Heroes tour. Thank you for providing many happy musical memories.

p.s. I was also confused when the 'new' FM came out with the white album- I though Lindsey was the girl and Stevie was the guy. I still bought the album, though I hesitated since you had apparently left the band. Good luck. (Dave Ferrier, Chico, California, USA)

Dave, Mick may well have copyrighted the name Fleetwood Mac, although that's not all that easy to do. He and John McVie, as the only members who have been in FM since it's beginning, certainly have the right to maintain that any group with them in it is the only 'real' Fleetwood Mac, and in fact, since the Davis lawsuit, this "problem' has not come up.

But.....hypothetically, IF Stevie, Lindsey, me, Weston, Vito and Burnette did (hypothetically) go out and call ourselves "Fleetwood Mac" (I'm not saying that this would EVER happen !), a court might well have a tough time deciding who "owned" the name, because Stevie, Lindsey, Burnette me, Weston and Vito could be said to be as much associated with Fleetwood Mac in the eyes of the public, as are Mick and John....Maybe, in the case of Stevie and Lindsey, MORE so ...

Mick and John will never face this problem however, because all of us.... me, Stevie, Lindsey, Vito, Weston, Burnette are too NICE, and would never f--k Mick and John over, the way Mick might, unhesitatingly, f--k US over... Mick appears to do, WHATEVER is convenient for MICK at the time.

Sorry about the 'diatribe", it's just that everybody's always been "scared" of Mick and John, in a weird irrational and emotional way. Mick's genius, outside of being a wonderful and gifted DRUMMER, is being able to retain this emotional control, call it "intimidation" if you like, for 31 years, without ever being challenged. Except once, and I helped him with THAT ! (Davis)

On a lighter note, thanks for your nice words about "Heroes" etc.!

Hi, Bob, I'm enjoying these Q & A's and thanks for doing this! To Answer a Previous question that you didn't ;) YES, Bob Welch was in Lindsey's "Trouble" music video, along with Walter Egan and Mick. I have no idea who all those other guys were (maybe you could fill me in?). That sure was one hell of a weird music video! Would you happen to know who came up with the concept for it?

I also wanted to comment on the California Jam 2 concert. I LOVE that version of "Ebony Eyes" most! I've heard other versions that you've done live with Stevie, but that one tops them all! In fact, I think it's one of Stevie's best live performances! One of your bests as well! And I was extremely disappointed (to say the least) when that song was cut from the Cal. Jam 2 album! That was the HIGHLIGHT of the entire concert! How Dare the people who put that album together cut that song from the record!! I Still want revenge! LOL

Anyway, I managed to record the song on video when it was re-broadcast on TV many years back, and played the hell out of the video over the years. Too bad you didn't get a cut of that, but I'm still willing to buy that song if and when it should ever be released on CD. Is there any way possible that you could make that happen? I would be forever grateful if so!

Stevie is great, but a lot of her best stuff has never been released. I often get frustrated that she or the record companies (or even Mick) keeps this stuff locked up in a volt somewhere. If it weren't for Bootlegs, I would've never heard a lot of great demos and takes. What is your opinion of Bootlegs?

I'd like to say though that even though I collect bootlegs, I'd go out and buy every single one of them if they were available commercially. The copies would be much cleaner and far more superior, but I don't really understand why Artists don't release this stuff, especially when they know it would sell well.

Who owns your music videos and would or could there be any plans to release them as a long form compilation video? Thanks! ("Someone", Pennsylvania, USA)

Uh, to "someone"......Someone, I think, may be fantasizing that they see me in Lindsey's "Trouble" video. I have no memory of being in that video, and since I take my "ginko" everyday, my memory is pretty good ....;-)

Ah, calm down about that Cal Jam II...;-) If I ever have a "hit" record again, shows like that will put all my "footage" back in..that's just the way show bizness works, they 'love 'ya" on Monday, and on Tuesday they don't even remember your name !;-) Unless, of course, you owe THEM money! I wish I could have some kind of control over the different shows, videos etc. that I've been in, but I just don't..."Someone", I don't know who, owns all that stuff...

Bootlegs are fine, as long as you don't have to pay for them .;-) ( whaaat?) You have to realize that, most of the time, artists don't own ANY of their recordings, videos etc. Artists are paid a (small !) percentage by the companies, and have zero control over anything like where or when something will be released. Sometimes they might send you a letter saying, "we're putting out such and such"....but that's about it. If you're a "superstar", you can sometimes work a deal where you have more say than that, but sometimes even "superstars" make crummy deals.

Hi, Bob! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer everyone's questions. I have several "nuts and bolts" questions, mostly regarding who played what. The good news is that they don't require long answers, although any elaborations and recollections would be welcome! Thanks again for doing this!

Future Games and Bare Trees:

1. Is it generally safe to assume that Danny played lead on his songs? There are several instances of an electric lead and acoustic rhythm (Woman of 1000 Years, Sometimes, Dust are examples). Is he on electric and you on acoustic?

2. Who played the intro licks and solos on the song Future Games and Lay It All Down? Is that you on harmonica?

3. How, if at all, is John Perfect related to Christine?

4. Do you play on Sunny Side of Heaven and/or Danny's Chant, or are all the guitar tracks Danny?

5. On Spare Me A Little..., do you and/or Danny sing background vocals, or is it all Chris (as distinct as each of your voices is, it is hard for me to tell)? Who does the solo on that song?


6. In the liner notes, Bob Weston is credited as lead guitarist on Revelation, as well as other instruments on other songs, but what about lead guitar on other songs, specifically Remember Me, Dissatisfied, and Road Runner?

7. Did you play at all on Caught in the Rain, or is it just Bob Weston?

8. Weston sang with Chris on Did You Ever Love Me, right? If so, how did that come about, since you and Dave Walker were "officially" the male vocalists?

Mystery To Me:

9. As I asked about you and Danny, with Bob Weston, is it safe to assume that he did all the solos, including Believe Me and the acoustic solo on Keep On Going?

10. What about lead parts on songs you wrote, notably Hypnotized, Emerald Eyes, The City, and Somebody?

11. Who did the acoustic intro on Chris's The Way I Feel?


12. In addition to the guest pedal steel player on Come a Little Bit Closer, do you play on that song?

That is all for now, but rest assured that I will soon have questions regarding your solo work! Thanks again! (Jon Donahue, New York City, New York, USA)

Eeek! Jon! Another umpteen part question! Oh my aching tendons ! ;-)

1. Yes, Danny played lead on his songs, I can't separate out the other supporting parts though, unless I put on headphones and studied the track, and I ain't gonna do 'dat !;-)

2. Licks on "Future Games" and "Lay It All Down" are me, but Danny's in there too, mostly doing the in-between fills, I think.

3. John Perfect is Christine's brother, and he played the harmonica on "Lay It All Down".

4. "S.S Of Heaven" and "Danny's Chant" is all Danny as far as lead. Rhythm parts are mixed, me and him.

5. I think "Spare Me A Little" was Chris harmonizing with herself... I can't remember who did the solo on it.

6. It's hard to remember Penguin exactly...In general, Bob Weston would have done the "burnin'" leads, I would have done the jazzier stuff and other structural supporting parts. (gee, that sound kinda medical doesn't it 1;-)

7. I think while Bob was doing "Caught In The Rain", I was in the pantry, "chalking my dickie". Sorry, that's from an old joke, I couldn't resist !;-)

8. Weston sang with Christine on "Did You Ever.." either 1. because he had been a naughty boy and we wanted to torture him...2. he was in one of his "giddy" moods, and needed something to do...3.Dave Walker and I were having a drunken brawl, and couldn't be disturbed, or 4. we had forgotten to formally "audition" Bob, and this was his big chance at the "Englebert Humperdinck" thing we all knew he was capable of ! ;-) Jon, by the way, before things get TOO serious, jobs were not all that strictly divided in FM. For example, sometimes I liked to play "hostess", just to give the other members a break.;-) I also washed, and oiled, the "truck"!;-) The thing between me and Weston was kind of like that song from a few years ago, you know, "I've got the brains, you've got the brawn, let's make lots of money....";-) If that perhaps sounds a little shallow to you...well, it is..but what's "shallow" when you're in LOVE ?;-)

9. Please refer to a previous answer, with this "codicil"; my guitar style, is best exemplified by the stuff in "Hypnotized", which was all me, with some moral support from Weston who at the time I think was clinging, with a mixture of admiration and disgust, to my leg...;-) Yes, it's Bob on "Believe" and the "Way I Feel"... And, I think the acoustic on "Keep on Going".

10. See above, I think.

11. The pedal steel guy on "...Closer" was "Sneaky Pete". I'm probably playing acoustic in there somewhere.

Short and to-the-point (much unlike my Favorite New Husband): What's with the Fu-Bob-Chu look at the top of Section Four? (Those two weeks must've been MURDER! - Glad you're back!) (The (barely) Blushing Bride of Your Favorite Essayist, Mr. S. Denison, Orange, California, USA)

Dear "barely blushing"...;-) The "glib" answer on the" Fu-Bob-Chu" look, is that it was at a Halloween party that we all went to at Chas Sanfords. (the guy who wrote "Missing You"...John Waite, and now Brooks and Dunn)

The more detailed answer is a little more interesting, if you have the time..

ahem...cough,cough....thankyouverymuch...(Elvis has left the building..)

Since Wendy and I went to a place called "The Monroe Institute" a year and a half ago, (to be "institutionalized", really !) she, in particular, and me to a certain extent have see a pretty big increase in what might loosely be called "psychic phenomena" in our lives. Wendy, especially, has kind of started to 'channel' what are generally assumed to be people who have "died", duh....or "dead people" for the rest of us ! ;-) Seriously, this kind of thing has really started to pick up; I even saw a mailman's truck, in full daylight, totally real, in front of our house, that wasn't really there when I went down thinking the mail had come. I mean I SAW the guy putting stuff in our mailbox...but there was no stuff in the mailbox. The "Fu Manchu" look is what Wendy says one of her "spirit guides", the "tough" one that helps her through confrontational situations, looks like.....kind of a scary guy. Now I'm not anymore crazy than I've always been (so what else is new ?;-), and Wendy was offered a job as head of a legal team at a publisher here in Nashville (which she turned down), so it's not like she is prone to this stuff...But we're both curious about what (if anything) "lies beyond"...and I guess "Fu-Manchu", courtesy of "Monroe", may be one of those "what lies beyond" type things..

Are you sorry you asked ? ;-)

I would like to know how or who came up with your logo. I think it is extremely cool. Also I would like to know who your favourite recent artists or bands are (stuff released in the 90's). (Nick Westaway, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

That "logo" was commissioned by me in 1981 for the 1st Bob Welch RCA album. Larry Vigon, who also did a ton of work for Fleetwood Mac, was the art director on that project, and I believe he actually drew the caricature....

Nick, I've listed some recent music I like, right at the start of my q&a...

Hello and thank you for many years of exceptional music. I'd like to ask a few Danny Kirwan questions, as I'm a huge fan of his music. Unfortunately, the only time I saw you both as members of F-Mac was in New York and the first announcement made by the band was that one of the guitar players was passed out in the dressing room. I'll bet that was strenuous for you!!!!

Can you shed any light on his song writing processes? Did he come to the band with worked out demos or was jamming involved on song fragments. On yours and Christine's material, was there a lot of experimentation of parts and guitar sounds or did everyone have pretty set ideas of what they wanted. At the time you joined, was it "Danny's Band" as far as sound and direction or was everyone an "equal". Any light you can shed on him as a musician would be appreciated. I feel you and Danny should get royalties from any F-Mac band since and after yourselves, since you were the bridge from the "old" to the "new" band.

Finally, after much long windedness.....I agree with your comment that Mick Fleetwood is only the drummer after all. He's only Fleetwood Mac NOW by default. Thanks so much for your time and insight. The internet is such a great medium for artists as yourself who have a lot to say musically, but just don't fit the target market in the music "business". Again, thanks for your time. (Terry, Avon, Colorado, USA)

Danny was one of the first people I knew (beside myself) who would try to make pretty elaborate demos of his stuff. There wasn't much you could do that with in those days; he had a "Revox" tape recorder that, by "bouncing", he used to be able to get 6 or 8 tracks out of. That still didn't mean that a song stayed the same once the band started learning it though. Fleetwood Mac never learned anything "verbatim" off of a demo.

Most often, and in the case of me and Christine's stuff, songs were partially worked out, and then all the band members, in rehearsal, contributed equally to the finished arrangement. FM was definitely NOT Danny's band when I joined, which actually made things more stressful for me as I had assumed there'd be a "bandleader" that would tell me exactly what they wanted....but there wasn't.

Danny spent a lot of time on the 3rd floor of Benifolds, in his room. Sometimes he didn't come down for days. He was a very "meticulous" guitar player...the notes had to be exactly right, he didn't play any 'b.s' or 'twiddly-twiddly-twee" licks just to fill time. Both Pete Green's, and Danny's style (and Danny modeled his style after Pete Green's) was a "make every note count emotionally" wasted notes, no "flash" fooling around just to impress etc. This was actually a very mature style to have at the young ages that Danny and Green were at the time. I learned a lot from Danny (not verbally) about 'economy of notes", and really trying to SAY something in a guitar lead. As far as I know, Danny still gets royalties from his time with the band.

Terry, hope this helps !

Hi Bob,I saw you live twice with Fleetwood Mac in 71 or 72; don't remember for sure cause of the brain fade. I've got every Mac LP available...the best of them were with you in the band. Thank God for the net cause I found this site, and wondered what ever happened to you, the last I heard you were living in Phoenix. Glad to have this site to check out. Even though F.M. went on to super stardom, your era with them was the best of their career, thanks for being there, when I was in the front row, trippin out, totally mesmerized by you guitar, your right on the list of my all time favorite my beard turns gray... (Doug, Big Lake, Missouri, USA)

Thanks Doug !

I noticed that your new album has a parental advisory for lyrics. I don't really mind but I was wondering if they really are bad or if the label made you do that. (Damon, New York City, New York, USA)

Damon,the "Parental Advisory" is just to be on the safe side, because there is some "rough' language in a couple of spots, and I wouldn't want to give anybody with young kids more trouble than they've already got ! ;-) And no, I wanted that to be on the CD...There's something that bothers me, maybe I'm old fashioned, about 5 and 6 year olds cursing like sailors ! My feeling is, if you're too young for oral sex, you're too young to say " c----ucker !"

Bob, I'll try to be brief, but what an honor it is to be able to ask you a question. Unlike most Fleetwood Mac fans, you and Christine McVie are my favorite musicians. I don't know how you were personally with each other at that time, but as collaborating musicians you and she seemed to really be able to come up with some gems!! You and Christine had some great vocal harmonies, like Angel, Ber. Triangle, Hypnotized etc. My question is: Did Christine do more on the French Kiss Album than the credits disclose? I hear some of her keyboard and backing vocals on some of the other tracks on that record. I think that record is one of the best "recordings" I've ever heard, not to mention your guitar playing has great distinct style. I used to live in Cleveland and gave the Rock and Roll Hall the finger every time I passed it just for you. (Very serious about that) Listening to your music since I was 12 now 31 I really felt that those money hungry no talent suits should be ashamed of themselves! (Although I'm sure shame is something their not capable of) Good Luck with the rest of your career and family!! As a fan, I'll be supporting you. (John Barbarotta, Los Angeles, California, USA)

John, thanks for your kind words...

Christine plays keys, and of course sings, on "Sentimental Lady", on French Kiss, and she also sings some "counterlines" on "Easy To Fall". She was in and out of some of my albums after French Kiss too.....

Hi Bob. Thank you so much for doing this. I don't have a question, I just didn't want this chance to go by without adding my two cents about the Hall of Fame fiasco: Like many others, I have loved FM for years, and felt you especially should have been inducted (for all the reasons previously discussed). So, for what it's worth, I wanted you to know that I felt you were wronged. Second, I really loved your contribution to FM: very cool. Lastly, my brother, Don, used to work on your Porsche (sp?) at the Porsche shop in West LA during the late 70's. I was always impressed by how nice he said you were! After reading these Q&A's I understand what he meant. Thanks for your time and sharing your stories with us! (Bob Goodman, Pacific Palisades, California, USA)

Bob, I remember that Porsche... It was beautiful, but I almost used to pass out from the gas fumes, until the fuel filter, which for some reason was INSIDE the drivers compartment, was fixed ! Thank you for your other comments, I appreciate your support !

Since Greeny returned three years ago and is playing his guitar well, rather than being a Syd Barrett hermit would you ever consider playing with him in the future? (Alex Gallard)

It would be great to play with Pete Green... But I doubt he, or his people, would ever ask me....

Hello Mr. Welch. I read somewhere that back in 1973 when Bob Weston and Dave Walker were released from FM, that Peter Green was invited to play with FM on their remaining tour dates. Is that true? How did that affect your songlist? What was your impression of PG at that time? Did you and he get along? Thanks for taking time for your fans. MTM was my first FM album and remains a favourite along with "Then Play On" and "Bare Trees". Thanks again!! (Russell B. Wright, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

I can't remember if Pete Green was asked to finish out the Mystery To Me tour, if he was, it would have been Clifford Davis who made the suggestion in passing. I don't think Green was doing any playing at that time anyway.

Dave Walker preceded Bob Weston's leaving by quite some time, like 6 months or something.

Peter Green seemed very 'spacey" and not at all "normal" the few times that I was around him. You could tell he was "disturbed". It wasn't so much a question of "getting along " with him as just being able to "reach" him at all. He sort of acted like a zombie.

Just curious?...Do you own any Fleetwood Mac records (cd's, 8 tracks, ect.) recorded after your stint with the band; Like wise with any of Stevie or Lindsey's solo works? Do you have a favorite album or song associated with their solo works? (LauraTN, Morristown, Tennessee, USA)

I have most of FMs stuff..I don't have the last couple of albums though...they don't send me free stuff anymore ;-)

I have Lindsey's last record, and a couple of Stevie's things. One of my favorite Stevie solo songs is the one that goes "just like a white winged dove...." I forget the title ...Also I always liked "Edge Of 17". I can't think of the titles of some of the things from Lindsey's last CD, but some of the guitar work, and the moods he sets up, are (is) amazing !

Hi Bob, I already asked you a couple questions and here I am again, but at least I'm doing better than a few certain people! First of all, I wanted to say how much I love "Hustler". I've listened to it about 6000 times this morning. I listen to it a few times, then I give "Silver Heels" a whirl or two, then some more "Hustler"... it's wild, let me tell you. What great songs! Anyway, here's my question. Reading this Q&A has brought up a point of confusion for me that I'd quite forgotten about. Are there two versions of the Mystery to Me album? I seem to recall that "For Your Love" replaced another song, or something like that. Is that right, or am I just pulling things out of thin air? Thanks! (Sara, North Carolina)

Sara, thanks for your comments about "Hustler" and "Silver heels" !

There aren't two versions of the "Mystery..." album, but there ARE, two different versions of the album COVER. The very first cover that was printed listed a song of mine,"Good Things" on it. Then we got to LA and decided to replace "Good Things" with "For Your Love".....But it was too late to recall some of the first covers that had already been printed. If you had a vinyl copy of MTM with the song "Good Things" listed on it, you have one of only a very few like that... The FM version of "Good Things" (which I later re-recorded) was never released.

"Monday,,, la-la, la" Hope you had a good weekend...

I see that on the "French Kiss" CD Capitol lists "Lose Your Heart" with the same title on all three versions; whereas on the original LP, they each had distinct titles. Anyway, I thought that was a cool idea to put three different "feels" of the same song on the album. Between that, and the vastly different feels of the two versions of "Future Games", do you do that quite a bit, experiment with different "feels" for a song until you hit on "just the right one"?

I recall a while ago that K.E. Gil & I had a bit of a disagreement over the"Man Overboard" album. Maybe you can clear up our differing perspectives once & for all. Being that it was the final album for Capitol (and I kinda know the legacy there is in "the biz" about the "last album of a recording contract"), how many of the tracks were recorded "new" for the album and how many were "leftovers" from earlier album sessions? "Nightmare" & "B666" sound like they could've fit perfectly on "Three Hearts"; I assumed that they were actually from the "Three Hearts" sessions. Similarly, "Don't Rush The Good Things", "The Girl Can't Stop", & "Jealous" sound like they would've fit on "The Other One"...etc.

Which also brings up the question....

Have you consciously left what you consider a very strong song off of an album for future use?

Ok, here's one for the memory banks... (and recollections of a then star-struck fan)

Back on Thanksgiving night in '75, Fleetwood Mac played the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. As luck would have it, I happened to be in the seat immediately behind you. Ah, HAH!! We HAVE met! ;-) (I repeat, I'm NOT a stalker!) Just before the encore, you'd gone backstage, and I saw you in the wings when Mick started the "Hypnotized" drumbeat. Was there any reason in particular that you didn't join them onstage that night for the song?? I subsequently heard that you DID join them for the song on a few other occasions. (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

Steve, one thing I do all the time is completely re-do songs. Sometimes an old "dog" will take on a new life if you do that.....For instance, "Bermuda Triangle" started as a drum track to some song -I forget which-that wasn't exactly working. So, I asked the engineer to speed up Mick's drum track by 20-25%, and then I wrote a new song to that. Sometimes happy songs can sound sad, and vice versa, if you mess with 'em enough. Also, sometimes a certain feel on a song will seem right for a certain era, like the original Future Games seemed right for '72, but if you record it ten years later, a whole other groove seems to suggest itself.

None of the stuff on "Man Overboard" was a leftover from another album.I wasn't thinking of bailing out of Capitol until after that album was out.

No, I've never saved what I thought was a strong piece of material for a future project. I HAVE had songs, that I didn't think were all that good, suddenly seem much better a few years later, after a little revision.

I remember that gig at the Santa Monica kept kicking my seat..;-) ( but seriously..) I have no idea why I didn't get up and do Hypnotized that night....I used to come up and do it with them if it was "in the cards" and I was there. That particular night might have been a "tense" nite for them with a lot of executives there or something, hemorrhoids my have been acting up ! ;-)

Hello again Bob. Here are a few more questions for you. What is the story behind Future Games? I heard in a sound check that you wrote it in Paris in 1970. I really like the songs "Miles Away" and "Safe Harbour" beautiful guitar licks on both. Can you tell me more about how they came about? (Tom Kirby, Roswell, New Mexico, USA)

When I wrote "Future Games", the Vietnam war was still going strong, they had had the riots in Chicago at the Democratic Convention 2 years before, Nixon was in the Whitehouse,paranoia was in the air..even poor old Timothy Leary was hiding from the government in North Africa or somewhere. They were trying to put Larry Flint in jail, they were giving people 80 year jail sentences in Texas for possession of one marijuana joint, and the FBI was wiretapping your grandmother......and I'm only half kidding. It was also starting to seem like 'everything' caused cancer (that part's still going on!) and ..and...the future looked a little grimy, and I wrote ",,'Games" trying to capture that pretty insecure mood I was in.

I guess "Miles Away" and "Safe Harbor" are both songs about escaping to a safe place, away from all the craziness of modern life. Safe Harbor was a gentler approach to this idea, Miles Away was a lot more angry.

Hi Bob! Thanks for doing this Q&A. Your honest answers are fascinating! My question is: Were you in Lindsey's "Trouble" video? If so, could you tell us about it? Any interesting stories? (I'll be happy with a boring story too.) Thanks again! (Donna, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Donna, I swear I wasn't in that video....unless I was having a "missing time" experience or something !

Hi Bobby (sorry if you don't like being called Bobby), I look forward to listening to your new album, do you know if it is available in Australia, if not I will order it through the Penguin. Anyway I have to say I was a bit skeptical about anything pre 1975 of FM but I love "Mystery to Me" and definitely rate it up there alongside rumors as my favourite FM album. I would just like to know if you have ever been to Australia and if you are looking at visiting in the near or even distant future. I also agree that you should have been included in the RRHOF induction. Regarding an answer to one of your last posts when I first started to get interested in FM I thought Stevie was a guy and Lindsey a girl (simple mistake). I think it is a tragedy that you no longer talk to Mick, John or Chris I hope you guys can work out your differences. Thanks. (Nick Westaway, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

Nick, my new CD isn't yet available in "retail" stores in Australia....I guess you'd have to order it from or the equivalent, as an "import"..sorry. No plans to go to Australia, although I'd love to !

Hey there!...I just wanted to say from all of us here on the Penguin...We hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving and a happy and safe Holiday season!=)....Also..I couldn't help but notice on page 5 of your Q&A's...there appears to be a picture of you and Stevie...and she is all puckered up to give you a smooch...and you're looking at the camera?!?!? you plan to attend any of Stevie's holiday concerts this year? *Whispering*...I have to complement you on your accent..your use of Ya'll is just beautiful for a transplant...brings tears to my eyes..sniff...LOL!..One more thing...your humor is refreshing and totally appreciated as well as your honesty...Thanks a bunch!!

(I wish I could have said something more intelligent...I just can't think on your level. (LauraTN, Morristown, Tennessee, USA)

Thanks for all the good wishes Laura ! That lovely lady "smooching" on me isn't Stevie but my beautiful wife Wendy ! She was very complimented that you thought she looked like Stevie though.... Actually, that picture was taken at a record company "function" for Kenny G a few years ago, in Phoenix AZ.

My "honorary" southern accent is due to the fact that Wendy is from Memphis, TN, "home of the blues", and so I'm sort of a southerner by "proxy" !;-)

Safe and happy holidays to you too !

Hello Bob, I wrote to you about a week ago and have since began to feel self-conscious about my letter. It is highly complimentary of you and I just didn't want to give you the impression of being way too serious or wacky. Actually, I am quite light hearted. " You hung the moon,Bob, " Ha Ha.

I just wanted to let you know that you are really a great musician. I'm going to try to come to that Media Play store in Georgia on the 27th. I'll be 30 Miles Away { Ha Ha } that day. I'm looking forward to buying BOP. (Warren Rutledge, Huntsville, Alabama, USA)

Warren, no problem..the more you gush, the more I blush ! ;-)

Seriously, it's wonderful to be appreciated for your work !

Hope to see you at the Douglasville GA Mediaplay opening Nov 27 !;-)

Hey Bob, back when you were on the road with Fleetwood Mac (and I know you did a lot of travelling by car) what was the band's diet like? By that I mean, what kind of stuff did y'all EAT? Were there certain restaurants you liked or avoided? Was budget ever a consideration? Did Fleetwood Mac eat healthy or did they eat junk and fast food? Do you remember any band members having a particular craving or favorite pig-out food? (Ernie Fuhr, Rockford, Illinois, USA)

Ernie, wow, a "dietary" question, my first ever !;-)

One of the things I DISLIKE about "the road" is that it's almost impossible not to eat junk, and fast food all the time. In the years I was with FM, "Dunkin' Donuts", and for me especially, coffee, was a huge part of an often ('scuse me ) constipated day! After a while, I used to hunt all over town to try and find some "bran muffins", to help things, uh, "run a little smoother". Usually the only possibility of a fresh vegetable was at the "catering" (ha !) backstage, and of course nobody could bring themselves to touch that.

I used to carry a supply of Maalox, and "Emetrol" (stops you, temporarily, from throwing up) just in case, and there were a lot of "cases", believe me.!

Christine appeared to exist on Mateus wine, and potato chips, or "crisps" as they say in England.

You can see why, now, so many rockers go to Switzerland and stuff to have their "blood changed" ! It's not just the drugs, it's the "food"!

Bet you didn't think there'd be such an elaborate answer on this one !;-)

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