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Q&A Sessions
Neale Heywood, August 16 - 31, 2000
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Do you know if Lindsey is still planning to call his new work, Gift of Screws??? (Michelle, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Hi Michelle,I do believe Gift of Screws is going to be the album title-- cool title, eh?

Hi Neale-- This may seem like silly question, but did Lindsey travel with the band on the bus?? (Michelle, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Hi Michelle,

On the Out of the Cradle tour, LB did travel with us on the bus except when he had radio promo to do. He would fly ahead at those times. On the Dance tour we all traveled together on an airborne version of the 'tour bus'.

Howdy Neale! Sheesh, are these questions keeping you busy! Wow. Very cool venue for Q&A. Wish I had a legit question for ya', but alas, I do not. It's not that I know everything. I just assume that my current employer knows everything and I will defer any questions to him ;-) (Jeffbert / Glooberto Brown, Anchorage, Alaska, USA)

Hi Glooberto,

Or should I say Jeff me old mate. I also heard your boss knows everything so maybe I should have him answer these questions. Cheers mate see you soon!

On the OOTC tour what was your favorite song to play live and why ?? (Michelle, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Hi again Michelle,

My fav tune to play was 'This Is The Time'. Just a great moody piece that started with lush chords and melody and ending with the band in a 'dogpile' as we used to call it-- everyone had a guitar solo at the end and 9 times out of 10 we'd end up in a big pile in the middle of the stage! Nutters.

Hi - I am hoping someday to see Lindsey in concert and was wondering if his solo tours usually hit most states, or at least, most regions? Also, I was at the Coral Sky in West Palm Beach for The Dance concert and was unable for the most part to see the stage (terrible venue for fans!). The next day on the radio I heard that Lindsey had gashed his head open on stage and had to have stitches. Did that really happen? Thanks. (Annie, Murfreesboro, North Carolina, USA)

Hi Annie,

Most major cities are always considered when planning a tour so hopefully we will pull in to one near you next time round.

The incident with Lindsey is partially true. Fortunately, it was not his head but his hand. At the end of a song, I forget which one, he lept up onto Mick's drum riser and was helping him bash the cymbals when he snagged a rather vicious wing nut that holds cymbals on stands and opened the palm of his hand up, oweee! Fortunately it looked a lot worse than it was.

Hi Neale! First of all, I hope life is treating you well. My question is: What was it like to work with Steve Winwood? Was he a fun guy to be around? During the "Out Of The Craddle" Tour with Lindsey, was there any particular moment of the tour that stood out for you? What was the overall spirit lindsey was in? Thanks for taking time out to answer our questions. (Sharon Bos, Sterling, Virginia, USA)

Hi Sharon,

Life is treating me very well, thank you for asking.

Mr. Winwood was and probably still is a true gent, a quiet thoughtful man, your basic good guy. As to the OOTC tour, there are too many memorable moments to count. It was hugely entertaining for all of us for the entire tour.

Neale, thanks again for doing the Q and A- I am really enjoying reading the answers. I just read the answer you wrote Steve about the Leno show - that was ridiculous they made you play offstage.

My question is do you know how Lindsey creates those sort of bell like sounds in the introductions to several songs: Everywhere on Tango in the Night, You and I Part I, Soul Drifter, Surrender the Rain? I was just listening to You Do or You Don't - awesome song. (Vianna, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Hi Vianna,

I believe that most of the time those 'bell' sounds you hear are some kind of synthesizer seqeunce-- probably not the answer you wanted to hear although there are times when recording stuff at half speed and then playing it back at the proper speed can create similar textures as everything plays back an octave higher and twice as fast.

My question regards to Lindsey's new album. How do you say it compares to his previous works and if it breaks any new ground. Since you have listen to most of it. Also I would like to know if there are any instrumentals on the new album like on Buckingham Nicks. (John, Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA)

Hi John,

I think comparisons to previous and present works are ultimately down to the listener. I personally think it's a great piece of work. Every time he's in the studio, to me, I think he breaks some new ground just because of his colorful way of recording. Yes, there are at least two great instrumentals on the new record. One cracker of a guitar piece called 'Red Rover' is my particular fav. And hopefully in a few months you'll be able to hear what I mean!

Hi Neale! I was wondering about Lindseys upcoming album and tour. I assume your going to be in his guitar army, but I was wondering if Janet Robin and Steve Ross are going to join up? I can still remember that first gig on OOTC tour in San Juan Capistrano when all of you came out on that little stage. It was the best concert I've ever attended! And in response to an earlier question about the song "Wrong", it was the fourth or fifth number in the set and it sounded awesome! Although it wasn't played on later dates.... oh well, at least I got to hear it :) One more question if I may... What do you think about Lindseys Turner guitar??? Have you played it? Just wondering. What a great guitar! Thanks Neale and all the best to you. Cheers. (David Gaines, Norwalk, California, USA)

Hi David,

You're assumption is correct sir, I will be amongst those present on the tour, at least as of now that's the plan. Steve Ross has become somewhat of a yoga guru in California, deservedly so, he is very good, so I'm not sure as to his schedule. My pal Janet also has gotten her own solo career going very nicely but I think she'll be up for another outing with the army. The Turner Guitar, I've played it a few times, it's set up, nicely, more for Lindsey's explosive style so it feels a little tough for me but it is an extremely well crafted instrument, although I'm not totally sure about the rotating pickup design.

Hi Neale,

Not long ago my brother was in Hawaii at a collector's shop and purchased one of the guitars Lindsey played on The Dance tour. It is a Biscayne Nine, and it's in a beautiful glass case and signed by all the members of Fleetwood Mac. There's also a pick of Lindsey's, a plaque and a promotional picture of The Dance. I was wondering if you could give us any information you have about this guitar and its history. Thank you! (Karie, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA)

Hi Karie,

I'm sorry but I can't give you any extra info on that guitar, there was a lot of that kind of thing going on during the tour plus he has so many guitars its hard to know the history. With regards the pick, I probably shouldn't mention this, but Lindsey doesn't use a pick, just those gifted fingers!

Hi Neale,

I recently picked up "The Chain 25 Years" cd collection of FM songs & discovered the studio version of "Silver Springs", "Make me a Mask", & "Goodbye Angel" among other things. Being curious, I researched all studio albums from `75 up til now & couldn't find these songs except on "The Chain". Are they previously unreleased & if so would you happen to know around what time frame each would have been recorded? If you can't help me can you refer someone who can? (Julius Corporate, Chesnee, South Carolina, USA)

Hey Julius,

All i know for sure is that Silver Springs was a B side on a single (remember those things?) I can't recall the A side. You know these good people at Penguin here are very likely to be able to give you all the info you'd like or at least steer you in the right direction. Good luck and sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Note from Marty: The Chain Box Set contained the following new songs: 'Paper Doll,' 'Love Shines,' 'Make Me A Mask,' 'Goodbye Angel,' and 'Teen Beat'. 'Silver Springs' was originally released in 1976 as a single-- it was the 'B' side to 'Go Your Own Way'.

Hello there Neale. How's tricks? Just wondering if you could pass on to Lindsey that it was about time he and the rest of the crew in Fleetwood Mac toured the UK. Have you any idea why they didn't do a UK gig during the Dance tour? Gawd knows when they last toured the UK with Lindsey but I would be gutted if I didn't get to see this terrific band live. (Monty, Essex, England)

Hey there Monty,

Tricks is just fine thanks mate. I will pass on that message to the man. I'm not really sure why we didn't get over to the UK on the last tour, well, we did get over for the Brits but I guess that doesn't count. All I can say is keep your fingers crossed for next time, I'm not in any way suggesting there will be a next time but you never know, I've been suprised many times in this Biz. Cheers.

Hi Neale...You are my newest HERO !!! I admire your honesty and your clever answers to our many questions! Your the best mate Lindsey ever had! My instinct is to want to protect Lindsey but yet I do hope in my girlish heart he puts a tiny weeny family photo on the liner notes! A Family Man is the best musicians because they have lived & been there done that you know! His voice has already changed and mellowed out with melodious notes!!!

Neale, YOU are what every artist needs...a fine musician who is willing to be in the background just playing for the tune...singing as needed to enhance the melody {Liked All My Sorrows} .... Playing for the work !!! You seemed to enjoy your role! I salute YOU!

LOL when you told how you sound like you hurt something...that's a good one! Bet your good tho'! Isn't it fun to let loose at a piano bar and just let the inhibitions go and play up a storm! I sound like an opera star after the glow! So Fun! I never saw my Guitar Hero in concert but I KNEW LB was special from The OOTC & The Dance Tour Video! His whole body english and his vibes just gush forth! He exudes musical brilliance... LB sorta Glows as he plays his Guitar! Fantastic! He wasn't named a Guitar God in RS magazine...I yelled at them and then I cancelled my dumb subscription...Such Injustice! Such Studidity ! Lindsey Music fills Our Souls with a Song !!! My Best Regards to You and Your Wife. (Charlotte Ann, North Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hello Opera star after the glow!

Hi Char, how you doing? I know there wasn't a specific question in your last letter but I wanted to reply and just say thank you so much for your kind words, you seem to get 'it' very well. Also without people like yourself us musos and bands wouldn't have that much going for us so I salute YOU. Maybe next year you can get out and see the man live, so far that looks like the plan.

The only logistical problem with a forum like this is that we have no way of knowing whether a particular question is "queued up" already when we send it to you, so I'm sorry if I wind up repeating something you've already answered!

1. Your friend Janet Robin gigs every so often in & around Los Angeles & San Diego. Have you & she ever considered doing a club date together?

2. Can you tell us more about your working with Steve Winwood?

3. We fans know that Mac might have gone to Europe for some dates had the tour been stretched out. Do you have any more exact details on these abandoned plans? Would the band have swung back through the U.S. at some point? It seems to me the ticket demand would have been very high still at that point.

4. Everybody marvels at the arrangement Lindsey worked up for "Big Love," but we don't often hear about how the song itself evolved. Lindsey made some passing reference at some point to his desire to show off a bit of his Travis picking style. As part of his solo tour as well as the Mac tour, you got to hear the song evolve over the years. What do you think of the arrangement?

Thanks, Neale. (David, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Hi David,

No problem on the repeat question issue, you're actually batting a thousand on this one!

Janet and I doing a club date together? It would prove to be a little difficult right now as there's a thousand miles between us, I'd be glad to if the situation presented itself, she's a great gal.

My tenure with Mr. Winwood was a short one, all part of the 'in & out sessions I was doing in London. I did some recording and a handful of live shows with him in Europe. It was a pleasure to work alongside him though, interesting man.

I'm afraid that i can't give you any insights into the Mac Europe deal. I was never privy to any info regarding that, although I do think a repeat trip through the US would have been.

Lindsey had pretty much nailed the acoustic version of Big Love at the time of the OOTC tour, I didn't really change much at all. I went out front every night to watch him do that, amazing every time. How about the acoustic version of Go insane? That was something else too.

Hi Neale! I'm a big fan of the band Spirit and I know you were the sound engineer for the bands "Tent Of Miracles" album. In my opinion that is one of the best Spirit albums! Do you have any special memories from that particular session? How long did it take to record? Have you worked on any other projects with Spirit? I also enjoyed very much the album by "The Indulgers" featuring Mike Nile - will you work on their next album as well? Have you worked with Mike on any other projects? Another incredible musician from the Spirit camp is Scott Monahan - have you ever worked with him? (Johan Bengtsson, Partille, Sweden)

Hello Johan,

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed that record. The main thing I remember from that period, and there were many things, is how grateful I was to Randy for having faith enough to let me handle what was, to me, my first serious recording project, you know, feeling a little nervous in the company I was with and all. No worries, it was a great time, I loved working with Randy, he introduced me to some very cool new ideas, Cass was a great character, Mike was adding some great song ideas, an altogether fruitful period that lasted over a period of 2-3 months.

I think the Indulgers are one of the great unsung bar bands, good stuff and yes I'm helping them with their new record as we speak, should be out by the end of November? I've knowm Mike for a long time and have worked with him on numerous projects including Mr.Scot Monahan who was playing keyboards on the Malibooz album with Walter Egan and friends. I hope I've covered eveything there,thank you for your questions. All the best to you.

Hello! Thanks for taking the time out to do this! You mentioned before that Lindsey taught you to play "Stephanie", do you think you could help us guitar players, by helping us learn how to play it? Anything such as chords used, tunings and capo usage would be great!! Also, was Lindsey a cool guy to play with? Thanks!! (Sue, Monroe, New Jersey, USA)

Hi Sue,

This is a tough one! It would be impossible to give an idea of how to play this piece other than sitting one on one. I can tell you though that one of the two guitars is tuned to E and the other regular. The E tuning gives you that unusual progression at the beginning plus other nice textures of course but as I say it's really not an easy thing to demonstrate in words. I'm sorry about that because as a guitar player yourself I'd love for you to be able to play it, it's a wonderful piece. I was lucky to have a good teacher who is very cool guy!

Hi Neale,

My e-mail address reflects my light side, and I love it, too, thanks! In regards to the subject of LB's record becoming a Fleetwood Mac SN on the record at all? I read that all the other Mac's worked on the record (GOS's) at some point, but never heard anything about SN. And, by the way, have you heard any of SN's new record? Thanks for the time you're taking, this is cool! (Desiree, Virginia, USA)

Hi Desiree, how are you?

You know I thought that Stevie had done some harmony stuff on the record, I saw her a few times during the recordings so I think she is on there but I could be wrong. I've not heard any of her new record, I live in Colorado now so i'm not in the neighborhood anymore. All the best Ms. Dreamer.

lright Neale. Besides Lindsey, which guitarists in terms of playing ability do you hold in the highest regard today? And another question-- besides Fleetwood Mac, my other favourite band is Duran Duran. (my music tastes are quite varied!). How would you rate Andy Taylor and Warren Cuccurrullo as guitar players? All the best mate. Cheers. (James, Woking, England, USA)

Hey James how are you doing mate!

This is a tough one because there are a lot of good'ns out there but....I have to say that Jeff Beck and Brian May are two guys that really left an impression on me, I know it's a totally personal taste thing but those two have real passion and soul when they play, something that you don't hear so much these days, sure Clapton and Santana are still playing in their inimitable styles but most of the new generation of guitar players are great players of their instrument but missing something, it could be that there are only so many notes, it could be how you play those notes. The guys from Duran Duran that you mentioned are good players, not particular favs but then I'm a fussy old sod! Cheers.

Hi Neale. Thanks for taking the time to submit to our inquisition! First let me say that I was introduced to Cory Sipper's music at least partly because of your association with her, and I love her material. So, thank you.

A few Dance tour questions: Were you witness to the discussions that lead to "Say You Love Me" being turned into an acoustic, banjo-picking ho-down? I was pleasantly surprised by that rendition. I've always wondered -- when Lindsey was out front doing Big Love/Go Insane, or he and Stevie were out front doing Landslide, were you and the others occupied backstage getting ready to go back out, or did you watch from the wings during those times? Did you have a favorite tune from each of the three FM songwriters to perform or watch on the tour? Thanks again. (Lesley, San Diego, California, USA)

Hi Lesley,

I'm glad you've heard Cory's stuff, it is really nice, eh?

All I remember about the Say You Love Me question is when LB came over to me and said "grab an acoustic, I want to try something", a couple of hours later it was what it was so I think it didn't take much discussion, just kinda fell into place.

Most nights on the tour when Lindsey and Stevie were doing their thing we would take the opportunity to go you know where! There, that's an honest answer. There were a lot of times though when we would stay close and take in what was going on.

My favorites are I think from Chris' You Make Loving Fun', Stevie's 'Dreams', and Lindsey's 'Big Love'.

Hi Neale,

I want to thank you for taking time out for the fans, and congratulate you on your accomplishments. Your career is like a dream to me. You mentioned that you play piano. Obviously, as you said, you learned a lot from Lindsey on guitar.

I play piano and love Christine's subtle and sweet melodies, and her rhythmatic driven chords. Plus the fact that she can sing while doing all that. I do know it's much harder than it looks. Were you able to pick up anything from her style? Thanks Again. (John Barbarotta, Northridge, California, USA)

Hello John,

It's always fascinating to play with new people and to be in a working situation where you can really see how they address their instrument. I actually stood behind Christine on the tour and about 3 feet up so I had the bird's eye view. What I remember most is how perfectly comfortable she was at that piano, it was great to watch.

Hello again. Me again. A few Cradle tour questions: Silly question, but I've always found Lindsey's stage performances both extremely satisfying for his talent, and hysterically entertaining for his spastic energy -- any memorable moments of dazzle or laughter when up on stage with him and watching him?
Do you remember if the setlist was already basically set when you signed on to do the OOTC tour? Obviously Lindsey wanted to focus on his latest release, but I've been curious to know if he might have considered doing any of his other older solo material besides "Trouble" and "Go Insane?" It was great to hear the band, at a few early shows, run through what I think is one of Lindsey's solo classics, "Holiday Road."

Any songs on that tour that were particular favorites to play? I was so pleased to see "Save Me A Place" revived on that tour.

Because Lindsey is sort of an unorthodox guitar player, does that present any challenges for other guitar players playing with him? (I don't think he'd ever regularly performed with another guitarist on stage before the Cradle tour -- let alone 4 other guitarists!) Is it difficult? Intimidating? Perplexing? Fun because he is different?

You mentioned the trip to Hawaii after the tour in your bio -- a thank you to the band? for work? for fun? all of the above? Sorry for so many questions at once, but thanks once again for your time and your thoughtful answers. Best of luck to you. (Lesley, San Diego, California, USA)

Hello again Lesley,

Playing on stage with him certainly kept you on your toes! He likes the contact up there, visual and otherwise, best keep an eye open because he could be coming at you! It was great fun!

I think Lindsey had a good idea of the songs he wanted to do but wasn't locked into any particular running order. A lot of songs were considered and it would have nice to do some of the songs you mentioned but what can you do? I think he did good job at the end of the day. As it happens 'Save Me A Place' was my favorite also, beautiful song.

All the guitars onstage were never a problem as we'd really taken some time to make all the parts and sounds gel plus everyone fell in to the whole concept really well so we had a good time. Yes the Hawaii trip was all of the above, coming home from that was a wrench! Thanks for the chat.

Note from Neale Heywood, 8/29/00: "My apologies for the delay in responding to the next few questions, I've been helping a friend set up his studio and as a result have been buried in cables and plugs the last few days...disturbing!" -- Neale

Hi Neale--

I'm so enjoying reading your extremely interesting answers in this Q&A - thanks a lot for giving your time! If you don't mind, I'd like to add my penny's worth of pleas to Monty's suggestion about a future UK tour. :-) Do you think Lindsey could be at all persuaded to come over [with yourself and the rest of his band, of course! ;-)] and do a UK tour with his new album - even if it is ever such a wee one!? Pretty please! We are so starved of FM sightings here - videos are great but I would just love to see Lindsey live in concert! [At least one of his US concerts will be a date in my diary, whatever happens! ;-)] I've also thought for a while now, if the timing was right with the new album, an appearance on Jools Holland's music programme 'Later'(on BBC2) would be a fantastic idea for Lindsey - what do you think? I think Jool's next series is due out next year. Thanks very much. (Julie, Oxon, UK)

Hi Julie,

I did actually hear that the UK is definitely a consideration next year for Lindsey. He used to talk a fair bit about how he'd liked to have gone over during the OOTC tour so I'd say it's a good chance. I know I'd wouldn't mind.

As to the Jools Holland TV show, I dare someone somewhere is thinking how to put that together, I've not seen the show but I'm sure it's good being on Beeb2 and all. Cheers.

Hi, AGAIN, Neale! A slough of technical questions this time, from one guitar player to another, so don't hold back on "terminology". :-) Lord knows, Keith Olsen let a few eyes glass over with "tech rap" on a number of occasions on his Q&A! :-)

1) There's been some serious controversy on some F-Mac/Lindsey message boards/newsgroups regarding whether Lindsey really DID play "Big Love" all by himself or if there was a sampled backing track that he played to. I was always was convinced that what people were hearing was just that between his Travis picking and running the guitar through a digital delay, that "multi-guitar" sound could be accomplished by him alone (being that I've been working on a similar "Buckingham/Travis" type picking style myself, lately, after years of attempting to be an Eric Clapton/Peter Green clone) What WAS his set up for "Big Love" & "Go Insane"??

2) How did your gear & set-up (amps, guitars, effects, etc) differ between the "Out Of The Cradle" & "Dance" tours? (go ahead, drop brand names!) And what is your "main" set-up preference?

3) Since it seems that you've been asked, and answered, already a couple of times, my USUAL "tech question" of "What do you think of Lindsey's Turner?" (being a Turner owner myself) I'll have to come up with something else this time! :-) Ok...I got it. What are/have been your favorite guitars you've owned over the years, and has there ever been "the one that got away" that you sold or had stolen that you pine over every once in a while??

That's all for now, gotta wrack my brain to come up some other questions for ya before the 31st! Talk to ya again soon. Thanks for your time & energy...both on this Q&A and with your musical talent. (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

Hi Steve,

What kind of person actually believes that Lindsey would need and actually do something like that? That's really suprising. Well let's get that stuff off of those 'discussion' groups and set them straight. As you say, the combination of some fine finger picking, great guitar and sound can blow you away with how full it sounds, it is hard to believe until you see it. I've seen it, many, many times-- it's as live as it gets.

He's basically just really realy good! His set up on the tour was a 'Chet Atkins' by Gibson, with a hex pickup fitted running through a Roland guitar synth module, I forget which. Two setups of amp, trace elliot and SWR, straight guitar was thru a digi delay stomp box into the SWR, beautiful rich sound. The synth module was set to a kind of soft brass patch with very little attack and subtly mixed in with the straight from a volume control on the guitar. The blend was a big sound, I had a few sessions through it, good fun, really makes you want to play. I've had this old pedalboard for quite a few years, covered in velcro so you can 'modify' it pretty easily. Having tried the rack setup I'm back to having it at my feet again which suits me a lot better. As long as you've got a decent amp and a nice guitar you're set. For both tours I basically used a Strat through some pedals (comp-dist-chorus-delay) into a small tube amp with a 2x12 extension cab. I don't own a big amp-- I like the small guys, Fender Bronco & champ and a danelectro, I normally rent something bigger for stage.

I have played the Turner, it's a great guitar but as I mentiond in an earlier letter it's setup for LB's still set up well but I'm a strat person, always have been and know the rest! I did have a really nice Les Paul standard once, a gift, limited edition Electric blue with chrome hardware, left in a truck driver's blind spot and mercilessly run over..Fatally I'm afraid!

Hi Neale! Thanks for being here and answering our questions. My particular question is one that I'm sure is burning up a lot of hardcore Lindsey Fans. We know the album's been delayed, but my question is:

Do you think the amount of time between The Dance, (when Lindsey was arguably at his highest peak in terms of credibility and recognition) and to whenever the album comes out will hinder or hurt the sales of it???

I know this kind of thing is very unimportant to a true artist like Lindsey, but in his case, I really think that he deserves to have his music heard by as many people as possible. So, I know I'm hoping it'll be a big seller, but what do you think of this aspect of the album we're all waiting for? THANKS AGAIN! (Jason Rollison, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Jason,

You kind of asked and answered you own question there. But yes, I do think he could have done some good numbers with the record at that time and no, it doesn't appear to be a concern to some artists. I think he made enough of an impression on the tour that even now I don't think there's any real damage done. I hope you agree. Cheers.

Hi Neale, I really appreciate you taking time out to do this. I really enjoy your guitar playing on the Dance C.D. I admire anyone who can master the guitar, as I play myself, but not even close to you. I was wondering about the Dance tour, I was one of the hopefuls who went to see the Mac in Vancouver B.C Canada, it was a dream come true for me, it would have been the first time for me to see the Mac. I wanted to ask if you know the "real" reason why that show was cancelled 30 mins before the start. After walking away I never saw so many disappointed and sad people. Thanks :) (Alison, Oliver, British Columbia, Canada)

Hi Allison,

I'm really sorry that you were let down like that, I now how that feels.

I have no idea what the reason given was, all I know is I woke up in San Francisco instead of Vancouver one morning and was told there was a date change, changes were always cropping up and you got so used to it that you wouldn't ask why. I hope you have better luck next time.

Lindsey has had some success in Australia as a solo artist, in 1982 Trouble was #1 for 3 weeks, if Gift of Screws is successful do you think there is a possibility that he may tour or at least do a promotional visit to Australia. I would love to see hime perform live. Thanks for all your great answers so far, look forward to reading more. Thank you. (Nick Westaway, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Nick,

I guess there's always the possibility of coming over, I'd love to-- I've never been to Australia, I'll be in his ear about it, hey it was Steve Ross that 'jokingly' suggested going to Hawaii after the tour!

Photo provided by Neale Heywood.

Hi Neale! Great Q&A! My favorite song that Lindsey played on both the OOTC and Dance tours is "I'm So Afraid". His guitar solo is just incredible! I was wondering, were you around in rehearsal when Lindsey, John and Mick worked on that new introduction for it when all three kind of huddle around the drum kit and they play a short instrumental? That sure helps set up the dark mood for "So Afraid". Also, do you know if the sound mixers were cranking up the volume on his guitar solo? Mick had made a comment in his book that during the Rumours Tour, Richard Dashut would "ride up" the volume to 120 decibles when Lindsey was working his magic on his ax. I always say to a Lindsey guitar solo, it can't ever be too loud or long! What do you think the chances are that he will include the song in his next tour? It's become a real show stopper and a signiture tune for him. (Bill Strong, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Hi Bill,

Yes I was witness to that numerous times at rehearsals, even on the tour it was a little different every night, the three of them just waiting for the 'alright lets go' vibe, good stuff. I think it's a fairly standard practice for a soundman, a good one anyway, as we had, to 'nudge it up a bit' at the right times, you've just got to remember to bring it back down again or you're in for some trouble!

So Afraid is a pretty sure bet for any future happenings, it's a perfect piece for him to stretch out.

Neale - Sorry if you've answered this already....

There was talk about some other "new" songs being worked on for The Dance. Was this true and what were they called? (Stephen Chapman, West Malling, Kent, UK)

Hi Stephen,

As far as I know the only new songs were the ones that ended up on the album, I don't recollect any others coming to the table. Cheers.

Hi Neale - I live on the better side of the Thames estuary in Kent!!! Do you miss home? But seriously.... You mentioned that Lindsey might consider a trip to the UK to play some shows - If not, are there any blackmail opportunities we could consider to make sure he does!?!?

As for the idea from Julie regarding 'Later' with Jules Holland - I think that is a fantastic idea. Maybe mention to Lindsey that REM even did an hour special! (Stephen Chapman, Kent, UK)

Hi Stephen,

I miss certain people more than I do the place, to much grey, not enough blue. In Colorado here we get about 300 days of sunshine a year. Ask any Londoner which he would prefer. Can't think of any good blackmail opportunities at the moment, I'll give it some thought!

Hi Neale, My question is that I'm assuming on "The Dance" tour, you got to work alongside John McVie, right? How would you compare his bass style to most other bass players you know? Is it unusual? I just love his "solo" part in The Chain. Thanks for any info you can provide! (Jeff Bechdel, Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Jeff,

I was knocked out by just how good John is, obviously I'd heard his playing before but I was parked right by him for the tour so I had a good opportunity to really listen and he's a solid as they come. He & Mick have a great trade off in their styles, Mick has a solid driving rhythm and doesn't stray off the beat that often which leaves plenty of room for John's style. He plays some clever lines that normally could sound a little busy but as I say with Mick's solid groove you have a pretty unique rhythm section. John definitely drives his bass lines better than he does a golfball! Sorry John!

Hi again, Neale. I know that Lindsey uses some "alternate tunings" on some things...mostly a "drop D" (low E tuned down a whole step)...but what other alternate tunings does he use? (It seemed that on the "Out Of The Cradle" tour, his white Chet Atkins was tuned VERY low) I think I've seen him use at least 3 or 4 different tunings for "Never Going Back Again" over the years. Do YOU use alternate tunings much? (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

Hi Steve,

Apart from the drop D I've seen him use a G tuning which is DADGBD, the open E,DADF#AD and that great Nashville tuning which is basically stringing your guitar with the high set of a 12 string set, if you play along with a regular acoustic you can get some interesting textures.

The Chet Atkins had these really fat strings on it, almost like piano strings, then tuned down about 4 or 5 maybe more, however far he could go before the strings would 'flap out', then he would capo it up to get the pitch and have good fat strings nicely primed for a really thick sound and feel that he could dig into with his finger picking style.

Never Going Back, I think, has always been the drop D, he does shift the capo around sometimes. I like to play with tunings, I must admit since knowing LB I've been enlightened as to its uses.

What were your favorite memories of the Dance tour with the members of Fleetwood Mac...both individually and collectively? (Regina, Bronx, New York, USA)

Hi Regina,

There were so many great moments on the tour that it would be impossible to mention them all. I think I can sum it up by saying that all of the time I spent with them, individually and collectively, I truly felt they were having as much fun as me.

Hi Neale! Boy everyone has asked all my questions. You are a dear to answer them all! I want to say that I saw the Dance tour here in Denver in 1997 but have never seen Lindsey solo and am so looking forward to that and the new CD! Will Lindsey perform OOTC songs with the new Gift of Screws tour as well as FM songs? I'd love to see Monday Morning! You are a fabulous guitar player and am thrilled you are along for the ride! Look forward to seeing you all here in Denver!!! (Lauren, Denver, Colorado, USA)

Hi Lauren,

I've had a good time during this Q&A session, and I'll tell you what, my typing is getting pretty good! Big improvement from the one key every 5 seconds!

I'm pretty sure that we'll be doing some FM material as well as songs from his Out of the Cradle record, some good pickings there. And of course the new stuff.

I hope we play in Denver as I guess it's my home town now. That's always fun.

Hello again Neale!

It's been great reading your Q&As. You mentioned in your biog that The Beatles were one of your earliest musical memories. What do you think of British music nowadays, and which British bands are you into right now? Also, do you know what sort of music Lindsey is currently listening to and/or being influenced by?

On the OOTC album Lindsey co-wrote a lot of the songs with Richard Dashut and they seem to write really well together. Do you know if one always writes the lyrics and one the music when they team up, or do they each do a bit of both in whatever way their creative juices are flowing at the time(man)? Do you know whether Lindsey has co-written any of the material for Gift of Screws with Richard - or anyone else? Sorry to ask so many questions in one go, but time is running out you know! Thanks again. (Jane, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK)
Hello Jane,

I have to be honest my dear I don't really listen to much music. Most of what I hear these days makes me feel like my parents may have felt when I'd play them a Thin Lizzy song or Nazareth! They would appreciate that people liked it but they didn't particularly like it. Most stuff doesn't do too much for me lately, I must be becoming an old fart! I did like Radiohead, hated that the band thought they were the next Beatles! Actually there have been some good acts but they don't seem to hang around for very long.

I was never present when Rich and Lindsey were writing but after having known them for a while I do know that Rich would have say a nice idea for a chord progression and Lindsey would mold it whilst getting feedback from Richard. I believe Lindsey penned all the Lyrics.

LB has pretty much flown solo on this record. He did actually work up a little ditty I started in a hotel room one night, I've heard it at several stages of development so who knows, it may make it. Cheers!

Dear Neale The Music Man...

Well, I guess this is it! Your probably worn-out from the many questions but we do so appreciate your time in doing this Q & A ! (About the friend just leaves the pickup in default as its so hard to change! He needs Ray Lindsey to do it for him!!! He! He!)

Neale, The Guitar Man in The Shadows! Good Bye and Good Luck with the Music Business! Blessings to Your Family and YOU! Love in a musical way. (Charlotte Ann, North Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
Well, what can i say? Thank you very much, it's been my pleasure. I'm happy for you that you have obviously received so much pleasure from The Mac over the years and I'm glad to have been a small part of it. Here's to 2001! Good luck to you and thanks again. Neale.

Closing Comments:

I'd like to say I've thoroughly enjoyed this Q&A session with everyone that cared to take part. It has been a pleasure to participate in something with so much passion and caring associated with it, thank you. A special word of thanks to Marty without whom none of this would be! Take care everyone and god bless.

Neale Heywood.
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