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Walter Egan: October 13 - 26, 1999
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Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! I'd love to complete my Egan Collection but am missing "Fundamental Roll" and "The Last Stroll". Are there any plans to re-release your other solo albums? (Ken Hilts, Norton, Massachusetts, USA)

Thank you for asking! If you find any extras out there, let me know... last November my studio burned down and all my albums perished, however, The Last Stroll and Hi-Fi are available from the Bear Family in Germany. I finally got one copy myself. It's pretty cool. Additionally, I've met some people here in Franklin, TN, who are eager to release either all my albums or a 'Best Of' collection. But due to in-transigence on the part of Sony Legacy, they haven't been able to do it yet. Perhaps friends like you could put some pressure on the label too.

I hear from Marty that you & Rick Vito crossed paths at the post office in regards to this Q&A session. I hope Rick warned you about me. I gotta million of 'em for ya...but just a few at a time. I promise. :-) Well, besides the obvious question of "where have YOU been?", the next question you'll no doubt be swamped with by alot of us is, "When is the REST of your back catalogue of albums (since "Not Shy" is obviously available) going to be released on CD?" (and will YOUR version of "Sisters Of The Moon" be included as a bonus track?) (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

Steve, thanks for the interest. Ever since I got out of the witness protection program, I've been trying to get my life back together. But seriously, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, see previous answer as to the status of my other albums, and if I can find a good master copy of Sisters Of The Moon I will be glad to include it.

By the way, how do you know about my version of Sisters? Did you know that I was about to record that as the last track on Not Shy, but Lindsey suggested strongly that I do another song. Guess which song I wrote that night and recorded the next day? Hint: It went on to become my most covered composition. 

Next, how many members of your old "Professional Band" are you still working with, if any. After seeing you on four separate occasions (three times at the Roxy in Hollyweird and once at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach), that band was VERY tight. and seemed to get along very well. What made me think of that was that I saw Skip Edwards playing keyboards with Pete Anderson's band a few yrs ago, in between Dwight Yoakam projects. (SD)

None, but I got a phone call from Annie & Tom last night. They're in Winona, MN and she was rooting for the loser Red Sox! John Selk was selling cars in San Bernardino last time I saw him (ten years ago) and Mike Huey...don't know... however, I saw my buddy Ross and my good friend Bobby Thompson is here in Nashville. Bobby helped me make my new Walternative cd.

Yeah, I spoke to Skip a few years ago and asked him if he had played my version of Maybe Maybe For Dwight before he wrote Fast As You.

"Hot Summer Nights" could be the bio of my teens & twenties, thank you for that song. That Dm, Bb, A pattern is etched in my brain forever!! Looking forward to hearing your new material. And, a big thank you for taking your time to answer our plethora of questions. And no doubt you'll be seeing my name next to a lot of them in the next week or two. (SD)
Yeah, and I'll be charging you royalties for that! By the way, were you there for the John Belushi Jam at the Roxy?

Hello Walter! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. I've really enjoyed your music over the years and "Fundamental Roll" is my fave album. Now for my question. How did you and Lindsey meet? (Ann, Gordonsville, Tennessee, USA)

You're very welcome, this is a lot of fun. In 1976, after getting approached by United Artists U.K. to do a record, I wanted Brian Wilson or Todd Rundgren or John Fogerty to produce my first record. However, that didn't work out. The engineer with whom I had worked on demos with the Wheels Band, Duane Scott out at Sound City in Van Nuys, CA suggested we get these two guys from Fleetwood Mac. At the time, I thought FM was Bob Welch and the Bermuda Triangle, which was not exactly the direction I wanted to go. But Duane said Bob was gone and there were new people in FM and you should hear this new record as well as their old record called Buckingham Nicks. Of course, hearing that great record I could relate, so Duane set up a get-together with Lindsey at his house just off Pico down from Sheps and then I met Stevie when they did their show at Santa Barbara in the summer of '76.

What was it like working with Lindsey Buckingham? Was he a perfectionist then when he produced Magnet and Steel as he seems to be now?I think he is a complete genius but was he hard to work with? (Karan Ferguson, Scandia, Minnesota, USA)

Hey Karan, working with Lindsey was actually fun in those days, except when Stevie was in the studio (they were kind of at odds at that point). However I think he became more of a perfectionist as he went on, since it only took us about 2 1/2 months to do our record. He got better at perfectionism as he got more practiced at it I guess. Thanks for the question.

Walter Egan 

Hi Walter, it's really awesome that you're doing this session! My question is, are we ever going to get Fundamental Roll on CD? (Sara, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

You know, I ask myself that question, too. Believe me, I'm working on it! Thanks for caring.

Your pal, Walter

My question for Walter Egan is:: What was it like working with members of F.M? Thank you Mr. Egan (Cheryl Hollis, Montgomery, Alabama, USA)
Dear Angel from Montgomery, Mr. Egan was my father. It was a dream come true, a thrill beyond compare. Just goes to show, if you believe in your dreams, many good things will happen. The people from Fleetwood Mac are all such consummate professionals that they made it really easy for me to do well. Thanks for your question. -- Walter

How do you like living in Nashville? I live 50 miles east of the Music City. I may be a bit biased because I was born in Tennessee, but it's my favorite city in the state :-) (Ann, Gordonsville, Tennessee, USA)
Hi y'all. Me and my family have been here for two years now, and I really do like it, except for the lack of an ocean. It's such a pretty place and I really appreciate the lack of incredible stress that we had in L.A. and New York. The amount of talent in Nashville is inspiring and overwhelming at the same time, but it's a great place. And to all those who want to come here: Welcome to Nashville, now go home!

Hi Walter, Thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A session. As a kid I always loved "Magnet & Steel" but it wasn't until years afterwards that I discovered that it was Stevie Nicks doing the "oooh aaah's"!!! Being a huge Stevie fan I had to search out your albums with her on them, both have become favorites, not just because Stevie is on them, they are just great with or without Stevie. Two questions, will "Fundamental Roll" ever be issued on CD (I read that it was at soms done her "Walter Egan" sessions are my favorite, the songs are more like duets rather than background work. Thanks again!!! (Allen Chapman, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA)
Hey Al! Thanks for caring. I'm assuming you're able to read all the other replies, so I won't have to go into how I'm presently trying to get Fundamental re-released. (although you might tell Sony-Legacy that you want it out.) and how Stevie and Lindsey and I met. I'm glad that you like Fundamental Roll and hope you'll like my new Walternative disc.

Do you have a favorite Fleetwood Mac album? (Edna, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Hi Edna, of course, the "White Album" will always be special to me because of the songs and the timing of meeting them at that point. But I also like "Rumours" and "Tusk" as well. As to the pre-Stevie & Lindsey albums-- "Bare Trees".

Hello Mr. Egan. It's a great treat to be able to ask you questions directly. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this Q&A. I have all of your previous solo albums and am trying to hunt down your newest with not a lot of luck. Suggestions for the best way to go about it? (Les, San Diego, California, USA)
Thanks, Les! You can get my new c.d. "Walternative" I think via this Q&A stuff. We'll have more info later today.

I have sort of an odd little group of questions for you: 1)It's been a long while since your last solo effort. Why so long? (Les)
Les, it's a crazy business. I've never stopped making music, but sometimes life gets in the way.

2)Did your move to Nashville have anything to do with what seems to be the tremendous narrowing of the market for songwriters in LA? (Les)

Not necessarily just in L.A.. But raising a family and being in proximity to the business have a lot to do with moving to Nashville. Yeah, and they like songwriters here.

3) A question that others may have already asked, so please ignore it if you've already answered -- how did you first meet Lindsey and Stevie? Do you still have much contact with either one? (Les)

Just occasionally.

4) Lindsey once said that he thought you became friends quickly because you had lived almost "parallel lives" in many ways. Did you have tons in common with each other? (Les)
Yes, Les, it was as if we had grown up together on separate coasts. We both liked the Kingston Trio, Brian Wilson, and we always got each others' jokes. We were connected at the "hip" man!

5) What did you think of Matthew Sweet's cover of "Magnet and Steel?" (Les)
I though Matthew did a great job on it. Too bad Geffen didn't promote it.

I don't want to bombard you with too many questions all at once, so I'll stop now. It's sounds so cliche to say "I'm a big fan," but I am, so I'm saying it. Thanks for your music through the years. (Les)
You're welcome, and they only call it a cliché because it's true, I really appreciate all the interest out there. Take care, Les.

Hello Walter! I have a few questions. Does Lindsey know you are answering our eager questions--how does he feel about it? (Eve)
I don't know.

I like the woodcuts you did for "Out of the Cradle." (Eve)

Cool! Thanks for noticing.

Did you do them specifically for his album? If so, were they inspired by his songs? Thank you. (Eve)
No, they actually had been a Christmas present to Lindsey before he did the package. But I do think his songs were an "inspiration" nonetheless, especially "Don't Look Down" and "Street Of Dreams".

Walter, I have been a fan of yours ever since I heard "Finally Found A Girl Friend". Two questions for you. Will you be releasing Fundemental Roll on cd? I love that album. What's the Walternative album like? And where can I get it? Thanks! (Bill Yoegel, Bel Air, Maryland, USA)
Dear Bill,

I'm doing everything in my power to get Fundamental Roll released on CD. Thanks for caring. Walternative is a continuation and an evolution from my previous five albums. It represents songs that I've written over the last 15 years, and collaborations I've done since moving to Nashville. Bill, I think you'd like it a lot. You can get it by sending $15.00 payable to Walter Egan and some stamps to:

P.O. Box 1562
Franklin, TN 37065

and if you act now I'll send you an autographed pic as well. Thanks, Bill.

Throughout the years and the albums you have released I still end up going back to Fundamental Roll. Those songs are some of my favorites. Please tell me about those particular recording sessions. The music scene was so different back then, and Lindsey and Stevie were really just on the brink of superstardom. How were the background vocals recorded? Was the song completed and then Stevie worked out the back-up vocals? Or was anything taped "live", you two singing together? "Feel So Good" has so much energy with Stevie on a bunch of backing tracks...I love that combination of male/female vocals! (Raven, Cold Spring, New York, USA)

I'm happy that you like that album. It was special to me, too. It represented all of the songs I had written up until that point and, of course, the beginning of my recording career. The sessions were recorded at two different times which pretty much corresponds to side 1 and side 2.
As most of my fans know by now, I was offered my first deal in February of 1976 when the band I was in (Wheels with Earl Shackleford and Dave Millard and John Selk and Mike Porter and Roger Swallow) played a Hoot Night at the Troubadour. The deal I was offered was from Andrew Lauder, who was with U.A.U.K. and it was an offer to do 6 songs. With this in hand we went and approached Stevie and Lindsey. The first sessions were pretty much recorded live; bass, drums, guitar and keyboards and then the vocals were discussed and over-dubbed. Generally speaking I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted the songs to sound, but Lindsey had good ideas about how to get that sound on record. In those days, Stevie and Lindsey were not always as close as they might have been, so the sessions where vocals were more important were the ones where Stevie participated moreso.
I don't think any lead vocals were done simultaneously because of separating tracks for control in the mix, but I might be wrong. I'm glad you like "feel so good" that's one of my favorites, too.
A fact that's often overlooked is that Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean helped me with "She's so tough" and that's the only track on Fundamental Roll that Lindsey didn't really participate in. 

Ok, in response to your questions to me: I wasn't at the Roxy for the Belushi Jam, (on second thought, maybe I was, but you know what they say about that stuff affecting memory...not to mention the pre-show partying next door at the Rainbow Bar & Grill), but it seemed like every time I saw you, either Lindsey & Stevie were there (and joined you during your encores) and another time Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, & Lindsey were there and played with you. Was that "Belushi Night"? I seem to recall your encores lasting nearly as long as your set! HAHAHA!!

Regarding how I knew about "Sisters Of The Moon": One of the nights at the Roxy, I was at the table right at your feet...Stevie was there in the back of the audience and you started playing "Sisters" during your encore. If my blue-grey cloudy memory serves me, I think that was JUST before "Tusk" was released, but I'd read in some magazine articles about some of the titles of their tunes for their upcoming album and that was one of them. SO, to make a long story MORE boring, when I heard YOU sing "Sisters" I KNEW it was Stevie's (at the time) new tune. I thought she was going to twirl out on stage with you, but you & Annie nailed the tune yourselves!! It was GREAT!!!!

Well, since the only tune of yours that I have a cover version of is "Hot Summer Nights" (by "NIGHT"? Chris Thompson, Robbie McIntosh, Jerry Marotta & can't think of the rest of that band...I think that was their only album. But wasn't "H.S.N." somewhat of a hit for them too?)

Sorry to hear about the your studio fire. Its awful to lose your treasures that way. So if "they" WERE to release any of your catalogue they'd have to use 2nd or 3rd generation takes?? Or are they just "gone for good"?

Oh, just thought of another question that will probably be asked by the time my e-mail gets to you... Is the version of "Magnet & Steel" on the Boogie Nights soundtrack the original or did you rerecord it for the movie? Told you I "had a million of 'em"! (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California)

 Is the version of "Magnet & Steel" on the Boogie Nights soundtrack the original or did you rerecord it for the movie? Told you I "had a million of 'em"! (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California)

Dear Steve in Long Beach,

Glad that you remember so much about that night at the Roxy. All I remember is that Belush did "Jailhouse Rock" and not to be outdone I broke into 'Back in the USA" to end the encore session.

Interesting development on the re-issue front: Yesterday, I spoke with Sony and Renaissance Records and it looks like it's a go for an early-2000 release of "the Best of Me" which should include tracks from all my prior to "Walternative" albums. Maybe it would be a good thing at this point to solicit from all my faithful fans who are reading this their favorite tracks, since they asked me to submit my own "best of" list on Monday the 18th. So, as they say in Chicago "Vote early and often".

As far as I know, they still have first-generation masters at Sony, so it should sound great. Regarding the version of "Magnet & Steel" on Boogie Nights: Yes, that was the original.

This is great you are doing this for us! A very big THANKS from me!

I have quite a few questions for you, but I'll try to be as brief as I can.

First, I must say I really love the FUNDAMENTAL ROLL album - It's an overlooked masterpiece! I really think it would've done much much better (commercially) had it gotten promoted better...I firmly believe that if 'Won't You Say You Will' had been released as the single instead of 'Only The Lucky' and 'When I Get My Wheels', it would've been a very huge hit - I'm convinced.

That song is incredible, and remains to this day one of my favorites! You wouldn't believe how many times I've played that song! Stevie is so into it and you can feel the intensity and her energy on that track, especially towards the end (where I always crank it up as it's fading out). I love that whole album, but that song just reaches out and grabs me. I was wondering if you had Stevie in mind when you wrote it or did it just sort of evolve as you were recording it with her?

I've written to Razor & Tie (Sony Music) several times over the past two years, BEGGING for them to reissue that album on CD. I've mentioned that song a number of times in the newsgroups on Usenet and often include it as one of my all-time favorites of Stevie's songs in the Music Polls.

I really think that album would get the appreciation it truly deserves if it gets a second chance on CD. Did you ever feel like you were a member of Fleetwood Mac (since you worked with Stevie, Lindsey, Mick & Chris)? I know I've had people ask me before, whenever they hear me playing one of your songs, "Wasn't he in Fleetwood Mac?"

I also LOVE Night's (Stevie Lange & co.) cover of 'Hot Summer Nights'. I had bought that single when it was released in '79 - Love your original version as well. How did it happen that they recorded your song? Were they just a fan of the song or did the record company have something to do with it or do you know any of the members of Night personally?

I know that the attention is much more on Stevie Nicks, but I'm also a fan of Annie McLoone, and I think I hear her voice more on 'Magnet And Steel' than I hear Stevie's. I especially love the song, 'Ooo-Eee' (that she wrote), which was recorded by the late Nicolette Larson (with Linda Ronstadt). How did it happen that she became your back-up singer?

And Finally, I've seen you in Lindsey's 'Trouble' music video, and MTV used to show a video clip for 'Magnet And Steel' quite a bit in the early '80s. Have you done any other music videos? I've asked this question before in one of the newsgroups. Someone responded, saying they've seen a video for 'The Blond In The Blue T-Bird'. Is it true there is a video for that song? Thanks for reading this! I'm looking forward to hearing your latest album! Wish You The Best And Hope It Does Well For You! Take Care! (Brian, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Dear Brian in Pittsburgh,

I am a magnet and you are the steeler...
ha ha
just kidding

I agree the promotion could have been better on Fundamental Roll. Thank you for calling it a "masterpiece". As far as "Won't you say you will" goes, it was originally written during the struggling days in 1970 when my band, Sageworth, was just starting out in Washington, DC. It was written about a bar owner named Bill O'Brien who owned a club called Tamany Hall a few blocks from the White House. During that summer he kept our band working and fed when we really needed it. Originally the chorus went like this; "you will be my friend" and it was called "Obie's Tune".

Additionally, it was the first song of mine to have the word shit in it, which at that time seemed like a big deal for us young revolutionaries. If I had known it would lead to Rap Music I might have thought differently.

but, yeah, Stevie did a great job on that track.

Brian, I would love it if they would release all my albums as they were originally meant to be heard, but hey I gotta be happy with the prospect of this "best of" coming out soon.

Yeah, I do feel somewhat like a member of Fleetwood Mac, at least I did at that time. And, in fact, I've always regretted that they didn't ask me to be Lindsey's replacement. Whadaryagonnado?

Night's version of "Hot Summer Nights" had something to do with a publicity agent named Peter Starr getting it to them, or to Richard Perry. I thought they did a pretty good job on the song, although I've always eschewed the modulation in the instrumental section. I had never met Richard Perry until 2 years ago, when I was introduced to him by his brother Fred whom I had met through completely random circumstances in New York.

It is Fred with whom I am currently engaged in a project called "The Brooklyn Cowboys". It's an Alt-, or should I say Walt-Country Rock band in the great traditions of the Burritos, Rockpile, the Dead, Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris, and the cd titled "Doin' Time on Planet Earth" is now available (for you Gram Parsons fans, this cd features my version of "Hearts on Fire" which I wrote for him, and the last song he ever wrote "Carolina Calypso" which I wrote the music to) Check it out.

Anyway, no, I've never met any member of Night, except Nicky Hopkins, who also played on my "Wild Exhibitions" album.

I have music video for "Only the Lucky", "When I Get My Wheels", "Tunnel o' Love", " Magnet", "I Want It", "Blonde in the Blue T Bird" ( and yes, it features Stevie as the blonde in question , now that was an interesting shoot, with her driving down Hollywood Blvd. sideswiping cars because she wanted to drive without her glasses.) "You're the One", "Hi-Fi Love", "Like You Do" (these last 3 shot by Chuck Staedtler, famous for the Devo videos) and, of course, "Fool Moon Fire" featuring my beautiful wife, Tammy, without whose talented fingers I couldn't be answering all of these questions.

Thanks for the mention of Annie McLoone. I'm sure she would appreciate being remembered. Annie and I met in 1968 at Georgetown University when she became the lead singer for my band, Sageworth and Drums. We gigged from then until '72 when I went to L.A. and she stayed in Boston to record her solo record on RCA "Fast Annie". Now there's a record you should try to find.

Anyway, keep up the good listenin' - Gotta get to these other letters now. Thanks.

Hi again, this isn't a question, but a "Walter Egan misheard lyric". As I mentioned in my previous question, I always loved you "Magnet & Steel" the funny thing is, that as a kid, I thought the lyric was "For you are a maggot and I am veal..." Sorry, but as an eight year old kid I thought it was cool to hear a song about a maggot on the radio!!! Seriously though, I do love those albums and am really glad to see that everyone it seems wants "Fundamental Roll" to be re-issued on CD. Thanks again! (Allen Chapman, Stafford Springs, Connecticut)

I've never heard that one before, at least the veal part. Do you remember the show Square Pegs? It was on in the mid-80s. One episode had Bill Murray as a substitute teacher or something and his big line "for you are the magnet and I am the refrigerator" I always liked that one the best.
Thanks for getting the lyrics right finally. 

What do you think of your song "Magnet and Steel" used in Boogie Nights movie and some people see you as a one hit wonder what is your opinion on this subject? (Anonymous)
I'm happy that it's in Boogie Nights and it's at a great place in the movie. Have you seen Overnight Delivery? Check it out.

As far as being a one-hit-wonder, of course I feel I'm much more than that, but I'd rather be that than forgotten.

Did Lindsey and his girlfriend really have a baby last year? Thank you. (Chris)

Yeah, they did. I think his name is Will. Of course, probably taken from my song "Won't you say you Will". Thanks, Bye for now.

Hello there!!! Thank you for answering these questions for us:) Anyway--I know the questions about Fleetwood Mac get old--but alot of us are actually Fleetwood Mac fans who got to know your music through them..and became fans of you. I love your music...I dont have whole albums just alot of tracks I got from friends and I cant say which is my favorite--cause every one I have I love. All right ( did I make you blush a little?:) to the question. I'm really curious about the remark you made earlier..about how when Stevie and Lindsey were in the studio with you together..that they were at odds. Were those sessions really tension filled and awkard constantly..or were there just moments? Didn't Lindsey meet his girlfriend Carol Ann Harris through you at those sessions? and Lindsey had a good friendship..but it seems many people have strayed from him ( or maybe he from everyone) the two of you still speak to each other to this day on a steady basis? Will the two of you work together again? So many questions..I apologize! Thank you and have a good day! (Janet, Palmyra, New Jersey, USA)

Dear Janet from the planet Palmyra,

Does the Gypsy Liver -- I mean Gypsy Lover [taken from her email address] - refer to the Gene Clark song? If so, you might be interested to know that I will be on the Tribute to Gene Clark to be released next year on Not Lame Records. I recorded "The Reason Why" and I think I did a good job on that.

While it wasn't open hostility between Stevie & Lindsey, they were going through an awkward time and still manage to work together. So, considering that I think they did a pretty good job of managing the project with me. Of course, I sort of felt in the middle of it all, trying to be friends with both at the same time.

You may or may not know that for a short time at the end of 1976 Stevie and I were, how you say....together, and the story of "Magnet & Steel" is somewhat contained therein. On the night that Stevie recorded the background vocals, or should I say wailing, for my song, "Tunnel of Love", I was moved. As I drove home in the dawning new day, I noticed a late model Lincoln Continental painted metallic purple with a diamond in the back get the picture...classic pimp mobile. I glanced at the license plate and there were the words "Not Shy". For whatever reason this seemed like a sign, and when I got home I wrote "Magnet & Steel". So it was kinda life imitating art imitating life...writing a song about Stevie and then having her sing on it, and then of course it becoming the major cultural even that it has over the years.

If I introduced Lindsey to Carol I don't remember it. Seems to me that he met her through her sister who worked at The Mastering Lab and it might have been during my mastering sessions. But you can't blame me for that one.

My relationship with Lindsey has improved over the last year, since we were incomunicado for awhile. But he does tend to isolate, and if you're not working with him or Stevie for that matter you probably won't see them very much. At least that's how it used to be. I would love to work with him again.

Hi again. I've read that besides your music, you also sculpt and have worked as a multimedia artist, among other things. May I ask what sort of work you create in those different media? Do you find that different media allow you to express things that music can't, or is the expression just different? I recall reading an old interview with Lindsey where he said that some of his other artistic expressions through photography and painting inspired feelings of confidence in him that he felt helped him combat some of his anxiety when he worked on his main artistic love -- music. Do you experience different levels of anxiety, or confidence, or feeling from one form of artistic expression that you can carry over into another? I'm just really interested the artistic process, so I hope you don't mind the questions. Thank you again. (Les, San Diego, California, USA) 

Hi again to you, Les!

It's tough to generalize what type of work I create in different media, but I guess generally different media suits different expression. Last year I was able to use the skills that I had acquired in college for metal sculpture, which is what I really love to do in making a piece depicting two angels intertwined. It stands about 6' tall with about a 10' wingspan and is now on display at an "architectural digest" type home in Brentwood, TN.


Walernative- Walter Egan 

A few years ago I wrote a song called "RnRIP" (Rock & Roll Rest in Peace) recounting the sad ends of the rock & roll martyrs and later decided to complement that song with corresponding pieces. These pieces were silkscreen prints, and constructed paintings/collages, and you can find some of them on the liner notes to "Walternative". I guess basically I like to break down the barriers between painting and sculpture to create new media. I guess all forms of creative expression feed the other ways that you have to do that. Personally, I consider myself something of a renaissance man; not only doing music and art, but also I have written a book called "Top Ten" (as yet unpublished) and am now making the rounds with my screenplay "College Radio '68". The creative person should use every tool at his or her command.

Thanks for the question. See you at the zoo!

 Hey! I'm a young guitarist, and I really enjoyed the songs of yours I have heard. Best of luck to you with WALTERNATIVE and other projects. I'm writing actually as a once and future Nashvillian to give you a belated welcome to the city. My family is still there, and I am in and out of town a lot- so I was wondering if you had any plans to play any shows in town? Again, thank you for your time. (Beau, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)

Hi Beau of Chapel Hill,

Good luck with the hurricane and, yes I am playing quite frequently in Nashville. My next gigs are at the Exit Inn October 26 and 27.

Hi Walter!! My question is(if it hasn't already been asked by now)...I was wondering if you new anything about Lindsey's new album tentativley scheduled for a realease date sometime during my lifetime...and if you might be participating in some capacity?? P.S.-We'd love to see you down here in southern New Mexico, any plans for a tour? and any date known for your "best of" yet? Thanks a bunch!!!! (Joshua, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA)

Last I spoke to Lindsey about his album was in February this year, and I thought it was close to being released, but then again I've been through that before with version 1, version 2, and version 3 of "Out of the Cradle". I hope it comes out soon, and we're both around to hear it by then.

 No plans yet to tour New Mexico, but I would love to and ya never know. The time frame they're talking about for a "Best Of" album is early next millenium, or January or February... whichever comes first.

Hi again, one more question. Reading all these questions and answers about "Fundamental Roll" made me have to dig the album out. In the liner notes to the album you thank Stevie for the Benz. Is that her car on the cover? It just seems so funny to picture Stevie driving down the road. You say you have videos for several songs, will there ever be a compilation home video made? (Allen Chapman, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA)

Yeah, that is her car on the cover, and the picture was taken near Mulholland, off Beverly Glen Blvd. by photographer Moishe Brakha who had just done a spread for Rolling Stone called High School USA whence he had met the two cheerleaders who really weren't cheerleaders, but they were 14 years old each. As far as the videos go, I think it would be a great idea to put out a package with the best of and I'll be talking to Renaissance Records about that.

Hi Walter. My favorite musicians are Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, and Gram Parsons (and his disciples such as Jayhawks). You've bridged quite a connection to two of them; any dealings with Steely Dan??

I have to admit I only have a 45" of yours (Magnet & Steel/Tunnel Of Love), but am always on the lookout for stuff related to my favorites (The Egan name caught my eye in the record shop recently, but it was some guy named Bob!) , and so I am very interested in your Brooklyn Cowboys CD. Any distribution up here in Canada?

Ever toured in Canada? Here in Edmonton we have an amazing outdoor summer "folk" festival, renowned for artists enjoyment, esp. since they can play WITH each other! Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, and many other big names have headlined along with a wide range of smaller acts in all genres. The festival solicits opinions on who they should try to book each year, and I would like to suggest you. Interested? I could email/mail you more info, or get you a contact to the organizers if you'd like. The Penguin should have my email address. Hope to hear you soon, Walter! (Scott, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Dear Scott from Edmonton,

What! You mean you're not into the Guess Who?
Only dealings I've had with Steely Dan are doing Skunk Baxter's syndicated radio show. As to this Bob Egan guy, how dare he use my name? And what about that Joe Egan from Steeler's Wheel, and of course Richard Egan who was in "Love me Tender", but no relations.

You can get the Brooklyn Cowboys cd through The Penguin.

Never really toured Canada but I played in Toronto a couple of times at the El Macambo Club in 1979 and some other club in the suburbs of Toronto when I was playing bass with Spirit in the mid-80's. I almost moved to Canada back in the 60's to get out of the draft.

As far as that festival goes, I would love to do it. Please send me any information you have. Hope to be heard soon.

Hi Walter,

Here some questions from a fan from a small country in Europe named by Holland (The Netherlands). Since I was a young guy a was a great fan of your albums. I have 2 questions about you.

At the innersleeve from the album "Wild Exhibitions" you see a lot of drawings made by you. What is the main reason that you want to use these drawings, Is it a hobby or couldn't you find pictures with the same issue ?

Did you ever perform a concert in the Netherlands ? If yes, do you still know where it was ?

I read in the answer of a question from Bill Yoegel that he can get the album "Walternative" together with a signed photo. Is it for me also possible to get one? This because I couldn't find the album yet here. (Ruud Sprong, Vlissingen, Zeeland, Holland)

Dear Ruud from Holland,

Great to hear from you! I did perform in the Netherlands, but it was a t.v. show, and I spent the day at the headquarters of the broadcasting system doing a radio interview and taping the t.v. show. What I remember about the show was that I was in a set that looked like a big pinball machine. It was wild. The rest of the band got to go to Amsterdam, but I had to stay at the station all day. All I got to see was the beautiful countryside, lots of tulips, windmills, wooden shoes, dykes on bikes, just kidding, I meant dikes and bikes.

The pictures in the inner sleeve of Wild Exhibitions were put there because they were my interpretation of the songs in a visual way, but seriously, I like to do all kinds of creative things and thought it would be a great idea.

You can get "Walternative" and an autographed picture either by sending $15 American payable to me, Walter Egan, at

Walternative cd
P.O. Box 1562
Franklin, TN 37065

or by means of the Penguin website.

Thanks for listening. Watch out for the high tide!

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