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Rick Vito, September 6 - 19, 1999
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Hi Rick, I really hope you answer this with a lot of details. I am one of those type of people that goes crazy when they don't know something about Fleetwood Mac..WHAT DOES THE ALBUM COVER OF BEHIND THE MASK MEAN? It shows a girl being sad..and circus people? in the background? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN,? LOL Thanks a lot. You are so cool, I love you. Your greatest fan, John. (John Alvarez, Davie, Florida, USA)
Hi John, Here's the truth as I remember it. It doesn't mean anything! As I mentioned before, I did not like the cover but was voted down on it. The photographer had the idea of putting six people together who were not us. He did this on his own. People said, "'s like their alter-egos there", but really it was not planned out in any way that I'm aware of. I think the effect was confusing. Thanks for your sentiments.

Hi Rick!! First of all, if you could answer my questions, I would be eternally grateful! Well, first I just wanted to let you know that Behind The Mask is probably my favorite Fleetwood Mac album. I love the sound that you brought to the album...and the great work that you even did with the other band members' songs. Your work will NEVER be forgotten on that album, and I'd like to let you know that many people feel that way! While I am only 18 and was not a fan early enough to see you on tour, I *do* watch the Tango in the Night tour tape and a bootleg of a Behind the Mask show and I am continuously impressed by them. You seem to know the matierial so well! My questions are: 1) How hard was it to learn all of Christine's and Stevie's songs in such a short period of time, since the tour was for an album that you hadn't worked on, and has just come out a few months earlier? and 2) I know that Stevie had just gotten off of cocaine and had stopped drinking before the tour. But her doctors put her on that nasty medicine Klonopin that made her very lethargic. She had just started on it by the Tango tour, but by the Behind The Mask tour she was very dependent on it. I'm sure the band noticed this...What was their attitude towards this, and was there a big difference when you performed with her on her Street Angel tour, when she had kicked the habit? Thank you! (Robert Burghardt, Munster, Indiana, USA) 

Hi, Thanks you. It was not hard to learn their songs. It was fun and I was honored to have the opportunity to play such great music. I won't comment about who was or was not using medication or whatever. It was none of my business. Stevie was ALWAYS great to work with. Let's just let the music speak for itself.

I heard you recorded a song that was suppose to be on Stevie's solo album "The Wild Heart", what was the song called, and do you know why it wasnt on the album? by the way, Desiree is one of my alltime favorite songs, I love you! You are one of my fav. artists, and your voice is very soothing to the soul, thanks for your music! (Jamie, Vacaville, California, USA) 
Hi Jamie, Sorry, I don't know of any such song. I'm glad you like "Desiree". There's a lot of Stevie in the words of that song. Thanks for your nice compliments.

Hi Rick. It's great to see a celebrity not be afraid to talk their fans on the internet. Hopefully you, Peter and Bob will pave the way for the rest of the Mac. I saw you play with FM in Cleveland '87 and Columbus '90. Wow! I really wish the six of you could have followed up BTM with another chance. Hey Man! 1990 was the year of MC Hammer and Milli Vanilli - enough said. From what I've read that was the summer to be in England if you were a Mac fan of that album.... Also any plans to tour with Bob Seger? Did you write the wriff on "Like A Rock?" What other songs did you write with him? Thanks! (Mike, Columbus, Ohio, USA) 

Hi, This has been fun. I'm doing a lot of work at the computer at present and it's nice to see these emails coming in. England was fun each time we went there. I think Hammer and Milli came to one of our shows there! It's possible that I might tour with Seger since I just recorded with him on his newest album. If so, I'll ask the Penguin to post it and I'll announce it on my website. I made up the entire solo on "Like A Rock" and it was done on the first take! Pure luck here. I think Chevrolet ought to give me a new truck for coming up with half their commercial, don't you? Let's all write them at GM and demand a truck for the guitar player!!!!! Thanks.

Photo provided by Rick Vito.

Hello Rick; I've seen you live a number of times and always enjoy your playing. Bring back the red string bender guitar you used with Bonnie, it had a great tone. As a Mac member and a Mac fan, can you give your opinion on Danny Kirwan and his influence on the band. Thanks for being accessable to the public in this way..... (Terry, Avon, Colorado, USA)

Hi, You're welcome, thank you too. Red guitar's out in guitar ether--gone forever. I thought Kirwan was really good. When I saw him he looked like a high school kid and he could really play well! I really liked that instrumental of his called "Jigsaw Puzzle Blues". Later I realized that he was influenced by Django Reinhardt the amazing gypsy guitarist. You can hear Django's feel in that song and in Danny's guitar style. Good vibrato technique. I'm not as familiar with his later stuff with the band but the few things I did hear were very good. I hope he's ok.

There are several pictures in the Behind the Mask tourbook of a Halloween party. What was that like? It looks like you were all having a fine time! Were you on tour yet when it was held? (Tracy G, Stockbridge, Georgia, USA) 

Hello, Christine used to throw the Halloween parties. The one I went to was really fun as I recall. My wife was the Bride of Frankenstein and I was an obnoxious music agent. Couldn't tell me apart from the real ones who were there.

Hi Rick, YOU RULE! As a fellow guitarist I must say that you have been one of my greatest influences. I have twice been able to see you, once with Stevie and last summer with Bonnie (wich totally rocked!!). I am curious to know some things about the equipment you use: strings, pickups, amps, etc. Thanks and take care. (Megan, La Honda, California, USA) 

Hi, Nice to know there are more female (Megan is female, right?) guitarists out there. Bonnie needs the competition! It's really nice to hear that my playing has touched you in some way--thanks. Besides my own personally designed guitars I am currently also using:

a Reverend ( There's an ad running in Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar with me and this guitar), a Tacoma "Papoose", a Fender Telecaster, an Epiphone Sorrento, a Gibson Les Paul and various others, vintage and new. With Bonnie I used a new 100-watt Peavey Vintage Series Amp. I also have a Dumble amp and some vintage Fenders and Supros. I use Fishman acoustic pickups and Seymour Duncan electric pickups. The new "Elixer" strings are great. Keep rockin', Megan!

Rick, The first major concert I ever saw was the last show of the Behind The Mask tour at the Forum in Inglewood on Dec. 7, 1990. It was a wonderful time, and your playing was a big part of it (not to mention Lindsey's appearance). A belated thank you. You were on tour with FM when Mick Fleetwood's autobiography was published. How surprised and/or angry were your bandmates about the book? One more question: How did Billy Burnette react to the FM reunion with Lindsey and Stevie, just a year after the version of the band to which he belonged was disbanded? (Jason Losk, Sonoma, California, USA) 

Hi, Your first gig was my last one with the whole band playing together. I remember that Mick was sort of building up the suspense about his book before it came out. When it did come out I don't think anyone was angry. Maybe more relieved than anything.

I don't know how Billy felt. Mac fans would naturally be thrilled that the "Rumours Era" band reunite for a tour. I'd guess that Billy realized that too.

A few more questions, please, arranged by decreasing relevance - I got PINK & BLACK tonight. Since my music collection is arranged chronologically, (1) could you tell me when the songs on it were recorded? After all we know Muddy did "Louisiana Blues" 10/23/50, Coltrane did "A Love Supreme" 12/9/64, so why shouldn't we keep track of when you did "Living Without You"? Or do modern recording techniques make recording "date" an obsolete notion? Which segues to question (2) was any of BEHIND THE MASK recorded with the band playing together, or were almost all the parts dubbed separately (like RUMOURS)? (3) On your own albums how much do you overdub? (4) You really liked Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. Did you get into John Mayall's A HARD ROAD with Peter Green? (4a) Is "The Supernatural" a song you'd consider playing? (5) Have you ever played "The Honeydripper" live? That's got such a great rhythm to it, and I think it isn't well known, so I've always wondered how a club audience would react to it. Thanks for your time, and now I must play "Homework" again (BTW, nice solos on "Lazy Love" - "I Loved Another Woman" is beautiful - great Jeremy Spencer style guitar on "I Stand Accused" oops, I mean Elmore James, or maybe I mean Robert Johnson "I'm standing at the crossroad ..." Man, this album sounds REALLY GOOD! (Pat Conolly, San Francisco, California, USA) 

Hi, I did not really keep close account of when things were recorded. Part of that is due, as you infer, to the fact that today more work is done in pieces than back in the days of live recording. Most of it was done in 1997. With FM we recorded in a variety of ways, live and in sections. Mick likes to play with just a rhythm guitar on some songs then overdub. I try not to get into too much overdubbing but often I'll try and do a better solo. Sometimes the original is better. I'd like to do more live recording because if you get a good take, it sometimes has more energy or truth. Yeah I even re-bought Hard Road as a CD, and I love "The Supernatural". Hard to get that cool feedback every time. Never played Honeydripper. Thanks for your interest.

Hi Rick! Travis here again. I've been enjoying reading all of your answers very much. One of my questions that I think you may have forgotten to answer was, were you happy with the amount of songs that were performed from "Behind The Mask" on that tour? That may be a dumb question, but I know at the start of the tour, only 2 songs were being played, with only a couple more being added later in the tour. I know Lindsey used to complain about how he would have to play a lot of the older songs when he first joined. I was just wondering how you felt about that. Also, from the one Tango show that I attented, I know that "Rhiannon" was played. But that song seemed to be cut from the set very early in the tour. Any paticular reason why it was cut that you can remember? I saw a bootleg video of one of the early Tango shows where "Rhiannon" was played and I was impressed with your guitar solo. As good as Fleetwood Mac was on "The Dance" video and tour, these days, Rhiannon doesn't have that exciting guitar solo it used to have. And I remember from the Tango show that I attented, you had pulled it off and I thought it was great. So why was it cut? Also, was there ever a professional video shot of an entire Behind The Mask or Street Angel tour. I know about the videos for Skies The Limit and Blue Denim, but I was just wondering if either of those 2 tours had a professional video? Thanks for taking the time to read this. (Travis, Maryland, USA)

Hello, I'm sorry but I don't really remember how many songs from BTM we actually played during the show. We added or dropped songs if they were sounding good or, on the other hand, not going over well. I can't imagine us ever doing a show without a showpiece song like Rhiannon in it, and I don't remember it ever being dropped. Thanks for your enthusiastic comments.

Hi Rick. Thank you so much for doing this. It is very cool of you! I have seen you perform twice: during the "Tango" and "Street Angel" tours. I thought you were great. I also really loved "Behind the Mask" and "King of Hearts". "Mask" is one of my all time favorite Mac records. To me it has a really cohesive, "group" feel about it...Really cool. I have three questions for you: (1) You did several vidoes with FM. What was the creative process like? Did you enjoy it? Were there any memorable moments? (2) Was the "Mask" tour filmed? If so, was there talk about releasing it (as had been done with "Tango")? If so, what happened? (I would love a copy!) (3) I always found it a bit strange that Lindsey played on the song, "Behind the Mask"...kind of like inviting your ex-wife to visit on your honeymoon. How did that come about? Did you have any thoughts about it? Thanks again for doing this. Your work has brought me much happiness over the years! Best of luck to you! (Bob Goodman, Pacific Palisades, California, USA) 

Hi, Thank you. The only live video that I know of that was shot was on the "Tango" tour. The other rock videos were filmed on soundstages. Actually one of the videos had some live shots from the Redrocks show in Colorado. Staged videos are often tedious and not at all a "natural" thing to do for most musicians. I do like the "Tango" video though. The energy on that tour was just the best. It felt like the Mac was being reborn and I assure you, everybody loved it! I think Mick or Chris thought it was a nice idea to invite Lindsey to play on a cut. Though I was not there that day, I had no problem with it.

Hi again Rick, since you've jammed with Bonnie Raitt, and since you're a blues fan like I, have you ever gotten the chance to jam with or meet John Lee Hooker? I know for the longest time Bonnie was or still is notorius for getting blues musicians back on their feet again, basically getting the chances are what they deserved for their talent. Besides John Lee Hooker, has there been many other blues musicians you've jammed with in the past? (Jeff Baer, Thorofare, New Jersey, USA) 

Hi Bluesman, I've been jamming, as you say, with Bonnie since the late 70's off and on. On my first tour with her our opening act was none other than Muddy Waters! Got to watch he and his band every night. Sippie Wallace the great blues lady from the 30's was traveling with us also. Toward the end of that tour Bonnie's opening act was John Lee Hooker. So, yeah, I got to meet and sometimes play with a lot of the classics. Back in the 70's I played in a club band in LA called the Juke Rhythm Band and every Tuesday night at the Topanga Corral club was Blues night. We used to back up Albert Collins, Lowell Fulson, Big Joe Turner, George "Harmonica" Smith, and many others on a regular basis. One big regret. I was playing at the Montreaux Jazz fest with Jackson Browne in 1982 and went back to my hotel for an early night. Bob Glaub, the bassist, kept calling my room to come back to the bar and jam with this guy who kept asking for me. Bob said he played blues really well and sounded a little like Hendrix. When I heard that I said "No way, I don't care for Hendrix imitators". So even after three phone calls I didn't go back. The guitar player he was talking about was a completely unknown guy named Stevie Ray Vaughan! 

HEY RICK! Thanks for doing the Q&A session... First of all, what do you think about this Hurricane Floyd???? Also, are you willing to do Q&A sessions for any other websites??? Secondly, I was wondering if Desiree was ever released on single... That is one of my favorite songs, and I cant begin to tell you what it means to me.... (Brian Larsen, Laurel, Maryland, USA)

Hi, Hope everybody makes it through ok. I can't imagine that there are many more questions that could be asked about Rick Vito and his career in its' various stages. I appreciate the interest but I think this Q&A should do it. I'm getting sick of myself!

"Desiree" was my one and only single. I'm trying to get some copies that I can offer through my website, so keep checking at Thanks again. 

I recently read that Bob Seger will probably be touring in support of his new album. I am just curious if you will joining the rest of the band if the tour happens? (Frank, Troy, Michigan, USA) 

Hi, It's possible. Thanks.

Hello again Rick! Another question popped into my head! I read that at one show during the Behind the Mask tour, in New Jersey, Stevie opened the show with "Sara", which many true fans wish they would have seen, because it was the last time she has done "Sara" on stage. My question is: What made Stevie do "Sara" that night, since it wasn't a part of the normal set, and was it her idea to do it? Did she just say "I want to sing 'Sara' one night of the tour"? Hoow did you and the others feel about having to rehearse that song to end up singing it one night? And do you have any idea why Stevie hasn't done "Sara" since? I know, I've asked a lot of questions! Thanks so much again!!! (Josh Williams, East Liverpool, Ohio, USA)

Hi Josh, Sorry. I remember rehearsing the song early on for the Tango tour but don't really remember playing it on that show. It was not an easy song for her to perform as I recall. 

Hi Rick, it's Megan "shebeast" again.... I read a great article in Vintage Guitar a few years ago about you and I was wondering if there is any guitar that has eluded you, that you would love to add to your collection? Thanks! (Megan, La Honda, California, USA)

Hi Shebeast, I've been spoiled and lucky enough to have been able to acquire just about any guitar I've ever fancied. May not have been the cleanest or the best, but I've gone through a lot of them. My problem is that I fall out of love with them and trade or sell them. Then two years later I'm kicking myself for doing that. All my life I wanted a Broadcaster, then I got one, then later I sold it and I'm still mad at myself for doing that. Recently I got a custom made resonator guitar called a McGill. I visualized finding this guitar (very rare) for five months and somehow it came to me. This is the sweetest sounding guitar I've ever owned and I'm taking a solemn oath that I will never get rid of it! I wish the Shebeast many, many guitars to make beautiful music with.

What was it like working with Fleetwood Mac? (Christalyn Rhiannon Ray, Austin, Texas, USA)

It was one of the greatest musical experiences of my life. It allowed me to play great music with an incredible band, travel the world, and meet many wonderful people. Thanks.

Hi Rick. To add my voice to the chorus, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some of our questions. I'm not a musician personally, but I have always loved Fleetwood Mac (your lineup definitely included) and the incredible songs they seem to produce at will. It never hurt that you and Stevie make a terrific vocal tandem! Anyway, since one of my main interests is in writing, I was hoping you could tell us a little bit about your songwriting style and approach. Such as, do you tend to start with a piece of music and apply lyrics to it, or vice versa? How would you compare writing a song on your own to co-writing one with someone whose style differs significantly from your own (Stevie Nicks, for example)? And also, what would you say is the best song you've personally written? Thanks and best of luck, Rick! (Chris Small, San Jose, California, USA)

Hi Chris, I write in a variety of ways. Sometimes I just sit and think up titles, thats all. Then I'll come back to that later and see if any of them spark a little idea. Sometimes I try and think back to how a song was written and I can't remember. It's like they just come through you sometimes. They come in dreams sometimes. I also co-write with other songwriters that I know in the Nashville area and LA. We either start from scratch or I'll come to them with an idea that I think would be good for their style, as I did with Stevie and Billy. Then you work together or even apart to finish it. A good friend of mine passed away two years ago and I feel like he sent me a song, because it was very emotional to write and play . One never really knows. Maybe spirits whisper these ideas to us!

I like a song I wrote called "Walk Another Mile" on my first solo album. It talks about moving forward through difficult times in your life (or "lives", if reincarnation does actually happen). The song from my friend Greg is called "I'll Be With You Endlessly" and I love that one for the obvious spiritual connection. Also I should tell you, I have written many, many horrible songs that I would be embarrased to play. I think you often have to write a lot of songs to get one really good one. Thanks

Mr. Vito, your patience and humor in answering all of our probing questions has been greatly appreciated. It's extremely exciting and fascinating for us to have a dialogue with an integral member of Fleetwood Mac's history. (Not to belittle the scope of your expansive career in any way!) I have a million questions for you, but at the moment I have a very special request... Would you please congratulate Susan Stead and Steve Denison on their September 18th nuptials? They are both devoted fans of yours (as you probably can tell from all of Steve's questions!), and I think they would be extremely pleased and honored if you would extend to them your "blessing." Thanks!!! (Brian Sheperd, Midland, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi, I think I did extend a congratulations already but will be happy to again. Susan and Steve, may your days together be good and long upon the earth! Congratulations! Best wishes, Rick

Hi Rick! I've enjoyed reading all the questions and answers and am glad we fans have this great opportunity to ask them. My question is this: Are there any other songs that you recorded with Fleetwood Mac that weren't released? I was a little disappointed that The Chain box set didn't have more rare, live and b-side tracks like Cool Water, Down Endless Street, Ricky, etc. Also, we're No Questions Asked and As Long As You Follow ever performed live? Thanks! (Paul Barnett, Redmond, Washington, USA) 

Hi, There was a lot more that we performed and recorded for the live "Tango" video. I was doing a version of "Rattlesnake Shake" that I felt was not quite up to par. We dropped that from the end product, and there were others from our live show that wound up on the cutting room floor also. I mentioned before that we spent a few days on a song of mine called "Walk Another Mile" that got nixed on the "Mask" sessions. There were probably others too but generally we dropped things because they did not sound good enough, which is probably why you won't find them in compilations. Those two songs from the "Greatest Hits" were not ever performed live that I can remember. Thank you!

Behind The Mask - Fleetwood Mac

Hi Rick! Thanks for sharing your time with us. I have 2 questions I would like u to answer: 1 Reading your discography page on the Penguin (which of course is superb), I have missed an album I think you did with a songwriter named Teresa Straley. I certainly don´t remember the title of the album. Is there any other record you have played on that we don´t know about? 2 What can you tell us about your BLUES TOWN album recorded in 96 and still unreleased? (Daniel Galera, Madrid, Spain)

Hi, You are lucky to live in such a beautiful country. I got to Barcelona last year and loved it. I did play on that record you mention, and yes, there are lots more that I've lost track of. It's usually because the records get lost in the shuffle and you lose touch with the artists after you do the recording date. Have you ever heard of "Rabindra"? "The Brownings"? Ever heard a record by Wolfman Jack or Soul Kitchen? Thoses are just a few that come to mind. "Blues Town" was the first incarnation of "Pink & Black" with a couple of song changes. No big mystery. Thanks.

Hello Rick, This is about your early days. I see you played with Del/Bon and Bobby Whitlock. Is there any tapes of your live work with them around to share with your fans? Keep playing Rick! (Virgil Baum, Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA)

Hi Virgil, No, none that I know of. Thanks for your interest but the only thing I did that was released was the "Raw Velvet" album by Whitlock. I'll never surrender so don't you.

Hi Rick, Just wanted to say I think your great and I was wondering if there are any plans for you and Bekka Bramlett working on a project anytime in the future? Thanks. (Lisa, Florida, USA)

Hi, Thanks very much. There are no plans to work with Bekka for now, but I love her voice and would love her to sing on a record with me sometime. She was three when I first met her!

Hey! I was just curious if you caught Stevie's performance with Sheryl Crow and Friends on TV Sept. 14th? If so...what did you think? Oh and umm a question about one of your responses...You said..."It was not an easy song for her to perform as I recall."...about the song Sara...were you refering to her ablilty to sing it or it's emotional implications? Thanks Rick...Oh and please let The Penguin know if you get any copies of those Desiree singles. (LauraTN)

Hi, No I did not see it yet but a friend told me that he thought the show was great. I should have said that "Sara" was hard for us to perform, not Stevie specifically. I don't know why but I think it had to do with the fact that it's the kind of song that has the same chord changes throughout the entire tune. These songs often work better as recorded pieces than they do on a consistent basis live. Sometimes it was magic, other times not. I will inform the Penguin if the Desiree single CDs turn up. Thanks.

Hi again. I forgot one question. Is there any link between you and a guy named Rick De Vito who recorded 2 ep´s ("Satisfaction" and "Sweet Little Girl")in the eighties? (Daniel Galera, Madrid, Spain)

Hi, No, no connection.

Hi Rick!! I finally found your solo album, and bought it. It's an amazing peice of work.You're a very talented guitarist, no wonder you replaced Lindsey. I was wondering, do you listen to any new artists that are out now?? I know a lot of musicans don't like the music that's out now, but is there anyone out now that you enjoy? Thanks!! (Heather D., Binghamton, New York, USA) 

Hi, Thank you! I hear bits and pieces of things that I sometimes like. I like "Mule Variations" by Tom Waits, but I guess he's not new. Keb Mo', the Mavericks, BR-549. I liked some of the Swing-type groups but I think the record companies have decided to squash them by now. The Squirrel Nut Zippers are fun. I guess that I don't hear much these days that dives very deep towards the blues roots. Rock & roll has metamorphosized into something that seems alien to someone who believed that the Rolling Stones were the epitome of the genre. So, I guess I'm happier listening to more of the early blues, jazz, and instrumental artists and groups that I've missed so far than in what's out there now. Obviously there's still a lot of talent too but I don't keep up with much of it. Just call me geezer! I really appreciate you getting my CD though. My son buys a lot of modern rock and I do hear things that sound good every so often.

Greetings Rick! I like the fact that so many questions are coming from our home state of PA! Congrats on your fantastic solo releases (I was able to pick up "Pink & Black" in a Boston Tower Records store! Woo Hoo made my day!) I wanted to share with you a fantastic phone call I recieved while hosting "Fleetwood Max'99". As the followers of "The Penguin" know, this was an all day radio event where the entire FM catalogue was featured. In 18 hours on the air, I received many requests for all the obvious requests - but also a great deal were interested in your playing. Especially in the live arena where your great "Another Woman" just hit the mark - fantastic. I hope I get the opportunity to see you play (solo or with any band!) so I can hear that first-hand. Thanks again for your great music for FM and solo as well. Best wishes. (Todd Richards, Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

Hi Todd, Thanks so much for letting me in on "FM 99" and all the positive feedback. I hope to be out playing before the end of the year and I'll post whatever that is on my website and with the Penguin. See you then!

Hi. Thank you for answering my question on what the cover of Behind The Mask means.. Another the young girl on the cover supposed to be Stevie Nicks? The first day I got Behind the Mask I thought it would be Stevie. As you said, the photographer got a group of people to pose as Fleetwood Mac.. Could the young girl that is sad/ crying be Stevie crying over the loss of Lindsey? Well do you have any idea what this girl's real name is? Who is she? She looks a tv star.. I'm a very curios person. Thanks again. (John Alvarez, Davie, Florida, USA)

Hello, Man, you're reading way too much into this thing. "Crying over the loss of Lindsey?......I think not. These people were just folks the photogrpher knew--non-professionals from somewhere in Mississippi that he assembled without any of the Mac knowing anything about it. The girl was a high school student I think, and was not crying. You were thinking, maybe.... Heather Locklear? Thanks for your interest anyway.

Hi Rick...I really don't have a question, I think that everyone has already asked every question that ever could be asked! Just wanted to let you know that I love your music, and still believe you are the BEST Mac guitarist of all time. Glad to see your site on the web and look forward to future albums! By the way, my fiancee thinks you are sexy! (she's 18 by the way). (Chris Kimber, Perth, Western Australia, Australia) 

Er.... what can I say? Thank you both.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I'd like to submit a few more if you can take them: Following the tremendous loss of the writing, producing and guitar magic of Lindsey Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac was actually a strong band once again due to you and Billy's joining the band. Clearly you came with years of experience! 1) When you came out on tour with Fleetwood Mac, did the audience seem to realize there was a change in the lineup? Was the change discussed on the stage? The sound was truly Fleetwood Mac! What do you recall? 2) What kind of turmoil existed when Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks left the band in November, 1990? Were attempts made to have them stay? 3)What was being said to the few that remained that kept you/the rest going a bit longer? Was there a sort of "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" attitude? 4) You left FM in 1993--at that point did you think FM would survive, but with new players? 5) Bekka Bramlett was working with Mick Fleetwood's "Zoo" in 1992. Did you work with Bekka in Fleetwood Mac at all? 6) Where you involved with The Zoo? (Was The Zoo a part of FM or was it Mick's solo effort?) 7) You were in the band, you know the principle members of it . . . do you think FM will come out with another album? Thank you very much--I look forward to your answers! (Susan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) 

Hi, That's a lot of questions, so I'll be brief on each one (if I remember them all). Of course the audience noticed the change. We did press conferences on TV and MTV announcing the new lineup. It was not mentioned onstage, nor did any Mac fan in ALL of the shows throughout the whole Tango tour, show any disrespect to myself or Billy Burnette. There was no turmoil when the women in the group announced that they were leaving, more of a "wait and see" attitude. The fellows did talk about returning to the bluesier sound if the women did leave, and we did do a couple gigs that way (as the Zoo). The Zoo was Mick's thing and had an informal air to it. I left in October 1991, not 1993 and did not speculate on what they would do from then on. I never worked with Bekka in FM. Your guess would be as good as mine regarding future recordings. It's been eight years since I was in the band so we don't consult each other any more. Thanks very much for your interest.

Closing Statement from Rick Vito:

Photo provided by Rick Vito.Thanks to all the Mac fans who took the time to participate in the Penguin Q&A. I was touched on many occassions by the sincerity of those who wrote in who have followed my career, bought my records, and expressed themselves to me in such a warm-hearted manner. I wish them all the very best and hope to have the opportunity to see them all out on the road somewhere in the future!

Thanks again,
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