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Rick Vito, September 6 - 19, 1999
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Hi Rick, do you still have your '59 Les Paul? I saw you at Long Beach a couples of years ago. We had talked for a little bit. I told you that I play Zemaitis guitars.... Another Question: What has happened with your "Blues CD" that was announced between the two official releases? Can I buy this CD? (Gregor Hilden, Muenster, Germany)

I certainly do remember you at The Blue Cafe, and I remember that you sent me one of your CDs. It was very good! A belated thanks to you. I still have my '59 Les Paul but have not played it in awhile. I must get back to it as it is one of my favorites. My album, called "Pink and Black" is on the Wildcat label, a division of Varese Serabande Records. They can be reached at 11846 Ventura Blvd. Ste. 130, Studio City, CA 91604 USA. Please feel free to visit my website at which may have info on how to get the CD posted soon. There is no current European distributor for it yet. Thanks for your interest and best of luck to you!

Hi! I have two questions.... First of all, do you have a current relationship with Stevie, Mick, John, or Christine? Secondly, where can I find out more information about what you are doing today? Have you seen my webpage, Big Love? (Brian Larsen, Laurel, Maryland)

I occasionally speak with Stevie. As you might know, I went out on her Street Angel tour a few years back and would love to work with her again. She is very special. I ran into Mick on the street with Peter Green's manager this past year. We don't keep in close touch but it's always great to see him. I have not have much contact with John or Christine in recent years but I certainly wish them both well. I see Billy Burnette most often because we live close to each other and I plan to see his new band play soon.. You can go to if you would like more information as to what I'm doing. Currently I've been working on my own music and touring with Bonnie Raitt. I just completed work also on Bob Seger's new CD also. I'll check out Big Love soon.

Was it at all odd to be one of the many, and nearly the last guitarist for FM? Was there a lot of pressure to live up to, following Lindsey Buckingham? (Sara Smith, Great Falls, MT)

I felt honored to be asked to join Fleetwood Mac, especially since I had seen them when I was 18 or so with Peter Green. That experience made me really want to get into music professionally because they were so great and I related to what Peter was doing so much. When I did join, the band put zero pressure on me with regard to how I was supposed to play. They liked what I was doing, and as long as I captured the flavor of whatever song we were playing, they seemed happy with the results. I had had a lot of experience playing with different artists and am able to adapt myself pretty well, so that took off a lot of what could have been a pressure situation. I've found that you can't really "live up to" anyone. You can only be yourself, and that's what I tried to do in the Mac. The fans also were great about it, and it was never ever a problem coming into the band for me. Thanks.

Hi Rick! I don't have a question, I just wanted to tell you that I love your album Pink and Black! I just love Get Some Work Done and Streamliner! I can't wait to hear your next album! (Jessica Backsell, Garpenberg, Sweden)

I need more fans like you! Thanks very much. Check my website for news on new recordings at Take care, hope to see you in Sweden.

Hi, and thanks for doing this for your fans. I was just wondering if you had a favorite artist or artist that you have worked with such as Fleetwood Mac or Bonnie Raitt ? (Jeff Bechdel, Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA)

Well, they've all been special for different reasons. I love working with Bonnie because I love Blues and R&B, which is the bulk of her set. I loved working with F Mac because I was a member of one of the greatest bands in history and it was really exciting to be part of that. Probably the best music I've ever played though, was my own in a small club to thirty or forty people. I'm honored just to be able to play music for a living. Thanks for your interest in hearing it.

Hi Rick, first I want to thank you for taking the time to do this, we all really appreciate it!! I really felt that you made a wonderful addition to FM. You are an excellent guitarist and vocalist and I really loved your solo CD! I have a few questions 1. What are you doing now and any plans for a new cd? 2. How did your writing collaboration with Stevie come about on Love Is Dangerous and were you pretty much responsible for the music and Stevie the Lyrics? 3. It seems as if you have a great chemistry with Stevie since you have written songs together, she was on your CD and you toured with her on Street Angel. Are you still close with her and do you have any plans to do any work with her in the future? Thanks again for taking the time to do this! :) (Shane, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Hi Shane, Thanks for the nice comments. Right now I'm doing some recording both for myself and others including Bob Seger. Also I've been working for a year and a half with my old friend Bonnie Raitt. We toured the US and Canada last year and even did some touring in Europe with Eric Clapton, which was a real thrill. Go to my website for complete details of what I'm up to these days. My new album is called "Pink & Black". It's a bluesy CD on Wildcat Records and is in most stores now. As far as writing with Stevie, I brought her tracks of music that I had already recorded, some words and melody ideas, and then she put her own ideas with that. Voila...a new song! We,ve written three songs together and I'd like to do more if we ever get the chance. I'm trying to reach her right now but she is sometimes hard to track down as you can well imagine.


Rick Vito
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What is your favorite incarnation of Fleetwood Mac? The Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac or the "Rumours" Fleetwood Mac ? And would you consider working with Peter Green now that he is back playing again? (Anonymous)

Hi Anonymous, Is that you again, Mom? My favorite era was the Peter Green one. I saw them play two nights in a row at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia when I was in my teens. Sat right up front and was totally knocked out with Peter. Of all the "happening" guitar heros at that time, he was the king of taste, tone, and talent to me. He was everything I wanted to be in a singer/guitarist. I finally got a chance to meet him this past year. We did a show on the same bill in Seattle and after seeing his great performance I arranged to have seats reserved for he and his band at ours. Later on I ran into Mick F in LA on the street talking with Peter's manager, so it's been an interesting full circle of sorts for me. It would be a total pleasure to have an opportunity to play with Peter some time. He's the greatest!

Hey Rick, Was that you on Bobby Whitlock's first LP 'Raw Velvet'? Do you know what Bobby been doing the last few years? The Mac with Dave Mason and Bekka Bramlett-- did you like the CD or their live show? Please comment on both if you will please. Thank you very much Rick, I really enjoy your playing. (Bill Seamans, Buffalo, Minnesota, USA)

Yeah, that's me. It was one of the first albums I ever played on. I met Bobby through Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett (my first pro gig was with them, and Bekka was just a little baby at the time). I have not seen Bobby since the early 70's but I heard that he is a songwriter and still lives in Memphis. To be honest, I have not heard the CD with Dave Mason and Bekka nor did I see the show. Thank you for comment though.

I think you are a great guitarist, but was it daunting steeping into Lindsey's shoes when he left the band? (David, London, England)

How are things in London? That's a great city that I really enjoy visiting. Thank you for your comment. While I was totally aware that I was entering into a really incredible position as guitarist for the Mac, I really was more concerned with how to work in what I could do with my own guitar style. I don't play remotely like Lindsey does and so I never attempted to. Maybe I was thinking more in terms of adding back into the pot a little more of the blues flavorings that I loved when Peter was in the group, if anything. You cannot let yourself be intimidated by the accomplishments of others when opportunity knocks. You have to let loose with your own good stuff and go for it.

What kinds of music do you like to listen to these days? Is there any current stuff that you'd say influences you, or do you feel like most of your influence is drawn from older musicians? Also, what advice would you have for younger guitarists just starting out? Again, thank you so much for your time. (Beau, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)

Hi Beau, I listen to a lot of different kinds of music these days. When I was younger I listened to mostly blues artists like B.B. King, Albert King, Elmore James, Earl Hooker, Otis Rush and many, many more. I also love rockabilly music like early Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. Today if you were in my house you would be hearing Django Reinhardt, Los Indios Tabajaras, Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Louis Prima, Louis Armstrong, Classical(various), still lots of blues, reggae and R&B. Of today's music I like the Squirrel Nut Zippers, some of the Swing thing and Tom Waits. I guess I draw most of my influence from music that was recorded awhile back. To younger musicians I would say to try and develop your own style and avoid trends. I still practice as much as I can, so I think that's very important. Most of all....NEVER give up! Thanks for the good question.

Hi Rick, thanks for doing the Q&A for The Penguin. I was wondering if you planned to tour around New Jersey or Philadelphia anytime. Your albums seem quite hard to find as the result of the record stores overstocking the flavor of the week artists, which is unfortunate. Although I have none of your material, I have heard you sing on the behind the mask album and Tango In The Night video. Do you plan to tour by yourself, or as an opening act? If so, either way it'll be great to finally see you perform and hear some of your material. (Jeff Baer, Thorofare, New Jersey, USA)

Hi Jeff, I would love to tour around NJ and PA as I'm from Philly. Right now I do not have plans to tour but that could change. Visit my website at to find out more about my records etc. You can find "Pink& Black" at Tower I'm sure. Thanks!

(The following nine questions were asked by Tracy G. (Stockbridge, Georgia, USA). Rick posted this below so I am going to put the questions with the answers -- MEA)

Hi Tracy, First of all, thanks for your nice comments and interest. Since you asked a lot of questions I will try and answer them all here.

< TRACY G > (an HTML joke...)

The ten sold out shows at the Wembley Arena in London...did anything prepare you for that? Those must have been some amazing shows. How does your experience with one of the biggest rock bands relate to the more intimate performances you have been a part of?

The Wembley shows were incredible. There's nothing else I've ever done to compare to that experience . I try and put the same energy into every show I play whether it's at a small club or in front of 100,000 people. It was a good performance in a small club that led Mick into asking me to join the Mac!

Are you going to tour for your new album (i.e. will I get to see you in Atlanta?)?

I'm not currently touring but I may later. Check my website.

WHY didn't you tour with Stevie last year!?! You were sorely missed! You were really holding it all together during the Street Angel tour. As our resident guitar expert never fails to remind us, you are the best guitarist Stevie has ever had in her solo band. Were you already committed to Bonnie Raitt?

I did not tour with Stevie last time because she did not ask me to.

Do you happen to have an extra copy of King of Hearts I can purchase? LOL. I can't find it anywhere :( I have, however, managed to acquire a copy of the songs Intuition and Desiree which I love...especially Desiree.

Try getting in touch with Modern Records for a copy of "King Of Hearts" or through one of the record collector mags like Goldmine.

You and Stevie must have cultivated a great working relationship since you worked together away from Fleetwood Mac. Was it easy to write songs with her? Was it truly a co-writing situation or did you work separately on the same song?

Stevie and I wrote our songs separately but with a lot of communication beforehand, so it was often easy.

This has probably already been asked...BUT...what prompted you to leave Fleetwood Mac after the Behind the Mask tour? Also, when did you make that decision? You sure seemed to be enjoying the BTM tour in the shows I've seen :)

I can't really tell you the details on why I left the group as it is very personal.

I was checking out the info for your new album, Pink and Black, and I thought the theme looked familiar so I pulled out my old Behind the Mask tourbook and sure enough, there you are wearing what is the deal with the pink and black and the card suits?

I've always loved the pink and black color combination. It evokes the feeling of early rock&roll in its' purest form to me. My first self-designed guitar is finished in those colors. They make me happy. I designed the "card suits". It made me feel lucky, which I am.

I own and love the Behind the Mask album, and your collaborations with Stevie are some of my favorites on that album (especially the Second Time). Is that all ancient history to you, or is that work you are still proud of?

I am still proud of everything I did with Fleetwood Mac. We worked very hard on each project. I wish that the band, as it was when I was there, would have done one more record together. We didn't give it enough time to really gel in my estimation.

I've read that you saw the original Fleetwood Mac perform old were you when you saw that performance? What about the band and Peter Green in particular made you a fan? (Please don't tell me it had anything to do with Harold.) Was Jeremy and/or Danny in the band that you saw perform? Had you already begun to play guitar yourself when you saw them?

I was about 18 when I saw the original Fleetwood Mac with Peter, Jeremy, and Danny. Peter was in total command as leader but was gracious in sharing the stage with the others. When his turn to do a song came, the energy level just sort of went up quite a few notches. They were completely different the following night--totally hilarious and doing their take-offs on Elvis, John Mayall etc. I was already playing guitar for many years so I felt a close kinship with Peter's style which I felt was within my reach as a musician. I hope that takes care of business, Tracy.

< /TRACY G >

Hi Rick, I have another question for you. I love Behind the Mask and was very surprised that it did not have more success. I feel that it was overlooked for the most part. I feel that it had very strong songs. I was wondering what your feelings are on that and if it was a big disappointment for you and the rest of the band? I also just want to add that I really respected the fact that yourself and Billy did not try to "live up" to Lindsey and that you just remained true to yourself. (Shane, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Hi again, I'm happy to hear that you liked BTM. It was a very good record but it did not seem to have the big hit single that Warner Bros. was looking for.We were all hoping that it would have been more successful. I think the fact that it was not as well received as most previous Mac records caused some hurt feelings all around. Thanks for your nice comments.

Hi, Rick! I, first off, want to thank you for taking your valuable time to answer our questions. It seems as though you've already touched on this in previous questions, but,being a guitarist myself, I'm interested to know, with all the sessions you've done over the years, have you been able to just play the way you play, or have you had to deal with the "play it like I tell you" syndrome? AND...a related question... Granted when you go on the road with a group or artist, there are songs you have to play certain ways. How do you go about choosing how much of the recorded guitar parts you play live; and, how much freedom are you given to come up with new parts? And, by the way, thanks for "rediscovering" Peter Green's "I Loved Another Woman". I read where you'd suggested doing "Black Magic Woman" and was denied; was that song the trade off for not doing "Black Magic Woman"??? You've definitely "made the song your own" in a lot of ways. (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

Hi Steve, You must be a guitar player! In session work you have to have an open-minded attitude. It works both ways, to allow the creative channel to easily open and flow with your own ideas, and to be loose enough to take suggestions from the producer or artist who may hear the guitar part played differently than you do. You have to be willing to change what you're doing and keep the good vibe going, after all, the producer may indeed be correct about an idea that's different from yours. When I'm learning new material to play on tour, I usually try to learn the original part or know most of it. Then I add things here and there and see what kind of a reaction it gets. Sometimes it's best just to ask up front how close to stay to the original parts. I've even had to re-learn my own recorded parts to make it sound right in a live setting. As far as "Black Magic Woman" goes, maybe someone at the time thought that it might be too cliche to do that tune, I'm not sure. I had always loved playing "Another Woman", so when we were trying songs out for the "Tango" tour I played it and everyone said, "Yeah!". Peter told me last year that "Another Woman" should have been credited to Howling Wolf and himself for the words. Glad you like my version. It's fun to stretch out on.

What is your opinion of Bob Welch, who was before Lindsey and yourself? and Since Greeny is your favorite guitar player, and he's mine too, did you see his performance with Santana at last year's rock n' roll hall of fame? (Alex Gallard)

Hi, Bob's great. I like his songs. Peter is my favorite Mac guitarist and I have several more great guitarists that I also really love. No, I did not see the performance with Santana. I'm sure it was great.

When I first listened to your "King Of Hearts" disc, I noticed a VERY "Fleetwood Mac" direction to it. Granted, it was released on the heels of your tenure in the band, and Stevie Nicks makes a couple of vocal contributions, but I was wondering if some of those tunes would've been slated for the next Fleetwood Mac album, had you'd stayed with the band??? And, yet another query, that just popped into my head as I was typing the above... Being as how Peter Green is one of your influences (heroes?), and that you covered both "Homework" (albeit an Otis Rush tune) and "I Loved Another Woman" on your "Pink & Black" disc, is a precedent established that you will cover more Peter Green tunes ?? (your version of "Stop Messin Round" on the '90 tour was killer!) (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

Hi again, Some of those tunes on King Of Hearts were ones that FM decided they did not want to use on Behind The Mask. We actually did cut "Walk Another Mile" then gave up on it. I have no plans to cover Peter's songs on every record I make. I just always really liked those two in particular. that you mentioned it, there probably ARE a few more in there I should re-listen to. Thanks.

Hi Mr. Vito!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for the so many devoted fans of Fleetwood Mac. It means a lot to us all! I was wondering, what were some your favorite songs of the Rumours era Fleetwood Mac? And what were some songs you really liked to play on stage? Thank you so much again for doing this! (Josh Williams, East Liverpool, Ohio, USA)

Hi, This may sound terrible, but I don't ever remember actually listening to the Rumours album when it came out. I just heard the singles on the radio. Years later when I had to learn them for the Tango tour I found that I liked them and that they were fun to play. No particular favorites, they're all great.

Ok, sorry that I seem to be acting like some Spanish Inquisition by asking so many questions, but they keep popping in my head about 2 seconds after hitting the "send" button. An old roommate of mine, who I've just recently got back in touch with after nearly 20 years, reminded me that you played with Roger McGuinn (ex-Byrds) and Charlie Harrison (pre-Poco) in The Thunderbyrds. Is there any reminisces of that time that you can relate?? If I'm not mistaken, didn't The Thunderbyrds record Tom Petty's "American Girl"??? (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

Hi, Long time, no hear from! Yeah, I played with Roger McGuinn's Thunderbyrd in 1977. Tom Petty was our opening act at the Bottom Line in NYC. We cut "American Girl" when he was unknown. I remember he and Mike Campbell came to our rehearsal and taught the song to us. Seems funny now.

Hello Rick, I saw Raitt on the Los Angeles stop on her tour last year, and thought you were absolutely outstanding. I think you made an extraordinary contribution to the Mac during your tenure, and your performances of "I Loved Another Woman" were just so eerily beautiful---some of the high points of my 20+ years of attending Mac concerts. I wish you'd consider writing a book on those two mammoth tours you did with Mac---there's a great deal of interest and curiosity among the fans in those events, I think, because they seemed relatively stable and happy times. My question is, given your touring experience throughout your career, what are the things you love about touring, and what are the things you aren't so fond of? Are you one of those musicians who love to be out on the road for a year, one hotel after another, or are you a homebody? (David, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Hi David, Thank you so much for your head-swelling comments. I'm going to insist that my wife read your letter next time she wants me to take out the garbage. Are you offering me a book deal? If so, I accept! Let's talk percentages. As far as touring goes, I love playing to audiences that appreciate the music. You can't buy that thrill. But it's not all fun being out there traveling. I always tell people I'll play for free, it's the other 22 hours you have to pay me for. When you have a family it's really hard to leave them behind. It was much easier to do when I was younger with no serious ties. Still. it's all part of the big picture, so you just do it.

I spoke with Greeny (English nickname for Peter Green) in a Q&A session, and one of the questions was about reuniting the old line-up and he hinted it might happen next year, if he and his managers can get a deal with the other members of the original Mac (Mick, John and Jeremy Spencer, excluding an ailing Danny Kirwan) what is your opinion on a possible Greeny reunion with Mac? (Alex Gallard)

Where can I buy my ticket?

Rick, I love your music and your guitar playing talent. I thoroughly enjoyed your first solo album, and look forward to future (and current!) releases. At first I was unsure of what to expect when you joined Fleetwood Mac, but I was more than pleasantly surprised that you managed to not only make me not miss Lindsey, but become a huge fan of yours as well. Now...on to my questions(s)!... Outside of Peter, who were some of your influences as far as playing and songwriting? Also, when you're relaxing, who's music do you listen to? (Brian Sheperd, Midland, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi, Thank you so much. My wife must also read your letter. Here are some guitarists I love: James Burton, Roy Buchanon, B.B. King, Elmore James, Freddie King, Keith Richards, Earl Hooker, Jesse Ed Davis, David Lindley, Ry Cooder, Aubrey Ghent, Amos Garrett, Mike Bloomfield, Nato Lima, Django Reinhardt, Albert Collins, Charlie Christian, Jimmie Vaughan, Otis Rush, Son House, J.B. Lenoir, Albert King, and many more. Buy records by any of them. I like the songs of Tom Waits, Willie Dixon, Leiber and Stoller, Nina Simone, Doc Pomus, and Barry Manilow (just kidding here). I like to listen to Italian songs, Blues, Los Indios Tabajaras, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Dean Martin, Gospel, Classical and old radio shows. I listen to lots of stuff-- all the time.

Pink & Black - Rick Vito

Hi Rick, Thanks so much for doing this. I don't really have a question, just wanted to say your a awesome guitarist. I've been lucky enough to see you in concert with the Mac and caught a solo show in Long Beach about six years ago. I talked with ya before a show with the Mac in Vegas. I commented on your guitar, how cool I thought it was. The pink and black one, I said it looked like a dollar sign. You just laughed...... Anyway, that's all. All the best to you in your future musical endeavors. And by the way, you were the best part of Stevie's Street Angel tour. Just awesome guitar!!! (David Gaines, Norwalk, California, USA)

Hello again and thanks. I remember the reference to the dollar sign.

Hi Rick!! Welcome to the Penguin!...I just wanted to know what it was like to tour with Stevie with Fleetwood Mac...and was it different touring solo? (LauraTN, Tennessee)

Hi, Do you mean Stevie's solo tour? I presume you do. Yeah it's a little different. The Mac tours were really big events. Stevie's tour had much of the same excitement but in a slightly pared down way. Also, I was a featured member of a band with the Mac, and more of a support for Stevie on her tour. Great fans at both events!

Hi Rick. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this,I had the opportunity to see you live with FMac and with Stevie, and like anyone that ever did so, I really enjoyed your playing! My question concerns the relationship between Stevie and Christine.Both ladies are incredible vocalists and writers, but little is ever really said about their friendship nowadays.Since you spent a few years in the band could you share any thoughts on their friendship? You mentioned hoping to work with Stevie again, I hope you do when and if she tours again.You are an incredible guitarist and I really loved it when I saw you play with her Again many thanks for your time. (Joseph, San Francisco, California, USA)

Hi, Good question but I really can't say what their relationship is like now because I'm not a part of Fleetwood Mac now. I'd guess that their friendship is based on a respect for one another's talent more so than because they have a lot in common on a personal level.

Hello! I was wondering what it was like playing on stage with FM and Lindsey when he joined the tour for two shows(Stevie's last concert with the band)? Do you ever think you'll get to work with him? That would be interesting! Thanks. (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi, I only met and talked with Lindsey for maybe five minutes before the last two shows of the Behind The Mask tour. He performed "Go Your Own Way" both nights and the fans loved it. I really don't know him and I think our styles are pretty different. He's obviously got a lot of talent.

What are your favorite moments from working with Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt? Also, what are your favorite songs to perform on stage (whether it's with another artist, band or solo)? (Ali, Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Ali, Jackson has a wonderful ability to evoke emotion with his songs that inspire a lot of people and it was great to see that. I loved it every time Bruce Springsteen would join us onstage. Incredible energy would happen that I would not only observe, but realize that I was a part of too. Two amazing writer/performers there. With Bonnie some of my favorite moments come when we trade off slide guitar licks in a mock duel, and when we sing duet-style together. There's no one else like her and I was proud to be featured with her in VH-1's tribute recently to the Greatest Women In Rock. (Stevie and Chris were in there too). Also many of my favorite Blues and R&B artists often sit in with Bonnie. Recently I got to play with James Cotton, Allen Toussaint, Irma Thomas, Pinetop Perkins, Kim Wilson, Johnny Adams, Ruth Brown, Keb Mo and many more. Now, where else are ya gonna get to do that?

First of all being from the same area you are, how often do you go back to the Philly area? Also, what were your impressions of Christine McVie and her music when you met her? (Ali, Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi again, I go back once or twice a year to visit family and on vacation. Philly has always been a great music town and I look forward to playing there again and again. My first impression of Chris was that she was a strong, talented, grounded person. I wanted to be her friend right away. She loves a good joke. She is an amazing singer/writer and I truly miss her.

Hi Rick. Just a couple of questions. Did you ever tour with Bobby Whitlock? How long did you play with Delaney/Bonnie? Do you plan to sit in with Billy Burnette when you see him? Tell Billy we really liked his CD with Bekka Bramlett. I hope you heard that one Rick. Take care my friend. (Bill Seamans, Buffalo, Minnesota, USA)

My gig with D&B was rather short. A couple month tour I think. Bobby Whitlock was starting a solo career after Derek and the Dominoes broke up and somehow convinced Delaney that I would be better off in his (Bobby's) band. We did an album that was produced by Jimmy Miller, the Stones' producer and played gigs in London, Paris, and a series of club dates in the States. I will sit in with Billy Burnette if he asks me. Thanks.

Hi again Rick, just out of curiosity, during the Tango in the night tour, was there any reason why the song Big Love wasn't rehearsed or played during that tour. Do you know if Lindsey Buckingham would've let you or Billy perform it with Mac being as it was left out? (Jeff Baer, Thorofare, New Jersey, USA)

Hi, As I recall, the original members thought it best at the time, and under the circumstances of his leaving the group, to limit the Buckingham songs to "Go Your Own Way".

What is your favorite Fleetwood Mac song from the Greeny years and the Rumours period? (Anonymous)

"Stop Messin' Around" and "The Chain" are great ones.

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