Q&A Sessions
Gary "Hoppy" Hodges : June 5 - 18, 2000
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Hi Gary,

Wow! You seem to have a very good memory. I was wondering, is there anything you could tell us about your times living with Linds and Stevie? Any habits? In Stevie's song "Gypsy" she mentions going 'back to the floor that I love, to a room with some lace and paper flowers', what did their room look like? What was the poodle's name?

You also mentioned going to the 'Rumours' sessions. It would have been interesting to have been a fly on the wall during that time in their career. Is there anything else you can tell us? We read about the hash brownies in Mick's book, do you have any stories? Thank you for your time! (Jax, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Jax,

Well, I have some great memories of those times…the lace and paper flowers is probably a later house she had, I am sure. The digs I took over were nice in Studio City, but quaint and not large at all. I only lived with them during the house transition, so we were moving them in my little VW and all, no biggy. I most enjoyed the meals we had together, as you get kinda close when you sit down to eat with someone, you see. Stevie once told me stuff like, "man, you love to eat," "you are great on the road," "don't worry about stuff," "can you slow that down a little, I can't get the words in." Yeah, one of my biggest faults, it seems, is my dang memory; I never read Mick's book, should I? Oh, the !!!Brownies!!!!! I never got one ha ha :):)ha ha :):) These questions are getting a little more intricate… let me look back here just a minute; I don't want to miss here on anything. Hold the phone, Jax.

Oh the poodle, "Ginny"-- cute little dog, very loving. She treated that dog like a human. It was so funny to hear her talk to it; I thought it was going to talk back a few times. The house in Studio City was a very nice little digs; it was a part of a bigger house that a man named Byrd built. Nice upper class dwelling. They were real clean folks, real clean, inside and out. Sweet kids and sssooo talented as you know now. You remember that statement in the song "Dreams"-well, I remember her laughing at a remark Jorge Calderon made one day while we were rehearsing--he said (pertaining to going to the bridge of a song) "you will know" and there you have it. I'll be here all week ha ha ha :):) Oh, stories huh? Yes, I was at the "Rumours" sessions and watched it all go down, and mostly Lindsey overdubbing his guitar parts. You know an interesting story on that is this: they spent so much time up there and worked so hard on those sessions, only to come back to LA to mix, and something was wrong with the tape-- they literally had to strip the tracks to drums and lay it all over again from the ground up…heard that one? Ate with them at the session, too; I love to eat. Trying to think here on the stories one; I have block for a moment ha ha ha:):) Oh-- Lindsey dared me one day to jump in his swimming pool at the Tudor Mansion, I loved to go over there and see him when I could, and I jumped in fully clothed for a laugh. It was hot that day anyway, and felt I kinda Keith Moony… he laughed; I don't think he thought I would do it. I remember him having a beautiful drum kit in his garage, too. Oh, he ran me off one day, as I was a little obnoxious, I guess. Sorry, Lindsey, about that day. He later loaned me a pair of velvet pants and shirt for a photo session I did for an artist named Daryl Inman, "Electric Skyway", do you recall it? Man, I miss him more ways than One; I tell you this from the deepest part of my heart. Sometimes meals turned into food messes, and that was fun, especially the Chinese restaurant deal. I will never forget that the owner just stood there and let it happen, and then you leave them a big tip and they say, "You come back, now…" Boy, what power and money will do. I remember Lindsey saying one day after someone called him about something (I think wanting him to back a restaurant deal)- "Huh, they will have to kiss up, won't they?" Oh he had the power then buddy, for sure. I will share this with you though-- one day Lindsey told me a hurtful thing-- he said, "You chose the wrong instrument." Well, this has stuck with me, but I tell you this-- I have played on over a hundred or more projects since that statement was made to me by him, but I still love him, though. I believe Mick warned him about some of his fatal truth telling stuff; I read that in an interview once. Hey Jax, starting to get a little cranky here, better take a break, huh? Thanx for q&a-ing with me, hoss, it's kinda like good therapy for me to talk a little… very little, huh? Hey the beat goes on!!...Gary

That's funny you mentioned a BN tour when (and if!) the CD comes out! A group of my friends spoke about that possibility earlier this year, too, especially since Stevie and Lindsey are probably better friends now then they have been in years. What an incredible tour that would be! Record execs (and fans!) would froth like rabid dogs over that possibility.

But humor me here, Hop. Let's pretend the CD gets released in May of 2001, and for nostalgia's sake, SN and LB ask you to drum for them again on a tour to promote the CDs release ... would you truly be prepared for a 3-6 month tour starting next June? Wouldn't that upset the apple-cart (so to speak) at home? I've always wondered about the impact of musicians uprooting to live months and months of their lives on a bus and a stage. Thank goodness they do it, though!

Hey, thanks for your input here ... very unique point of view and very refreshing to read your stories. I'm going to print this Q&A out and bring it to Branson this summer ... are you gonna sign it for me? Thank you, sir! (Tim Bucci, Springfield, Illinois, USA)

Hi Tim,

Well, this is the best one yet-- they keep getting better here as I get along on this. Yours is very unique. Oh yeah, the record exec-- the ones who said "too folky" or "too mellow," shelved it when we were hurting for a deal to survive with it. Yes, the fat cat's OK, hypothetically speaking. No, I am not prepared right now as I have gigs and a regular job now, too, but if you make me an offer I can't refuse, which I do deserve by the way, I could get prepared real quick Tim. My health is not what it used to be, but I am working on that too; living in the Ozark Mountains has been pretty good on the ole boy here. You know, they should re-release it in all its glory and let it shine and get us back together and the whole nine yards, just for the disappointment they caused so many years (tears) ago, I think, Tim. I can still get around on a kit real good too, so I remember all the material and let's go, what the hell. If I can take my wife, well, I am ready. Jim Keltner once told me in an angry tone that he and his family went on a paid vacation when he went out with George Harrison for that Japan tour they did, so let's go on a BN tour. Oh hell we would make it fine through that deal, and the fans would love it as they did when we did it way before FM. But since Lindsey is sleeping with Mick (so to speak) he would probably be taped to drum on it, don't you think, Tim. That seems to be the way it has gone for me since Mick came into the picture. Let me humor you further, Tim, just a minute-- I want to look back at your question again, hold on.

I would do it. They think I am probably washed up or something. I am not; I am playing and active in the studios here and onstage and yes, I would sign your e-mail ,Tim! ha ha ha :):):) I have signed my name here in Branson millions of times in the 16 plus years I have played here with awesome celebrities and entertainers--Jim Stafford for one, John Davidson, too. Hey, you have them call me-- Diane (my wife )and I can be packed in a few hours, Tim. And I promise you a hell of a drum track on every song we do, too. Hey, I sing too, ha, that oughta make you laugh…pretty good, too. They let me sing on the show; I do anyway. Hey, enjoyed your input, too; you are a true fan, I can tell. Thanx for the memories and keep me in mind-later, Tim. -- Gary

Hi Gary! I don't know for sure if you've already answered this question or not, but what is YOUR favorite track on "Buckingham Nicks" (I'm guessing "Frozen Love"!)? Any memories about the instrumetnal "Stephanie"? Stevie has said that Lindsey couldn't think of a name for it, and that she suggested her name. You are a fabulous drummer, by the way -- I'll never listen to "Frozen Love" the same way again! Your work is wonderful on the record, and Stevie and Lindsey were so fortunate to have such loving and caring musicians around them, like yourself, that truly believed in them and their dream. :) (Claudia, Moab, Utah, USA)

Hey thanx, Claudia. I think I answered this earlier, but I really like "Without a Leg to Stand On." Oh heck, I like them all, really, all of them. You should have heard the ones that didn't make the album. Man, they were really good. It should have been a double album; there was enough material for it, believe me, there was. I think that he named that song out of love for Stevie, really, just because she had no title… he said well honey, lets call it Stephanie and they did, I would imagine, or he just wrote it on there and she saw it later when he wasn't around. That is the kinda love they had, a special love, you see.

You know, you are the first person that has ever acknowledged that there was anyone else around, thank you… and thank you for the praise and compliments, too, I really appreciate it. You think their saga is a soap opera-- you should hear my side, you know, 'the drummer left behind' ha ha, what a story it is to read, girl. I spent three years around them in LA, and what a 10 year experience that was; they were probably the most promising thing I had going at the time. It was hard to pick up and go on, so to speak, after you lose those fine people, dear. Sometimes I think it was a conspiracy to get us out of the picture and Mick in it… you have heard Keith Olsen say how he felt the Fritz band would hold them back, and then here we come, me and Tom and Bob and all, and he probably felt that, too, about us. Producers and engineers are liable to say anything to further their own ends, you see, but those people never saw it live, either, so they may have been mistaken, too, huh? Well, I survived it in full color, some didn't. I am a survivor of the Fleetwood Mac era and I may do a book, too, so watch out, world, cause there was some dirty laundry out there too… but I can't bring myself (my good natured self)to start slinging mud and stuff. What is the point, it does no one any good, you see, it just satisfies some demented thing in people. You know, like Don Henley's song "Dirty Laundry"-- love that song-- and I love Stevie and Lindsey still too much to throw crap on a pile that is already full, you see. Hey, I am a Texas boy and I like to give people the benefit of the doubt; life is tough. Hey, I may get to play with them yet. I was meant to in the first place.

Claudia-- I guess you have to get with a dreamer to realize one for yourself, too. My intention was to get with talented people, and I did. I was lucky on Stevie and Lindsey, kiss the ground. I hope it is not over with them… I never ended it, they did. For opportunity they needed it, too. They had some help--Keith Olsen and others, but I was proud they trusted me with the drumming duties I got. I think I was nearly shot out of that, too, but Lindsey said, "No, I want Hodges on this one." Thanx, Lindsey, wherever you are in Bel Air!!! He once said to someone on the phone on my behalf, "I will be his friend"; what a large person he is, I will never forget him ever. I owe him some change, too, and can't find him. I have tried, too; I told him I would work it off in the studio, so pass it on. Maybe he will hear me through you, who knows. Love, the Hopster

Just yesterday I acquired a CD copy of Buckingham/Nicks in Missoula, MT that someone had made, relatively unaware of the sounds of it. I must say, it's pretty dang good. So that's my compliment... My question is: I noticed that there is a version of "Crystal" on the album, which sounds a bit different in places compared to the version on the Fleetwood Mac album, as far as vocal harmonies go. Is there a version you prefer? Or is that a biased question? :) (Sara Smith, Great Falls, Montana, USA)

Hi, Sara Smith,

You are a sweet girl. I like the original version best, and you are not biased at all. Where did you find a CD version? Does it have the "Without You" song on it? If so, it is the new one everyone is waiting for. The new CD, how slow it is coming out…but good things come to those who wait, and we have really been waiting now, haven't we? So you like it, huh? That is a bootleg but I won't tell this time, ok? I know you like the drums best, right? ha ha ha :):):) Just kiddin, Sara; I love that name. If I ever have a little girl I would name her Sara, I think. Hey, will you buy the CD when it comes out… I know I will and I don't even get anything from it, just want to hear the digital enhanced version. Hey, good to hear from you, Sara. Love bunches-- Gary

This is not really a question Gary, but a comment on your generous reflections of those bygone days with Buckingham/Nicks. Your positive comments about Lindsey and Stevie from a time before they reached their legendary status is refreshing since you surely have cause to be bitter about being "left behind" so to speak in your career. No doubt Linds and Stevie crossed paths with so many people during their early days and a few who have spoken out (some in this forum) seem to have an axe to grind about being used as stepping stones in the early careers of these now superstars. Thanks for telling everyone about the fun and the lighter moments...we have all heard plenty of the dirt. With the roller coaster lives rock stars lead it is not hard to see how once dear friends can lose touch with people who played an important role in their lives and careers. You seem to have a lot of love, understanding, and compassion for them and what it must have been like for them once their careers took a different path than yours. Your lack of bitterness is very refreshing. It is always easy to dis the rich and famous once they get to the top. Thanks for sharing some of the fun and innocence of those days with their longtime fans. Like you, we would all love to see BN reissued on CD. Altogether now...."Please! LB & SN, if you are out there in cyberspace, give the OK and let it happen ASAP! Also get busy on releasing those new solo recordings, too!!! Take care Gary and thanks for your valuable reflections. (Katie B., Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Hi Katie B.

I like you already. Hey, you're welcome, girlfriend. I love them, always have--they were sweet to me every time we met, too. I have walked side by side with them into concerts, and Stevie even threw her fur coat over my shoulder to carry for her into the building so I would pass security, girl. And that was after a wonderful meal together at the hotel-- The Famount in Dallas. Lindsey picked that up. Hey, these kids were a big deal a long time before Fleetwood Mac and the English Invasion, Katie. Mick got lucky, you see-- right place, right time. We had a nest of success going before he came down the pike, believe me, we did. We were selling out concerts, too. He needed fresh blood for his band. Bitter… well I am, a little, I guess. I have feelings, too, but I will tell you that Stevie and Lindsey have made a valiant effort with me to ease the pain I felt, AND I will stand up tall for both of them any time. You live right there with Stevie; that is her home, you know that. I have my spies there, too. I know some judicial people there in Phoenix, a very famous celebrity attorney and his family-- The Espinoza Family, do you know of them? And a judge there, too! Through a singer I worked with there, and here in Branson, Mo…hey, have you heard of Branson, Mo? That's where I am. Great to hear from you, Katie. Tell them to get that CD out, now, girl, you go up to Stevie's door and tap on the door and tell her Gary said to get that dang CD out now; there are at least 1 million people waiting to buy it today. Today! Already!!! I would love to hear from you again, Katie.


Hi Gary, Excuse me if this question has already been asked but ive heard of a piano demo of rhiannon where Stevie talks about recording the "birds rustleing" and the "birds rising". Do you remember this demo? Thanks so much! (Alex, Wilson, New York, USA)

Hi Alex,

I have not heard this one; it must have been done privately, or when I was not around. There were plenty of versions of it, I am sure in the writing stages it went through. I remember working it up in a rehearsal for a show we did, rather up-tempo, too. I know of the version she did on VH1, but that was live, you know, where she said, "If I mess this up, I will just start over, hopefully I won't mess it up," or something like that--but I never heard this version, sorry, that you speak of--"the birds rustling and the birds rising"-- sounds very spiritual, doesn't it ? Like you can get a mental image picture of that in a field somewhere, when they take off and shift direction and all, very graphic and beautiful scene. This is typical of her visions in her writing now, isn't it? She can really paint a picture on your mind; she does glow, you know, like a lighthouse in a dark ocean. Gosh all these questions make me think of and remember some really magical things that were going on around me at the time. I was not aware of the power she truly had, and she had some power, buddy, for sure. Her stage presence should have tipped me off, huh? She was very there and present, and you knew you were standing next to a very old soul, that had a purpose and was going to get it done, you know, that intention with attention without reservation kind of thing. She had it to the max. I felt in good hands around her-- no fear, and stable--she had away of stabling you out real quick, you know, 'ok lets get here in present time now and enjoy it, your ok, lets go, get creative alright, feels good,' a real soul mama kind of babe, and she is still a babe as far as I am concerned. A real fine creative kinda babe deluxe!! I love her like millions of others do, she is a love, truly!

Hi Gary! So Afraid is a very dark song and we've heard that Lindsey worked on this song for a few years before he joined FM. Do you have any memories of him writing this and what might have influenced it? (Ava, New York, USA)

Hi Ava,

I will have to answer these separately here. First of all, I believe he wrote what he was feeling and going through at the time, and it could be very scary living in LA with not much going on. I know that firsthand. This song to me invites the feeling of how it must have felt in that lonesome space of that time, and not knowing what was going to happen in the future, so to speak. Personally I do not recall this song until years later when I heard it like everyone else did on a FM album; he probably had written it but I never did get to work it up with him. I guess Mick enjoyed that little rehearsal and all. Lindsey was always so positive and stuff, it is hard to imagine such a dark song from him. I do recall the song and I wish I could have played it with him. I got to play some other great songs with him, so I should be happy about getting to do with him what I got to do and leave it at that, Ava. Great song, though, I really like the beat and groove and all. I will have to listen again to it as you have aroused my curiosity in it here, thanx.

Did you go to see the Dance when they toured? (Ava)

No, I did not see the tour (Dance Tour) live, I saw a TV special and I was glued to it, I assure you, Ava.

I'm sure you've seen the Dance video, were you impressed and proud of Lindsey's evolution as a guitarist since leaving FM, and were you as blown away as the rest of us watching him play songs such as Go Insane, Big Love and So Afraid? (Ava)

Oh yes, I was very impressed, and always have been with Lindsey; you know, it does make you proud to see him burn up the guitar and sing like that. He is so dynamic, Ava, I just loved it. It made me smile real big. I hope someday I will get to spend time with him again, and maybe get to play music with him again; I miss him so much as a friend and music comrade. He was so pleasant to be around, such a mellow spirit and lightning in his hands, just amazing. I just have to pinch myself sometimes to think I knew this guy and played on the same stage with him at one time-- it just blows me away. We really do need to get in a playing situation again, preferably a studio environment-- that would be a great place to meet up with him and lay some tracks together. Now that would be interesting and fun, as I have evolved a bit, too. If they released the CD (BN) I would hope he would tap me to tour with him. I would, you know, in a heart- beat.

Listening to your memories of Lindsey working out songs in those early days and knowing that he was responsible for the production on the FM albums and what came to be known as the FM sound, it must make you feel very proud of someone who was such a good friend and who you knew when he was just starting out. Did you follow Lindsey's career after he left FM, and did you realize that in his own quiet way he had become one of the most respected producers and guitarists in rock? (Ava)

I have always tried to keep my eye on him, in all he has done. I heard about departures and things, and I would hear he was doing this and doing that…I would see some of the product he was putting out. I have some here at the house, too. I moved out of LA in 1981 and moved to Dallas, my home, and then in 1984 I moved on to Branson, Mo. and have been here ever since, so I was not in the immediate LA area. But he has done wonders with his life, hasn't he, and I always knew he was great. He was well respected when I worked with him in 1972 to 75; hell, he was awesome then too. I walked to studios and watched him work and sat with them at the Rumours sessions in Sausalito, and he was brilliant and always nice to me-- never really had any bad moments with him. Well… one day he ran me off from the mansion, but he ran Mick and his friends off once, too, I heard…he just likes his privacy and I missed him so much… when I was in the LA area I would go see him or have breakfast with him or something. He was kinda like a big brother to me. He took me to the movies with him and his gal one time, and I got to go to dinner a few times with him too, just because we would run into each other and he would say 'come on want to go eat' or something; that was the kind of guy he was and still is, I'll bet you.

It is not surprising to me at all that he "is" the most respected guitarist and producer in the world; that was his aim. Anyway he always told me you gotta be prepared for it, and he worked at it, slaving over that little four track all the time, and he would spend more time at a console in a studio-- more than anyone I knew. Hell, he was brilliant and tasteful and talented, no wonder Stevie loved him so much, he was a genius!

Last question:-) Do you have any photos of the three of you that you could share with us? (Ava)

Ok, last question-- there was a picture of the three of us standing at the Santa Monica pier as we would go to see there friend (a child psychologist at the time, Alfonso Lopez down in the Santa Monica area). Al lived right on the beach there and had a little quaint apartment; he snapped a photo of us and I remember to this day all of us standing on the curb. I can see it in my mind as we speak here, but I have no copy of it, and there were some pictures taken of us… there must have been in the three years I knew and worked with them, I know, but I have none to show for it. Someone does though, surely they do, we worked together played together and did shows together and all… there would have to be some out there somewhere. Thanx for the Q&A, enjoy talking to you.

Its been a great treat having you share your memories of a very special time in all of your lives, thank you for your time:) (Ava)

You are very welcome, and I am glad this format was available to share with you this so very special time for me. I thank the powers that be each day for the precious people I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with. Love, GARY

Hey Gary-- Thanks so much for answering these questions, i have really enjoyed them. My question is did you ever catch the Mac live on tour in the 70's? did you catch on of the 97 shows?? Best To You. (Alex, Wilson, New York, USA)

Hi Alex--I have a son named Alex, too. I was fortunate to cross paths with my friends of old on a tour stop in Dallas, at SMU campus one afternoon, and attending the sound check I was informed that Lindsey was at the Fairmount, which is a nice hotel in Dallas. I went over there and he was sitting in the lobby bar, having a drink and watching the beautiful waitresses they had there, I remember. Well, he and I had some sort of strawberry drink… frozen, I believe, a big glass I recall, and then he said come on join us for dinner. He was such a free spirit on the road anyway, so off we went to the restaurant area there in the Hotel--just beautiful, too. We sat down ordered, and in walks Stevie herself to eat with him. Well suddenly I am sitting here, having dinner with my ole pickin buddies, and it is quiet and we are eating-- not much conversation, though. We finished up, and up to the room we went to gather the guitar, and Lindsey sat quietly for a moment to himself to focus and pray, is what I gathered, really, with his guitar in hand; I noticed a little glow coming from that corner, by the way, as he did this ritual…and then in the case the guitar went and downstairs into the limo we all went-- Stevie and Lindsey and me-- for a short little ride to SMU campus, where the crowd was waiting. Outside the stage door were lots of people waiting to get a glance of their heroes and here they were now. We piled out of that limo, Stevie threw her fur coat over my arm, and off we went through this crowd that I thought was going to maul us at first, it was a very electrically charged situation. Once inside I felt a feeling of relief. As I was having a soda, Stevie came over and gave me one last glare, and then I went down to the tuning room (as I called it) as Mick and John and Lindsey were tuning their guitars there to an old stobe tuner. So I went out front and got me a seat and saw the most incredible show I have seen to this day--as they did "Don't Let Me Down Again" Stevie hollered to me offstage, "Listen to this, Hoppy" and off they went… it was a dynamic early 70's show, that is one I remember. I saw Lindsey backstage after the show and told him it was awesome. He just kinda looked at me as he would do and I said bye and thanx for everything and left, but my life was never the same after that day, I can assure you that. I saw them at the Forum too, in LA, but that was later on. That is all.

Gary.. All your comments about Stevie and Lindsey being so much in love are nice to hear, one forgets sometimes. Being that they were so close were you suprised to hear they had such a bitter break up? And what were your impressions of the Rumours album ? (Amy, Thousand Oaks, California, USA)

I was shocked at what went down, really. I thought they were forever, you know. I like the Rumours album; you should have seen what they had to go through to get it done and out, Jesus what a calamity of sorts--romantic and otherwise. I think it was lucky it got done at all with all the human emotions flying around. WHEEEEW!!! one interview Stevie talked about when she and Lindsey were living together she "always tried to figure out new ways to prepare hamburger helper" do you remember this and what other kinds of things did she cook ? You mentioned Lindsey rarely eat junk food, what did he usually eat ? (Amy)

Oh these are the days I knew them, yes, she was very creative with the meals and the cleaning stuff. She cooked and cleaned just like anyone would; she was very neat and meticulous about order and all…good head on her shoulders. Lindsey ate meat he would marinate in sauces and salads he would make; he ate real healthy-- no mustard and stuff on his burger, just plain stuff-- he was very health conscious all the time, very smart and wise about what he ate. Oh, we had pizza sometimes. He loved to eat like I did. Stevie loved to go out for breakfast, I recall--French toast and omelets and such fare. Oh she cooked, I think good as I recall, but would much rather eat out. We tried a lot of places in LA, there were ample places to eat.

Gary...Stevie always said everyone always considered her and Lindsey married, was that how it was ? (Amy)

They were as good as married, and behaved just like married people would with all the trimmings, too. Yes, they were an item, a couple, a match, they were a love of the century. Very much in love with each other all the time.

Hey there Gary! I'd tought I'd get back into the conversion one more time! Before the whole B/N thing started and Fritz were still a group, Did you hang around them then? What was Fritz like? And finaly, What is your favorite memory of childhood? My favorite memory is all the family reuions at my grandparents house around the pool. We had lots of cookouts. Take care. (Sharon Bos, Sterling, Virginia, USA)

Hi Sharon,

I was not part of the Fritz thing, that was before I came around. I got involved in 1972 when they moved down to LA--72 to75, up to their departure with Mick and John. The only member that I knew was Bob Aguirre, nice fellow too. We did a double drum thing on the tour we did with them. I recall going to my Grandma's house for large family reunions too, now that you mention that, in Waxahachie, Texas-that is where I was born, you see, and I loved to go to the big feeds they would have. I would recall all the characters that were my relatives, you know. One of favorite childhood memories is when I was on the football team, and when the Beatles came out, and when I used to have a Zorro, Superman and all kind of different outfits-- I would put these on and become these characters, it was fun. I should have been an actor, I guess. But I remember how happy I was in those days before my parents divorced at 12, and how I loved music and listened to it on the blacktop at school and all. There are a lot of fond childhood memories for me, Sharon. Now that you mention this, it is kinda like opening a can of worms-- all this stuff comes to mind-- I remember playing in a band, the 'unaccounted four' and winning the talent show contest… just a bunch of stuff.

I have always wanted to ask a professional drummer this question. How are you able to keep up your energy level to play live for sometimes hours on end? I have always felt that drummers must have tremendous upper body strength in that you have to keep your arms raised for such extended periods of time. Most recently I have been impressed by Max Weinberg of Springsteen's E street band who plays for 3 hours with no intermission-even doing fill-ins while everyone else has a few moments to breath or change instruments. I applaud all of you drummers!! My other question is regarding Stevie. Did she ever play quitar on stage or in the studio when you knew her? (Liz Niziolek, Forestville, Connecticut, USA)

Hello Liz, I guess that is short for Elizabeth, right? Well, thank you for the drummer compliments. I love Max Weinberg, he is very dynamic and evidently strong, too. I love to eat and I do a lot of it to keep up strength; you have to pace yourself or you can get pretty burned out pretty quick-- I liken it to aerobic exercises-- you are sitting and moving in all directions. I still play and I get tired sometimes, Liz, but I rest and eat and rest and eat and play and eat and rest. I wonder what Max does. I like sushi, fish, meat and salads and all kinds of healthy food for strength. I take vitamins, and herbs I love, too-- there are some good herbs for energy that you can take too; it is a constant struggle to stay strong enough to keep it up, Liz, really. I just love to play though; if you get a chance sit down behind a kit and let go in as a controlled a fashion as you can, or just play along with a record or CD and see what you think, Liz. It is fun and things are not always as they appear-- this is what Jim Keltner once told me, as it may look hard and exhausting but it is also invigorating to play the drums, you see. Try it Liz!

Oh yes, Max Weinberg is awesome, Liz. Thank you for the praise! It is appreciated so much! I saw Stevie play guitar, and she would sit at a piano too and work. I sat at her side a few times when she would play her guitar…yes, piano and guitar, that is what she writes on, I believe. Very sweet to see her hold a guitar, Liz. I love her and she did not have professional training, I don't think; she played by ear and writes that way too, amazing isn't it? She is so visionary and dreamy isn't she? Just love her. Thanx, Liz, good to talk with you, dear.

Can you describe the place where Stevie & Lindsey lived was it a house or apt ?? Anything unusual about the decor ? (Amy, Thousand Oaks, California, USA)

No, just a nice clean area, cute neighborhood in the Studio City area. Now, there later places were mansions. I have been to Stevie's house in Hollywood and Lindsey's Tudor mansion, but he has changed all that and so has Stevie-- that was way back in the 70's. This has all changed now but those places were million dollar homes, and decorated beautifully too.

Can you tell us what a typical evening with Lindsey & Stevie would be like ? (Amy)

Well, there would be food, fun, and music on an evening; a rehearsal would be a little more business, but any time I spent with them was healthy and good fun and great music too. Onstage was awesome as they were very talented and fun to work with, I miss them! Eating out with them was always fun too; I liked them a lot!

Gary, I have to say, your answers and stories are such a pleasure to read. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Your work on the BN album is remarkable. Frozen Love is one of the best songs I have ever heard in my life. I was lucky enough to find an old vinyl copy of BN in a used record store, and it only has one little scratch. OK, here are the questions (feel free to skip any you've already answered): Did you play the "yattattata" sounding instrument thing on "Long Distance Winner"? I love that part of the song. Also, did Stevie ever play the guitar in performances back then? Was she much of a guitar player? Did Lindsey teach her any stuff? One more: What do you think of Stevie's voice in its different "eras"? I love her voice on BN- the way she belted out those high notes in the last verse of "Frozen Love." Beautiful. Again, thanks so much for doing this. You seem like such a sweetheart!! (Sonia, Bronx, New York, USA)

Yes, that is some of the percussion work I did on the record. I forget what that thing is called. Lindsey wanted that on there so I did it, that's me. I never remember Stevie playing the guitar live, let me look back here.

Hi Sonia-- I love that name, so exotic, dear. I was wondering what you paid for that album, as my wife Diane found one in Dallas at fifty bucks. I found one in Springfield that a record store owner would not take five hundred dollars for, but he sold me one for fifteen because I was on it, ha ha :):) Hey thank you for the sweet compliments, Sonia, you sound like a sweetheart too. Stevie was, too. I am glad you enjoy that; it has a lot of emotion, doesn't it? Yes, she sang her butt off on that record we should have made it in our own right, really, and did to a point. I guess I have gotten a little fame from all this but no fortune, it seems. I gave that record all I had, Sonia. I am doing the little anvil sounds and some tambourine work too, mainly drums and percussion though, that is all I can take credit for. I am glad you like it Sonia. Man, I love that name.

Stevie played guitar and chorded a lot. Gee, how could you not be pretty good, living with Lindsey who was awesome even back then, you see, 72. I think she did a pretty good job of it getting her message across on the guitar. I never saw her play it live, but in her room and sitting with Lindsey on the floor of their house-- she was a natural with a guitar in her lap.

He would show her some things, yes, and how to arrange her stuff and teach her, and she taught him too. They shared in the writing, I think. I have always loved her in all her endeavors. As she changed sometimes she sounded more nasally than other times, but she might have had a cold or something, but I always loved her writing and she was so beautiful, terminally pretty, hold on girlfriend.

I have really enjoyed all this so much. I have been silent for thirty years, you see. I think you are a sweetheart, too-- thanx for all this and l more, thanx for listening to probably the finest work I have ever done on record. Enjoy it honey, it was hard work for me. Love, Gary

Hi Gary! Wow, it's been so fascinating reading all of your memories about Stevie and Lindsey and the whole Buckingham/Nicks era! I was wondering, have you followed Stevie and Lindsey's solo careers fairly closely, and if so, what are your favorite solo songs of each of them? Also, what are your most recent memories of Stevie and/or Lindsey? Have you seen much of either of them since the Buckingham Nicks years? Thank you so much and good luck with everything! :-) (Lisa G., Bloomingdale, Illinois, USA)

Hi Lisa,

I have most of all their solo efforts here in CD (except the one I am on with them uugghhddksBuckingham Nicks on CD, hello, is anybody out there, lets get it out people, sometime this year ok, what is the hold up !!!!!!) I love all their efforts; I have been listening a long time and hear all their things come out, you see. I think I have Stevie's… well, everything she has released-- I have added to her wealth there a little. I bought all her stuff as it came out, you see, and Lindsey-- I believe I have some of his stuff too, "Law and Order" and some other ones here somewhere. I am glad you are enjoying the Q&A. I have been so quiet for thirty years and Marty is giving me a chance to share with you. I still love them so; they don't even know how much I have thought about them, at all. Wish I could talk to them online. All of their songs are my favorite, I never heard one I didn't like. I wish there was more out of the things I played on with them, three years worth, is somewhere.

No, I have not seen much of them, maybe here and there, but not like it used to be at all, and I have always missed them. Lindsey knows this I am sure. Good to talk with you… watch for the CD release and let me know if you hear anything ok? GARY

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