Q&A Sessions
Brett Tuggle: September 12 - 25, 2000
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Hi Brett! By the time you read this, maybe someone else will have already asked, but I'll give it a shot. Since you saw Lindsey the other day in rehearsals, how's he doing? To say we're huge fans of Lindsey's is an understatement. I cannot properly communicate in words how I'll be forever and deeply touched by all of his work, and his musical and personal vision. He's given so much to those of us who feel that connection with what he does, and I'm just hoping he's happy and well. Thanks! (Emma and Greg, Washington, USA)

Hi Emma & Greg,

What kind words for a truly amazing artist. Lindsey is doing very well and seems very happy. I know he is wrapping up his new CD soon but I don't know any details about it's release or anything yet but I'm eager to hear his new material. It's gotta be great!!! Take care,

Hello again Brett! I have a question that concerns Stevie's new solo album. I had read a little while ago that she had recorded two songs from Buckingham Nicks. Is that true? Or did she record two songs from the Buckingham Nicks era? There's a BIG difference in the two. I was just wondering if you could shed some light on this subjuct. It would be a shame if Buckingham Nicks wasn't re-released in its entirety on CD. Thank you. (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Jensen,

You got me on that one. I really don't know the answer to that. I'd just like to see the original Buckingham Nicks album released on CD. Wouldn't most fans???

All the best,


Wow this is really great to read these fascinating answers! Thank you! I've asked my question to a couple of people already... one of which was Stevie in the Nicks Fix Q and A. There is a person credited on the boxed set with being the compilation supervisor by the name of Woody Firm. I thought perhaps it was a joke or something because I mean, come on!! Could you imagine taking the SATs and having to put last name first and first name last? Maybe I'm just overly dirty minded... hey, being 20 yrs old should allow for some of that! But seriously do you think it's the type of thing Stevie might put in there as a joke? When I asked her she said it was someone at the record co who was overseeing the project. By no means do I think Stevie was lying to me... just maybe having a little fun and pulling my leg. If you have no idea... maybe you could nonchalontly bring it up during rehearsal or something... "So uh Stevie, who was that Woody Firm guy on the boxed set? Just curious. Poor guy... I'd hate to be named that..." Thanks so much and I'll be at the AHI show on Saturday! I'm looking forward to seeing you and even though you probably won't be able to see me, I'll wave anyway! Thank you so much! Oh yeah... do you know if there's any chance that she and Lindsey are going to do a Buckingham Nicks song? Just wondering... it's been on my mind since I got my tickets. Take care and see you soon! (Jessica Badten, Camarillo, California, USA)

Hello Jessica,

Woody Firm huh? Now that's a new one on me... Pretty funny though. It HAS to be a joke of course, Come on........

Glad you will be at the AHI show this Saturday, you will not be disappointed. I don't think they will be doing a Buckingham Nicks song but you never know. You're gonna have a ball. I'll look for that wave....


Hi Brett- Thanks for doing this. Your answers have been really great. You seem to be a very kind person. My question is a little weird. When I found out that both Lindsey and Don Henley would be playing Stevie's benefit - I was excited, but thought it was strange. Granted it's been many many years since Stevie and Lindsey and Stevie and Don were romantically linked, but isn't there just a little tension? I know that Lindsey and Don have actually worked together, but I remember reading that Lindsey was not too pleased w/ their relationship.... In any case, I wish I could make it to the show - it's going to be awesome! Thanks again and break a leg - or whatever they say before a show!!! (Tish Lyndsey, Fishers, Indiana, USA)

Hi Tish,

There has been a lot of water under the bridge since those days and I can't think of a better reason for all of them to get together than to raise this money for the Institute in Phoenix. It is a very positive thing they are doing and it shows all of them have "gotten over it." They have all moved on with there lives and are happy. Now they can just play music together and be friends. That is GREAT!!!

Hi Brett! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. This is so great. Well, I'm hoping you can give me some insight/advice. I just finished recording a demo of some of my songs. I have about 50 cd's ready to go out, but I'm not real sure who or where I need to send them to. Record companies, I'm certain, receive thousands of tapes/cd's a day... what's the best way to get my stuff actually heard?

Thanks again, and good luck w/ the show. For what it's worth, tell Stevie and the gang that this is such an amazing thing they are doing. And tell Lindsey to COME ON WITH THE ALBUM!!! I'm dyin'!! (Another Lindsey, West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA)

Hi Lindsey ,

My advice to you would be to get your CD to as many record companies, management companies and industry people as possible. You have to be willing to knock on a lot of doors, i.e., make phone calls to record companies ask for their A & R person's name and address to send them your package. I would also recommend including a photo and some sort of bio about yourself and your musical background. You MUST BE PERSISTENT, I cannot stress that enough. It will not be easy and you probably will get frustrated with a lot of what you will come up against. Record companies get tons of bands and artist's sending them CD's and tapes everyday so it can be hard to get their attention sometimes. There are other avenues available to new artists like the web. There are web sites where you can place a couple of your songs for people to hear your music and that may also help to generate interest. I've heard about some of these sites but can't remember the names so do some surfing and search for sites that will showcase new artist's.

Good luck, hang in there and I hope you do well.....


Hi Brett: I must first say that I met you in NY after Stevie's Storyteller and I remember thinking that you seemed like such a nice, friendly guy. After reading your honest answers in theis Q&A, I realize that I was right. Anyway, hello again!! My questions is one that has been going back and forth on the net for quite some time. Is Lindsey married or not? Does he have 2 children??? I've heard the rumours, but I don't know if it was ever confirmed or not!! Thanks Brett. Looking forward to the AH1 Benefit and apres party!! Hope to meet you again. (Carol, Campbell, California, USA)

Hello again Carol,

What can I say, I try to think I am a "nice guy" but thank you.......

I really am not one to comment other people's personal lives but I don't think it is any big secret that Lindsey is married and has two children now. He seems very happy to be a dad and all of us a very happy for him and his new family. He's the best......

Enjoy yourself the AHI show, It is going to be a lot of fun......

Take care,


Hey there Brett! While on the Enchanted tour, What songs of Stevie's were your favorites to play? On the "Shake the Cage" How crazy did recording sessions get? There's some wild and wacky songs on there (sounds like a zoo ha ha!). What was Bekka like? Well, you take care. (Sharon Bos, Sterling, Virginia, USA)

Hi Sharon,

I liked playing all of the songs on the Enchanted tour but a few of my favs were: Standback, Sleeping Angel, Edge Of Seventeen, Gold & Braid and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You? All of songs are fun to play....

The ZOO album "Shakin' The Cage" was a lot of fun to make and the sessions went fairly smoothly but that was the end of Mick's "partying days" so we had some crazy times. Mick has really come a long way since those days and is playing great I might add. Bekka sang her heart out on that album and was always very cool to work with.....

All the best and hopefully we'll see you when we hit the road next year,


Hi Brett!

First let me say that I have thoroughly enjoyed your responses. You are obviously a very nice guy, and I'm glad you are in Stevie's band. I will be in the FRONT ROW with my wife Amy on Saturday, and we are very excited. I would love to have the opportunity to chat with you live. I have a couple of questions, you can answer which ever ones you like.

These are probably more to label types, so if they annoy you I apologize. I worked for Modern Records as a temp during the "Street Angel" phase. I was dismayed at realizing how much "business" was in the record business. Stevie's weight was such an issue, and it was so sad when that record didn't live up to prior releases. I thought it was a solid effort with "Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind" being a solid single which actually peaked at #57 with no video. I feel that although an excellent career, since "Rock A Little" she has been plagued with unfortunate situations that have limited her to really live up to her total potential. I feel that now she is healthy, drug-free, weight under control, etc. and with her "return" to popularity she is poised for a REAL comeback. So my questions are:

1- Do you think her label, Mgt company, etc. will really "work" this project. Or will it be, "Oh Stevie is ready with her album, we'll put it out and we'll move 400,000 from her true fans and if radio should pick up a song, great." OR "We are determined to help make this record SELL, and to do so we are going to put our best marketers, promoters, and above all CASH up to make it work!

Including: Videos (expensive good ones!), TV appearances, maybe some other VH-1 special, or maybe some other untapped channel to really spotlight Stevie's talent etc. I'm a big fan of the "ladies from the 80's" and ask Heart, Tina, Linda R., etc. when the last time they had a really big record. It's been a while, and I would be so disappointed if Stevie's record came out and did the obligatory 400,000 units and went away especially since she has worked so hard to get it right.

My other questions is I saw in USA Today that Sheryl, Ann and Nancy, etc. were performing at the Wiltern Theater on Oct 12 to benefit Breast Cancer. It sounds like a great show, (each artist performs one song alone and then one with another celeb) and I was wondering if Stevie might decide to that too, since she currently has a "working" band. How long winded am I???!! Sorry. I hope to see you after the show.

Thanks so much for your time Brett. (Steve, Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Hi Steve,

Front row seats for the show, All right man, you're in for a real treat....... Sounds like you have some experience with the crazy world of showbusiness....

I do know that both Stevie's record label and her management people are completely and totally committed to this new record. First, this new album has some really great songs on it and I think people are really going to like it. Stevie has really gotten her "act together" since The Dance album and it shows in her new songs. There is definitely going to be a big effort from everyone to promote her in the best way possible when the CD is finally released.

As far as the Breast Cancer benefit in October I have no idea if Stevie has been asked to be a part of that or not. I have not heard anything about it so I don't think so but it sounds like a worthy cause. I thought she was going on a well deserved vacation in October.

I know you and Amy will have fun this Saturday....... Take care,


Hi Brett - I will see you Saturday! I am so excited, it is the first time to see Stevie in concert. I am from Fort Worth, and was wondering if you could expand a bit on your time in this area. Who did you play with and where? Any favorite times or locations? Thanks for sharing your time with us here. The fans really love the opportunity and honesty. (Phillip Green, Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

Hi Phillip,

I lived in Fort Worth for a little over two years in the mid seventies. I really enjoyed living in Texas and every time I go on tour I can't wait to get back to the Ft. Worth/ Dallas area. The band I was in at the time was called "Rags and Bones." Funny name I know but it was a pretty good band for the time. We had a band house on the outskirts of town on a couple of acres of land that was really cool because we could practice anytime of the day or night and not bother anyone. Then I move into a house in Fort Worth right by the TCU campus. There was a small little restarauant/club called The HOP that we played all the time which was just a couple of blocks from there. A lot of really good bands played at The HOP and the vibe was very cool. I also attended Tarant County Junior Collage for a year and took some music classes. I met some incredible musicians in Texas that inspired me a lot. But I gotta tell you what I miss the most. The Mexican food was the best!!! Joe T Garcia's RULES!!!!!!!!

Have fun at the show and see you out there on the road sometime,


Hi Brett-- I honestly don't have a question for you, since anything I wanted to know was answered in a previous response, so I guess I will just say that I think you are very cool, I have seen you live with Stevie 4 times in the past few years and seeing you play definitly helps me realize why I want to be involved in music, so thanks :) (Sara, Ludlow, Massachusetts, USA)

Hi Sara,

Thank you for the kind words and I hope you come to many more show in the future. God bless and take care,


When you played for the Dance and Enchanted tours, were you in a situation where you were told what songs were going to be played, and then did you just listen to the tracks and learn them? Or were you given sheet music? I picture Lindsey as more or less the musical director of Fleetwood Mac. Did you guys just jam and then he'd kind of guide you to specific parts you were to play, or do you just come up with your own contribution to the musical arrangement? Best to you! (Raven, Cold Spring, New York, USA)

Hello Raven,

They (the Fleetwood Mac members) had a pretty good idea of most of the songs they wanted to do for "The Dance" but they did want to add a few new tunes so Lindsey, Stevie and Christine had to each bring in a new song for the band to record. On the older songs we (The backing musicians) just learned the parts off of the records. Nobody gave us sheet music or anything like that, Lindsey pretty much oversaw who was playing what on what song and it worked out very well. The new songs like Sweet Girl, Temporary One and My Little Demon we had a little more freedom to explore and come up with parts for those songs because they were still rough and in the demo stage. As I said, Lindsey oversaw that part and the record came out great. Thanks for writing in.....


Hi Brett! I was just wondering if you tried to maintain any kind of physical fitness regimen or healthy eating habits while you're on the road. Is this difficult to do? What does Stevie do while on the road? Is she still on the "Atkins Diet"?

I believe in a healthy lifestyle, as it makes for a better quality of life. I know when I get a little stressed out about something, there's nothing that takes the edge off better than a little cardio-vascular exercise. Any opinions on this?

Thanks again Brett. (Joe Droege, Erlanger, Kentucky, USA)

Hi Joe,

Yes, it can be very difficult to keep healthy eating habits while on the road. I am very guilty of not doing enough cardiovascular or other exercises to stay in better shape. My main problem is I have occasional back pain due to having tight hamstrings muscles in my legs. I have been trying to get back into a fitness routine but I must admit it has not happened. Just stretching would be great!!! I do try and watch what I eat and drink by using the "common sense" method. Don't over do it!!!

Stevie has done so well with the "Atkins Diet" it's been just great for her. On the road she would always have a tread mill in her hotel suite so she could exercise and watch her soap opera's. She'll have her days when she'll fall off the diet a little bit but then she is right back on it the next day. She has done great and I know she feels better.

Better get off my butt and start something soon, nobody likes a fat keyboard player (wink wink)..........

Take care and good health,


First of all Brett, thank you for clearing up the Waddy Wachtel matter concerning the alleged child porn. It gave me peace of mind after a very stressful week.

Secondly is it true Stevie counts Elvis Presley and Joni Mitchell as being major influences upon her direction as a performer all through these years ? Because she does have a touch of the King in her stage persona and I do detect a Joni like quality in most of her solo efforts. (Arizona Ranger, Cranford, New Jersey, USA)

Hello Arizona Ranger,

Yes, I think that Elvis and Joni were both influences on her. I haven't discussed it in detail with her but I have heard her make comments about both of them which leads me to believe she was influenced by their styles in some sort of way.

Take care and see you on the road.....

Hey Brett,

Great Q&A! I was wondering if Carlos Rios is single? And if so would you ask Stevie what she is waiting for? He would be a lovely mate for her!

Also, do you know if Stevie still maintains her friendship with Tom Petty? They have not worked with one another in a while, and they are such a brilliant collaboration. Thanks. (Laura P., Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

Hi Laura,

Yes, indeed Carlos is single. They have been really good friends for years and I think that is just how it goes sometimes you know? But I'm thinkin' about asking him for a date myself!!! ha ha......

Yes, Stevie and Tom are still friends, she treasures their friendship and I think they will always be close. Take care and maybe you can snag Carlos, somebody has to for cryin' out loud. Take care.......


Hi-- Did a lot of celebrities attend "The Dance" and "Enchanted" tours? And if so, how does Stevie respond to being approached backstage by other celebrities? Is she shy? Thanks. (Laura P.)

I have seen quite a few celeberities on both The Dance and Enchanted tours. Stevie is always very warm and friendy and makes people feel welcome backstage after a show or in a band rehearsal. She has a lot of famous admirers.....

Hi again-- How important is it to Stevie to have her family travel on tour with her. Since Christopher introduced her each night on "Enchanted", I was wondering if Chris, Lori, and Jessica with be touring with her this summer. Does Stevie speak of Jessica often? Thanks - You're the best! (Laura P.)

Hello Laura,

Stevie is very close to her family and I would imagine on the next tour she will be visited by a lot of them. She does speak of Jessica often and I know she adores her very much. She is very caring and giving person.....

Take care and time for me to go to bed.... I am getting up in a few hours to fly to Phoenix to do the AHI benefit. Nite nite,


Hi again Brett! I was wondering about last years Arizona Heart Institute Benefit and Lindsey? He was invited and I had read his name as a guest, but then he didn't perform. Do you happen to know why? I had heard that he was there and that he was very friendly with Stevie, but he didn't perform. Was he there last year? Thanks. (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Jensen,

I really don't remember seeing Lindsey at the last benefit show and I definitely think I would remember that. Also, I'm sure had he been there Stevie would have asked him to do something. He may have been invited but I don't really know......

At the FM concert in Atlantic City in 97, Stevie didn't finish 'Silver Springs.' Lindsey was right there next to her by her mic and he ended up finishing the final few sentances. I was hoping that maybe you knew what was going on? Do you know what happened? Thanks again. (Jensen)

Hi again,

You've certainly had a lot of questions haven't you??? Glad to help out....

If memory serves I think Stevie had one of her "oh know, I've forgotten where I am in the song, help" and just got flustered. I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure that was when Lindsey saw she was a bit lost and jumped in to help her get her place. That is what being a band is all about. Listening to each other, playing and singing together as a band. It's the best man.......

Bye and take care,


Hi again, Brett!

I just wanted to compliment you all on such a wonderful show last night...I had THE best time of my life there. And one of the many highlights was Stevie singing Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday from me, too :) Please tell Stevie thank you for doing that really meant a lot to me and to a lot of other people. Thank you again...and I hope to see you again soon! (Tracy, Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Hi Tracy,

I'm glad you had a great time at the show. I think it was obvious that we all did. The birthday was just the icing on the cake for me.......

I will send along yours and many other people I've chatted with love and thanks to Stevie. I know she made a lot of people happy Saturday night......

Take care and all the best,


Hi Brett Tuggle.... ! Bravo to Lindsey ...My Guitar Hero! Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Buckingham! I can say it at last! What a relief for you to confirm this great news!!!! Us fans just want the guy to be healthy and happy as Lindsey is Our Musical Hero !!!! He looks so great now! He was so sad and his songs were so bitter-sweet I started to pray for him to be well and for God to send some one to truly love Lindsey for the great man he is! God Is Good !!! Brett, You have given me a lovely gift with your news about The Guitar Man!!! Thanks! Well, sad to say I can't be there tonight! What a thrill it would be for me to see Lindsey! So I'll Shout to HIM here....HI LINDSEY !!! MY GUITAR HERO !!! LOVE YA! (Charlotte Ann Mac, North Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Dear Char,

Glad you are so happy for him....

He deserves to be happy, no question about it.....

Take care and God Bless,


Hi-here I am again- you don't know how I wish I were in Phoenix to see that show=:-) Anyway, do you know how old Stevie's niece Jessica is now? There is the cutest pic of her on the Street Angel liner notes, looking just like Aunt Stevie=:-), holding a little guitar. I love the pic of Chris and you guys that you gave Marty! Take care - best of luck for the show!! (Vianna, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Hi Vianna,

I saw Jessica on Saturday at the show. She is sooooo adorable as she always has been. I was talking with her at soundcheck and I think she said is nine years old now. Amazing isn't it????

All the best,


First of all, I would like to wish you Happy Birthday again...did you hear us singing to you? :) THE AHI benefit was incredible!!!! We had a wonderful time! Can you tell us a little about backstage before/during and after the show? There seemed to be a great deal of positive energy flowing out to the audience and back atcha! Everyone on stage seemed to be having so much fun. Thanks again for such a great night! (Patti, Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Hello Patti,

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Yeah, not only was it and incredible evening of music but it was my birthday and it totally blew me away that Stevie, the band and about 10,000 people sang me happy birthday. I will never forget that....

Backstage the vibe was very nice. Everyone was just visiting, talking to each other and hanging out. Stevie's parent's were back there talking with everyone. It was just a really cool hang. I don't think I've ever seen Stevie any happier. The energy in that place was awesome. Stevie has the best fans (as Sheryl Crow said). It was an amazing evening and thank you for being a part of it and singing to me, that was soooooooo cool!!!

Take care,


Hi Brett! I know you answered this question earlier about Carlos, but I have been breathlessly waiting for someone to ask it of you. And since I can't hold my breath any longer and time is running short here, I'd better ask it myself. Here it goes...

So are you married? Single? Hopelessly in love? Or perchance, have you been waiting for an amazingly intriguing woman from Gloucester (this description is based on my doggie's reaction when I walk through the door!) who thinks you are OOO-LA-LA to find you on The Penguin? What are the chances of that? Ha! Now if there is someone special in your life, I truly hope you are deliriously happy. But if you're free for lunch, please come to Boston (isn't that a song?) and we'll dine on lobsters by the seashore :)

Thanks so much for doing this Q&A. With all due respect to the previous interviewees, this has been the best one yet. Now the wine is chilling and, until further notice, so will I! (Lilah, Glouchester, Massachusetts, USA)

Hello Lilah,

You are very kind, thank you and I am flattered for the nice compliment. I am a married man with two beautiful children. I have an incredible daughter Michelle from my first marriage in Denver and I have a son that is almost thirteen named Matthew with my lovely wife Debbie of fifteen years. I am truly blessed that I have such a wonderful family and I can't imagine life without any of them.

You keep looking cause' "Mr. Right" has to be out there somewhere and you sound nice. The wine and lobster sounds great with a content doggy laying by the fireplace. (I love dogs) Hmmmmmmmmm, I have some nice friends though......

Thanks and see you on tour sometime,


Hi Brett,

It's me again. I forgot to ask you some very important questions. How long have you been playing professionally? And what artists have you played with throughout the years that you remember fondly or not so fondly? Thanks!! (Michelle Anderson, South of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Michelle,

I have been playing professionally (getting paid to play) since I was about sixteen. But as I stated in my bio that you can click on. I started piano lessons at the age of six. I have played with many artists over the years but my favorite happen to be all of members of Fleetwood Mac. They are the "best" in my book. Thanks for writing in and take care.


Hi, Brett...

Congratulations on (from everything we hear) a wonderful benefit show. It sounds like it was full of warm, touching moments. Does Stevie or FM, as a group, have any pre-performance rituals? Group hug, group prayer, group let's-go-out-there-and-kick-some-booty? I remember a behind the scenes type video of the post-Lindsey FM, and they had some sort of pre-performance moment, and I was wondering if that continued during the Dance, and a different setting, with Stevie's "group" during Enchanted.

Thank you for answering our questions, and please put in a plug for (at least) two dates in New York during the upcoming tour. We're a big state, and I'm dying to see Stevie in concert! (Special guest appearance by Lindsey always welcome!) (Regina, Bronx, New York, USA)

Hello Regina,

Yeah, we do have a pre-performance ritual in a way I guess. With Stevie, about ten minutes before we go on stage we all go into Stevie's dressing room and hang and talk, joke around and listen to music on her "boom box." It kind of bring us together before the show and gets us all psyched for the performance.....

I agree, we need to do a lot of shows in New York. It's one of our favorite place to play. Take care and we'll see you on tour,


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