Q&A Sessions
Ken Caillat: August 2 - 15, 2001
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Dearest Ken-- My hands are trembling as I write my question as I am a rank amateur! Your brilliant engineering has filled my home with many happy musical hours! May I now vote for TUSK & Mirage to go DVD audio! Thanks for explaining about the DVD equipment. I only have four speakers. Do I need the home theatre speaker package for surround sound audio? My Best Regards to You and Richard!!! (Charlotte Ann, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Thank you, Charlotte, for your kind words; Tusk and Mirage for DVD audio is noted. Four speakers-- not enough, you'll need five + the subwoofer. What I usually tell people is if you have a Best Buy near you go and pickup a Yamaha YHT-23 home theater system as it comes with a powered subwoofer. Get some heavy guage wire, though, like 10 or 12 gauge speaker wire. You always want to remember when you buy a 5.1 receiver to make sure it has 5.1 discrete inputs (which the Yamaha has) because that's what DVD audio players have for outputs -- 6 and as a reminder you probably never need to buy another CD player because DVD plays CD's (make sure if you burn your own CD's that the DVD player you buy play CDR's.

Thanks, Ken Caillat

Hi Ken, I am an avid Fleetwood Mac Fan and have been since the early 70's. I just bought an audio DVD player and had to get the new Fleetwood Mac DVD. The sound quality is incredible. Is this because of the new format called 5.1 audio? If so, are there any other 5.1 audio DVD's that you have done that I should know about? You mentioned in one of your answers that you have a studio, where is it and what type of a studio is it? Can my band come and record there? Thank you. (David, Woodland Hills, California, USA)

Thank you David. My company 5.1 entertainment has about 50 DVD-Audio discs on the market. If you'd like a list of them go to our web site at and check them out. You might like many of the compilations we have licensed from record companies. Regarding my Studio, I believe I answered someone else about my Studio and what it has inside let me know if you need more information than this. As far as coming to record here, absolutely!

Hello Ken-- When you set up the 5.1 Entertainment Group did you have any idea just what you were getting into? From the feedback I have had of the Rumours DVD Audio everybody I know that has heard it is amazed at the quality of what is, of course, music that is 25 years old. (Justin Bailey, Congleton, Cheshire, UK) 

When I set up 5.1 Entertainment, I intended to make it the best record company in the world, who specializes in 5.1 surround sound music. I was very lucky to meet my partner, John Trickett, through Richard Dashut. John brought in the expertise that I lacked. Our goal is to make 5.1 entertainment like A&M Records was. We treat our artists as family and we don't have the usual hard ass deals. I am very pleased with the Rumours DVD-Audio sound quality, you know don't you, Justin, that this album is older than you? I think it's holding up very good for its age!

Ken, you did a lot of work on Fleetwood Mac's "25 Years: The Chain." A man named Frank Harding is listed in the credits as a band historian & archivist. He spoke at a Mac fan convention in Texas about ten years ago. Did you know Mr. Harding or work alongside him for the box set project? (David, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Thank you for your interest. I do know Frank Harding, the last I saw of him was in 1990. Liked Mr. Harding then, and if anyone knows where Frank is, please have him get in touch with me, for, the last I saw of him he had borrowed a great deal of my Fleetwood Mac memorabilia and I would like it back please. In fact I had lyric sheets that I wanted to put in this DVD. Thanks Frank!  

Is Lindsey Buckingham releasing his solo album or is he currently concentrating on the Mac project? Thanks dude. (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Yo Brandon, what's happenin'? Well, Lindsey has been working on his solo album for five years now. The last I heard, he may wrap some of those songs into the new Mac project, adding the rest of the band to them, naturally. Later man! Ken Caillat.

Will the Rumours CD ever be re-mastered with Silver Springs added in? I kind of though that 2002 would make a perfect year for that, with the 25th anniversary and all. (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Hello again Brandon, yes sort of, I just remastered the Rumours CD with Silver Springs on it at 96 K 24 bit with Bob Ludwig, the famous mastering engineer, and it sounds so much better than Rumours, really! You can find this incredible piece on the Rumours DVD-Audio disk and you could hear it if you have a DVD-Audio player! How's that?

Ken, Back again for another question! For the longest time the "Live" album was a favorite. However, over the years, I've heard bootlegs from the "Tusk" tour. I would say that the "Tusk" tour was probably the Mac at their best on stage. Not that they are in any way bad now, but it seems to me that if there was any tour to see Fleetwood Mac on, it would have been the "Tusk" tour. As I said, I always thought the "Live" album was so great. However, it seems that the best songs from that tour were left off. "The Chain", "Sisters Of The Moon", "Angel", or "Blue Letter". Who picked the songs for the album? Maybe if Warners ever decides to put out a second boxed set of rare tracks, maybe they could do a disc of live stuff! Maybe a disc with rare tracks, like the original jam of "The Chain" which a portion of is on the DVD and is SUCH a great track. I sometimes wonder if the people at Warners realize how much stuff the fans are already aware of and would love to get official copies of! Thanks again! This is a great Q&A. (Alan Chapman, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA)

Hello Al, welcome back I don't know why those songs were left off of the album I'm sure I was in the decision making process, sorry! You are right I don't know if Warners' does realize. I just got off the phone with David May's secretary giving him this URL . If you don't know who David is, he's the guy I reported to at Warners' during Rumours DVD. Maybe we could do a Q&A with him? Marty? Regarding the original "Chain" called "Keep me There," there were no vocals at all. Is that what you would like to hear?

I found David May listed as the Director of DVD Audio and Video at Reprise and Warner Home Video. I'm sure everyone here would love to send him our wish lists! - Marty

Hi Ken! Thank you so much for taking your time to answer our silly questions! This means more to all of us fans than we can say. My question is, why was the song "Smile At You" left off of both Tusk and Mirage? In my opinion, this is Stevies most powerful song ever. Will we ever hear from it? Again, thank you so much! (Louie Golden, Sanford, North Carolina, USA)

Hello Louie: I think answered a question about "Smile at You " yesterday. Smile at You was a great song, but it was never recorded for Mirage or Tusk. Stevie played that for me, it was a demo she had done at home with some musician friends. I remember suggesting to Lindsey that we record "Smile at You". I think he was put off with some of the musicians used by Stevie. Anyway he didn't want to record it.

Hello Ken, In light of the UK Receiver Records compilations of Fleetwood Mac previously unreleased material, some of which was quite obviously from the Reprise vaults such as the complete 16 minute "Underway" and "The Madge sessions" from "The Vaudeville years" (parts of which of course were on "Then play on") and these are not bootlegs, they are legal tender by all accounts, how do you think they managed to get these released as these releases are not on Reprise? (Once again, I'm just curious to see how the biz works in this fashion.) Thanks for your patient explanations. (John Fitzgerald, Peabody, Massachusetts, USA)

Boy, you more about this band than I do! Sorry, I have no idea.

Thanks for doing this Q&A! Please forgive the intrusion, but can you confirm the divorce of Christine and Eddy Quintela? Your answer to Linda's question is enough for me, but there are others who need to have it spelled it out. Thanks! (Christine, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

Hi there-- I believe so. I know he is gone; I'm not sure of the legal status.

Hi Ken, Since you asked earlier about the "Fleetwood Mac: The complete recording sessions 1967-1997" book, it was written by Peter Lewry, Blandford Press (ISBN No. 0-7137-2724-1). On this topic, Would you really consider doing a REAL Complete recording sessions book as you spoke about earlier? It would certainly help keep track of what exists in the vaults if nothing else. If you get a copy of the existing book, you will notice it does have much information on the earlier CBS (Sire (the WB Company) in the US it seems to fall under) days and the early BBC sessions but not much in the way of Warner Reprise stuff. Even then, Mike Vernon's "Complete Blue Horizon recordings" CD box set research appears to contradict Lewry's findings and as the book went to press the "Vaudeville years" collection came out which tended to throw the "Complete" idea of the book into disarray. Your input to this kind of project would be invaluable to fans like us. Thanks for your help again. (John Fitzgerald, Peabody, Massachusetts, USA)

Hi John: sure, I guess I would consider doing a book, I'd probably get all the assistant engineers together, to help remember. One of them, Hernan Rojas, who was my assistant on Tusk is coming from Chile in about a week. It would be easier if a publisher contacted me, because I'm not sure where to start to get a book published!

I heard that Silver Springs was 8-10 minutes long, how come we only got to hear 4:29 of it? Out of all the Fleetwood Mac lp's you have produced, what would have to be your favorite one? And also your favorite song from each lp? (James Bussell, Eastpointe, Michigan, USA)

Stevie's songs always have many verses typically, we have to go in and cut them down. It's just part of the process. Sisters of the Moon and Think About Me was 15 minutes together, but Sara was over 10 minutes long! Rumours was my favorite album, and then Tusk, I have fond memories of Mirage. My favorite songs were "I Wish You Were Here" and "Gypsy ", "Only Over You" and "Over and Over " and "Sara ". Does anyone know the name of the dog on the cover of Tusk? And whose shoes are those?

Hi Ken! First, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this. Congrats on a long and very successful career. You just recently answered that you contacted Keith Olsen about the original master tapes and he didn't know where they were located. Do you think he might not be telling the truth??? Because on the May 2000 Q&A Keith can be quoted as saying "I guess I have the only CD in the world.. I pulled out the masters [of the Buckingham/Nicks recordings] over a year ago, baked them to re-adhere the oxide to the backing, then built a master digital from it... it took me back so many years." (Liz T., Miami, Florida, USA)

Well, my schedule doesn't seem so busy if I have time to answer all these questions! I'm having to take off of work. I wish I could get the computer out to the pool!

Regarding Keith Olsen, no I believe him, he is referring to the stereo master's, the 2 track tapes, and I am looking for the 24 track tapes so as to be able to remix the album for DVD-Audio.

Hi Ken, First off, what a pleasure to speak with such a heavy hitter in the music business, thank you for allowing me the honor of speaking with you, it is a honor. I have 2 questions Ken, first, have you heard Lindsey's solo albums? If so, what do you think of them? Any favorite album? Secondly, during the Mac's hey day, don't you think it was and IS criminal that Lindsey never received the credit that he deserved in terms of his contributions to the bands sucess, all of the attention mainly went to Stevie and Mick, and Lindsey NEVER got enough credit, in my own opinion Ken, didnt you fnd that hard to swallow at times? Thank you again Ken. (David M. Aviles, Rosemead, California, USA)

Do I look like I have gained weight? I love all three of Lindsey's solo albums. I think Go Insane was my favorite regarding your second question. I'm not sure if I know which you mean. I thought he got a lot of credit. He's listed as one of the producers and he got special thanks and he makes a sh*tload of money. That's what solo albums are for, he got to do whatever he wants on his solo album and take all the credit and show everybody, so what's the problem??

When the CD release of Mirage and Tusk occured there were slight differences on some of the tracks, for example Straight Back and I Know Am Not Wrong (more instrumentation on the tracks), Who was responsible for this and why were the tracks not released in this form when released on vinyl? Thanks for your answers and Best Wishes. (Neil O'Donoghue, Surrey, UK)

Good question! I was called by my good friend Ken Perry who mastered Rumours originally, alerting me that Warners was releasing Rumours on CD and I came in and got involved. However no one called me for Mirage and Tusk, so I don't know who assembled the running order. These were probably some alternate Mixes, maybe I did get involved and dug up some alternative mixes, it's just so long ago! The mind is a terrible thing to lose!

Hi Ken, here's a 25 year old fan from Holland-- you know the country that hasn't seen a tour since Tusk... I would also apply for the Tusk Documentary and Mirage Live on dvd, or at least on video, they're out of print for years here, and I can't get them in any way. And if you do Tusk on dvd, please do not cut it down!! My question is, How much chance is there that Chris will do at least one more album with the other Fireflies? I'd hate to see the remaining four without her. please ask her next time you visit her? Thanx, I think you did a great job, you should be on the next one. (Michel, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Mirage Live, I worked on that, ok, I'll pass that along. I agree with you! I really hope Christine rejoins the band for 1 more. But I have been told that the odds aren't good for that. Take care-- I love Holland.

Hello Ken. I have a few questions regarding Lindsey.

1) Have you had any involvement with the "Gift Of Screws" sessions and do you any idea as to when (if ever) Lindsey will release this? If you ever see Lindsey please tell him that his fans are desparate to hear his long anticipated new album.

2) Did Richard Dashut have any involvement with Lindsey's new album, Did he co-produce any tracks. I hope Richard and Lindsey are still good friends, Richard never seems to get mentioned any more.

3) Lastly, I once heard a story that Lindsey recorded an album with his touring band from the "Out Of The Cradle" tour and that when the finished album was presented to Warners/Reprise the record company knocked the album back as not being commercial enough. Were you or Richard involved in these or have you heard this story and can you expand opon it?

Thanks again for taking the time, Best Wishes from here in the UK. (Neil O'Donoghue, Surrey, UK)

No I'm sorry, I was not involved in "Gift of Screws " but I will be passing all that I have learned here to the band and to the label. Richard Dashut did work for quite some time on Lindsey's album, but I don't know what's happening to it sorry. I don't know about "Out of the Cradle." I don't believe Richard and Lindsey have spoken for a while. Thank you for your question. Ken

Hello Ken! This Q&A is wonderful so far. I was wondering about live video footage. I have seen the Tusk Documentary and in it there is live footage from St. Louis. I was wondering if the whole concert was filmed? If so, would that be in FM's vault of stuff? Were there professionally filmed concerts from each tour that could be packaged for us? :-) Thanks so much for your time and effort! (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Sorry-- video footage there's not much of it. I remember we shot film in Japan and we shot video for HBO for Mirage and I think that's about it. Everything should be at Warners' vault.

Hi Ken-I am in awe by your seemingly endless patience with our questions and your tireless answers. I wish there was a way the users of this site could show you our appreciation. I am going to try to answer a few of your questions. I would be fine with Christine in the studio, but off the road. Do you think the band would go for it? Tusk is the next one to get the 5:1 treatment on DVD.

How come you ended your work with Fleetwood Mac in 1983? Richard was a Co-producer with Lindsey on Tango, but not you if my memory is correct. In recent interviews Lindsey has seemed to be much more focused on Fleetwood Mac than his solo career despite the fact he has been working on a solo album since 1996. Has he shelved his solo project in favor of rolling it into a Fleetwood Mac album? (Anonymous, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA)

Well, maybe you could give me a tip on the stock market. My birthday is coming up-- go buy the Rumours DVD audio disc. Do you know it's been number one for eight weeks! See, the band really believes that you all would not be happy if Christine was on the album and not on the road. I think they may be right. I stopped working with Fleetwood Mac in 1983 because they didn't ask me to do. I think it was something between me and Lindsey. Yes, I believe Lindsey has shelved his solo project and is rolling it into the new Fleetwood Mac album.

Yesss....I'm from Boise, Idaho and, uh, want to know how you dudes in LA make that DVD Sh*t that you do? Please be comprehensive and no cheating talking into that voice computer thang that you have. (Gary Lux, Oak Hills, California, USA)

Honestly? It's just magic! Hi Gary!

Hi Ken, I just want to tell you that when I heard the Rumours DVD audio I was really amazed. I got chills when I heard your vocal remixes. I could actually focus in and hear Christine singing Dreams (very nice touch on that chorus) It was like listening to 3 people in the room singing. It was exactly like you describe "an umbrella" effect. Same goes for Oh Daddy, and You Make Lovin Fun. As for the poll of albums. Mirage needs remastered, the recording level very low. Thanks a lot! (John Barbarotta, Encino, California, USA)

Great ! Now we're getting somewhere, I was not sure how I was going to explain it well enough for you guys to appreciate the band around you, YEA! I'm so happy!! I like the echo in "Oh Daddy " and the keyboard solo.

Hi Ken-- It's me for the third time around...I'm going back to the second question I asked you about, which was the "Tusk" Documentary. I had asked about the reaction from the footage, but now I was many times was it edited? Did they have to edit and re-edit during times it got too personal so it would be to everyones liking? AND also- What were your favorite moments from that video? Thank you so much!:) (Alexandra Campbell, Winona, Minnesota, USA)

Hi there. I'm sorry, don't remember. Editing is a very important process. You want to make the band look as good as possible. Of course, you know me, I want to make them sound as good as possible. I seem to recall from his video Stevie looking particularly beautiful in a rather revealing dress (leave it to me). Was she singing Rhiannon?

Hi again. Two of the things I liked best on The Chain box set were "Teen Beat" and "Goodbye Angel." Thank you for digging those up! How close were these to actually making it on Mirage? "Goodbye Angel" is a real beauty and after listening to it, I was surprised it didn't make Mirage. There is a good demo kicking around of Lindsey doing Fats Domino's "Blue Monday" that is purported to be from the Mirage recording sessions. Do you have any recollections of him doing that one? Was it seriously in the running for the album or was Lindsey just having some fun? Thank you for your time and insights. (Lesley, San Diego, California, USA)

Yes, I think I have a tape of Lindsey doing "Blue Monday". I think Lindsey was just having fun. I have a DAT tape called Fleetwood Mac nuggets filled with about 30 suggestions I had for the box set. I believe they were all shot down ... sorry.

Hi Ken! Do you have any rememberances about how "Hold Me" developed in the studio? I thought I'd seen an interview at some point with Christine where she said it wasn't originally intended to be a duet. Lindsey and Christine have a very unique sound together as singers so I'm glad it ultimately ended up a duet, but I'm curious about how it evolved into what was basically a dual lead vocal. Their voices are quite different individually, but they almost seem to mesh into one voice on that track. Great stuff. Thanks! (Lesley, San Diego, California, USA)

Actually, when I was doing interviews with Lindsey recently we talked about that. He came up with the idea of doing a duet with Chris. He thought it would be like Don't Stop. I think I remember them singing together in the Studio outside of Paris with the windows open over the Paris countryside. I should tell you about the night we drove into Paris because we all wanted Mexican food! The food wasn't spicy, but the margaritas sure had a bite!

How do you think Christine's absence will affect FM's overall sound? I have a sinking feeling that a whole layer of sound will be missing if they dont get a keyboard player in. But if they do will he/she be allowed to use their own style or will they have to toe the line? (Gail, Southampton, Hampshire, England)

No one should panic ! Fleetwood Mac is very smart and he wouldn't do something bad. Maybe Chris will send a song over for the band to use.

Oh, here's one from the "gossip column". ;-) Back around the time of "Tusk", Mick was working on getting a Warners recording contract for Peter Green...who backed out at the last minute (literally, from all accounts I've read). Would you have been involved in recording that Peter Green comeback album, or was it not quite to that point when Peter said "no"?? Also, many accounts of Peter's playing on Chris' "Brown Eyes" on the "Tusk" album. Were you at the controls when Peter recorded his parts?? Any anectdotes about his being in the studio during that time? (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

When Peter came to the Studio we were at the Record Plant, and we really didn't get much work done, it just turned into a big jam session with booze. I listened to those tapes during the box set and they were awful-- just hours and hours of solos, I think Richard Dashut was playing drums, and Ray Lindsey was playing guitar and Stevie tambourine and me console. You would probably have more fun listening to my latest recording of me having a root canal!

Like John Fitzgerald & David Oberman, I too, want to be a "Mac lobbyist" and go on record to say that "If Warners has it in their vaults, we want it in the stores!" :-) I'm not even that picky over format, I'll dig through my parents' garage rafters for the old 8-track cartridge player if they release it all in that format again (heaven forbid)! :-)

I know that you weren't directly working with the band during the "Time" album, but, since Richard Dashut was, and your friendship with him, did you get to see them work on "Time" or see them live with that incarnation...if so, your thoughts. Ok, one more...with the Buckingham Nicks master tapes in such fragile condition, is it possible, even at this late date, to make "safety masters", maybe even digitally record each track, to preserve the music?? Again, thanks for your time & energy in doing this Q&A!! VERY enjoyable, VERY informative! (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

Time? That was the fake Fleetwood Mac? I did see them live one time, but it was difficult for them then because not very many people were happy not to have Christine, Stevie and Lindsey there. They played pretty good. I don't believe Richard Dashut had much to do with this, nor did I.

Regarding Buckingham Nicks you are correct. That is exactly what are planning to do after we bake the tapes. Thank you for questions. Ken Caillat

Ken, again, thanks for doing this for us. Why, in your opinion, do Lindsey, in particular, and also Chris, not get the recognition I feel they deserve? I was p.o.'ed at Rolling Stone last year. They did this issue with a special section on "guitar gods". Maybe you saw it? Anyway, no mention of Lindsey>:-(. Now I think he's every bit as good as Jimmy Page, who was included. Different, granted, but the mastery of the instrument is certainly there. I just don't understand it. (Vianna, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Hello, I hadn't thought they had been going unnoticed, but you're right he is one of the best guitar players I've ever seen, I have stood close to him when he plays guitar and sometimes it's difficult to believe my eyes that his hands are the only ones making the sounds.

About Christine's leaving the band...I would LOVE for her to at least join in on the studio part of the album. There are plenty of Mac songs to fill in for her loss on the tour. Although it breaks my heart that she will not tour...I think any more Christine songs would be great. Christine should surely reconsider this, if not for the band members, at least for the fans that have loved and bought all the albums. The sad part is, as big a fan as I am, I've never seen Fleetwood Mac live. I was praying they'd get together again after the Dance so I would get the opportunity...but now it looks like it might not happen. We need you Chris! Go out there and rock one last time for us! (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

I completely agree with you but Christine is a very headstrong woman and Mick has talked to her until his hair fell out (sorry ). We will just have to see what happens. Thank you.

Hi Ken! Do you prefer any of the older recording techniques over some of the new technology?. What i meant was, is there times when your in the studio when the new technology makes things harder than they have to be and you wish you could do something you could of done on the old equipment?. Also, are the two inch recording tapes ( as seen in the making of rumours) still used in the recording process or is it mostly gone to all digital ? (Alex Brasure, Wilson, New York, USA)

2 in. recording tape is still very popular. Some engineers like analog, some like Digital, and those who prefer analog have not heard 24 bit 96 K digital! For the most part I prefer the new gear except I don't like the pitch correction software. Give me a break! Just sing the song! "Oh please Ken, can you edit my vocal and make it sound perfect, I don't want to have to really do it."

Obviously at this site you're going to cover your FM work. Is your time with FM your personal "high water mark?" Or is it with another group? If not, what would be your personal best from your career? Or was your most satisfying professional experience outside of the recording industry? Just curious. (Todd Fox, Evansville, Indiana, USA)

I think I have another Grammy waiting for me in about 2 years. We are really starting to do some ground breaking music now and I believe that you haven't seen anything yet. The people that we've blown away-- the musicians, Peter DiStefano , Dishwalla, Harry Gregson Williams, Sting, Herbie Hancock, Aaron Neville, Billy Idol, Lindsey Buckingham.

Ken, I'm planning on writing to David May (as you kindly suggested I should) regarding all the possible releases ideas we've been discussing. As you pointed out that it's actually Warner Special Products that deals with the release of vault material, as opposed to Warner Brothers themselves, is he based at WSP? If so, what's the postal address? I'm sure some of the other fans would like to put in their suggestion too but not to worry, as you say, we'll be gentle! You suggested I apply for a job there anyways so I need to find out the address! If he's not there, and it turns out that he's at the Warner Bros. Records main address that's listed on the WB website, is there a certain department I should mark it for the attention of? (I just want to make sure it gets to him) Thanks again for all of your words of wisdom, it really has been most educational and helpful. (John Fitzgerald, Peabody, Massachusetts, USA)

Actually David is at Warner Records and that is in Burbank, Calif. I think the address is 3300 Warner Ave. I may have misunderstood-- Warners' Special Products would usually handle video releases and Warner Records the music. I put in a call to him today to discuss all of this and gave his secretary this url.

David May, Director of DVD Audio and Video Organization, Reprise Records and Warner Home Video, 3300 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91505, Telephone: 818-953-3687, Fax: 818-953-3797, E-mail:

Hello Mr. Caillat! I've always wanted to ask about this song and maybe you're the perfect person to ask: The B-side single to "Gypsy" was a cover of "Cool Water," and John and Lindsey are credited as vocalists on this song. Did John really sing? Was anyone else in the band on this track? Thanks for your time! (Anonymous, Washington)

I am the perfect person to ask! I love that song. Yes, Johnny Mac did sing, he sang the low part. I remember that Richard Dashut was sick that day when we decided to record "Cool Water". I decided I wanted the vocals to sound very intimate so I had them sing without head phones in the control room with me. When we were finished, I was so excited I drove to Richard's house to play it for him. I think I arrived about 7:00 a.m. and needless to say Richard did not share my excitement!

Thanks for answering my earlier questions. I am interested in learning production/mixing skills. I have played guitar for 3 years (I am 21 now) and can't imagine having a regular ole' desk job. I want to be in music. Any tips? (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Yes, I have some tips. Read what I said about being a producer and about being an engineer and get good at the guitar. Don't be afraid to take lessons. Get a job in a recording studio preferably in a big city that has big artists. You're from Atlanta-- there are some good studios there. Can you sing? Can you write songs? Well, you wanted tips-- those are good ones. Good luck! Sincerely, Ken Caillat

Did you feel that the work done on Mirage was a step back from the Tusk album? I've heard both Chris and Lindsey say it's their least favorite album. (Tracy Garner, Stockbridge, Georgia, USA)

No, it's hard for me to go there. We all worked so hard and with every album came more distractions. That's why we did Mirage in France. To get away from the business people. I do know that there was a belief that Tusk disappointed people and I think the band wanted to make the album fans thought we should have made after Rumours. I loved "Only Over You", "I Wish You Were Here", and "Gypsy" I don't know, I think Tusk had its down moments too.

Do you think the members of the band have any idea this website exists? Stevie may, because of the Nicksfix, but I wonder about the others. There is a fan base here that would make a great market for almost any music, videos, and memorabilia that the band might want to sell. The band and Warners are passing up a great opportunity here!

Didn't they edit "Sara" because it wouldn't fit on Tusk? I wish they hadn't as I love the lyrics at the end where Stevie sings "Dreaming and the wind became crazy" and "all I wanted was to know that you were dreaming". Would a DVD have room for the whole song? I want a decent at least CD quality version of the unedited "Sara" so badly - all I have is this awful squeaky tape=:-) "Sara" is my favorite song, the one that got me hooked on Fleetwood Mac! (Vianna, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

I'm not sure if any of the band members know what a website is! I take that back, I know John McVie does and and know the rest of them don't. I agree with you about the opportunity we have here to utilize this fan base.

Sara was edited because it was too long for anyone to want to hear. A DVD is huge-- it has plenty of room for whatever you fans want to hear. Sara is my favorite also, I like the offbeat piano. My guess is I'll be mixing Tusk into 5.1 very soon. Warners has asked me to mix Stevies' new album into 5.1 DVD-Audio...we'll see !

I've heard the song 'Storms' from Fleetwood Mac and would like to know the album its off so I can buy it. Thank you. (Kelly, North Island, New Zealand)

"Storms" is on Tusk-- it is song #7.

Thank you so very much for agreeing to do this Q&A session. It is such a wonderful opportunity for all of us fans to be able to tap into the brain and memory of such a gifted producer and close associate of Fleetwood Mac. You said you would like to know who is asking the questions - my name is Lori Aimino, and I'm a 33 year old stay-at-home mom of 3 (Aislinn, 6 years/Dominic, 4 years/Madeleine, 17 months) and a wannabe singer. ;o) I live in western Pennsylvania. Aislinn, my oldest, is also a HUGE fan of Stevie and "Fleetwith Mac," as she calls the group. :o) I've been a Mac fan since Christmas, 1975, when I was 8 years old, and my dad's younger, hipper sister gave him the FM White Album on 8-track as a gift. I've been hooked ever since!

My questions concern the song "I Don't Want to Know." This song has always been one of my absolute favorites. However, it seems with this particular song, Mac fans are very black and white - they either adore it or they can't stand it. I think for some, it is knowing that it was Silver Springs' replacement that makes it un-likeable. I LOVE it because of the great harmony lead vocals, which Stevie has said are she and Lindsey doing their "Everly Brothers" thing. I believe it is the only song on Rumours that has a harmony vocal throughout the entire song, not just on the chorus, which makes it stand out. It also has more of a "country" flair to it, which offsets it a bit from the sound of the rest of the album, in my opinion (but it is that same country quality which I find so appealing). My questions are: How do you feel about this song? Love it? Hate it? Why? Since it has such a different feel from the rest of the Rumours songs, did that make it difficult when trying to come up with the track order for the album, to find a place where it fit in well? Any memories of the recording of this particular song? I sometimes feel like this is a "forgotten track" on Rumours, mainly because of the whole "it-should-have-been-Silver-Springs" thing, but I for one am so glad it made it onto the album! Thank you SO much for your time, Ken! (Lori Aimino, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Lori, Aislinn, Dominic, Madeleine, "I Don't Want To Know," I love it! I love it because it was recorded in about three hours and it's like something from the Buckingham Nick era that they used to sing. I remember recording the track in Studio 4 at a Wally Heiders. I remember when they did the vocals-- it was cold in the Studio (if you know what I mean). Good luck and enjoy those kids sincerely, Ken Caillat

Did the success of Stevie's first solo album cause much tension during the recording of Mirage? Or was it ignored/not an issue? (Tracy Garner, Stockbridge, Georgia, USA)

That was one of the distractions I was talking about recently. The answer is yes.

Hi Ken, thanks for taking the time out to help us Mac fans. Now that Lindsey is married do you think his chemistry with Stevie will change on stage? Thanks for you help. (Lisa)

Children have a way of taming a rock star, an insecure one at that. When I talked to Lindsey about his first child, he told me he was afraid his son would take away from his career. When his second child came he told me everything had come into perspective.
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