Q&A Sessions
Ken Caillat: August 2-15, 2001
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This is kind of an behind the scenes question. I've always wondered if ALL the shows from the past Fleetwood Mac tours were recorded on the mixing board and stored away. Also this brings up another thought, how does the record companies keep track of all the master tapes and how are they stored? Do they have a tendency to deteriorate in storage? Thanks so much for your time. (Alex, Wilson, New York, USA)

No, generally 7-10 shows from each tour would have been recorded. All the tapes are stored at a huge temp controlled vault and tracked by computer database, by audio or video. The other day I call and talked the head of the vault and ask him to fax me a list of tapes for 10 minutes I had about 3 pages of tapes in my hand.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! You have no idea how much it is appreciated. I was wondering what your favourite Stevie Nicks song with Fleetwood Mac is and also what your favourite Stevie solo song is and if you could shed a little light on why they are your favourites? (Shane, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Landslide and Gypsy and Sara, I'd have to think about her solo stuff., maybe the one with Tom Petty. I like the chords in Landslide and Gypsy the best and Sara because she one of my best friends.

Hey Ken, Thanks for the funny stories-they were a RIOT! Now I was wondering about the "Tusk" Documentary (which I have completely worn out from playing "over and over"), I was curious to know how everyone (including yourself) reacted to the idea at first, the camera being there, and how they felt about the footage when it was played back to them? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions.... (Alex, Winona, Minnesota, USA)

It was very strange the first time the cameras came to the studio, not so much cameras as the lights, it was difficult sometimes to act natural. I really feel there were excellent moments captured in the Tusk documentary. Thank you for your question.

I've read in other newsgroups that some of the Beach Boys back catalogue material ("Pet Sounds", especially) is being mixed in 5:1...are you involved in that project, too? Have you tried shaking down Keith Olsen for the Buckingham Nicks album master tapes? :-) Not only would I like to hear that in 5:1, just a plain ol' OFFICIALLY released stereo CD would be WONDERFUL! (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

No, I'm not involved in the Beach Boys, I did mix Don't Worry Baby recently for a film 'Never Been Kissed'. As far as Keith Olsen is concerned I have contacted him and we talked several times and unfortunately he does not know where the the multi-tracks are. Thank you.

Ken Caillat

Hello again Ken, if the B-sides are not to be released on future CD pressings of the older album releases then what are the possibility chances of a one or two CD collection release of all the B-sides that have collected over the years ("Dragonfly", "Purple Dancer" and the others I mentioned in my last question (see above)). As it seemed to be the case with the "Chain" box set as well, the pre-"Then play on" material appears to fall under the jurisdiction of Sire (which of course is a Warner company) in the US anyways so there shouldn't be different label problems most bands have with this kind of clean up operation. (Once again!) What do you think about the chances of this? (John, Peabody, Massachusetts, USA)

You know, I honestly don't have any idea about these legal ramifications, I just know these are very many people wanting their piece. What I would suggest is that you put together a suggested running order of your favorite songs which you like to see released, and I will get it to Warners'. Fair enough?

First, thank you so much for doing the q and a. It means so much to all of us Mac fans. Reading some of your answers this morning I see you'd like to know what we'd like DVD's of=:-) I'd really like to have Tusk done as a DVD and Mirage. Tusk is my favorite album. I'll tell you what I really liked about the Rumours DVD-it had that part where it said what instruments were being used to create each song. I'd love to know that information for Tusk.

I also know we'd all like a cd set of all the demos, outtakes, alternate versions, B-sides etc..the last set was the tip of the iceberg! If my bootlegs (sorry, but if we could get some of this stuff released we wouldn't bootleg it-I'm serious on that one-at least I wouldn't) are any indication of how much material there is.

Now my question: How developed as an artist did you think Lindsey was when you first met him? Like when I listen to Buckingham Nicks I hear his potential but it's not there yet, you know what I mean? Did you think Tusk was such a radical departure from Rumours as everyone says?

Then one kind of silly question-do you remember the 1000 dollar cookie session referred to in Mick's book? and the tape eating recorder? I loved the story above about the dog chewing up the seat of the Peugeot! LOL! (Vianna, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

When I met Lindsey he was young, we all were, but his chops on guitar were pretty much there. As time went on and he felt secure with the band, his production chops really started developing. Tusk was a radical departure! When Lindsey showed up at the studio the first day he had cut all his hair off, we all looked at each other and said "oh, oh". I believe Lindsey did not know where he wanted to go from here; the Eagles annoyed him in that they never change their musical approach, and he wanted Fleetwood Mac's to change. He thought Fleetwood Mac should continue growing musically. And so Tusk was born.

1000 dollar cookie session? I'm not sure. The tape beating recorder? Oh yes, that was how "Oh Daddy" was changed to Addy. But the cookie session I'm not sure can you remind me? I do remember some very DELICIOUS BROWNIES that took their toll one night in Sausalito. Thanks, Vianna for your question.

Hi Ken, You and Richard Dashut are the best Producers F.M. ever had ! You made their albums sound so rich and full.

What exactly is holding up the Buckingham Nicks album from being released on CD ? Are you aware that there were several unreleased tracks from that time and after for a proposed 2nd album ? It was discussed here with one of the Guests on the Q&A Session. (Steve Elliott, Arlington, Virginia, USA)

Thank you very much for the compliment. I think we were very lucky to be have been at the right place at the right time! Regarding Buckingham Nicks I believe I heard something about the 30-year anniversary coming, I know there were clearance issues regarding Stevie. You know I'm really amazed that so many of you want music released from the label. I shouldn't be surprised, I'm going to suggest one more time that everyone mail their requests to Warner Records Special Products. I'm sure if enough of you send them letters requesting the same songs they'll hop right on it and get them out. But you all need to get together on this, may be you can do that through this web site, if a million fans get together and put a list together of your favorite songs you want released and of Warners' has those songs, they would be absolutely crazy not to release them. Marty?

Do you think that there will ever be a compilation of Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey and Stevie music videos released on DVD? Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! (Matthew Sullivan, Eureka, California, USA)

Video compilations are tough business, again I would suggest you contact Warners' and tell them what you want. Marty help these people please.

We'll see what we can organize. Contact information will be posted here and on The Ledge Q&A Discussion Forum once we get it. Perhaps some kind of online petition can be started. If only we knew we only had to ask! -Marty

Hello Ken... thanks for taking the time to do this Q & A with us. It's a wonderful thing for the fans to be able to pick the brains of an "insider." I purchased the 'Rumours' DVD-Audio the week it came out, and I have to say that I was blown away. I had heard great things about it, but I admit that I wasn't expecting to really hear anything that sounded *that* different from the original. Boy, was I wrong! My vote for the next DVD-Audio is definitely 'Mirage.' The CD mastering on that one leaves a lot to be desired.

One question I have, is if any of the albums will be remastered for release on traditional compact disc (like the recent Van Halen, Rod Stewart, and Madonna re-releases)? Granted they won't be in 6-channel surround like a DVD-Audio, but it would be a step-up from the original CD masterings. I'd also like to know what lead to your work with DVD-Audio. From everything I've read, you're definitely one of the first to really explore the possibilities of this new medium. Thanks, and take care! (Brian Sheperd, Midland, Pennsylvania, USA)

That's one for Tusk and one for Mirage. More albums remastered? I don't know, they don't always keep me in the loop on this stuff! I'll call them Monday and tell them about all these request and see what they suggest. Maybe I can get an email address for you guys

My work with DVD-Audio? That's a funny question-- a friend of mine at Warners' called me in 1997 and told me that DVD-Audio was coming. When he told me that it sounded 4 times as good as a CD and that every DVD-audio system has a Sub-Woofer!! Yikes! That's another octive on the bottom end, I jumped in with both feet. I immediately put together the very best recording equipment and build 2 killer 5.1 studios. They're completely digital and they all run at 96 K and 24 bit. Everything just sounds so great. I put together two record companies for the exclusive purpose of releasing 5.1 music. Do you guys remember Dishwalla....Counting Blue Cars? Well, we just signed them to our label and they just finished recording their new record for us, It's unbelievable! Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Ken Caillat

Second, on the topic of Tusk -- in retrospect, it's been appreciated by many as a bold and courageous move. It's my favorite Mac album for that reason and many, many musical reasons as well. At the time of making it, was there an excitement/trepidation about the adventurousness on that album, or is it too hard to feel too much of that sort of thing when you're wrapped up in the middle of it all? Thank you so much for spending time with us. Best wishes to you and all in the band. (Les, San Diego, California, USA)

Band interviews? That's a piece of cake! What would you want them to talk about? The more I think about this, this website is perfect for the DVD-Audio disk. Regarding Tusk, I think we felt we were out in strange territory, but you're right when you're that far inside something it's really hard to know where you are and what you got. I remember after we'd finished mixing Rumours at the end of a very long year, we had a playback party and I invited my friends, one of my friends told me "I'm sorry Ken, I don't hear any hits!" What? There was like 12 hits on this record! I would of thought we all would have just started laughing at his comment but we were all devastated..... today, whenever he tells me he doesn't like something, I smile!

Ok..I admit it-- I'm a big Stevie fan. I like Lindsey and Chris, but Stevie is my favorite. I admire her so much for really getting her sh-- together after SOOO many set backs (coke, klonopin, weight, busted implants etc. etc.) I wanted to know if you were around her during the Klonopin "funk" days. I work for a company that is big on feedback and was wondering why no one confronted her about her bahavior so she could have potentially avoided those wasted times. I ask this mainly as a set up as to your opinion of her new record. I was not impressed by the bulk of her last three solo projects but feel this is a strong effort. I think its truly sad that radio has not given it a shot (neither single cracked the hot 100). So to make a short question long (sorry ;) what are your impressions of her album (if you have heard it) and how do you feel about "age discrimination on radio"? I want to ask the 45 yr old DJs do they like playing Britney, Backstreet etc. etc. when there are still "old timers" making great music still in their prime? (Steve Clifton, Richmond, Virginia, USA)

I stopped working with Fleetwood Mac in 1983. And then I came back in 1990 for the box set and then again in 1999 for the Rumours DVD-Audio disk. So I'm afraid I was in no position to confront her on her behavior or her mine. I just had dinner with Jim Ladd, from KLOS radio in Los Angeles. Jim has written a very good book about what has happened in radio, the taking away of the freedom of the D.J's. choice, it is titled "Radio Waves, Life and Revolution on the FM Dial" Don Henley wrote the intro. I you want to know why radio sucks so much today, read it! And if you people were able to tell the radio stations what you want to hear, like you're telling me, the record companies would have a choice they could release your disc, because they know that radio would play it. Thank you for your question.


Radio Waves, Life and Revolution
on the FM Dial

By Jim Ladd, 1992

Click to purchase the book. wife is asleep (expecting our second child), so I'm going to ask a bunch of questions. Feel free to say enoughs enough (but I think my questions are good). So here's another. If you were to hand pick a 25 song set compiled from "Fleetwood Mac", "Rumours", "Tusk", "Live", "Mirage", "Tango," "Greatest Hits", "BTM (Stevie/Chris songs), "Box", or "The Dance"....(no pre Stevie/Lindsey or solo-- This set would be performed in front of an audience with big celebrities, industry, and very young people who aren't as familiar with the band....The set should impress from start to finish (no take a beer break song), what would it be? (Steve Clifton, Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Congratulations on you second child!! I thought this was supposed to be fun! Things like that take hours of listening and comparing tempo's and keys and I'm sorry but I don't know all songs off the top of my head and I don't really wanna go get all of the CDs now and sit down so how about if I turn this around to to you, what would you like to hear?

With my previous question about radio being a deadend for those pretty much over 40, do you think there is actually a chance that this new record could really hit (i.e. 3-4 hit singles, 4-6 million records)? What is your position without Chris? Even though I have been clear that Stevie is my favorite, I think the chemistry of the three songwriters is key the band is less appealing without any one of them. Any chance the four active members will convince her her soon to retire after one more record and tour?? (Steve Clifton, Richmond, Virginia, USA)

At all is there actually a chance that this new record could do well? I really, really hope so! Stevie is great, as so as Chris, I truly believe the best thing for Fleetwood Mac is to get Christine back in the studio. For them to all go away together, to Hawaii to record a record together, put their lives on hold, leave the distractions behind, turn back the clock and just make music. The problem is she doesn't want to tour anymore. I like her saying "I'm not too old to tour, and too rich! " How would you all feel if Christine was in the studio making records and not going on tour to perform?

During your tenure with FM, list some celebs that you met (or heard about) that are big fans that either came to shows or the studio-- and do you think Stevie could have been a good actress? I heard she was approached. (Steve Clifton, Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Robin Williams, Tom Petty, Brian Wilson, Bill Graham, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Ringo, George Harrison-- there were so many people who loved Fleetwood Mac. Who doesn't? Stevie could probably been an excellent actress. She certainly has the emotion and the flair and a style and the looks and the brains. In person she's quite a commanding personality. You know she's in the room. I'd love to see her act. Thank you.

Sincerely, Ken Caillat

Ken, sorry, but I have to put you on the spot here. I have read over and over that FM doesn't care about "singles", and I have to call BS on that. I think everyone (the Nirvana's of the world too) want commercial success as long as artisticism isn't compromised. A hit single doesn't necessarily mean formulaic, and I think everyone wants to see that bullet (including Lindsey). What is your position on that? (Steve Clifton, Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Well I'd like to point out that there are big differences between a single and a hit record. I don't think Fleetwood Mac cares about making CD singles but I promise that they do want a hit record. They want to make their fans happy, and they want to make money! The goal for them would be airplay, because that translates into album sales.

Hi Ken, I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me. Which Fleetwood Mac member would you say you were closest to? Do you and Richard keep in touch? I am another fan who would love to see more obscure songs or live material released. I was wondering why the Mirage album when released on CD was mixed on such a low end? I would love to see it released on the DVD Audio format since it was the first album that introduced me to the Mac. Are there any other artists that you would like to work with? Thank you for your time. (Christa, West Haven, Connecticut, USA)

Which Fleetwood Mac member am I closest to? Gee, do you wanna get me in trouble with the band? I'll have to answer that diplomatically. Mick is certainly the most accessible and a very friendly chap! Christine lives too far away. Stevie has too many people protecting her to let old friends get close to her and Lindsey, the new dad, has started a new chapter in his life. Richard and I see each other quite often-- he is the vice president of A&R at my record company and has started his own label, Electomatrix Records, to give young bands a place to get their music out. If you'd like to contact Richard please go to the following website Are there any other artists that I like to work with? Herbie Hancock recently; Billy Idol was fun! We have a new band, bird3 on immergen Records ( Great music and an attitude!

Hi Ken, First off, I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to do this for all of us! I'm 16 years old and I've always found the Tusk album to be one of the most innovative albums of its time and it still holds its own today. I was just wondering about some songs that Stevie had written, one of which was called "The Dealer" which i believe was laid down as a demo during the recording of Tusk and I was wondering if there were originally any plans to make it as part of the album? Also, why were the Tusk Tour Rehearslas recorded? Were there intentions for the recordings to be used again? My final question is about a version of Sara that has Stevie saying in the beginning "I want to be a star..I don't want to be a cleaning lady". I always thought that added so much to that song. Do you have any remembrance as to why the band decided to take it out? Thanks again for your time and I hope I didn't ask too many questions. Great work on the Rumours DVD! (Alex, Wilson, New York, USA)

Good questions! My daughter is 16 and she listens to the Tusk album too much-- I can't get away from it. Regarding the song "The Dealer," when we start an album we have every intention of using every song on the album, however, you never know how well they will turn out. I think Stevie decided she would like to use that song on her own album. The Tusk rehearsals were recorded so that no ideas that might come up would be forgotten. As far as Sara is concerned I'm sorry and don't remember why the lyrics were edited, perhaps it was too personal for Lindsey?

Ken, you mentioned the old performances of "Rhiannon" as being some of your favorite band moments. So tell me about your work in 1975 mixing the band's radio show for King Biscuit (which contains a hot version of "Rhiannon"). Almost every Fleetwood Mac fan has a copy of this show, but nobody seems to be really sure about the exact date & venue. Some fans saw the Mac play at Yale Coliseum in New Haven in November 1975, & swear that this was the show recorded for broadcast. Others say it was a gig in New Jersey, but there has never been any legit substantiation. Any fond memories or recollections of that incarnation's first big radio show & your part of it? If the band ever decided to release a show like this in a nice little CD package with mixing & liner notes by Ken Caillat, Warners could sell a truckload. The clamor among Mac fans is LOUD, & I have a hunch that Mick & Co. are unaware of the ferocious demand. (David, Los Angeles, California, USA)

My partner, Leo Rossi, who toured with them since 1975, just told me that the King Biscuit show was from Union City, N.J. in 1975... I know it was a long time ago but I seem to recall it being recorded in a small radio station? No? I have many fond memories of mixing that show, fond, because if I hadn't have done it I probably wouldn't have recorded Rumours..., and that probably wouldn't have met Fleetwood Mac at all!

Well that was funny, Mick Fleetwood just called from Bubba Burger's in Maui, he said to say hello and he can't remember a thing about the King Biscuit show. That doesn't surprise me

Thanks for doing the q&a for us Ken. My question would be since it's coming close to the time for FM to go back into the studio, have you any hunches or facts of who is going to replace Christine on this album and/or tour? Second question is if they are replacing Christine, what musician would you pick for a keyboardist if it were your decision. I heard rumors (no pun intended) that it may be Stevie's keyboardist/Bassist Brett Tuggle. (Jeff Baer, Thorofare, New Jersey, USA)

My hunch is that no one is going to replace Christine. Who could replace her? I'm sorry, I'm just not in the loop on this one.

Hi Ken, thanks for your time. There is a song of Stevie's called 'Smile At You'. I've heard a few different versions of this tune but there is one kick-ass take that sounds like it fell right off the 'Rumours' album. Do you remember anything about this tune? And if you do, find it and get it released! Thanks again. (Doug Levasseur, Providence, Rhode Island, USA)

Good question! I do remember Stevie's song "Smile at You". It's great! It was done as a demo with her friends. This was all Stevie. I can't remember who the guitar player was but he nailed Lindsey's parts. Was it ever put on record? I like it now that I'm the one asking questions. I just called Leo, and he doesn't know of a "Smile at You". I've got her demo at the studio, I'll look into it. Thanks!

Hi, Ken! I would select Tusk for the next DVD-Audio...but the whole thing. To leave any song off would be sacriligious! :-) But, you'll see that FM fans are a greasy lot...we want them all on DVD-Audio! So, how long does it take to complete the transfer to 5.1 for one song or for an entire album? I believe Lindsey and Stevie said that they own the rights to Buckingham Nicks. They must either have the tapes or know where they are. Ask them! ;-) Then, tell them you MUST work on the new FM album!! Thanks! (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

It takes about 1 day to mix one song into DVD-Audio so that would be about two weeks, for the whole album. Yes, Stevie and Lindsey do own the rights to Buckingham Nicks, but then so does Warners'. I think Warners actually has no idea how many Buckingham Nicks CDs they could sell.

How was it like working with Fleetwood Mac on albums like "Tusk?" Did you like hearing Christine, Lindsey and Stevie's songs? Especially since they all wrote their own songs. Did like hearing everybody expressing themselves in different songs? If I were you I'd love to be in the studio with the whole band, recording, producing and all the other cool things. I would especially because I am eight years old and I have been a fan of Fleetwood Mac since I was four. Even some of their songs from 1972-1974 and from 1975 on. That concludes my question(s). (Thomas Nunan, Eight Years old, Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA)

Don't tell your mom, Thomas, but it's probably the best job in the world! I get paid to listen to music. And I get paid to sit there and hang out with rock stars and go on the road and party! I get paid to play with music on big machines that I can turn up as loud as I want! And it's got cool buttons on it to make the sound do special things. This machine is called a console and makes everybody think I'm a genius, but I am not, I am the luckiest man in the world! Thank you Thomas. What are your favorite songs? What was the first song you heard of Fleetwood Mac's? My daughter, worked on a console when she was eight months old! Thanks Thomas, great questions! If you're ever in Los Angeles come visit me in the Studio.

Ken Caillat

Regarding finding the BUCKINGHAM NICKS masters....During his own Q/A from November 2000 here on The Penguin, BN producer Keith Olson said: "I guess I have the only CD in the world. I pulled out the masters over a year ago, baked them to re-adhere the oxide to the backing, then built a master disc tape from it. It took me back several years." What does "baking the masters" mean? And could this help in moving things along to get the BUCKINGHAM/NICKS CD out there quicker? (Todd Fox, Evansville, Indiana, USA)

Hello Todd: We found the Buckingham Nicks masters, that's not the problem, were looking for the Buckingham Nicks multitrack master's so we can mix it in 5.1. I talked to Keith Olsen myself. Baking master's, means baking recording tape, which has a special oxide on it that gets charged with energy when it is recorded on, the oxide is attached to some sort of plastic backing like Scotch tape and if the tape is not been cared for, if it spends years going through many temperature changes, the plastic, or oxide will dry out and begin to shrink. When this happens, the oxide will separate from the backing on the tape. Baking the tape (at 100 degrees for eight hours) will make the tape all warm and pliable and most importantly, playable. It's kind of like putting lotion on dry skin, except it sounds better.

What was it like witnessing the live performance of "The Chain" in the studio during the Rumours era? I love that solo, and can only imagine how bitchin' it was. 2) Do you keep in touch with any of the band members today? Who would you say you are "best" friends with besides Richard? 3) How does one get into your profession? I am desperately trying to get into the music biz and have no idea where to start. Thank you Ken! (Brandon Jones, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Regarding question No. 1: What was it like witnessing the live performance of "The Chain" in the studio during the Rumours era? Well, let me ask you, What was the best day of your life? And did you know it when you were living it? That's what it was like watching The Chain go down. I'm sure I was busy worrying about the sounds and trying to get right to tape, but afterwards, when I played it back was I proud!! Question No. two: I believe I just answered for someone else, question No. three: I think it's best to learn to play an instrument and get a job in a recording studio in a big city, New York or Los Angeles. I own two studios and we have an intern program if you're interested but we're not too hot on these recordings schools. Thanks for your question, Sincerely, Ken Caillat

Earlier you responded to "mixed emotions about the Clinton thing." And "it was so contrary to their beliefs." Could you elaborate? I thought FM (or at least Lindsey Buckingham) were Clinton supporters? Thanks so much for the Q/A! (Todd Fox, Evansville, Indiana, USA)

Well Todd, I meant they're selling out their musical beliefs. In the past they were offered many commercials but they refused because they wanted to keep the music pure. You are correct and as I have said I have mixed emotions, nothing big time-- just mixed. I wish they had sounded better, and I wish they have looked better. What did you think?

Ken, I don't really have a question this time, I just wanted to thank you for all of your very informative and helpful answers to all of our questions, I certainly have more of a feel about how the industry feels about releases than I ever have before. In response to your request earlier to wanting to know who we are, my name is John Fitzgerald. Rumours was out when I was nine years old and it's been my favorite album ever since. My fandom for the Mac grew with each album I bought of theirs as I was pleasantly surprised with how much quality music they had released over the years. I got into music at a very early age (Lindsey would be proud that the Kinston Trio album my mother had was an early fav of mine!) Finally, as I'm sure you've figured with me already, I would like Warners to release whatever they have. It certainly isn't making them any money sitting in their vault and if they are worried about getting stuck with overstock, they could possibly print a limited supply of discs and sell them initially through The Penguin website! I'm sure you could convince them that they would sell out fast around here! I also second the motion for the re-release of the Mirage tour and Tusk documentary and live concert (and Tango in the night live) videos to be put out on DVD too. How about a long awaited promo (MTV) video compilation with the audio tracks done by you like on the DVD audio surround sound?! Also second the motion for the Live Box Set release. Basically, anything that they have, we want. It will sell around here, I guarantee it! I'll write to David though about all of this as you suggest but if you could pass on our requests too that might be extra helpful to the crusade. OK, I'm leaving now, I just thought of a quick question though, I was apparently born with perfect pitch but I can't play an instrument. What do you think how would you suggest I go about it? Thanks so much for everything again. (John, Peabody, Massachusetts, USA)

I'm in the same boat as you, John, I've got great musical hearing. I don't know about perfect, but almost. But what do what you mean you can't play an instrument? What do you mean by can't? I don't believe you, John! Anyone who picked up on Rumours at such an early age must be a boy genius ! Don't let me down, go take piano lessons, I promise you John, you will never, never, regret it. And you're never too old, I just started..

I just read the questions you already answered and have found your replies really interesting. I am a massive fan of FM and particularly of Stevie's. I think Stevie seems to be right back to her best (after a poor album 'Street Angel') and after hearing some of the demo's of songs left off her latest album I think things bode well for the next FM album (which i hope you become involved in!) My question is a simple one, What do you think of Stevie's latest album 'Trouble in Shangri-La', and particularly the production of it. (David Whillians, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, UK)

Wow, everyone is trying to get me in trouble today! I only heard Steve's album when she brought over to me, after listening to the Rumours mixes, at my studios. I have been meaning to buy her record. I was very impressed with it, particularly allowing outside writers on her record. Actually it's Sunday afternoon and I've been typing all day, I've got one more question to answer and I think I'll stop with your permission and go buy Steve's new album.

Hi Ken, I forgot to say earlier, I saw the Sgt. Pepper breakdown bt George Martin on the Classic albums series too, it was amazing and I was so happy when the Rumours one was done. Also, regarding this DVD audio poll we're doing here at the Penguin, my answer would be that I would hope that the entire Mac catalogue would be done at some point! Maybe released at regular intervals? It's something for Warners to think about anyways. It was hard to vote that way so I thought I'd tell you this way! It would be great if the technology could progress in the future so we could "play with the mix" ourselves as discussed earlier as the screens to the Rumours DVD audio tantilizingly have the instrument tracks listed for each song, but of course, we couldn't highlight them to play them seperately as I had hoped but I still love what you've been able to do with it. I forgot about the legal side of it all, that's a shame. Oh well, hopefully someday! Thanks so much for your time and thoughts. (John Fitzgerald, Peabody, Massachusetts, USA)

You know, I have really been enlightened by this Q&A session, because I like you, want the music released to the public. The problem is the record company guys don't wanna lose their job by suggesting releasing something that might not sell! These guys are way overpaid except David May, of course! So what we need to do is help them out by using this web site. Marty are you listening? Marty if you could set this website up almost as an ordering station so the label knew they had how many customers they had and exactly what their customers wanted, maybe this web site could place the order directly to Warners'?

Marty: Hmmmm....we'll have to chat.

Hello Ken, Thank you for giving us your time to answer so many questions. Firstly I must congratulate you on the Rumours DVD Audio and especially for putting a 5.1 mix on it so that it will run on DVD video players reaching even more Mac fans, it really is the best album I have ever heard. Keep up the good work! I have two questions for you.

Firstly, on recording Rumours when you originally realised that you would have to replace the drum tracks with the safety drum tracks, did you think you could pull it off? It must have been a really painstaking task!

Secondly, from working with Lindsey so much, some of his work and ideas are so creative and at times so incredibly abstract, can you explain to us the process he has of taking these raw ideas and forming such fantastic songs with them?

By the way, I would love to see the deleted Mirage concert on DVD, it would give newer Mac fans a chance to see the band perform with such creative musical anger, from a time when there was more than a little friction! Please do what you can. (Justin Bailey, Congleton, Cheshire, UK)

C Dunhill Studios possibly could help us. We took our tapes to them and there was a genius there who helped us transfer the tapes. This guy wore headphones for 12 hours listening to the original track in his left ear and the new track in his right ear and he turned a knob to keep them syncronized. I tried doing it for one song and I still have a limp from the experience! Working with Lindsey, you just take it one step ahead time. He would play us something he thought of perhaps the night before. We would try to get on the same page, and it was just about sound, he'd play and we would have fun with the music. 

Hello Ken--thank you for participating and helping us to understand and to appreciate the history of Fleetwood Mac even more (if that's possible)! Please describe each of the "Five Fireflies" using only one word for each. And if I may sneak another question in here, what was "THE" moment when you knew that RUMOURS would be one GIANT of a record? (Heather, New York, USA)

Hello Heather, I don't understand each of the five fireflies sorry, are you talking about the band members? The moment I knew the Rumours was big, I had just gotten into my car and turned my radio on, the DJ said "boy have I got a treat for you, I'm going to play you the new Fleetwood Mac album, and wait till you hear how great it sounds!" My heart leaped into my chest and then he played "Go Your Own Way." He was right, it sounded so good, you can't imagine how proud I was! Particularly, after my friend, in a recent story, told me "he didn't hear any hits"!

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