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Brett Tuggle: September 12 - 25, 2000
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Hello again Brett! I could ask you the obvious question, but I won't; because I'm sure someone already has by now. But it does have to do with the AHI benefit concert. There were some rumours to the effect that Lenny Kravitz was going to be there. Could you shed a little light on this? Is there any connection between Stevie and Lenny? With that I just want to say that I really enjoyed this Q&A session; as I think everyone else on "the boards" has. Thanks so much for taking your time and sharing it with us. Best to you and all your endeavors! (Joe Droege, Erlanger, Kentucky, USA)

Hi Joe,

I think I heard something about the possibility Lenny Kravitz being involved but I don't know what the reason for it not happening. He may have been to busy or not even asked for time reasons. The connection with Lenny and Stevie is they both share the same manager, Howard Kaufmann.

I've really enjoyed doing this Q & A and have met some very dedicated fans. Thank you for letting me come in and share with all of you. Take care and see you out there sometime......

Hi Brett: I'm pouting because I didn't get to go to the AZ show. Actually I'm just being practicle and waiting for the new album tour. :-) Besides having Happy Birthday sang to you (that must have been fun!) were there any other highlights? I heard the acoustic version of Gypsy nearly brought the house down! Do you know why Stevie is wearing platform Reeboks on stage recently? I'm a shoe-fettish-female so these things are important to me -LOL!!! Can't wait to see ya on the road!! (Laurie S., Portland, Oregon, USA)

Hi Laurie S.,

The whole night was just incredible. The acoustic version of "Gypsy" was awesome but the whole night was awesome and I'm still buzzing from it. Hearing Lindsey and Stevie sing "Landslide" is always a treat..........

The platform Reeboks are from when Stevie broke her foot on one of the Millennium show's early in the year. She loves her boots but the tennis shoes are just so much more comfortable until she is back to "full high heel boot form". Take care and be good to yourself.

Dear Mr Tuggle-- Thanks for answering so many questions and really admire you. My questions is I saw the Stevie Show in Irvine and at the end of the show you brought out the cutest little thing, and she seemed to take a bow with the band! What kind of dog was it and does she/he travel with you a lot. I love dogs and thought that was almost the best part of the show! (Ashley, Irvine, California, USA)

Hello Ashley,

Wow, good memory. Can't believe you saw that one!!!!!!!

That was our dog Lady. She is a Springer Spaniel and is our spoiled little "snuggle puppy." I wish I could take Lady on the bus with me so she could sleep in my bunk but unfortunately that would be to hard to do so she stays home with the family. I love dogs to and I think they give us all so much love. They're the best!!!!!! Take care and God Bless,


Hi, Brett-here I am again=:-) I understand the show was great! from the reviews I have read already. Could you tell us a little bit about it from a performer's point of view? I so wish I could have been there. (Vianna, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Hi Vianna,

As I have been saying to everyone, the show was simply an incredible night of music from some amazing people. It is one of those things that I can't really express fully in words but I will never forget what an awesome night of music it was and how tired I was the next day. Still, somehow I felt great after only a few hours of sleep from the energy still inside me from the show the night before. Wish you could have been there, that is the only way to have felt that energy. Hopefully we'll see you out there on tour eh? Take care, Brett

Hi Brett-- These questions are for you and not about anyone else. Isn't that a relief? Since this is my one and only chance to get to write to you, I want to get in as many questions as possible.

1. I was just wondering what are your musical influences? What artist(s) or group(s) made you excited and want to perform in show business?

2. What artist(s) today, including old and new, do you most identify with?

3. What is your favorite album(s) of all time that you own or would like to own?

4. What do you think about the music today compared to previous decades?

5. Also, to trip you up a little bit, What is your favorite movie?

Sorry about that. I am a huge fan of all types of music. And when someone gets excited about playing music like yourself no matter who the artist is, it shows in their personality. So thanks for taking the time out to answer mine and everyone elses questions. Considering what a busy schedule you have had in the last few weeks, it's a wonder that you even had time at all. It goes to show that you care about your fans. So thanks again. And keep on rocking. Good luck at the AHIF show. By the time you read this the show will be over. So for those of us who cannot be there, let us know how it went okay!! (Michelle Anderson, South of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Michelle,

Wow, you do want to get in a lot so here goes:

1.) My biggest influence as I stated in my bio has to be The Beatles without a doubt. If it wasn't for them, I don't know what would have happened to me.

2.) I think identify with a lot of artists. I love Smashmouth, I like Sugar Ray, I think Blink 182 has some cool tunes and there are many more I'm just to lazy to keep typing.

3.) Favorite album of all time is a tough one because I have over 400 CD's in my collection and I can't imagine picking only one but if I had to I'd say "Rubber Soul".

4.) I think music today has it's true artists and bands just like past decades. The thing that has bothers me the most with the music of late is there seems to be s so much anger, violence and negative messages put out by a lot of people. What ever happened to being positive and trying to get people together instead of hey f__k you???

5.) Favorite movie, that's easy. Its A Wonderful Life........

Take care and I hope you also have "A Wonderful Life".

Hi, Brett! I spoke with you Saturday night after the show in the hotel bar. (You know, the guy from South Carolina?) Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks for hanging with me!

My question: how that the show is over...what's next for you? Anything between now and Stevie's next tour? You're an awesome performer and it's great seeing you live!

Again, it was great talking with you and thanks for the Q & A! Drop me a line if you ever find yourself in SC! LOL! :) (Mike, Moore, South Carolina, USA)

Hi Mike,

It was great meeting you in the bar after the show. Glad you introduced yourself. It was such an amazing night as you know....

My plans at the present are really just to get the house remodeled and spend some well deserved time at home relaxing and getting my music room together. I also want to spend more time with my son as he is really into music now and I just want to be there for him at this stage in his life.... See you out on the road next year OK? Take care and good meeting you...


Hi, Brett! I don't really have a question, I just wanted to thank you so much for doing this and to tell you happy belated "25th" birthday! I was in the audience at the AHI benefit and it was an absolutely amazing show!!! I am so grateful to everyone who was a part of that, and it was for a great cause too! I hope Stevie wasn't too upset about going to the wrong microphone at the beginning or anything, since it was definitely not indicative of what the rest of the concert would be like! It was the first time I've ever seen Stevie or any of the other performers on stage, and I don't know what the heck took me so long! LOL Thanks again! (Lisa G., Bloomingdale, Illinois, USA)

Hello Lisa,

Thank you for the birthday wishes but I passed 25 quite a few years ago. I just act like I'm 25 that's all. Glad you had a good time. You picked a great show to see......Thanks again and come see us next year on tour. Take care,


Hello again. I just wanted to tell you how informative and very cool you have been with your answers. I was at the AHI benefit on Saturday and was sitting in the 2nd row to your left. I had a great view of everything and had an incredible time. Stevie & friends really put on a great show. Looking forward to the tour! (Michelle, Brooklyn, New York, USA)


Glad some of my answers have been appreciated. Sounds like you had great seats at the show. It was really special to say the least. Thanks again and we'll see you on tour next year....


Hi again Brett,

I'm becoming one of those annoying pests that you can't get rid of. I swear this is the last time. One question I forgot to ask you was, 'Is there anyone now, (not including past performers) that you would want to tour or work with in the future?' This includes artists in the last decade. Also, a very Happy Birthday to you!! (Michelle Anderson, South of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Michelle,

Always wanted to work with Paul Mc Cartney but I would also like to play with Eric Clapton sometime. Newer artist would be, hmmmmm Sara McGlaughlin maybe????

Thank you for the birthday wishes....


Hi Brett...First of all, this has been a great Q&A, your thorough answers are very much appreciated. This is definitely one of my very favorites so far. With that out of the way, the benefit concert was AMAZING!! I flew out from Boston just for the show and I would do it again in a minute. The band sounded great. Stevie was having such a good time, as a fan I don't think I could have asked for anything more. I was just wondering, what were some of your favorite moments during the show? Maybe when Stevie sang "Happy Birthday" to you?? Thanks Again! (Erin, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Hi Erin,

This Q & A session has been a lot of fun for me to. I am glad you have enjoyed it as well.

The AHI benefit show was the coolest, I have been responding to a lot of fans since the show and I don't know what else to say other than it was incredible from start to finish. Stevie, band and audience singing me Happy Birthday blew me away. I loved the entire show.... Thanks and take care OK?

How does it feel to have 20,000 people sing "Happy Birthday" to you? (Kelly Anne, Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Kelly Anne,

It was the coolest birthday a guy could have. AMAZING!!! Loved it.....

Thanks for asking.....

Hi Brett. I was there at the AHI benefit and thought you were great. I have two questions for you 1. Was it really your birthday? 2. Was stevie really wearing red snakeskin pants after the concert? Thanks for answering our questions, we really appreciate it. One more thing- please tell Stevie and Lindsey to keep rocking on, preferably together. (Lisa, Mcallen, Texas, USA)

Hi Lisa,

Yes, it really was my birthday and I don't remember what pants Stevie wore after the show but I have seen her in those red snake like pants so that could very well be true...See you on tour......

Hi -- I was wondering if you've ever seen Stevie write a song, or song lyrics. What does she look like while she's writing? (Farrah, Whitestone, New York, USA)

Hi Farrah,

I have not seen Stevie sit down and write a song before but I have seen her working out parts and things as she is getting a song finished and recorded. And Stevie always looks great, really she does.... Take care,


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