Q&A Sessions
Ken Caillat: August 2 - 15, 2001
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Do you think that the individual image that each band member seems to present to the public is how you know them? Are your children facinated by your involvment with Fleetwood Mac and are they fans? (Beth, Montgomery, Alabama, USA)

Excellent question Beth! Are you a teacher? No, I believe I know the real band member not just the image you all see. My daughter yesterday brought a home guitar player to play me his songs. He told me one of the songs was titled "Brilliant" and that it was about him. I told him that every musician I knew that was a star always thought about themselves first. That is what I realized about the members of Fleetwood Mac-- they always wanted the spotlight on them. I saw a movie recently where the coach of football game said "a good quarterback always wants the ball".

Yes, my kids are impressed that they know Fleetwood Mac, but, I am always amazed how well they take in stride "oh yeah, my dad has to do an interview with Stevie tonight". My daughter and I went to the store today between these answers to buy the new album by Stevie so I could prepare to mix it in 5.1. She wasn't impressed about this, she was impressed that I allowed her to buy a couple it CD's that she wanted to buy! Kids these days!

On the DVD-Audio of "Rumours," Lindsey says that "You Make Loving Fun" is arguably his favorite Christine McVie song. I have to agree with Lindsey about the song's quality -- it has such great instrumentation and some of the coolest tags of any Fleetwood Mac track, and the arrangement is as perfectly structured as a Cole Porter tune. I have some Mac gigs on tape from the summer of 1976, and "You Make Loving Fun" is in the set. But the performance lacks that special essence Christine spoke of on the DVD, that "darkness" that you and Richard got from Christine's Fender Rhodes and Hohner clavinet (with Mick on the floor playing the wah pedal).

When I hear a perfect track like "You Make," I just assume that it probably took forever to get the complete track to everyone's satisfaction. *Did* it take a long time, relative even to the other "Rumours" tracks? Was it a patchwork quilt, kind of like "The Chain"? (David, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Nope, the first thing I saw was Mick, sitting on the floor, the next thing I remember on the track was slamming me in my face! I love the way it starts, just four little Hi hats and then a Speaker breaks your nose! I don't think it took that long, we kind of did it in pieces, lead guitars in Miami, Vocals in L.A. The early Demo's of it are pretty complete, right from the start. Thanks, Ken Caillat

Hello again, Ken---thanks for answering the second part of my first about the first part, yes, The Five Fireflies is Stevie's nickname for the Rumours line up. Could you describe each band member--but use only one word for each! Thanks again so much. (Heather, New York, USA) 

Mick -- Father Time; Lindsey-- The Thinker; Stevie-- Dreamer; Christine-- The Glue; John-- The Skeptic. Can I get the results back in the morning?

Ken, I just wanted to let you know that you are a saint among men! I've never seen and interview or Q&A session by any person in the music industry who seems as friendly, as kind, or as geuinely interested in the fans' opinions as you do. MTV, radio... hell, the entire music industry royally sucks these days, and I'm convinced it's because there's not enough people like you in it anymore! (I can't believe I'm this cynical already at age 18.) Anyway, keep busy and keep showing your good example to the rest of the industry! And I would love to see you work on DVDs for Tusk and Mirage, and even some Mac albums you weren't involved with. Tango, the white Mac album, or even some of the Welch-era albums, which deserve so much more exposure and credit than they get. The Rumours DVD is just fantastic; hard to believe one could improve such a classic, but you really pulled it off! Good luck in all your future endeavors and other fun stuff. (Jim Wagner, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA) 

Thank you Jim for the very kind words, I think I am going to Bronze this email! Check out the message I sent about Jim Ladd's Book, "Radio Waves, Life and revolution on the Fm Dial", that's the problem we're having with music today. You're very smart for 18! When I was 18, I was only thinking of girls and what the hell was I going to do with my life! Thank you very much for you thoughts, Sincerely, Ken Caillat

I wanted to comment that I too would be ok with Chris in studio but not touring. I'd prefer both but some Chris is better than none. I wonder-- does she fear if she works on a studio album that she will be coerced into touring which she doesn't want to do? If she does end up in studio they could do like the Dance again and do one video concert with her and then tour the four of them. That way we could get to see her in concert.

I am totally for a dvd and compilation of music videos-- I just got MTV and never got to see the videos when they came out (boo)! There is so much trading out there of mac stuff on the internet and on ebay at any moment in time that I can't imagine that a good compilation or cd/video with some rarities wouldn't sell or. Thanks for participating in the q&a. I know this has been fun for everybody. Best wishes. (Annie, Winchester, Massachusetts, USA) 

Regarding Chris, she does not enjoy the party atmosphere on the road, and don't forget that her ex-husband will be there. I am talking to the people at Warners' to see what the possibility is of releasing some of their earlier videos and we're working with Marty and Warners to see the possibility of this Web site making an order directly to Warners' through you. Thank you so much.

Since you've been so gracious as to accomodate my many questions...I have something that might interest you. I saw the question about Frank Harding in section three, and noticed that he has various items of yours. In the fall of 2000, I bought what he claimed was the "original" proposed cover to the Mirage album. It features the five band members in the center of the 12x12 piece. They are all "painted" looking with splatters of yellow/orage paint around a "mirage"! In the upper right corner is the Mirage lettering that just says FLEETWOOD MAC. And in the bottom right corner are the Rumours 'whispering' Penguins. The penguins and the lettering are embossed/raised. The rest of the Lp surrounding the center photo is a mix of swirls with gold/blue/oranges. I was wondering would you perhaps remember this item or be able to tell if it's authentic? After I bought it from him, he never would respond further to my messages. Then he changed his email and I have yet to be able to reach him further. (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

I'm sorry, I don't ever remember that picture. If you would like to make a photocopy and send it to me, I would be happy to ask the band if it is authentic, since Mick, Father Time, would know for sure.

You may not remember this, but Judy Wong is listed in the liner notes to the Mirage album as "S.C.O.E"...I was curious as to the meaning behind the acronym. (Tracy Garner, Stockbridge, Georgia, USA)

Hi Tracy, how about sacred cow of everything? I don't know but she was the mother of Fleetwood Mac and was involved in everything. I hope I'm not insulting by my suggestion but she did know it all.

Hi, it's Lori Aimino again. I want to thank you so much for your interest in what we, as fans, want to have released on cd, video, and dvd. I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say that it gets to be SO frustrating to be a serious fan and yet not be able to get our hands on particular music or videos from our favorite band. Mac fans are EXTREMELY devoted, and if some of this stuff was commercially available, we would be snatching it up left and right. I mean, we are the type of people who, at Christmas, give our friends, family, and loved ones Fleetwood Mac cds and videos, even if they are not big fans themselves, just because we feel that no one can be Mac deprived and survive for long. We are always in hope of initiating the Mac "conversion process" in everyone we meet. The record company people REALLY need to listen to what the fans are saying, and it makes me feel SO honored that you care enough to be concerned about what we as fans want. We've been here all along, and finally a smart and caring guy like you came along who is recognizing our interests and telling us very obviously that we matter, which is so nice. Who knows - maybe someday SOMEONE from the "powers that be" will realize what a valuable resource this website can be, and finally make it the official FM site, which we all know it deserves to be!

After all of that, believe it or not, I actually DO have something to ask. ;o) I hope these are not too personal - I have a few questions about your family. Did you meet your wife while working with the Mac? How long have you been married? How many children do you have? Do any of them have any aspirations in the music field? Thank you so very much again for being here, Ken! It's been such a pleasure reading all of your answers! God Bless! (Lori Aimino, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA)
Hello Lori, you're right, you do matter. I believe this exercise will prove positive, and I believe I will be successful in getting the record company to listen to all of you. OK, I am sending Marty a picture tomorrow of myself and my wife on our first date, stupid me, I took her to the first recording of Tusk at Dodger Stadium. I met my beautiful wife at the Village Recording Studios while recording Tusk, she was a receptionist, and Richard told me he was going to ask her out, I told him "back off," I'm going to marry her. We've been married 22 years this year and we have two children, girls, one of them, the oldest wants to be an actress and the other who is 16 can't stop singing! Thank you Lori for your interest, God bless your 3 children. I don't know if Marty can do it, but I'd love it if he would post the pictures of you and your children. Maybe he could have a fan "pictures gallery" on this web site? Thank you so much for your kind words very sincerely, Ken Caillat
There is a thread in the Chit Chat Ledge Forums here on The Penguin where many fans have posted pictures-- Lori and her family are among them. You can get to it right here. -- Marty


Ken and Diane Caillat on their first date.
Dodger Stadium during the recording of Tusk
Photo by Herbert Worthington III

Hi Ken, Thanks for doing this Q & A. My question is regarding The Chain Boxset. I have a magazine article that interviews John McVie in Aug 1992, before the box set was launced and John refers to the boxset as:

"There's a definite effort not to make this another Greatest Hits yawn. We've found tapes at CBS and Warners that we had forgotten about. There's so much good stuff that has never seen the light of day. Plus on the anthology there will original versions of, for instance Dreams where Stevie says "This is how Dreams go" and I kid you not, she's tapping out 'bom bom bom bom....' on the piano with her index finger,"

My question is why did the boxset not turn out this way with the raw demo songs being published as well as the outtake songs like "Smile At You, If You Were My Love" from the Mirage Sessions and the countless of other outtakes? I believe that this would be more attractive to the die-hard fans like myslf. Is there any possibility that this type of boxset may be released in the future? (Neil O'Donoghue, Surrey, UK)
Hello Neil: the record business is a funny business, we did find some very funky demos and we considered putting them on the box set, but then we tried to imagine you guys listening to a consecutive running order, over and over again, and being from the record business, hearing false starts and talking in the music it seemed the wrong thing to do musically; perhaps, if I had my fan hat on or my fan ears on, I would have made a different recommendation, but I am thinking "how does the side flow "?
Regarding what is possible I believe I have clearly stated that I will work with a record company to get your desires released, so let's not go there anymore. Thanks for your questions, Ken Caillat

What did you think of the band with Bekka Bramlett and Dave Mason. (Anonymous)
I apologize but I guess I bought into the whole imitation band deal, and I didn't really get into it! I don't know what else I can say, but "Sorry Mick".

Before the recording sessions for Rumours commenced, I understand that Mick gave you and Richard an I-Ching coin each and wished the both of you good luck with regards to recording the album. My question is: Do you and Richard still have your coins? Thanks so much for doing this Q&A and for really listening and taking to heart all of us FM fans' requests. You're a cool dude. (Gypsy, Mainly New York City, New York, USA)
No, but my great grandmother was married to a Royal Chinese and gave me a whole sword made of these coins. When Mick gave me the coin, I told him of my grandmother and told him we had something in common and something great would come of this. I think it did! Thanks for calling me dude, dude.

I've heard Lindsey say on several occasions that, "Ken Caillat did a terrific job getting that sound for the solo on Go Your Own Way." I was wondering if you remember anything about that solo in particular? Did you in fact see Lindsey play it? What of effects were you running on that? Thank you!!! (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
OK, it's time to let the cat out of the bag. One of the best thing is I did was to get the guitar sounds on Rumours. We always had amps in different rooms with different Mic's so we could do anything, sound wise. I always kept as many takes as I could. The solo of "Go Your Own Way" was actually built from 6 guitar solo tracks. I got snowed in, in Lake Tahoe during Christmas and the band called me from the Studio and said "get home, we need you to mix "Go Your Own Way" I played on the console from all of Lindsey's guitar tracks. I guess that's one of the things I did best, play Lindsey's guitar tracks into one solo. I had to re-perform the solo for the DVD-Audio also. Note: I Couldn't have done this without Lindsey's incredible performances.
I have no knowledge of what the parameters are regarding what can be added to DVD 5.1. Since many fans are interested in having old videos, demos, outakes etc released from Warners, I was wondering if it would be possible to add some or all of these things onto the DVD 5.1 releases. This could add additional excitement to the release of Tusk, Mirage etc on DVD, and push more fans who already own the cd, to purchase the DVD version. It could also be a way for Warners to give the fans something they want while adding tremendous sales potential and hype to the DVD releases of these albums with minimal financial exposure on their part.

Is it technically possible to add these tracks to the DVD's? Would Warners have any valid reasons for "not" wanting to add these songs and videos to your DVD releases? Do you think the band would object to some of these things being added to the DVD's? (Ava, New York, New York, USA)
Hello. Yes, everything is possible with DVD and videos. For Warners', it's all about much does it cost them to build it. I have been talking to Marty about my company licensing all the video footage from Warners and put it out DVD. You should all tell Marty if this interests you and we can begin. Thank you. Ken Caillat

Lindsey has often talked about Rumours success being more about the soap opera aspect, and less about the music. I always got the feeling that he felt the work didn't live up to the album's sales and critical acclaim. After hearing his commentary on the "Making Of Rumours" video and the new Rumours DVD, I came away with the feeling that time and space has given Lindsey a little more perspective about the album and its success. He seems to have turned a corner in his feelings about the album and he seemed genuinely proud of the work that the band created. and his part in it. Did you get this feeling when you were interviewing him and playing the DVD for him for the first time? Is there anything else you can share about his feelings and reactions after hearing Rumours in the new DVD format? Thank you for taking so much of your time to answer all of our questions, and special thanks for your interest and help in conveying our wishes to Mick and Warners:) (Ava, New York, New York, USA)
I'm not sure if Lindsey felt this way or not-- it is hard to read Lindsey. He certainly had everything to be proud of with Rumours.

Over the years there has been much debate amongst the fans over Lindsey's contributions to Stevie's songs in terms of fleshing out some of her raw demos and "turning them into records". I don't think this ever comes up about Christine's songs and I'm speculating that Stevie's demos are allover the fan sites and we've never heard Christine's demos- Christine is also viewed as a musician and involved in the process of putting together the pieces of the track. Some fans think Lindsey should have been given some writing credit on many of Stevie's songs and others feel that his contribution to her songs were as a producer or musician and there was no reason to credit him as a writer. Different songwriters bring their songs to "any" producer in different states of completion, I would think that a band situation such as Fleetwood Mac's would be different from a solo artist in terms of how the song is approached in the studio.

I was wondering if you could give us some more insight into a "producers" role in "turning an artist's songs into records". Also - is there a definite turning point in the completion of a track when the producer "would" get credit as a songwriter - there seems to be a very blurry line about when this happens? As someone who was involved in producing Stevie's songs, if your comfortable answering, can you share your opinion as to whether there were times when Lindsey's contribution went beyond that of a producer or bandmate . Thanks! (Ava, New York, New York)
Well, Lindsey and Stevie did live together and were lovers...where do you draw the line? A producer's role is to try to make the song as good as possible, and sell as many records as possible. He might even make lyric changes, however, the songwriter's job is to bring in to the studio an idea, musically, that can be built upon. This is an understanding that the producer and songwriter have. Stevie has given songwriter credit on occasion to people who have influenced her writing of a song-- for example Hernan Rojas, my assistant engineer, and for a while, Stevie's lover, during Tusk. By the way, he'll be here next week visiting. I hope this has answered your question.

Hi Ken! Thanks for your answers so far, it?s been really interesting and revealing. How did you make the decision on where to place Silver Springs in the track sequence? Obviously the order of the songs is a very important factor, especially in a classic album like Rumours. A few years ago I bought a cassette version, and to get the songs to fit on, they?d swapped Songbird with You Make Loving Fun, and the different sequence sounded wrong. So did you have any reservations in putting Silver Springs after Go Your Own Way and moving Songbird to the end, where extra songs would usually be placed? I look forward to buying the new version of Rumours as soon as they release it in the U.K. I can?t wait to hear Brushes! Thanks for your time, and for your contribution to some of the best music ever. (Matt, London, UK)
I suggested in setting Silver Springs in place of Songbird in the running order, because on tour we always end the show with Songbird, and I thought it would be a nice touch to end the album with Songbird. The band agreed. Please remember that this is just music-- it is made to be spontaneous. No, I had no reservations swapping places. I just did, I listened, liked it, and said "sounds great"! The band agreed. A note to all you fans: Sometimes I think you fans think we're creating a religious experience-- it's just music and it is just a job for myself and for the band. In the Rumours DVD, Richard Dashut interviewed Stevie and asked her if it hurt her much to have her songs be edited down, she said "don't be silly, nobody would want to hear those go on and on, not even me".

Hi Ken, Back again. This question could prove to be a bit sensitive, but I think you can handle it. Many of us asking questions here have several bootlegs from Mac and Stevie. There are a couple out there of the Rumours album in "raw" form. For the most part, these seem to be demos or out take vocals of the songs from the album. For instance, there is a version of "Dreams" where you hear Stevie say "second verse" before the second verse. There is a version of "I Don't Want To Know" that sounds like it's just Lindsey and Stevie singing to a drum machine. There's a version of "Songbird" with an extra verse in it. My point is that this stuff is out there in bootleg form, Warners could stand to make a fortune if they would dig this stuff out. True, the general population would have little interest in the stuff, by the Mac's legions of fans would be forever grateful.

Now for an odd question, maybe you know something about this. If you listen to the VERY beginning of "The Chain" you hear what sounds like something being bumped and then a very faint expletive that starts with the letter "F". You need to crank your stereo WAY up to hear it, but it comes right before the first drum beat of the song. Headphones help. It's not heard on the boxed set version and I don't believe you hear it on the DVD version. However, it can be clearly heard (at a high volume) on the LP or CD. Any insight to what that was? Were you aware of it? Thanks again, this has been the best Q&A yet! (Al Chapman, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA)
You all know my opinion on Warners' opportunities to release content. In the interest of time, I don't need to repeat myself. You are correct too regarding the change. I did not know it was there and have since removed it. Good ears!

Did you have a lot of material to sift through when you'd begin working on each Mac album or did the writers bring you only their best work? And how did you ever decide which ones to develop? Was it a group decision? (Tracy Garner, Stockbridge, Georgia, USA)
Rumours, no. Tusk, yes, Mirage, no. Yes, it was a group decision

I remember in 1992 when the "Chain" box was being put together, someone typed up a standard letter stating something to the effect that "we the fans want to see previously unreleased stuff on the box set bla bla bla..." and instructed fans to photocopy it and send it to Warners to prove that in fan unity there is strength. Did you ever hear about this letter? I personaly didn't send it because the letter said that fans were only interested in the 1975 to present day Mac recordings and as a collector of all 16 members of the band, I didn't agree with this philosophy. Anyway, as most fans were disappointed by the volume of unreleased material on the box, it made fans feel as though they were not heard (the letter must have made it somewhere as the infamous Frank Harding who seemed to be Mick's spokesperson at the Austin Mac convention in 1992 knew about it and stated that the band was aware of it but wouldn't confirm if our wishes were going to be matched or not). Is there anything that we could do this time that was maybe not done at that time that would have a more positive effect on the results of our efforts in this area this time? Thanks again for another question on this topic that I've beat into the ground! (John Fitzgerald, Peabody, Massachusetts, USA)
No, I'm sorry. I never did it see this letter, and it is unfortunate, because I would've tried to make it happen. I recently mentioned 5.1 Entertainment's plans to license from Warners the material you've requested. I think Marty will be posting it soon.

What was broken for Gold Dust Woman? Was there a particularly ugly lamp somewhere nearby? (I don't know if you'll remember these things, but you're here and being extremely generous with your time so I have to take advantage.) (Tracy Garner, Stockbridge, Georgia, USA)
We sent our roadies out for 6 glass panes, which Mick dropped or broke in a small Iso Booth at The Village, Studio D.

Does Lindsey often use his Rick Turner electric in the studio? I heard that he primarily uses Teles and Strats. Does Lindsey uses any specific type of amplification in the studio? For example what kind of stuff were you guys using during Rumours? Mesa Boogie? (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) 
He used to use all three. It's been a while since I've been with him; I'm not sure what he's using now.

Do you think one day you and Richard might ever collaborate and write a book about your Mac experiences? Based on "the bag" story and the one about Pal, I'm sure it would be great. (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Somebody make me an offer!


Thank you so much for answering these questions----merci beaucoup! "Sara" is my absolute favorite song of all time----please share what you can remember of its recording---did the other band members react to its power? (Dianne Lopp, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)


I think Lindsey had the most fun playing all the guitar parts and Stevie the tack piano.


Dear Mr. Caillat, here's another question from The Netherlands! I must say, I am really shocked to hear about the Mac-members not knowing anything about computers, this particular website, and The Ledge Boards. Is that true??? So they don't know who their fans are, what they are discussing about and what they are hoping for? Isn't it time then that someone informs them, maybe John, maybe you? So that they stay in touch with the fan vibes directly? Thanks very much for taking the time to answer all of our questions. You seem to be a kind man with a good sense of humour! (Anna, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, USA)


Fans' Vibes????? Why would they want to do that? The record company, maybe. They never did that before and you love their songs. The next time I talk to them I'll tell them, I'm seeing Stevie in a week. It will probably go in one ear and out the other. Remember, musicians are all about "me".

My votes for DVD releases: Mirage Forum Live concert, The Tusk tour documentary, Tusk album, and Mirage album. (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Thank you.

Hello again Ken, Thanks for answering my previous question. I am listening to the DVD audio of Rumours - and think it is really amazing! I would love to hear all of the other albums in this format (including Stevie's solo stuff). Can you tell me did you ever meet Sandy Stewart - a great singer/songwriter friend of Stevie's- and do you know what she is up to (I have her solo albums Cat Dancer & Blue Yonder). I keep searching for info about her but keep coming to a dead end. (David Whillians, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom)
Sorry, I don't know her.

After giving the RUMOURS DVD numerous listens...I came to really enjoy the tracks without the vocals right before the interviews. Specifically DREAMS. It sounded so beautiful, I just kept replaying that part. Any chance we'd get to hear all the songs like that in full? (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
I'm not sure-- I'll pass it along.

You've somewhat covered this, but I was wondering if you know more detail in regard to Lindsey. First off, I'll make no bones that I'm a huge fan of his in paticular as well as the band. Seeing him live on the "Out of the Cradle" tour was fantastic and I must say, I'd prefer to see that type of show with him than another overblown "Dance" type of show, (not that it was bad, but I'd rather just see the five of them - like in their early days). Anyway, I'm wondering why he would turn his back on the "Gift of Screws" when many of his fans have been waiting for years? I think "Out of the Cradle" was his best effort to date and would have been even better if he had not given some of the best songs to Mac for Tango. I can't believe he's going to do it again! I'm sure my view will not be popular, but for the record, I love Fleetwood Mac, I just wish Lindsey would give his fans the balance between the two. Thanks! (Dave, Columbia, Maryland, USA)
I'm sorry but I can't speak for Lindsey.

One of my favorite tracks on TUSK is "I Know I'm Not Wrong." Would you be able to tell me what instrument that is that comes after the first chorus? I really love that part. It almost sounds like a harmonica. (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
I think you're right.

I'm a sophomore in college majoring in music technology, and I'm aspiring to be a producer at some point. How today does one even get into the position to be a producer? I live in Michigan which isn't exactly a hotbed of great music, do I have to go out to LA or New York to make it? By the way, in aspiring to produce, I've listened closely to your FM albums and I am still impressed at how good they sound, especially Rumours and Tusk, even though I've been listening to them since i was born 19 years ago. Still impressive, and not dated at all. Thanks for doing this Q&A, good luck with all your future endeavors (hopefully the new FM album as well). (Steve Cunningham, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)
Sorry Steve, I don't know if Michigan is going to work for you, it looks like if your serious, you are going to the Big Apple! That's what haappened to me. I lived in San Jose (Silicon Valley) and I moved to L.A. (which also has alot of silicon here).

What was the purpose of Fleetwood Mac covering "Teen Beat"? I LOVE the song, I just wanted to know the reason why it was recorded. Thanks again!! (Matthew Sullivan, Eureka, California, USA)
Why was it recorded?? Because Lindsey wanted to .....

Hi again Mr Caillat, thank you so much for answering my previous question. In my previous question you mentioned recording your band and that you played guitar so what were your musical influences growing up? Thanks again for doing this Q&A, its much appreciated by us all. (David Lydiard, Cardiff, Wales, UK) 
Beatles, Beach Boys, Crosby, Still, and Nash, Eagles, Cream.....

Hello again Ken, one thing I would like to see that doesn't involve unreleased material being discussed in our recent polls (you'll be happy to hear!) is if the day does come when the digital CD remastering does take place with the Mac catalogue, I hope that "Rumours" appears with "Dreams" & "Second Hand News" the way they are supposed to be. For some reason on the second CD issue of "Rumours" (in the US) "Dreams" has a slight built in skip at the end whereas Stevie sings "You'll know" on any foreign edition, the first edition or any "Greatest hits" edition of this recording available on disc, however, on RE-2 of "Rumours", it sounds like "You'll ow" (it's very slight but check it out, it's there and I've already bought a handfull of copies of this disc from different outlets so it's not due to a defective copy. "Second Hand News" has for some reason the same exact guitar solo twice at the end of the song. Um... I think I prefer it the way it was originally recorded and appeared on the vinyl, once and then the fade. I'm sure many would agree with me. Now that there's room available in this CD age it can fit on the disc both ways if Warners want to attempt to pass it off as an extended version although I hope this won't happen. Also, the full "Sara" on "Tusk". I don't understand the original reasoning I heard when the disc came out of "not enough space" because Warners undoubtedly has state of the art equipment and I've got some other Mac releases put out by many smaller firms that are longer on playing time and sound just as good as the "Tusk" CD release. If the remastering project does come about, do you think these could be amended? Thanks for your time once again. (John Fitzgerald, Peabody, Massachusetts, USA)
Boy, I reaally hope you get a job at Warners'! If I do any reissues, I'll make sure I run it by the fans to make sure I don't screw up.

WOW! Ken. I just read about you getting Stevie's new album on DVD Audio. That sounds really great. I for one will go out and buy it the day it is available in stores. If this does come about, will it be easier to work with an album that is new? I am wondering what the differences in the masters from Rumours and Trouble In Shangri-La are? (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)
I don't think there will be much difference, except perhaps since it is still doing well, I'll probably have a lot more people looking over my shoulder to make sure I do a good job.

How long was "Sara" originally? I've heard the 9 minute version, but I've heard there's a 16 minute version-is this true or just another one of those rumors? (Vianna, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)
I don't remember, because it didn't stay that way very long, I got it edited right away-- probably 12+ minutes.

Ken, it's me again - I am so grateful to you for doing this. What was the process for recording a song for an album? First, I know Stevie or Lindsey or Chris would bring in a demo. But what happened from there? Who did most of the musical work to get the demo ready for the album? (Vianna, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)
Usually, someone would play an idea or tape. Everybody would start to play, working out their own parts, we'd record a bit, and everybody would come in and listen.

Greetings Mr. Caillat! Were you asked to be involved with the first Mac album, Behind the Mask, after Lindsey left? May I ask how you felt about that lineup? Any thoughts on why they didn?t last together longer? Thanks to you for taking the time to answer this avalanche of questions from all of us! (Anonymous, Washington) 
I didn't know the band for the first Mac album, I didn't like the line up after Lindsey. You are probably all noticing my answers are getting shorter, I've got 33 more to go and I've been working my whole day off, and all my work is piling up, I supposed to be listening to a band today that I supposed to produce, but alas, I'm typing instead of making music.

Marty: And a lot of questions have not even been forwarded yet. We are going to stop collecting questions early this time-- after just over a week instead of two weeks. In the future, the Q&A process will likely be modified to better accommodate some of our guests and their schedules if they want.

This isn't a question really. I just wanted to ask you to please tell Lindsey, Stevie, and Mick about this website. It would be nice if Chris knew too but she is so far away I guess you don't talk to her often. I'd like them to know about it. Marty works so hard on this site-it's the best fansite I have seen on the Internet, and I have been to many of them as I love rock music. I would think it would make the band members feel great to read all the wonderful compliments they get here. (Vianna, Alexandria, Virginia)
They don't know how to use a computer!
Marty: Thanks Vianna-- your check is in the mail.

Was there ever a time in your tenure with the band when it was discussed that Mick or John might write or sing a song on an album? (Anonymous, Washington)
I told them they should write a song, but I don't think they cared to.
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