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Todd Sharp, January 18 - 31, 2000
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Hi Mr. Sharp! I just read your biography here on The Penguin. You've had the opportunity to work with some pretty famous people. Your bio mentions that you worked on an album with Bonnie Raitt...was Rick Vito(another fellow Mac member) working with her at the time? The bio also mentions that you worked with Billy Burnette (also a fellow Mac member) a few times...can you tell me anything about him, such as what he was like to work with? (Michele Mategrano, Burbank, Illinois, USA)

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your interest. Rick Vito and I are pretty good friends though we have never "worked" together on anything in particular. I don't believe he was in Bonnie's band at that time.

Now on to Billy Burnette; What's he like to work with? Atrocious, absolutely disgusting in every sense. He breaks wind anywhere, anytime, borrows money and never pays it back, shows up hours late for his own gigs, and comes on to your wife. In all seriousness Billy is one of my best and dearest friends and I think I'll call him up right now and tell him how much I love him. Thanks again. God bless.

Hello Todd, Thank you so much for doing this Q & A!!!! I have several questions for you. What was it like writing songs with Christine ? (Christa, West Haven, Connecticut, USA)

The best ever, it gets no better than Christine.

Did you enjoy working with her ? (Christa)

See above.

What is your favorite Christine song off her solo album ? (Christa)

Hmmmm...Either One in a Million or Who's Dreaming this Dream? She performed that song wonderfully.

How did you met her ? (Christa)

We met through my association with Bob Welch in about 78?

What was it like working with Lindsey Buckingham ? You thank him on your solo album, did he do a secret appearance on it ? (Christa)

The man's a maniac, a dynamo. No, but he offered to do something very nice for me during that time. I was cutting a demo in the next room over from LB, he came by, liked the song and extended an extremely generous & friendly afternoon of his time (and his studio) in an effort help "save" that album which was sort of sitting dead in the water so to speak at MCA for a while before they finally released it. In the end the label didn't like that song enough so our afternoon of work together never came of anything though it certainly did merit a special thanks to Lindsey for his kindness!

What is your favorite Lindsey song ? (Christa)

Hmmm... can i get back to you on that? Maybe Second Hand News.

Would you ever work with Lindsey or Christine again ? (Christa)

Anytime, anyplace.

When Lindsey left Fleetwood Mac in 1987, were you ever asked to take his place ? (Christa)

They hounded me for months but I was busy painting a fence I think. Nope, never asked to join.

What is your favorite song from Who am I ? (Christa)

Probably.....We Were Lonely.

Who were your musical influences growing up ? (Christa)

My parents, Fred & Iris Sharp, Beatles, Hendrix, Byrds, Dylan, Clapton, Many of the great Bluesmen...Albert King, Lowell Fulson, Albert Collins, Lonnie Mack, Fleetwood Mac.

What music do you listen to currently ? (Christa)

I like African music, I like Randy Newman's new record, Shawn Colvin's last one was a favorite for a long time, Jimmy Vaughn's "Strange Pleasure" big favorite, Al Anderson's "Pay Before you Pump" is really good. Foo Fighters are good also collective soul and Sheryl Crow and Counting Crows (first LP).

Is there anyone that you would like to work with ? (Christa)

Any of the above.

Your album Who Am I is one of my favorites, will we ever see it released on CD ? Thanks again for answering my bundle of Q's and Take Care. (Christa)

Thank you so much for saying that. I feel much better now. I'm thinking of bootlegging it myself!

I must say that you are one hot looking guy! Are you married? I have a few questions, so please bare with me. (Christine P., Meridian, Mississippi, USA)

Yes. married 20 years this year, 3 kids.

Do you have a new album hitting stores anytime soon? (Christine P.)

I plan to record one by the summer.

How can I get a hold of your other albums? I work in music retail and every single Merchant I have tried gives me the same answer: who is Todd Sharp? (Christine P.)

Who are those people I want all their names...immediately. I have only made one Album (Unlucky or just lazy I guess).

What happened to George "the body" Hawkins? (Christine P.)

He lives about a mile from me. I'll see him this Friday we both play with Delbert McClinton (world's best singer) these days. He's been working out lately and he is perhaps quite deserving of "the body" monniker. I'll tell him you said hello.

How was working with Christine McVie as a solo artist different from working with her when she was around Fleetwood Mac? (Christine P.)

Well for one thing I never got to work with her with Fleetwood Mac so I can't really say. But her solo project was my all time favorite thing ever. I miss her.

How did Eddy Quintela become involved with the Christine McVie band? Can you tell us a little about him? (Christine P.)

Actually I believe I may have introduced them. Eddy and I met at the bar next to the studio in Montreux where we were recording Chris' album. Eddy was extremely nice and I think I invited him over to say hi to everyone and the rest is history.

Thanks Todd! If you are ever in Meridian, stop by my store....we are the largest music store in the area. I can even arrange an autograph session. Send me a promo of your new album and I will be sure to play it in the store! (Christine P.)

Thank you, I'll put you on my email list when my CD's ready
Todd Sharp. Photo provided by Todd Sharp.

Hiya Todd!! Thanks for taking the valuable time to put yourself through this! ;-) My memory isn't what it used to be...and it wasn't all that great THEN! Were you in Danny Douma's touring band when he opened for F-Mac on their Tusk tour? I'm sure this is going to be a somewhat common question over the course of this Q&A, and I might not even be the first to ask, but I hope so. Were you ever approached by Mick to join Fleetwood Mac? (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

No, but there's still time

With Bob Welch "baring his soul" during his Q&A as to the working conditions within Fleetwood Mac, and knowing that you worked with Christine & Mick individually, what were "the vibes" like working with the two of them?? Did you pick up on any of the kind of vibes that Bob mentions in his Q&A? (Steve)

I'm afraid I didn't see Bob's Q&A. But my experiences with both were pretty great all around.

I saw you on a number of occasions when you were in Bob Welch's band...just have to finally tell you that your solos on "Future Games" & "Outskirts" the night at Universal Amphitheatre on the French Kiss tour just took me to a new place in the universe! Incredible. That was my initiation to "Todd Sharp"-ness. (Steve)

Gheez, you can remember stuff from that long ago? Thank you for saying so, I'm truly grateful for your appreciation.

Technical "tone" question...I've got a Fender Blues DeVille and a Fender SFX Satellite (have you played through one of those? If so, what are your thoughts.) I don't seem to get quite the anticipated overdrive from the "Drive" channel on the DeVille. Even with the "Gain" knob cranked & the master volume turned up do a decent volume, it still seems "too thin". Is this due to the tubes or the circuitry? Or is this a typical Fender overdrive tone? (The DeVille is my first Fender amp, after playing through a Carvin for years) Besides, "comfortable footware" :-), can this tone be saved? (Steve)

So, I see you've already seen my column. I would have to say...... see a shrink immediately. Don't buy anymore amps until you've become stabilized on a good medication.

Now the obligatory question: Is "Who Am I?" ever going to be released on CD? (or has it?) Looking forward to hearing your new music too! I'll definitely have more queries for you in the coming days...this is just the first volley! (Steve)

I'm gonna bootleg it myself, I swear!

Have you ever met Stevie Nicks? If so, what did you think of her? And have you ever met Lindsey Buckingham, what did you think of him. Any opinion on their music or personalities? Thanks. (Melissa, Hemet, California, USA)

They are actually both aliens from another galaxy. A little joke there. hee hee. I do know Stevie a little but not too well really. Lindsey is an amazing guy and a dynamo of talent though I'm sure I don't have to tell you that. I have great love and admiration for Lindsey and by the way we are all hoping he'll come out of the house someday soon. Thanks for your question.

Hi Todd-- First off let me just say that I think your an awesome guitar player. I've had some difficulty keeping track of you in recent years. I last saw you on Austin City Limits with Carlene Carter and you were wailing on your telecaster. Poor Al Anderson couldn't keep up :) Now to a few questions....... (David Gaines, Norwalk, California, USA)

Thanks so much for your compliment. I have also had some difficulty keeping track of me in recent years though I think I'm ok now.

Do you plan on touring with your new album? (David)

First things first. Guitars out of the pawn shop, record CD, distribute CD, etc...

Since Bob Welch lives in Nashville now, do you plan on maybe working with him in the future? (David)

Don't know. Like Bob a lot. Nice man, I should call him and have a meal with him. When we were on the road together Bob would sit down and order enough food for six Bob's and he'd eat it all! Thin like a rail too. Wonder if he's a Shoney's guy or a Cracker Barrell guy these days?

I was wondering about your guitars, how many do you have and do you have a favorite one? (David)

I have a lot. Too many I suppose. At different times you need differnt tools you know what I mean? My favorite for the past 3 or 4 years is a 59 stratocaster. Also a silvertone 6 string bass.

4.Were you ever asked to join Fleetwood Mac in 1987 when Lindsey quit ? (David)

Asked? How 'bout begged? They couldn't throw enough money at me. No, seriously they never extended an invite to me. Or maybe that was the week my phone got cut off? did you say 87? doh!?

And finally, was your album Who Am I ever released on cd? Thanks for all the great music Todd and all the best to you in the future. (David)

That's it, I'm definitely gonna bootleg it myself! Thanks for your good wishes and the same to you

Hi Todd, I have never met you, but you married into my family some years ago. My parents attended your wedding. Kay D. was my aunt on my mothers' side of the family. Will you make some copies of your upcoming album available here? I remember it being difficult finding your WHO AM I album when it came out. Best wishes and continued success. (Timothy Kee, North Huntington, Pennsylvania, USA)


Are you saying we are related? I was wondering if you'd like to make an investment cuz, in my new business venture. It's about a new CD. I got some great songs, and ........ all kidding aside you are related to my late Mother in Law? I will alert my wife to this new development. Please keep an eye out for Delbert McClinton (world's best singer) with whom I may be playing with in your area sometime soon and perhaps we could meet. I mean that is as long as you're not a maniac or something. I will have to do a background check considering your family history and all.

My new CD will be available here I spose just as soon as I get it made. So, you had a hard time finding my album huh?, well it was on this obscure little label with hardly any distribution called MCA RECORDS!!!. You know they were buying ad's in Billboard for Bozo the clown around that time and I think they were having record company mental problems at that time and I suppose it was just a bit too much to sort of try to actually sell the thing. I'll be putting the new one out on my own label.

Thanks for your good wishes Tim and the same to you.
Mick Fleetwood The Recording of The Visitor; Photo donated by Todd Sharp.
Mick Fleetwood in Ghana, Africa

First, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Could you bring us up to date about what you have been doing since your MCA album Who Am I was released. By the way, I bought the album and a cassette tape. I also want to say I saw you play live with Chris in Kansas City Missouri back in 1984. You are an excellent musician and team player. My question (for now): Were you 'in the running' to replace Lindsey Buckingham back when he left? (Mark, Missouri, USA)

Lindsey left Fleetwood Mac? What? when?

I felt you should have been one of the two. (Mark)

Thank you, you are sweet. Are you male or female? I may have great love for you. What did you say your name was?

Also, the second thing I am very curious about: what was it like (really) to work with Chris? (Mark)

It was like getting you prayers answered.

Through these Q & A's we have gained more insight into Christine...specifically, did you find her to be sarcastic and controlling? Sorry to put you on the spot, but until recently, the picture of her was that of the 'consummate professional'. Thanks, Todd, and I'll try to ask better questions later. (Mark)

Sarcastic and controlling? Is this Christine McVie we are discussing?

Are you in contact with Christine McVie? Any predictions on an upcoming solo album from her? (Sara Smith, Great Falls, Montana, USA)

I don't get to see Christine too much these days though we remain good friends. Predictions on an upcoming Christine album...........I just don't know. Thanks for your questions.

Hello, Todd! Thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A session. Bob Welch's "The Other One" and Christine McVie's solo album are two of my favorite CDs, and I know you were an integral part of both. What was it like working with Bob and Christine? Were there any major differences? (John Mauro, Almond, New York, USA)

Hi John, Bob wears glasses, smokes cigars, wears a hat, and becomes sort of "giggly" around midnight or so.
Christine doesn't smoke cigars, hats, or glasses. She's pretty fun to be around most hours of the day. Also they don't sound at all the same when they sing, though I do believe they share the same astrological sign and......shoe size. Bob has very small feet. Oh yeah, there's the English accent which Bob doesn't have.

Oh, and that Christmas song you did with Tom Petty is great. Do you have any plans for future work with him? What do you think of his new album, "Echo"? (John)

I am constantly planning to work with Tom Petty, scheduling nightmare though plus I changed my number a few years ago and I am beginning to suspect that Tom may not have the new one. "? I like Echo allright though it is a little dry. I think it could use some reverb. What do you think?

I haven't heard your first solo album, "Who Am I," but I'm really looking forward to "Who Cares." Is there any possibility of re-releasing "Who Am I" on CD? (John)

Good idea I think we'll put them together in a double package and call it "What's the Point?"

Do you have plans for a tour after finishing "Who Cares"? Thanks again! (John)

I sure would like to, but first things first. Do you have any money you'd like to loan me so I can record my new CD? Thank you. I hope you don't mind me having a little fun with your questions.

Hi, Thanks so much for doing the Q and A for us. It means a lot to us fans=:-) I am an avid Christine McVie fan and I know you worked with her on the 1984 Christine McVie album. I think you also toured with her, am I correct? (Vianna, Alexandria, VA, USA)

You are correct.

My question is what was it like to work with Christine? What kind of person is she? On stage she seems kind of reserved...but maybe isn't when she isn't performing. (Vianna)

Christine is the best. It gets no better. She is very generous in many ways and maybe that "looks" like reserved. I think she has a magical voice and we should all hear more of it.

I particularly like two songs on the 1984 album, "The Smile I Live For" (I LOVE this song) and Who's Dreaming That Dream". Who wrote these songs? (Vianna)

Christine wrote "The Smile I Live For", Danny Douma and I wrote "Who's Dreaming this Dream".

Do you know Eddy Quintela? What is he like? (Vianna)

Eddy is a good guy.

Thanks so much for answering - be prepared _ I will probably be a pest with questions - as Chris is one of my favorite members of FM - Lindsey being the other..both are in my humble opinion completely underrated. (Vianna)

I agree. Thanks for your questions.

Hello again, Todd, I'm writing again to ask a few more questions and to let you know that I admire your work on Christine's album and the work you've done with Bob Welch and of course, your great solo album Who Am I. Do you keep in touch with Bob Welch? (Christa, West Haven, Connecticut, USA)

Yes, but not as much as I should. He's a wonderful guy. My fault; I'm on the run a lot.

What was it like working with Eric Clapton And Steve Winwood? (Christa)

Amateurs, both of them. In all seriousness someone asked what was it like working with Christine a few back and I answered that it was like having your prayers answered. I guess I'd have to say the same thing here.

What is one of your most special memories in career? (Christa)

Ghana with Mick Fleetwood in 1980. The place, the people, especially the beautiful children and the music that was abundant everywhere there. It's hard to describe really. I think heaven would be like that.

What was it like going to Africa to do the Visitor? (Christa)

Colorful, Happy. See above (I think the webmeister has a few photo's of us in Ghana, maybe he'll put them up. [Note from MEA - there are many more pictures will be placed on future section of this Q&A ;-) ]

Why weren't you involved in the next Mick project The Zoo?

I don't know. not enough of an animal I guess

What's it like working with George Hawkins? (Christa)

He's a pest, a pain in the ...oh hi George. We were just talking about you. ....I love that guy George. We have done many great things together. We are both playing with Delbert McClinton lately and we live about a mile from each other. Our wives are good pals and so are our kids. He even has one of our dogs puppies!

What is your favorite Fleetwood Mac album? (Christa)

I would almost say the first with the garbage can cover. Peter Green era. Though Rumours is such an incredible record all the way around.......then I also liked Future Games a lot. Or was it Bare Trees?

Did you get to see any of their reunion shows back in 1997? (Christa)

I did see them in Nashville. I think they sounded better than ever.

Hi Todd, I bought your album "Who Am I" at the Record Theatre in Middleburg Heights on Pearl Rd. way back when you released it. (I grew up in Brook Park.) I also saw you play at the Agora w/ Christine McVie in 1984. I really like the way you play guitar on your album and Christine's album. I know you have another album coming out, do you plan to tour? (John Barbarotta, Los Angeles, California, USA)

I sure would like to. Do you have big Cleveland money? Would you like to be my sponsor?
Who Am I - Todd Sharp

Have you worked with Christine since 1984 or any plans to? (John)

I plan that one all the time.

Was the 1984 tour w/ Christine as fun as it looked? You guys really rocked the house! (John)


Where are you originally from in Cleveland? Thanks Todd, and good luck! (John)

Cleveland Heights. Berkshire Road. Thanks, same to you.

Hi Todd, I've been a huge fan of Bob Welch for a long time. Do you enjoy working creatively and playing music with him ? (Warren Rutledge, Huntsville, Alabama, USA)

I certainly did when we were doin it. Wow that's twenty years ago, more even.

Hello Todd, Thanks for taking the time to let me catch up with your work. I had the priviledge of seeing you several times with Bob Welch, then with Christine McVie and then a couple of times when you had your own band supporting I'm the One. Who was in that band? (Carl Swift, Sierra Madre, California, USA)

Let's see Rick Seratte on keys, Dennt Fongheiser on Drums or it may have been Ian Wallace, Eric Pressly on bass, Shane Fontaine on guitar, Debra Dobkin on percussion.

What videos have you done other than the Christine McVie video. (Carl)

A couple Rod Stewart, Carlene Carter.

I am looking forward to your new cd and hope that you will be able to keep us informed to when you will be on tour again. (Carl)

Thanks, I'll let The Penguin know.

Hi again, Mr, Sharp! I'm thrilled to see that I was one of the first ones to send you a question. Thanks for the info on Billy...will you be taking part in Billy's Q&A here in March as a joke? Bob Welch sent in a question to Bob Weston during his and it was really funny. Since he is a close friend of yours (I'm glad to see that you were only joking about him in the beginning - he seems like a real sweet guy), I am one of his biggest fans - he doesn't know it yet because I have not been able to get a letter to him. Would you happen to know where I might write to him? (If you don't, it's O.K....I'll just wait and ask Billy myself in March - but would you mind telling him one of his biggest fans says hello?) I'd also like to add that I think it's GREAT that you have been married for 20 years - Congratulations! Both yourself and Rick Vito have shown that it IS possible to have a successful marriage & family even if you are in the music business. You're both excellent role models for all the young, newly married musicians out there. I want to wish you the best of luck and much success with your new album! (Michele Mategrano, Burbank, Illinois, USA)

Thank you very much. Best of luck to you too.

Hey Todd, thanks a heap for participating in this Q&A. I really loved your work with Christine on her solo project as well your collaborations on Who Am I. We Were Lonely is a great track and I love your take on I'm the One. A couple of questions: On Christine's solo tour, when I caught you in Boston, she performed an old Fleetwood Mac tune, Just Crazy Love, did you play any other old mac tunes(pre B/N) on that tour? (Doug LeVasseur, Providence, Rhode Island, USA)

I don't even remember Crazy Love. Things are a little hazy around that time.

There was a funky tune co-written by everyone in the studio in Montreaux during Chris' project called Too Much Is Not Enough, do you have a copy of that? And if you do, you should grab Chris and record it for your next project-great tune! Or at least send me a bootleg copy! (Doug)

Thank you, I don't know if I have a copy. Gheez you got a better memory than I do. I thought Chris and I wrote that?

Speaking of Montreaux, it seemed like you enjoyed a pretty positive experience recording there, what do you remember as the most fun/funniest moments during those sessions? I'll skip the 'Were you asked to join.....' question:=). Thanks again Todd, best of everything. (Doug)

Eating, drinking and being very merry with very good friends. Oh yeah and making a great record.

Hey Todd, Did you get to meet Peter Green when he worked on two songs on Mick Fleetwood's solo album "The Visitor" ? If so, what were your thoughts on working and/or seeing Peter in action then ? It seemed like to me that was the last time Peter played and sang like the Peter Green from his Fleetwood Mac days. (Steve Elliott, Arlington, Virginia, USA)

I only met Peter once. It was back in 78 when I was playing with Bob Welch. He came by one of our rehearsals, we talked some. You know about guitars and cars and stuff. Nice man.

Hello! I was wondering if you and Lindsey have kept in touch through the years? And when you met Christine, did you guys just hit it off, was she easy to get along with? Thank you so much for doing the Q&A. (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Every now and then I see Lindsey. I moved out of LA about 5 years ago so it's not too often. When I met Christine we did just hit it off. My wife Angela, Chris, her then beau Curry Grant, and myself. Yeah you could say we hit it off. Very easy to get along with. Thanks for asking.

Hell-o Todd. Thanks for taking the time for this Q&A. What did you think of Bekka, Billy and Dave Mason with the Mac? Did you ever see them play? (Bill Seaman, Buffalo, Minnesota, USA)

Never saw them. Thought it was an odd combination personally.

How did you like Bekka and Billy's cd? (Bill)

Both amazingly talented people. Played some gigs with them. Bekka is major major talent. Billy is so good I don't get why he isn't an institution on his own. When Bekka steps up to the mic sparks fly, everytime. Just spent a week with her on Delbert McClinton's cruise. I thought their album sounded just like every other Nashville album. Sorry Bekka, and Billy. They told me you must tell the truth on the Penguin website or your computer will crash.

Do you know Bobby Whitlock and what he mite be doing these days? (Bill)

Don't know him. I thought I'd heard he passed away. I hope I'm wrong.

I hope to see you soon again at Medina Ballroom. please bring Bekka along to sing, she's wonderful. (Bill)

Oh, gheez ere' bill, we'll bowl one. I'll tell Bekka what you said.

Just a quick question about a statement you said on Lindsey. "Were all hoping that he'll come out of the house someday soon". I'm surprised no one's asked you this yet, but do you keep in touch with him every now and then? If so, he's supposed to have had a new album come out back in the beginning of 1998, any news on why its been delayed for so long, or were you just joking around? Anyway, I should start to hunt around for your album and give it a listen since I'm a curious listener on all Fleetwood Mac related artists. Best of luck with the new album. (Jeff Baer, Thorofare, New Jersey, USA)

I'm always joking around. I haven't spoken with Lindsey for a few years but we can all be sure he's brewing up something real good. Best of luck to you too.


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