Q&A Sessions
Walter Egan: October 13 - 26, 1999
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Hi- What songs did Lindsey play on on your Hi-Fi, Last Stroll, and Wild Exhibitions albums? I have all three and the Penguin discography says he's on them and Christine is on WE, i think, but there's no mention on the albums I have....also- was Sisters of the Moon a promo single for you? I have a version that someone recorded from the radio- When did that come out?..... thanks. (Laura, Richmond, Virginia, USA)
I don't think Lindsey is on HiFi, least as not I can remember; likewise, Last Stroll. However, he makes his return on Wild Exhibitions, with vocals and a wild guitar on "Animal Lover" and vocals on "Star of My Heart". Christine is there vocally on "Such a Shame". Lindsey is also on the Malibooz Rule lp on Rhino on my song, "I Won't be too Young".

"Sisters" was never formally recorded and any version you have was no doubt bootlegged in 1978 from some live gig I did. In fact, maybe you could send me a copy.

Hello. Could you tell us a little more about "Out of the Cradle" version 1, version 2, and version 3? Were those versions vastly different from the final? What goes on during a typical Lindsey delay process? His very patient fans want to know. Thanks :-) (Eve)

Here's what it's all about. Well, I guess Lindsey should be the one to answer this. I just know as a casual observer and a fan myself that I really liked it each time it seemed almost done, but Lindsey works in his own very deliberate way and perhaps there were things that would have been revealed in concentrated listenings that weren't on the chance listening. It would be hard to remember or describe ways that the versions differed from the final release, but I'm sure Lindsey had his reasons for scrapping earlier versions.

I think part of the process was his being involved with the Mac as they reformed, toured, recorded...These factors perhaps contributed to his distance from the earlier incarnations of "Cradle".

I know Carol Harris appeared with you on the back cover of Not Shy album, What was your impression of her ? (Kris, Los Angeles, California, USA)
Carol was a very nice girl.

Hi. You had stated earlier that Stevie was in the video for "Blonde In The Blue T-bird".Was it ever actually release and is there any chance us fans will ever see it? Thanks. (Cindy, New York, USA)
Thanks for askin'. The video was shown once on network t.v. on Midnight Special, I believe, (although I may be imagining that). However, I was just at Renaissance Records today, discussing my "Best Of" project (which now is being considered a 2-cd set, yippee!) and when I told them about the videos they seemed very excited about it. So you never know.

Hi Walter, first let me say thanks for answering everyone's questions! Okay, obviously everyone that has asked questions so far is much more familiar with your albums than I am. In fact, I'll admit that I don't have any of your albums - please forgive me! It's not due to lack of interest on my part, I can tell you that - I would love to own them! Maybe I'll get a chance to get your "Best of" when it comes out! Anyway, on to my questions which will most likely make my ignorance completely obvious, buy hey, I'm not proud! Okay, I do have the "Magnet and Steel" single, so my questions are mostly about that. First, the lyrics - in the chorus, I'm fairly sure the first line is "With you I'm not shy" which I always thought was repeated as the 3rd line. Upon closer listening, it sounds like the 3rd line is actually "With you I might try" - is that correct? Also, the harmony vocals - it sounds like it is Lindsey doing the lowest part, with Stevie doing the middle and also the high harmonies - is that right? Okay, I know Lindsey contributed some guitar on the album, and I'm curious about the solo in "Magnet and Steel." I'm assuming it was you who played the solo in the song, and not Lindsey. Is that correct? When I listen to the solo, it reminds me so much of Duane Eddy's guitar playing - were you at all influenced by him, and was his type of playing the flavor you were going for (especially since the song has such an old-time rock and roll feel to it, almost doo-wop like)? One more question - that "tinkling" sound in the song - is that a glockenspiel (sp)? Whose idea was it to use that instrument (whatever it may be) in the song? It adds a really neat texture to the whole thing. Well, I hope my questions weren't TOO clueless - I imagine this is info that a lot of other people already know, but I've just been dying to find out! Oh, one more thing - do you ever run into Bob Welch since you both are now Nashvillians? Take care and thank you so very much! (Lori Aimino, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA)
Thanks for asking. You're right: the third line is "with you I might try my secrets to reveal" The harmony stacking you got right, too! Well, almost. Lindsey low, Annie McLoone middle, and Stevie high. Yes I played the solo as a subtle Duane Eddy allusion. The tinkling is a SchoenHut toy piano, played by Steven Hague (who had gone on to produce OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Jane Wiedlen, Dusty Springfield...) It was probably Lindsey's idea to use it.

Lori, your questions weren't clueless at all. In fact, they were downright clue-ful!! No. I've not yet run into Bob here in Music City.

Hi Walter! Thanks to both you and Cyberpenguin for this unique opportunity. Before I ask my questions, I just thought you might be interested in knowing that I got tired of waiting for the reissue of Fundamental Roll, so last weekend I spent four hours ripping and editing wav files from my Fundamental Roll and Not Shy albums in order to burn my own disc. I had enough room for all but one song, so I left off Magnet and Steel since I already have a remastered version of that on the Boogie Nights soundtrack. You have the distinct honor of being the first artist whose works I have burned onto an audio disc!! After listening to the results, I was so excited that I ran outside to play the disc in my car, and then next door to tell my neighbors (who sit in their garage drinking beer and listening to the radio every weekend). My neighbor Bob couldn't get over the sound quality, and was equally impressed by the music, which he had never heard before (in fact, none of them had). We played the whole CD and everyone was really into it, and I was excited not only because I could hear FR and Not Shy anywhere now, but because my best friends were now Walter fans! Your music is still relevant and sounds brilliant over two decades after it was recorded: a remarkable achievement. Since I burned the disc, I have listened to it nonstop and it will definitely be travelling with me on vacation in two weeks!

I was very sorry to hear about your studio burning down and the loss of your record collection. I have many records and cannot imagine how I would feel if I were to lose them, as most are irreplaceable. I have an extra copy of Fundamental Roll in excellent condition if you need it--just let me know!

Most of my questions have already been answered, but I would still like to know the following:

1) I read somewhere that you had done some work with a later incarnation of the Byrds. Since the Byrds are one of my favorite bands of all time, I was wondering if you could tell me the tracks on which you worked and the members who were involved with those sessions. Also, did you know Clarence White? (One of my favorite guitarists).

2) What is the deal with the "Madman" patch you're wearing on the sleeve of your shirt on the Fundamental Roll album cover? I think it's really cool!

3) Who is the girl with you in the T-bird on the back cover of Not Shy?

Well, that's all for now. I think you're a fantastic guitarist and songwriter and intend to get your new cd. Good luck in Nashville! (Stosh Pesack, Winter Haven, Florida, USA)

Wow! That's so cool. I would love to get a "burned" Fundamental Roll more than the lp at this point. Thanks for the compliments and for propagating the music for me.

My Byrds connection is oblique at best. I knew Gram Parsons and he recorded my song "Hearts on Fire". Later he sent me lyrics that I did the music to and recorded this year ("Carolina Calypso" on Doin' Time on Planet Earth - the new Brooklyn Cowboys can get that cd through here. Otherwise, I have a track on a forthcoming Gene Clark Tribute (Not Lame Records) to be released in Jan. 2000, called "The Reason Why" and I spoke to Roger McGuinn a few weeks ago at a show he did here in Nashville. (He sends his regards!) Didn't know Clarence, but I share your opinion of him.

For the record, I played bass for Spirit in the mid-eighties and played lead and sang some for Randy & the Rainbows ("Denise) earlier this decade. And I'm also in two current bands as well as my Walternative group. They are: The Brooklyn Cowboys and The Malibooz (look for our t.v. Christmas show hosted by Carmen Elektra, no lie!)

The "Madman" thing was the brand of the shirt. But I thought it would be cool. The girl on Not Shy was Carol Harris, Lindsey's then girlfriend (I was unattached at the time)

I'll trade my new cd for a cd of Fundamental Roll if you want.

I know there are many great moments you've had-- but what would you say is the best musical moment you've had throughout your career. (Sara Smith, Great Falls, Montana, USA)
Thanks for the question. It's a tough one, though here are four:

* Sept '78 - CBS Records convention when I played for the convened and at the moment the highest ranking record for the company

* Gram Parsons recording and playing my song "Hearts on Fire"

* Working with and getting to know Stevie, Lindsey, Christine, Mick & John

* Hearing my first single "Only the Lucky" on the radio for the first time while waiting at the drive thru at McDonalds. It was back-announced as "Only the Lonely" the great Roy Orbison song.

Between your three musical situations, The Walternative band, the Brooklyn Cowboys, and The Malibooz, are there any other members, besides yourself, of course, that are members of the other situations? Or are they three totally separate casts of characters? (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)
Hey Steve,

Long time, no hear. Hey, before I start, perhaps you and the other friends out there would be interested to know that the October 23 - 29 issue of TV Guide features yours truly as an answer to question 5 across in the crossword puzzle. Check it out!

The three bands are pretty much discreet, with only one overlap of members: The Walternative band (which may change its name to the Waltoids, curiously strong) consists of bass player, Ed Cain; drummer, Rick Schell (or drummer Tim Politte) and Brian Waldschlagger on guitar and vocals (by the way, Brian is a great singer/writer in his own right and was famous in Knoxville as a member of Shinola). Now Brian is also a member of the Brooklyn Cowboys. The rest of the members are Supe Granda of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils on bass; Buddy Cage of the New Riders on pedal steel; Joylynn White on vocals and acoustic guitar; Michael Webb on keyboards; and Fredro Perry on drums (Fredro has a brother you may have heard of named Richard Perry who has produced countless hit records) and on the c.d. we have guest artists: Vassar Clements on fiddle and Redd Volkaert who plays with Merle Haggard doing some great lead guitar.

The Malibooz, which by the way was my high school band, has John Zambetti on guitar and vocals; Scott Monahan, with whom I played in Spirit, on keyboards; Dave Chamberlain on bass; Janice on vocals and some keyboards; and right now we are replacing Ted Zambetti on drums.

So, as you see, there are three separate casts of characters unified by ME! Thanks, Steve! Now go out there and take on the day --- next caller.

Thanks for the information on FM and L&S as you worked so close with each of them ! My question...Lindsey has a guitar tech...Ray Lindsey......who keeps him going...can you tell us about this guy ? Thanks and good luck with the Best of....we'll look for it to put beside our NOT SHY record with you and the T-bird and Carol Ann ! She also was a singer as well as a model, right ? Well, good luck with all your projects...Shalom !!!...CAM and the family !... (Charlotte Ann, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Thanks for the question. Boy, Ray Lindsey is a great guy, that's for sure. Maybe he could get on Q&A. I'm sure he'd have lots of juicy info. As far as Carol Harris being a singer, I guess the only time I ever heard her sing was on the Geraldo show about battering. Sorry about that. Anyway, thanks for the good wishes.

Shalom to you as well and g'zay g'zunt or however you spell that.

Hey Walter and the Magical Tammy! I just wanted you guys to know I haven't lost you again- I'm just bad, bad, bad. I guess the extent of my freaky-ness is now showing since I found you here. Hope you guys are well and my question is: When you come to New York? Oh and I do have one more- Warren Zevon? Did you ever do any work with him Walter? I'm going to see him at Irving Plaza on Nov. 2. Hey, that would be a good place for you to play wouldn't it? (my third question now) I have a copy of Fund. Roll for you too. I told Tammy a while back I had it and I never sent it and I still have so I will send it on. I will, I swear...Tell Nashville I says, "Hey." (Mandy W., Bronxville, New York, USA)

Mandy, you came and you gave without taking,
and you left us your chairs,
oh Mandy

Hey! Great to hear from you over there! I don't know when I get to come to New York, but I'll send Tammy for me. Never met Warren Zevon, but admire his work. And you're right, I would love to play Irving Plaza. See if you can get me in.

Keep up the freaky-ness. It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta.... Nashville misses you, John M. has never been the same since you left.

Walter and magical Tam

Hi Walter! It's an honor getting the opportunity to speak with you like this (special thanks to The Penguin.) I used to work with your old childhood buddy, Peter B. Knowing of my appreciation for Fleetwood Mac and your music as well, he gave me one of your demos from a few years back-"Walter Egan & Wild Ponies" (with Julianne Ausum), which had a lovely country feel. I became curious as to how your musical style had evolved over the years into your involvement with country music...who your influences were, and what your dreams are for the future. Also: I'm an artist, and I admired your woodcuts on "Out of The Cradle". Do you work mainly in woodcut, or do you work in other media as well, and would you ever consider mounting a show of your artwork? Thanks and good luck with your new album! (Gabriella, Westchester, New York, USA)

Which Peter B. is that? Is it the one from the Long Island Banana Yanks or the one from Georgetown? Or is it Peter from the DC'vers? I gotta know. Glad you liked Wild Ponies. I wonder how Julianne is doing?

My musical style first waded into country music when I had mono in 1968 and watched The Hank Williams Story, the movie starring George Hamilton. Then, when the Byrds did the Sweetheart of the Rodeo album I was very much bitten by the bug, which went by the name Gram Parsons. My early country leanings can most certainly be pinned on his career and his music. When I met Gram in '71 I asked him who should I listen to to get into country music. He advised George Jones, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and Charlie Pride. These have pretty much been my guidelines, although I don't have much "Pride" as I used to.

My dreams for the future are: a career in music or the as far as my graphic arts go I work a lot in wood or lino cut, and have through the years, but I do work in an amalgam of painting, sculpture, collage, construction...multi-media guy. In fact I did mount a show in November '94 in Soho (New York City) with the theme "RnRIP" (rock & roll rest in peace) which depicted the martyrs of Rock & Roll. It was well received and I would love to do it again. You can see some of the RnRIP collection on the booklet for Walternative.

Thanks and keep up the art work.
The Brooklyn Cowboys. Photo provided by Walter and Tammy Egan
Walter Egan & The Brooklyn Cowboys

Thanks for answering my questions from earlier, Walter! When you mentioned that you had played bass for Spirit in the mid-80's, it reminded me that John Locke (who I think is an ace keyboard player) had toured with Nazareth (another one of my favorite bands) in the early eighties--in fact, he's featured on their live 'Snaz album--and I was just wondering if you have ever run into him in your travels.

Also, I would love to take you up on your offer to trade my home-burned disc for your new album. Just let me know which address to send it to and consider it done. Furthermore, I am going to send you my extra copy of Fundamental Roll because I don't know too many people who still own turntables and also there is a certain poetic justice in seeing this fine work returned to its originator.

I look forward to hearing from you! (Stosh Pesack, Winter Haven, Florida, USA)


Where would I be without you?

Never ran into John Locke, though I have crossed paths with Mark Andes a number of times.

Lets do do the disc trade. Send it to:

P.O. Box 1562
Franklin, TN 37065

and enclose your return address and watch the mailbox.

As to your extra copy of Fundamental Roll --- I like your stylus...I mean, your style!

Hi Walter. Thanks to you and the Penguin for doing this! You said earlier that Lindsey strongly discouraged you from recording "Sisters of the Moon." I'm curious as to why. I love that song, and play it often myself. I also really like it when other people record Stevie's songs. Thanks! (Bob Goodman, Pacific Palisades, California, USA)
Not related to Mark Goodman, are you?

Did you know that I was a fill-in veejay (for Martha Quinn) on MTV in June of '84 for a whole week?

I think Lindsey's reaction to Sisters of the Moon had more to do with personal things between he & Stevie than the merits of the song musically. But I did perform the song in my live set during '77 & '78 and Stevie once told me that it was only because I did it that Fleetwood Mac eventually recorded it. So you can thank me for that one.

Also, I have located a demo I did of the song and the people I'm dealing with at Renaissance Records about the "Best of" release heard it and like it a lot. Maybe it will wind up on that set. Stay tuned.

Hi Walter!! I discovered your music when I was trying to get everything Lindsey,Christine and Stevie appeared on.I must say I added you to my favorites list the day I found Not Shy in a used vinyl shop in '86,"Magnet and Steel" is a classic!!! I'm one of many who would love to see Fundamental Roll on CD. My four questions for you are 1) What was it like working with Christine McVie on "Such a Shame"? 2) What is your favorite song off "Fundamental Roll"? 3) John Stewart mentioned in an article,what was John like? 4) Will you ever work with Lindsey again? It's been great talking to you Walter!!! Take care and Happy Holidays to you and your family. (Christa, West Haven, Connecticut, USA)
Dear Christa,

Thanks for the questions.

First, working with Christine on "Such a Shame" was a totally professional and enjoyable encounter. She in many ways was a rock of stability in that band during their crazy times. Did you know that she and I share the same birth date? Not the same year, though.

Question two: Picking a favorite song from Fundamental Roll isn't easy. I mean, "Only the Lucky" has lots of meaning for me, since it was the first song I wrote when I moved to California and it was my first single; "Won't You Say You Will" was a song I had been carrying since 1970 and reminded me of the good old days of Sageworth in D.C.; "Feel So Good" I think is unusually good, but I guess my two favorites would have to be "Yes I Guess I Am" and "Tunnel of Love". Don't ask me why.

Question three: Your question doesn't say what John Stewart mentioned in the article, but here's my John Stewart story in a nutshell.

As every child in America must know by now, I learned how to play guitar from a Kingston Trio song book, so I've always had a warm spot for those guys. So, one day I'm standing in line at the Musician's Union 47 in L.A. this guy comes up to me and says "Walter Egan! I love your record. 'Hot Summer Nights' is my favorite song. I told the president of my label (Al Khoury) that this is what I want my record to sound the way I'm John Stewart from the Kingston Trio"

From there, he asked who my drummer was (Mike Huey) and could I introduce him to Lindsey? The rest, as they say, is his story...

John was a nice guy. As nice as a legend can be.

Question quatro: Will I ever work with Lindsey again? I guess you'd have to ask him that, but I would love to work with him.

Happy Holidays to you, too, and don't be a stranger now.

Your pal,
Mr. Magnet & Steel 

I made a cd of FUNDAMENTAL ROLL also .5" disc. Your LPs were among the best that weren't forthcoming from the record companys. So now I finally have the best of everything I ever wanted. Unfortunately I am now an old man and will soon be dead. Imagine having these toys when I was 18 or 20! So after I get done transfering the LPs to CD, they have invented a new CD, superior to the CDs we have now.They incorporate the surround technology that DVDs have. Will I need yet more copies of Fleetwood Mac and your catalog? UGH! Obsessed fans pay dearly.

When I found copies of your records it was so great. Keeping up with Fleetwood Mac and all of the side projects in the 70s and 80s almost drove me mad. It cost my marriage in part, some of it was other things, though. Now what's left of my hair is grey. But hey...Do you know Todd Sharp? He married into my mom's side of the family. God Bless.... (Timothy Kee, North Huntington, Pennsylvania, USA)

Dear Timothy,

Sorry to hear about your aged condition, but it happens to the best of us. It sounds like your obsession is getting the best of you. But hey, what's a marriage? I hope things go well for you.

Yes, I do know Todd. In fact, our sons are best friends. So I guess that makes me kind of related to your mother's side of the family. Why don't you ever invite me to Thanksgiving dinner?

So, have a good life.

Your buddy,

Hi Walter. I have a few questions...I was wondering if there is any way to get a response from Lindsey? I have written him many letters, but never got anything back. Do you know if he replies or even reads his fan mail? I have heard someone say something about a Lindsey import called Still Going Insane. Is this just a rumour or is there really an import called that? Thanks. What is your favorite Lindsey solo album and why? If you had to describe Lindsey's personality, how would you describe it and what is he like? Does Lindsey really have a room with a tree growing through the roof or is that just a made up story? Thanks. I really appreciate your time and comments. (Jessica, Ballwin, Missouri, USA)

Dear Jessica,

If you can figure out how to get a response from Lindsey, let me know. Just kidding, but yes he is notorious for his incommunicado-ness, if that's a word. I really don't know if he reads or replies to his fan mail.

As far as Lindsey still going insane, I can't confirm or deny that rumour. My favorite Lindsey solo album is "Out of the Cradle", although I do have a soft spot for the video "Trouble" because I appear in it.

Lindsey has been a good friend to me and I've always found him to be pleasant and friendly. And yes, he really does have a room with a tree going through the roof. In fact, that room used to have artificial rain on the glass roof at the flick of a switch.

Did you know my middle name is Lindsay?

Walter Lindsay Egan

Hi Walter, Thanks for taking time out to do this for us. One question, Is Lindsey married ??? Thanks. (Ellie, Los Angeles, California, USA)

I would have answered your question sooner, but I was down at the cee-ment pond with Jethro.

Okay, sorry about that, I'm getting a little punchy with all these questions.

And now to yours: Is it true Lindsey is married? Can't be sure about that, but last I heard he is a father. Sorry, but I do better with questions about myself. Thanks, though!

How did you're relationship begin with Stevie and how did Lindsey feel about that. Is Stevie really as mystical as she seems? What is the fondest memory you have of Stevie? Did Stevie know that "Magnet and Steel" was written about her? And do you think Stevie and Lindsey will ever get back together? (Melissa, Hemet, California, USA)

I was attracted to Stevie and I made the move. It went as far as it went, and I don't know how Lindsey feels about that. This was 23 years ago.

I'm not sure if Stevie is as "mystical" as she seems, but she certainly is mystifying. My fondest memory of her? Gosh, there are just so many, really. I guess I'd have to say just being able to hang around with her in the early days playing music and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and...

Yeah, Stevie knew that the song was about her, but she might have forgotten by now.

I really don't know whether Stevie and Lindsey will ever get back together, but I tend to doubt it. It would be nice if they did a "Buckingham Nicks II" wouldn't it?

Thanks, Melissa

When you are a songwriter and you want to have your songs done by someone what is the best way to approach a record label, who do you see etc. I do not have the voice to do the songs, but they are good songs, but only if someone else performs them. Also i have the melody and basic music, do i need to have this more completed? Thanks. (Kim Wilson, Newnan, Georgia, USA)

If you love writing songs, I encourage you to keep writing them every day. As far as getting them done by someone else you need to either know the artist personally or have an in with their producer or have a song plugger working for you, often this is the job of a publishing company. So, I guess you need to go somewhere you can hang out with the artists and have the copy of your song to give to them, or start approaching publishing companies with your material. I see you're in Georgia. I guess your best bet would be Nashville. There sure are plenty of publishers here. If you believe in yourself, it just takes perserverance and one lucky break. Good luck!

Do you have memories of anything really striking or cool about Lindsey and Stevie's relationship? I always wonder how they were together and how they worked with each other. I like your music too. (Sonia, New York City, USA)

When Stevie and Lindsey's relationship was working well, they seemed to compensate for each others' weaknesses and add to each others' strengths. There's no way I can generalize an answer as to how they were together and how they worked with each other. Sorry. Glad to hear you like my music, too.

Hey Walter! Thanks for doing this... I was wondering, Do you feel your bringing together Stevie, Lindsey, Christine, and even Mick together during those shaky late 1970's contributed in any way to helping their closeness?? in other words, do you think it helped them to get along during a very "emotionally drained" period??? (Brian Larsen, Laurel, Maryland, USA)

There's no way I could really know whether I was a positive influence in keeping those wacky mac-ers together during those shaky late '70s and it would be immodest of me to speculate further as to my influence on the history of their band. But I do thing that I offered Stevie & Lindsey an outlet for their talent that was at first not available to them in the band.

Fundamental Roll - Walter Egan

Hi Walter! I'm currently one of those struggling young musicians here in Nashville. I think your music is great! I grew up listening to you cause your music was always a family favorite! My question to you ~ what kind of advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in the music business? What would be the best way to get your music and demos heard? Sorry, that was two questions. Anyway, thanks for answering! (Dave Irwin, Brentwood, Tennessee, USA)

P.S. I don't know if you remember me, but I was the guy working in the music department at the Barnes and Noble here in Franklin who was a little bit over-enthusiastic about getting your autograph last time you came in the store!

Hey Dave!

How's things in Cool Springs?

I'm pleased by your enthusiasm. I didn't know you were one of us, that is, the struggling artist community. Welcome, brother.

My best advice for someone starting out in the music business: Go back to school, get a degree in computers, we've got too many songwriters already.

Well, I can see by the fact that you're still reading this that you won't give up. Good. That's the first lesson. Love your music and don't be swayed by what anyone else says. Perserverance is the key, but you've gotta love just doing it by yourself in your room... by yourself in a club... and you need a thick skin in this business so you'd better be your own best fan.

As far as getting your music and demos heard. See the answer above for Kim in Georgia.

See ya around town!

Howdy!!...I wish I could say I was a big fan...but I know very little if anything about your work...but considering the company you kept with Stevie and Linds...well...I think your alright Mister..haa ha..Umm anyway...just wanted to say I enjoyed your comment about "Welcome to Nasvhille,now go home! Seems we have a problem with people visiting...then deciding to stay=) East Tennessee is actually much more beautiful than Middle and West Tennessee..but then again..Im am a bit biased...Ok Im rambling...One there anything you would like to share about your experience with Stevie all around as a musician..friend...ect. You know what was she like..would you work with her again..her talent...Did she really side swipe some cars?...those kinds of things...I also realize your wife is typing for you...Much thanks to her...and also all these questions about Stevie=) (LauraTN, Morristown, Tennessee, USA)

Hey Laura,

That's okay, I know nothing of your work so we're kind of even.

As far as Stevie goes; of course, I'd happily work with Stevie again. I have the highest regard for her talent and accomplishments. The Stevie I knew in '76 was a bit different than today's model. She was a lot more insecure and vulnerable. I'll share this just as an illustration.

When I first visited her at her apartment on Olympic Blvd. in L.A. I had just been getting my first exposure to her singing and writing from the Buckingham-Nicks and the White f/m album. I told her I thought she was a great, "amazing" talent. She seemed genuinely pleased and embarassed by my adulation, replying "do you really think so?".

She also commented more than once about how much I reminded her of Lindsey in my playing and my demeanor.

Yes, she did side-swipe cars that night when she did me a huge favor by taking all the stupid time out that it takes to make a video. 

1) YAY!! Ok, here's MY 'request' list of tunes for the "Best of"...I'm doing this from my desk at work without the aid of having your albums in front of me (or refering to the Penguin's discography) So there'll no doubt be a "revised list" on its way in a couple of days... ;-)

Only The Lucky
I'd Rather Have Fun
Tunnel Of Love
When I Get My Wheels
Sweet South Breeze
Magnet & Steel (duh!)
The Blonde In The Blue T-Bird
Star In The Dust
Hot Summer Nights (duh!)
Sisters Of The Moon
I Can't Wait
Love At Last
Bad News T.F.
Bad Attitude
Y Me? (The Last Stroll)
Tuesday Weld
Fool Moon Fire
Animal Lover
Tammy Ann (of COURSE!!)

And a Malibooz track or two, like "Honeydew (we cantaloupe)", "Surfer Ghost" or so.

Hmmmmm, maybe if there are enough votes for enough tunes, they might swing for a DOUBLE CD?? (and then EVENTUALLY, "the entire catalogue"!!)

2) Did you ever record any of your shows for a possible live album??

3) AWWW...You beat me to it, I was going to mention Annie's "Fast Annie" album! She does a VERY nice version of Christine McVie's "Spare Me A Little" and Derek & The Dominoes' "Keep On Growing"...which after hearing again made me do alot of comparisons between what Annie did back then, and Sheryl Crow's sound now. Annie was, in some ways, "ahead of her time". (ok, now keep up with the stream of consciousness here! HAHAHA!) Do you know if Annie is working on, or have plans to do another album? Seems like with what she did on the "Fast Annie" album, with you & the Professional Band, and with the current grand popularity of Sheryl Crow and all the "Lillith Girls", she'd do really well! There seems to be alot of "Annie McLoone" influence in Sheryl's music...TOO much for "coincidence" (cue Twilight Zone theme here)

Thanks again for taking the time to put up with us. "Talk" to ya again soon. If Marty lets me, that is! :-) (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California)

Yo! Steve!

Thanks for the contribution and you must be prescient about this thing, because almost all of the songs you suggested is already on the table, including the Malibooz and my two non-lp B-sides "Johnny Z Is A Real Cool Guy" ("Baby Let's Run Away") and "Joyce" B-side of "Fool Moon Fire".

During this process of assembling tracks for the "Best Of" you and all my fans will be interested to know I did happen upon a studio version which I had forgotten of "Sisters of the Moon" and they like it at Renaissance, so...

There are a few live shows extant somewhere from Dallas and Cleveland, just to name two that I remember, and we're looking into those as well as the album that I started in 1984 and never quite finished. This was actually quite a good record and it features Christine and Lindsey, as well as Jackson Browne, and my old friend Chris Darrow plahing and singing on it. We affectionately refer to it around here (almost palindromically) as the "Goddam Maddog album" named for the studio, Mad Dog, where I recorded it in Venice, CA

I agree with you about Annie McLoone's influence on modern female singers. For the record, I think she edges out Cheryl, but of course I'm kind of biased.

So, yeah, now they are talking about a double-cd. I guess if I keep on pushin' maybe they'll just give in and release all the lp's themselves.

Keep on rockin'

In the mid-80's, I recall reading an article that stated you had appeared on a game show. IS THIS TRUE? If so, what was the show called, and did you win anything?! Also, is there any way for the public to get your music videos on VHS??? I've never seen them, and I'm probably not the only one interested! Thanks. (Elonna, Ithaca, New York, USA)

Thanks for the query Elonna,

Yes it is true. I put my Georgetown University liberal arts degree to use (I guess) on not one, but two gameshows: the first was a short-lived one hosted by Art James called "Catch Phrase". I almost "ran the table" as they say. If I had made it one more day I'd have gotten the grand prize. This was in 1985.

My second appearance (did you know that you're only allowed to appear on 3 game shows in your lifetime? It's true!) was with Chuck Woolery and his wonderful watch on a show called "Scrabble". I had some success on this one...not as much. I've always aspired to be on "Jeopardy" and now with "Rock & Roll Jeopardy" who knows...

(by the way, did you know that I am the answer to five across in the Oct. 23 - 29 T.V. Guide crossword puzzle? But don't tell anyone I gave you the answer)

My game show period was a time when I was piecing together a career in show biz in many ways. For example, I was an extra in the film "Eight Million Ways to Die" with Jeff Bridges and Roseanna Arquette. I played a photographer in a CBS Movie of the Week "A Different Affair" with Anne Archer and Tony Roberts. I was also a maitre'd in an episode of "The Trials of Rosie O'Neil" starring Sharon Gless.

I won some money and lots of household gadgets and way overpriced watches and things (contestants pay the tax, of course) and we're still eating Rice A Roni around here.

I'm working on getting the videos released in conjunction with my pending release on Renaissance Records. Stay tuned after a message from these sponsors.
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