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Gary "Hoppy" Hodges : June 5 - 18, 2000
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Hi Hop,

Stevie once said that it was completely unacceptable to her family that she and Lindsey were living together. Did you find either family to be unsupportive of the relationship? Also, if you were to speculate, do you think Stevie and Lindsey ever discussed getting married? Stevie is often seen wearing a very simple gold band on her left hand, could that be some token of commitment from Lindsey to Stevie? Thanks so much. Awesome Q&A! (Laura P., Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

Hi Laura P.

I believe you are correct here, in that I think there was some moral concern on her family's side, as might apply to you as well if your family found you living with someone out of wedlock, just kinda shackin' up-- but I have to take their side here. They had a special thing going, you know, and they were trying to get business done, a dream they had for a long time…it may go back before this lifetime, their camaraderie may be very old indeed, Laura. I feel from the interview that I saw on Vh1 that their relationship could indeed have been a very old relationship. I don't want to sound too mystical but from knowing them and their knowledge of life, they were both very old souls, evidently. You don't just write songs like these with experiences from a single life experience; you would have had to live a long time and experienced a great deal to know that much about life in all its aspects…so I think they have done this sort of thing before, really. We have probably seen the Buckingham Nicks phenomenon in the past dramatized in some creative way. I would step off here and venture to sat this is 90% correct. They were as good a married, Laura. The legal thing was missing but it was there, spiritually, you can feel married to someone without the technical paperwork. Sometimes that makes it very ruff on the commitment-- some people get along for years without tying the knot legally, and some bust up over the pressure of marriage legally. For them they played by the clean rules while they were together, it seems, and a great deal of creativity was realized from their union…some gorgeous music came from these people, just gorgeous. I noticed the writing quality right away in them and liked it, and wanted to be a part of it any way I could help musically. Just a minute, let me look back here, I missed something on your question, I know I did.

Laura, I don't think it was a totally non-supported thing. I think they got some help from home and some support. I really think Lindsey was liked by her family and Stevie was liked by his family-- what is not to like, they were both charming people, you see. As far a discussing marriage, I think they might have been afraid to do it as so many people around them were having trouble in that area, me included, that the prospect was frightening, seeing what people were going through around them with that legal commitment thing. They may have talked about it. I felt they were married in a sense as they were so close; they might have been common law married as they lived together so long anyway, but you know what a magical union they were, really.

You know that ring may be from when she actually got married…I believe she was married for a short time. I am not sure but I think she had a brief marriage, didn't she? So that might be the ring you mentioned, who knows. I don't feel that it is a token from Lindsey at all.

Laura, this has been an interesting question. I have not answered all in full Confidence, as I am not sure on some of this, but my gut feeling is what I have told you here. Thank you for your questions. I have enjoyed trying to answer them for you, Laura.

Hi Gary,

A comment and a question for you. The comment: Thank you so much for doing this Q&A - I have so thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers, and not really so much for the information you're providing as much as for the feelings you are showing. We can all tell that you are just a great guy and appreciate so much your enthusiasm and your obvious love for both Lindsey and Stevie, even after all of the years you've spent apart from them. I truly hope that you do get to reunite with both of them someday, if not to play music with them, then just to be able to rekindle those friendship fires - good friends are hard to come by, and we should all hang on to the ones we have as tightly as possible, don't you think? Now, my question: In your answer to one of Jax's questions, you said that Lindsey said a "hurtful" thing to you - that you "chose the wrong instrument." I was curious; I can't imagine anyone saying something like that to a friend, one who Lindsey obviously thought was terrific enough a drummer to record on his album. I can't help but wonder, did he possibly mean that he thought you could have played another instrument even BETTER than your drums? Do you play any other instruments? Maybe he thought you had possible talent as a guitarist? Or, you mentioned that you sing - could he have possibly meant that you would have made a good lead singer as well as a drummer? I'm hoping that what he said was not a put-down to your drumming; anyone who has ever heard Frozen Love knows how great you are!!! Thanks again for doing this Q&A, and hope to maybe see you on the Ledge message boards on the Penguin sometime? Hint hint. :o) If I ever make it to Branson, I'll be sure to try to catch one of your shows!! (Lori, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Lori,

I probably should not have made this comment at all, as at the time I wasn't doing as well as Lindsey ,and he just probably was trying to kick start me out of a rut. He was with a powerful group at this point and I was still doing scab sessions, trying to make ends meet and having a struggle, and he wasn't struggling any longer so he said this. It stuck with me; most things I hear stick in my memory banks anyway, ha ha. I must have a thousand songs in there. In doing this Q& A thing it opens areas that you kinda re-live again and brings back all kinds of things-- events and circumstances and times and places, and just things that happened and things that didn't…and I didn't get to go to the top with them. This was hurtful really to me, I guess… but I got to be part of this legend and should be thankful, you see. I really appreciate your comments; you seem very thought driven and thoughtful of others here.

Lori, I really don't think he meant that hurtfully; he was probably going through one of his truth to truth fazes and I just happened to be present. I sing and play and mess around with guitar and piano and harmonica--I love the blues, love to sing blues, and play and sing at the same time. I love it; it makes me feel good inside, really…if you ever come to Branson I will take you to one of my shows and you can enjoy it with all of us.

Hi again, Gary. It´s great to have the opportunity to participate on this Q&A session. Maybe it is surprising for you to have a fan in Spain, but it is definitely fantastic for me to be able to contact you. Well, in fact I have two copies of the Lambert & Nuttycombe album, so it will be a pleasure for me to send one of them to you. That copy really belongs to you! Unfortunately I have only one copy of Jorge Calderon´s City Music, but I can tape it (or "CD-it") for you anyway. Just e-mail me and I will be more than happy to do that. In a previous question you have mention a lady named Judi Pulver... Judi co-wrote two songs with Jorge for his album. "City Music" (in my modest opinion) is one of the best West-Coast albums ever made, and I bought it (as with the one by Eric Mercury) on a trip to New York ten years ago just because I saw your name on the credits. How was working with Jorge Calderon like? Was that album a commercial failure back in 75? It´s a pity he couldn´t reinforce his career like, say, Warren Zevon or, maybe to a certain extent, Wendy Waldman. Are you still in contact with Jorge? I bought the Lambert & Nuttycombe one in Toronto and it´s excelent too: well played, well composed, well produced, ... What else can one ask for? Of course I would take you on a tour of my country. Madrid is waiting for you! My girlfriend is an excellent cook, so if you like spanish food you won´t be dissapointed. One more question. The Lambert & Nuttycombe album is full of "linked" musicians: You, Lindsey, Waddy, Jorge, Peggy Sandvig, Keith Olsen and even Domenic Troiano (he recorded an album entitled "Tricky" featuring Monty Stark). Was that session prior to the one for the BN album? Were these just casual connections? Gary,I really appreciate your affability and kindness. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for all! (Daniel Galera, Madrid, Spain, USA)

Hello my friend in Spain-- I just love the fact that you have these albums and know so much about all this. It just blows me away, really. I have a lot to discuss with you as I have never heard so much positive feedback on my work, and did not realize it had reached someone as dear as you are, really. Oh your wife (girlfriend ) has already got my attention on this Spanish food, ooooooooo that is one of my weaknesses, really.

We are going to have to get in touch here as I have no copies of these classic records you speak of, and have not heard them in years .

Judy Pulver was a great artist in her own right, and I did an album with her with Del Newman in England in the 70's. We toured Europe together and Waddy was on that trip with me, too; it was so fun. We did Europe and let's see… Paris, Germany, Switzerland, all of England and more in just 6 weeks. She had the record on the Scottie Bros. thing "Dancin On The Moon" right about the time they were doin the moon thing. I guess Jorge and her wrote together; I didn't know that at the time. Yeah that is a good record, really, not too many people know about it. It was not a commercial success at the time, but we did a states tour behind it anyway, with tour support from WB. I have not seen him in years.

Jorge was fun to work with-- a little intimidating at times…we had some fun together with music for a minute, and went different directions after the little tour for his album.

Yeah, Lambert and Nuttycomb, City Music, Eric Mercury, Buckingham Nicks, they were all done around the same time frame; I was active then more so.

Gee I have never had anybody buy an album because my name was on the credits. This is flattering to me, thank you sincerely.

He got 125,000 for album budget, or spent that much anyway, and 25,000 tour Support. I was shocked so I worked with him… yeah, a lot of years, it seems, until we got that done. I think it is underrated really, deserves another shot at it.

All these sessions you speak of were around the same time period, actually-- I even play on some Dominic Triano stuff with him. I don't know if it got released, but we tracked together on several occasions with David Foster in the sessions too, and William (Smitty )Smith and Willie Weeks too. We had a little click going there and cut a lot of tracks for people at that time-- 72 to 76, I believe. Hey, I really like being in touch with you, let's get Marty to send a private message to each other so we can talk off line here, as I am done on my time limit with Marty. But I really would like to carry this conversation a little deeper with "Spain", ok? Your friend and drummer in Branson ,Missouri USA, Gary H.

Thank you for taking another question from me Gary~ I was wondering if the Buckingham/Nicks band believed that Stevie and Lindsey would one day be back together, and that the Fleetwood Mac involvement was just temporary? Had you all discussed this together? Thank you Gary. It has been wonderful reading this Q and A! (Susan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Susan,

I believe they went into FM permanently, as it was a pretty rough go ahead for us with no deal and no tour support and no backing (except a Richard Dashut recording session set up at night at Sound City to demo songs, you see) so the offer was a "Break" for them, Susan and a much needed one, evidently. It was getting a little rough out there and I think the Mick call kinda gave them renewed hope. We got left behind on the deal but I am sure that made some people real happy and others not so happy. It would be a great gesture on everybody's part to get together and record something or play a little gig, I think anyway. They have made all the money and gotten all the awards, so what would it hurt to get together and do something… why, nothing. Maybe they are listening out there somewhere in Cyberspace and might consider the folks that were part of this history making event and give us a shot at it a moment, as Polydor kinda shot us out of the saddle undeservingly, when our hearts were there trying to make it go, too, you know. I know it is a cold business, but it is made that way by people in it, you see. It can be a heart warming experience for all and was at one point; we were very strong to do what we did on our own .

We didn't have a lot of discussion; they were going to join them, that was evident to me, so you just had to suck it up and go on, you see. I was very sad for awhile; it took something out of me, it hit me at the heart and soul of my being. It was like losing a loved one, I still miss 'em, today.

Thanks Gary for doing this Q&A thing! It's great to have people who are willing to tell their stories. Everyone has seemed to ask my Lindsey and Stevie questions! But I do have a question. It says in your biography that you played with Rick Nelson, and The Stone Canyon Band. How was that? Was Randy Meisner in it at the time? We're you friends with him? (I'm a HUGE Eagles fan as well as a Fleetwood Mac fan!) Do you have a favorite story from then that you would share? Thanks! (Heather Di Rose, Binghamton, New York, USA)

Hi Heather, how are you honey, good to hear your question. Yes, I have a story for you--I played with Ricky Nelson and the Stone Canyon band for a short while; I mainly did some rehearsals with them at SIR (Studio Instrument Rentals ) in LA. Rick was very nice to work with, and I enjoyed standing next to him when we ran songs like Garden Party and such fair. I never knew Randy Miesner but I knew of him and his association with Don Henley. I knew Don, as he hired me for a gig with Glenda Griffith, an Areola artist, and I made it through Christmas thanks to him. Thank you, Don, I would love to tour with you if you are listening out there… saw and read your interviews in RS. Anyway Heather, I had some elbow rubbing with Henley and Nelson, but Randy Miesner was not around at that time, sorry. As far as a story, well, I have told a bunch huh?

Hi Gary-- Thanks for all the great stories about Lindsey and Stevie. I am really enjoying this Q and A. On a different note-- you had mentioned awhile back that you got to spend some time w/ John and Chris McVie back then-- buying John a drink, letting them cook dinner in your trailer, etc. I was just wondering if you had any memories of what *their* relationship was like at that time. Did they seem happy and in love? Did you notice any instances where alcohol was obviously a negative influence on John? Did it seem to you like their relationship was already in a decline? Any insight you have would be appreciated! Thanx again! (Brandi, Wilmington, Delaware, USA)

Hi Brandi--

No, I think they were very close when I knew them. I didn't buy John a drink, I was just at the hotel after the show and this Japanese bartender suddenly said the bar was closed, and I said 'hey these guys just did a great show over here at the coliseum and why don't ya just serve em' and he looked at me and said "OK"-- that is when John McVie gave me a big hug for talking the Japanese bartender to 'give it up'-- a drink, that is. It kinda pissed me off, cause just as we walked up he suddenly said the bar was closed, and I stepped up and said my piece and he opened up suddenly, huh. That's what happened-- no drinks were bought by me. They cooked a meal in my Mobil Scout one time and they seemed nice and very comfortable together. At the time I was not aware of any outnesses on John or Christine; I like them and was glad to host them in my trailer and feed 'em… they were working on the first album that Stevie and Lindsey were on with them at the time.

I remember that at those sessions (near the end of that three month period) there was a ton of wine bottles piled stacked in what looked like road cases in the back of the room… man, it was a lot of wine bottles of vintage wine that was consumed at those sessions… I don't know who consumed it all, but a lot was consumed. I remember that.

Hi Gary! I was wondering if you have a favorite Stevie with Fleetwood Mac song? Stevie solo song? And the same with Lindsey, with FM and solo.

Okay, now my silly questions...You had mentioned that you ate with Stevie and Lindsey...what did Stevie like to cook? Did she like baking? Did Lindsey ever cook for you? Did he know how to cook? Did you ever cook for them? Thank you very much! (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

I like all their songs, some better than others… you know how some days one hits you different than another day, but I have always liked their stuff a lot. Lindsey loved to soak meats or chicken in sauces and marinate stuff. He cooked a time or two; I recall he made me something at his mansion one time-- fettuccini, I think, and we ate out together sometimes too. They both cooked and did different things; it was fun knowing them, really fun.

How does it feel now that after working with Lindsey and Stevie, that they have become huge successes? (Mandy Brandell, Olivet, Michigan, USA)

Well, I think that it is great to be a success and they are. I would love to have been with them, too, but I think it is just awesome what they have achieved, don't you? Really proud of them, as I was glad to see something come out of all that hell of LA and the music business and all that crap that went on-- for someone to come out on top of that is wonderful, really. There were some tears to get there; I shed some too and still do.

You are so cool call me next time you are in so cal and we can go eat! I love eating too.... Any favorite restaurants? I know this guy who used to see the whole FM crew go to Moonshadows in PCH. Anyway... this question might seem REALLY odd... but i'll go ahead... If you have Stevie's Boxed set check this out- in the credits in the back it says that the compilation supervisor is someone named Woody Firm... and this uh- doesn't seem like a real name. Do you know if that might be a joke.. like it's really Stevie? did she do things like that? Compilation supervisor sounds like a sequencer thingy- and Stevie says she sequences all her stuff because it's very important to her. I just thought i'd see what you had to say about it all... thank you! (Jessica Leigh Badten, Camarillo, California, USA)

Jessica, Hi--I have eaten at Moonshadows myself, and just about every restaurant in Southern California too…this is making me LOL. That is a funny question and I think it is a joke; it just has too much of that silly side to it. I can see where someone dropped that in, maybe she might not have seen that ha ha ha :):):) It is funny, though, and typical humor on their part probably, you see. Who ever did all that liner stuff might have dropped that in. I have that, I will have to look now that you pointed it out. Thanks for the kewl compliment thing-- I bet you are kewl, too. YEAH everybody sequences these days…that sounds like something she did on the Woody Firm thing, it is a girl thing, isn't it?

Hi Gary! I have another silly question. Do you know anything about Lindsey and Stevie's ethnicity? Just wondering. Serious question. What are your plans once the Q&A is finished? What is next for your career? Thanks for being so honest and patient with our questions. Hope you get to live your dream of meeting up with Stevie and Lindsey again for good times. :-) (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Jo, good question-- I don't know that the ethnicity, that is a good one. I would like to know…let's see, Buckingham is English for sure, and Nicks is Swedish, so there you have it, the English and the Swedes got together and WOW! My plans-- I work in a show and would like to record my own thing, and oh I have a few things I want to do. I hope you get to see me play with them, Jo, wouldn't that be nice? Lets just postulate that we all get back together somehow, ok? Thanks, Jo.

Hello Gary, Please excuse the teeny bopper nature of this question, but can you tell me what TV shows Lindsey and Stevie watched when you knew them? Thanks for indulging me! Your the greatest! (Susan Waite, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Susan, to the best of my knowledge they did not have a television… songs were their entertainment......good for us huh....

Hi Gary: Thanks for doing this Q and A forum! Was wondering, Stevie's closest friend was Robin Anderson who unfortunately passed away in the early 1980's. Did she and Stevie hang out during the time you knew Stevie and Lindsey, and what were your impressions of Robin if any? Thanks! (Roland, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

No, she wasn't wasn't around then, no, and I never met her...sorry.

Hi Gary, I have really been enjoying your Q&A session--thanks for sharing some of your memories with us. I was wondering how you were chosen to drum on the Buckingham Nicks record. Did you have to audition or did Keith Olson know your drumming reputation? Another related question I have is, did Stevie and Lindsey then ask you to go on the tour? Thanks! (Amy, Evanston, Illinois, USA)

Hi Amy,

I had been playing in the studio and getting going in that direction-- getting some session work and hustling around on a career in that field--and I was called to cut some tracks, and it was them. Yes, they asked me to play and tour with them and I did. Furthermore, Keith had used me in the studio; he was doing several productions at the time and used me, and they were one of the ones he was doing. I owe a lot to Keith for my connection to them, but we all became friends and carried it on out of the studio too and onto the stage. He never saw this; he would have been proud. Basically I got a call, a magical call, and that is how history was made.

Hi Gary, I just thought of another question I want to ask you: I read in one of your answers that Lindsey made a remark about you picking the wrong instrument. That seems weird since he liked your drumming so much. (Was he smoking something funny at the time?--HA HA) Did you ever ask him what he meant by that? Thanks for answering our questions, and I want to wish you all the best! (Amy, Evanston, Illinois, USA)'ll never tell, but no, he was probably just pissed off at me that day!!!!!!!!! Probably went over one too many times,

I was reading the lists of songs you said BN recorded for a second album, or for concert, and they sounded like they were a lot of Stevie songs- i was wondering if there were any extra songs of Lindsey's that you worked on then, or was it just that she was more prolific? (Laura)


They were both prolific at the same time, and equally prolific. The songs I mentioned were Rhiannon, Monday Morning, Blue Letter, I Don't Wanna Know, Sorcerer, Lady from the Mountain, B rock tune, GEEZ this was so long ago it is hard for me to recall all of them. I played on a bunch with them live and in the studio…and in rehearsal and onstage and in the basement and on the floor…we played at Starwood Topo in Hollywood and Alabama, geez, everywhere. They were awesome people, you see, very talented and creative ....

Have you listened to all of their solo work and what are your favorite songs? (Amy)

I have listened to most all of it and I like all they do. I love them. I have most of their tracks here…some I don't, but some I do have and I enjoy all their efforts, really.

I've read both Lindsey and Stevie say they were "great lovers but not good friends". Now, obviously you wouldn't know about the lovers part, but did you think they were good friends? i've kind of gotten the impression that you did from what you've said previously. Also, i read once Lindsey said that they "already had problems [in their relationship] by the time they joined FM" did you notice any problems , or their relationship grow more strained over the years you knew them? i was also wondering if you thought they would get married or stay together forever, or it was just a passing thing. I also was wondering if you were ever a confidante for various feelings or problems regarding their relationship. (Laura)

Well, they had the same things going on anyone else had, I guess, but they loved each other and that was obvious in their day to day lives. There was survival strain on everyone out in LA at the time. They were probably great lovers. I saw them curled up together a few times at the house, and laying around on each other cuddling… they loved each other. I thought they were good friends; they helped each other out. I did notice some strain, a little… Lindsey and I visited some-- I had a strained marriage then too, and a divorce when I met them-- that strained my relationship with them, I think. I felt they were married and acted accordingly around them. I had the greatest respect for them both at the time and would do nothing to hurt that. The music was so good, I did not want to damage anything with them. I thought they were a permanent item-- guess you can be wrong on this thing, huh? You know, I got to visit with both of them separately and knew them each separately too… guess I was lucky there.

Maybe someone asked you this before, but I was wondering if you had any interesting stories about Lindsey- like something funny, or memorable? Did you ever meet his brothers or hear him talk about them? (Laura)

Well I cannot remember anything new right now, but I have told some things that happened. I never met his brothers or heard him speak about them, except the fact that his brother was a gold medal winner in the Olympics for swimming.

Closing Comments:

OK-- in closing, I would like to thank Marty and the Adelson family for having me on their incredible web page, and I want to thank all of the fans for the memories that they brought back to me in those magical mystical days of Buckingham Nicks, the early years. I appreciate all the fans so much, and hold each and every one dear in my heart, too. It was so much fun talking with you all over the web and answering some very unique questions. I have played for over thirty years and have done numerous recordings and live dates in that time. The chance to be creative and work with such unique people has truly been an honor and a privilege. I hope there will be more in store for me, and for all of you that share the universal love of music. It has been an adventure and lots of fun too… thank you and love to all...Gary Hodges

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