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Peter Green: August 19 - September 1, 1999
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Hello Peter, first let me say thank you for a lifetime of great music and inspirational guitar playing. I was wondering if with the current rash of original(and best) Fleetwood Mac releases by the various labels, do all members receive royalties. Being a Danny Kirwan fan, I was wondering if he would be receiving a source of income through these new releases of his old material. Would you ever consider recording a tune of his in the future to generate royalties for him. A delta style Station Man would be interesting. Thanks for your time and please return and play in the US soon. (Terry, Avon, Colorado, USA)

Yes, all the musicians do get their share of royalties. We have had difficulty over the years in collecting from some record companies but my manager Mich is slowly tracking them down and getting them all in for me. Danny Kirwan is still receiving his and is doing O.K.

Hello Peter, thanks for playing again! I'm an Italian fan - so sorry for my English - and I got in touch with Martin Celmins since the first edition of the "Biography" came out. Just like Don Brown, I'm a collector of your obscure recordings. One day I read somewhere that you have played (uncredited) on a couple of tracks of this record: "Toe Fat 2".I quickly discovered it was re-released by the German label "Repertoire". So I bought it and I'm sure I can hear your wonderful wah-wah guitar playing on 2 tracks: "There'll Be Changes" and "A New Way". Can you remember? Can you confirm it? Some useful information: "Toe Fat" was a progressive/rock assemble with Cliff Bennett lead singer and band leader. Cliff was the first one to record "Sandy Mary" as a single and a friend of yours at that time (summer 1970). I hope to hear from you soon. Keep playing the music you like! All the best and......"stay Green"! (Mario Pirrone, Acqui Terme (al), Piemonte, Italy)
Yes you are right, Peter did play some guitar on Cliff Bennett's album. He and Cliff were good friends in those days, and still keep in touch today. (from Mich Reynolds, Manager)

How did you get that big and wonderful reverb on "The Supernatural", with the Bluesbreakers? Also, do you think about playing "Underway" with The Splinter Group? (Nuno Manuel Diniz, Lisbon, Portugal)
Yes, I do think about playing "Underway" maybe we will include it in future concerts. I had a Marshall Amp, but the reverb sound was down to our producer engineer, a guy called Gus Dudgeon.

I enjoy your guitar playing tremendously. Congrats on the Hall of Fame induction! I know others will ask this, is there any chance of you getting together with John and Mick for a jam session or possibly an album? In any case, I'm glad to hear you're doing well. Thank you. (Dave Podolske, Round Lake, IL, USA)
Hello John, if my manager Mich Reynolds gets her own way I will be getting together with Mick, John McVie and Jeremy Spencer, sometime next year, just for one or two shows at most. Like an original Fleetwood Mac reunion really.

Hi Peter! First of all I'd just like to thank you for doing this Q & A session with us! I have four questions... How old were you when you started playing guitar? Do you remember the first song you wrote? What's your favorite guitar? How many guitars do you have in your collection? Hoping to see you in Sweden soon again! (Jessica Backsell, Garpenberg, Sweden)
I was 10 or 11 when I started to play guitar. I don't have a favorite, it's which ever one I am playing at the time. The first song that I wrote was called "The Same Way" on John Mayall's "Hard Road" album. I have about 50 guitars in my collection.

First of all, I would like to thank you very much, Mr. Green, for taking the time to answer our questions. It really means a lot. My question is: What did you think of Fleetwood Mac's evolution from a heavy blues band in the late 60s, to a Rock/Pop group in the 70s and 80s? You did start Fleetwood Mac as a blues band, so what did you think when they became so popular playing a different type of music? (Josh Williams, East Liverpool, Ohio, USA)
It was a natural progression from blues to middle of the road stuff. I was very pleased for them when they became successful with Lindsey and Stevie.

How do you feel about the guitarists who followed you in Fleetwood Mac (Lindsey Buckingham, Rick Vito, etc.) ? Also, when you briefly worked with the band on TUSK, how did you feel about working with Lindsey as a producer? (Beau, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)
I don't know what I feel about them. I was quite ill at the time that they popular. I felt that they had a more technical technique than I did. I didn't play guitar on the "Tusk" album.

Going back about thirty years, can you describe what you liked about Christine McVie's blues piano-playing? Do you notice specific similarities between Christine's piano style and that of Sonny Thompson, the pianist for Freddie King? (David, Los Angeles, California, USA)
I always thought that Christine's piano playing was soft and gentle. She was great to play with and always listened to the other musicians. I have never compared her to anyone else.

Hi Peter, What particular (if any) song or album that you have recorded do you feel is under-appreciated? Is there any plan to re-release your 70's/80's solo material through Snapper Records? The two singles you released in the early 70's are quite rare and we're all anxious to hear them. Finally, when was the last time you saw your old mates Danny and Jeremy? I've read that Danny has had his own struggles and Jeremy is playing in India quite a bit. I'd like to wish you continued good luck with the Splinter Group and thank you for again sharing your talents with us. (Chris Frohring, Cleveland, OH, USA)
I don't know which two singles you are referring to in the early 70s. I think Green Manalishi was probably the least appreciated song of mine.

I really enjoy your music, especially Destiny Road. My question is.....Who plays the guitar solo on the song "Turn your love away"? I think it's inventive and fantastic. It gave me goosebumps! (Russell B. Wright, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)
The second guitarist Nigel Watson plays the solo on "Turn Your Love Away" I'm glad you like the album. Thank you.

Could you please tell us exactly how the band started? I have read probably three or more sources and all are different, believe it or not. How did John come to join the band? Some sources say he got fired from the Bluesbreakers; others say he left of his own accord. I have a short history of the band on my website and I'd like it to be as accurate as possible=:-) Thank you so much..I can't tell you how much I love Fleetwood Mac and can't thank you enough for founding it =:-) (Vianna, Alexandria, VA, USA)
Mick Fleetwood and I met through Pete Bardens and were in "Peter B's Looners " together. John was still in the "Bluesbreakers when I left. I really don't know if he left or was fired. May be you need to ask John that question. Mick and I went to see Jeremy play one night and asked him to join us. Danny was looking for some musicians to form his own band. We were impressed with his writing and asked him to join.

Are you in contact with any of the members of Fleetwood Mac? (Sara Smith, Great Falls, Montana, USA)
Yes, I speak to Mick Fleetwood on a regular basis and we always get together when he is in London or I am in L.A. I haven't seen Jeremy since he left the band. I have seen Danny occasionally but not for some time now. I met up with John at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year for the first time since I left Fleetwood Mac.

Hello Peter. I was one of the lucky 2000 who was in the audience when you and Nigel was in Umea, Sweden. There you played with some Swedish musicians. How do you feel about playing with new people and not with the Splinter Group? (Krister Sandberg, Umea, Sweden)
I enjoyed playing with the Swedish musicians it makes a change sometimes to work with different people.

Hi Peter, there are three questions I have. Is there any way that you would ever play cities in the united states. I live in Philadelphia and unfortunately haven't got to see you and the splinter group yet. It would be great to see you live someday. My second question is if you ever play "Oh Well", or "Man Of The World" in any of your sets today. My final Question is if you ever speak to John Mayall anymore. I recently saw one of his shows a few months ago. Thanks so much for doing the Q&A for The Penguin site. (Jeff Baer, Thorofare, New Jersey, USA)
We played in the U.S. last year and we are hoping to tour there again later this year. I don't play "Man of the World" or "Oh Well" in the set but who knows. I have worked with John Mayall quite a few times in the last 3 years. We did the Longbeach festival together.

Having incidentally almost the same family history as you have (Jewish grandfather fighting Bolsheviks in Polish army in 1920, father changing family name in 1948, etc.)I was deeply touched by those aspects of your biography in Martin Celmins' book. I would like to ask you whether your still have any family living in Poland or Ukraine, maybe some far relatives of yours that had survived the insanity of nazism and communism? (Andrzej Stankiewicz, Sittard, The Netherlands)
I don't know the answer. I think my parents lost all their family apart from my Grandmother who came to England.
Peter Green: Photo by Ron Chambliss, Copyright 1998

Since performing at last year's Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame with Santana, have you ever considered making a record with Santana in the future, since he is a great admirer of yours? (Alex, UK)
It was good to get up and play with Carlos. Who knows if I would ever make a record with him. If he asked me I might. I have lots of favorite people, musicians who I would consider working with but not one particular favorite.

Peter, Is it possible that you could go by and visit Danny Kirwan as an old friend to just talk and lend moral support to him ? As you know, he battles alcoholism and really needs help. You could tell him of your own personal experience(s) of overcoming the use of medication or drugs. Eric Clapton's Crossroads Centre would help Danny immensely. When was the last time that you talked with Danny ? Much continued progress and personal success to you. You and Danny are my two favorite guitarists. Thank you so much. (Steve Elliot, Arlington, Virginia, USA)
My manager Mich Reynolds keeps a lookout for Danny. She has spoken to the Eric Clapton people about him and put them in touch with his family. Danny doesn't play anymore.

Dear Peter, Thanks for doing the Q&A for the Penguin, there's a lot of us out here who also liked the original Fleetwood Mac as well. My question for you is if you're ever thinking about touring cities in the U.S. I live very close to Philadelphia and would like to get a chance to actually see you in concert. I know you played N.Y.C. last year as I found out too late in Rolling Stone magazine. If you wouldn't mind me recommending a couple places, there's a place that I've seen Robert Cray and believe it or not John Mayall. They both played at The Theatre Of Living Arts earlier this summer. There's also a place called The Trocadaro, both places are in Philadelphia if you'd ever consider playing here. To also let you know, I think your career now is better than your first solo attempt. You seem much happier and more comfortable with playing out in general. The new CD's since 1997 are terrific. Thanks again, and I hope to see you around sometime. (Jeff Baer, Thorofare, New Jersey, USA)
We were in many U.S.cities last year, we also did festivals. I am hoping to come back to America at the end of this year for a longer tour.

Hi, Peter! I'd never been a fan of the blues until, after becoming a huge fan of the Buckingham Nicks incarnation of the band in 1997, I went back to the band's earlier work and fell in love with your songwriting and guitar playing. My question is, do you have a particular album or song (either with the Mac, solo, or with the Splinter Group) that is a favorite of yours? Thanks a lot, and it's great to see you back in action again! (Jim Wagner, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA)
I guess each one as we did it became the favorite, so my answer would have to be no.

HELLO PETER GREEN! I was wondering what it felt like to be in the rock and roll hall of fame? Do you find it rewarding and great or does it even matter? How did you feel when you were up on stage with all the rest of Fleetwood Mac? What's your opinion of Stevie and Lindsey? And do you think that Mick, John, Chris have changed any? (Cheryl Hollis, Montgomery, Alabama, USA)
I enjoyed being there. I didn't know till I was there that I had an award because my manager Mich took me to it as a surprise. Yes we've all got older and possibly wiser.

Hello Peter, I am one of those many dinosaur fans of yours who have never forgotten you, admiring your music for more than 30 years now. To me you have now reached the Great Old Master stage of you life, with your music being as pure and mature as never before. Therefore my question: have you ever considered an idea of doing what many great virtuosi and composers do, that is to pass on your enormous musical knowledge, experience and playing skills to some talented young disciples, to teach them how to master their technique? Have you ever thought of having some students about whom the press would write in the future: he/she studied guitar under Peter Greenbaum? (Andrzej Stankiewicz, Sittard, The Netherlands)
I don't think I am qualified to teach. It took me a while to get back into playing after my illness. I am not an old master, I am still learning. I don't have very much musical knowledge to pass on I'm afraid.

Hello Peter, I'm a huge fan of yours and just recently bought the CD A Hard Road. I can't stop listening to it. I especially like the song "The Supernatural" Keep up the good work and all the best to you in your future endeavors. (David, Norwalk, California, USA)
Thanks for buying the "Hard Road". "The Supernatural" is an old composition of mine that I wrote when I replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall's Blues breakers.

Hello Peter. Why did you play with Santana at the Hall of Fame instead of Fleetwood Mac? I thought you should have played with both. (Tracy Turner, Texas City, Texas, USA)
I had never played with Carlos before and he asked me first. We had very little time to rehearse and Fleetwood Mac already had their set worked out when we got there.

Peter, I'm very keen on the upcoming 6-CD-Box from the Horizon Years! Is it possible to get more old stuff, specially from the Chicago session? (Gregor Hilden, Muenster, NRW, Germany)
I think I will let my manager answer this one, she can give you more information than me. (Peter Green)
There is a double CD on the market at the moment called "The Vaudeville Years" It's from the 1967-69 era. There is some previously unreleased stuff on it as well as some informal conversation between the band members. This is volume one. We expect to see volume two sometime in the future. Other CDs to look for are "Live in Boston" 1 and 2 and "The Shrine" which is early stuff just released. (Mich Reynolds)

Hello Mr. Green! I am 21 and I live in NJ USA, and I simply adore your music. Green Manalishi and Man of the World are my favorites from the Fleetwood Mac years. I was curious, how did you feel about the new members of Fleetwood Mac covering your songs. For instance, when Lindsey Buckingham joined, he sang " Oh Well" and " Green Manalishi" among others for tours. Did you ever hear those covers and how did you feel about them? Thank you! (Janet Strayer, Palmyra, NJ, USA)
I haven't heard those particular covers, but I don't mind if other people play my stuff, if that's what they feel like doing. I guess they are giving me a compliment in a way.

You've said that you essentially relearned the guitar. How would you compare your styles, then and now? What directions do you want to go in your future? Are there any collaborations you'd like to do with other musicians? I saw you in Ventura last year up close and was just amazed at everything I heard! I also thought how much it must have meant to Mick to see you play, including some of the old songs you two used to play! It's been a long time. And it was kind of you to meet the fans after the show, signing photos and even a guitar! I hope to see you soon on tour again. (Phil, Valencia, CA, USA)
I don't compare really. I am still learning so I don't think I have found my style yet. As far as I know, Mick did enjoy that night. He and his wife Lynn stayed for the whole show.

Peter, just wanted to thank you for returning to play. I caught you live last September at the Cabooze in Minneapolis and you and the group really sounded great. I am not a guitarist - rather a keyboardist ( by the way, Roger, your keyboardist, is a wonderful player for your group). Also, thanks for signing my 8-track tapes of Then Play On and In The Skies. The Splinter Group sounded wonderful and I enjoyed hearing Albatross again. By the way, tell Nigel that his song Indians was quite appropriate, as you were playing about 6 blocks from the largest concentration of urban Indians in the USA! I hope you come back and play here again soon. (Bert Black, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Thanks for all that, but you didn't actually ask me a question.

Hello, Peter. I saw your show at the Fillmore in San Francisco last September and was thrilled to meet you after the show. My question is do you have any plans to play with some of the blues guitarists who inspired you, like B.B. King for instance? (Chris, Palo Alto, CA, USA)
I already have played with B.B. We did a two week tour together in England last year. Mich keeps in touch with him and we usually go along to see him whenever he is playing over here. We may have some guest artists on the next Robert Johnson album that we do but I don't know who yet.

Hello Peter, Like most of your fans in the U.S., I've never heard your first two solo singles and I can't find them anywhere, as they're now long out of print. Real collector items ! Is it possible that, you can ask Reprise Records to reissue your first two solo singles ? "Heavy Heart" b/w "No Way Out" (1971) and "Beast of Burden" b/w "Uganda Woman" (1972) Also, what are your memories and thoughts on these two singles ? Here's an idea, they could be reissued by being added to your first solo album "End of the Game" ? Can you please come to the Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia Area on your next U.S. Tour ? Thank you (Steven Elliott, Falls Church, Virginia, USA)
I don't really have a say in what the record companies put out from the past and Reprise no longer exists. I enjoyed doing those two tracks and we may include newer versions of them on our next studio album.

Hello again Peter. I do have some more questions for you.Don't you think it would be great to add some of the best songs from the PVK period to the Splinter Group live set? I mean stuff like "In The Skies", "Last Train To San Antone", "Baby When The Sun Goes Down". Then about "The End Of The Game". I read many articles, even your "Biography", where you did show your disappointment about that record, but to me it is the first one I would take with me in a desert island!. So as we know there are 6/7 hours of tape recorded, don't you think it's time for a CD re-release with some unreleased material? Don't stop playing Peter! "Destiny Road" is good, as the more I play it, the more I like it! Cheers. (Mario Pirrone, Acqui Terme, Piemonte, Italy)
There is a lot of the past recordings out at the moment. I have thought about doing some of the PVK stuff on stage. The End of the Game was like a really long jam session really so I don't know about that one.

Have you made peace with the legacy you have denied during your lost years and what is your greatest accomplishment as Peter Green? (Alex, UK)
Legacy. I'm not sure what that means. It was part of me so I was never not at peace with it. That was then this is now. I guess my biggest accomplishment was learning to play guitar.

Peter, on the Fleetwood Mac boxed set: 25 years the chain, your song "Oh Well" was cut short. I believe this was done for space, but without the full instrumental ending, it doesn't set the magic. How do you feel about them cutting it in half ? (Jamie Amaral, Vacaville, California, USA)
I haven't listened to the boxed set so I can't comment. I wrote "Oh Well" part two first then part one. It was the record companies decision to switch them around not mine.

Peter, I am sorry to say that I only have 1 album that you are on in Fleetwood Mac and that is Then Play On. I enjoy all of the songs and I listen to the album quite often, and my favorite song is "Closing My Eyes"~ My question is about another song on the album "Rattle Snake Shake"~ what is this song about, and what inspired you to write it? Thanks! (Jamie Amaral, Vacaville, California, USA)
Closing My Eyes is Mich's favourite off of that album too. Rattlesnake Shake is about masturbation. I think it was probably Mick Fleetwood who inspired that one.

I know I've already asked a question, but I keep thinking of them, but this one keeps nagging at me. I read somewhere regarding the remastered Live At The Boston Tea Party discs that a volume 3 is pending. In the same article, I read where Eric Clapton sat in during an encore on one of the nights and that his performance would be included. 1) is this true? and 2) I've seen recent photos of you & Eric backstage at a Splinter Group show, has Eric played with you since the formation of the Splinter Group? Which segues into my NEXT question...have you given any thought about adding a third guitarist to the Splinter Group? (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)
I don't know about a volume 3 for "live In Boston" , We did do a lot of material back then. I don't remember if Eric sat in on anything with us, you will have to ask him. We have met a few times in the last 3 years, but we don't play together when we meet up. A third guitarist, maybe, anything is possible.

What is your fondest memory of your time with Fleetwood Mac? (Ali Filipowicz, Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania, USA)
My fondest memory is getting the band together at the beginning of it all I guess.
Destiny Road
Peter Green & The Splinter Group

Hello is quite considerate of you for taking your time and answering our questions. It is an honor to ask you a couple of questions. First, did/do you have any feelings or thoughts about Bob Welch not being inducted into the HOF? Second, what are your own hopes/desires as it relates to your performing career at this point? By the way, I am a keyboardist/vocalist for a band in the Missouri...our audiences love your songs that we play (Black Magic Woman, Oh Well, Another Woman, Stop Messin Around, and Rattlesnake Shake)...and so do I and the band! Thanks for the wonderful music you have given us. (Mark L., Missouri, USA)
I don't have any thoughts on Bob Welch. There were lots of past members of Fleetwood Mac who didn't get asked to the Hall of Fame, I am pleased you like playing my stuff.

Hello Peter--thank you very much for answering all these questions. I, and I am sure everyone else, really appreciates it. I play guitar and write some things, and was wondering what advice would you give to someone trying to create a unique sound, or what would you say to anyone, young or old, about guitar playing and what it's all about. I hope my question makes sense! I really enjoy your work with Fleetwood Mac and also your other endeavors. Thanks again. (Monica, Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA)
Just carry on playing and practising. If you have a unique sound you will find it. I'm still practising now.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to see you at Bumber shoot in Seattle and at Richards on Richards St. in Vancouver. My question's are what other hobbies do you have other then music and I was curious to know as to who your current favorite artists are? I wanted you to know that my husband and I loved your show, I also wanted to thank you for being so kind by letting me take a picture and giving us your autographs. (Kathleen & Jim Robinson, Marysville, Washington, USA)
I don't really have a favourite artists. It's whoever I am listening to at the time.I like all types of music and I have lots of Arabic and African music in my collection. My main hobby is collecting guitars and African art objects.

Dear Mr. Peter Green, Hi!!!! First of all, I have two questions. First of all, how are your relationships with Lindsey and Stevie as of now??? Second of all, do you spend a lot of time on the internet???? Have you ever seen my webpage: Big Love???? Thank you so much! (Brian Larsen, Laurel, Maryland, USA)
I don't have a relationship with Lindsey or Stevie. I don't really know them. I read letters on the internet and my manager Mich always shows me the stuff that I might be interested in. Maybe she will look at your page.

Hello, Peter. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions (and thank you Marty & Mich for arranging this wonderful opportunity). After seeing your set at the Long Beach Blues Festival last year, I was just in awe. I'd been looking forward to the day that I'd be able to be in the audience when you played. Of course, I have a 1,000,000 questions, but I'll try to keep this simple. Over the course of time, you have an incredible amount of material that fans long to hear these days (and thank you for including the Fleetwood Mac & John Mayall era songs in your current set). Have you given any thought of including some of the material from your later solo albums (i.e. "In The Skies", "Little Dreamer", etc.) in the Splinter Group set? Best of luck and I 'm so grateful to have been able to see you play; and hope to again in the near future. You've been such an inspiration to my own guitar playing, thank you immensely. (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)
Yes, I could put in a few from my solo offerings, may be the next time we play in America we can include one or two in our set.

Hallo Peter, greetings to Nigel! Did you listen to my CD with my version of "Slabo Day" that I gave you in Germany when I made a interview with you for the SOLO-Musican Magazine? (Gregor Hilden, Muenster, NRW, Germany)
I may have, I don't really recall. I will look through my CDs and if I find it I'll have a listen.

Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions, and for so much wonderful music. I was wondering what it was that initially attracted you to the rhythm section of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. What was/is it about them that made them such a good team to play with? (Carter Smolik, St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
I've no idea. I guess it's because we were all in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers at around about the same time. I think Mick knew John before me.

Peter, in my collection I have two different versions of another great composition of you the Apostle. One of them (less popular on CDs but better in my opinion) is played on (I believe) a classical acoustic guitar with some vocals in the background. Could you tell me how it came to those two different recordings? Is there any time gap between them? (Andrzej, Sittard, Netherlands)
I don't recall doing two recordings of it, it's possible but I was very ill at the time, so I'm afraid I can't answer your question.


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