Q&A Sessions
Brett Tuggle: September 12 - 25, 2000
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Hi Brett, Thanks again for answering these questions, especially during your hectic schedule right now. Would you elaborate on "A Day In The Garden" show during the "Enchanted Tour". It must have been special for you and the rest of the band. Especially for Stevie as she always had this connection with "Woodstock" and the artists that were playing around that time. Any comments or personal experiences would be so cool to hear about!

Oh, and by the way, how was that KISS? (Joe Droege, Erlanger, Kentucky, USA)

Hey Joe,

Isn't that a song? Hey Joe etc, etc...

"A Day In The Garden" was an awesome event. It was just neat to be in that setting where so much Rock and Roll history happened. I just remember that it was a beautiful place and it rained on and off during our show. Mother nature provided some amazing natural lighting effects and the people in the audience were really into it. Don Henley played right before us and I remember watching his show from the side of the stage. He sounded amazing, what a voice!!! It was a special day for all of us.

I still need to collect that kiss though.... We were working hard all day. Lindsey came in today and it was so great to see him. The show in Phoenix is really going to be a lot of fun......

Hi Brett, thanks for taking the time to do this! I can not even imagine who exciting the entire Dance Tour and the Enchanted Tour was for you and I can not wait to see you again on Stevie's next tour! I have a question regarding the cancellation of the Vancouver BC show on the Dance Tour. There were a lot of "rumours" as to why the show was cancelled from sickness, to Stevie refusing to perform, internal fights, to transportation problems ect... I even heard conflicting reports that the band was in the city ready to perform to the band still being in Seattle. I know the press often takes something and runs with it so I have never really felt like I knew what really happened. A lot of fans, including myself were terribly disappointed after some of them travelled a long way to see the show and it was cancelled an hour before! I understand that you may not be able to comment on this but I was wondering if you could at least shed a little light on what really happened? Thanks. (Shane, Vancouver, British Columbia, USA)

Hey Shane,

Not a problem commenting on the canceled show. My memory is a little foggy on that one but I remember that we had played the show in Seattle and were supposed to travel to Vancouver the next day. I can't remember exactly which one it was but I think it was Lindsey who had gotten a bug of something and it just wasn't worth ruining more shows to try to play Vancouver with a sick Lindsey so there was a last minute decision to go on to the next city and let Lindsey rest. We were hoping we would go back and make it up but it never happened. Unfortunately those things happen and they was no big mystery behind it. Like I said I think it was Lindsey that was not feeling well but it may have been Stevie, either way it was too bad......

Hi Brett! Thanks for the great insights you've been able to share with us. It's a pleasure to read every word you write. I was wondering if you could shed some light on Sharon Celani. She's been such a big part of Stevie's musical career and performances but little is known about her. She seems to be a great person and somewhat shy. (Vera, Washington DC, USA)

Hello Vera,

It's been great sharing with everyone and it's a pleasure to meet all of you nice people through this Q & A session. Thank you too.....

Sharon is a sweet, sweet lady. She has been with Stevie for over 20 years now so she has a lot of history there for sure. She is on the shy side but her voice blends so well with Stevie's and they have become close friends over the years. She is a joy to work with and is always very positive and helpful. I am hoping that she will do one these Q & A sessions soon so people can get her insight on all the years with Stevie and Fleetwood Mac.

Hi Brett, thanks for all the great Stevie info! YES, we fans are dying for her new album, but I'm sure it's worth waiting for. My mind is just blown thinking about NEW Stevie music finally coming out... you are one lucky man to get to hear it!

My question is: Does Stevie ever hang out and party with the band after a show? A friend of mine got to attend an after-show party a few years back, and Stevie sat at the piano playing her songs, many that aren't released. I was just wondering if she unwinds with the crew after the set. Thanks & take care! (Michael Bise, Dallas, Texas, USA)

Hello Michael,

Having only done The Dance and Enchanted tours I can only comment on those tours I've done with Stevie but on The Dance tour she stayed pretty low key most of the time. With our busy schedule almost everyone tried to take care of themselves and not hang out and party too much, just to stay healthy and feeling good for the next performance. But yes, there were times when she and all of the band members would hang out and just enjoy a fun evening in the hotel bar or have a small hang on the jet after the show when we would be flying to next city. If there was a day off the next day you could almost count on something fun happening. Actually, I remember sitting at the piano bar in a few of the hotels with Christine on occasion singing and having a lot fun singing Beatle songs. Getting rest and taking care of yourself is so important if you want to feel good. But there were some great hangs........

Good chatting with you,


[ Note from MEA: There is a picture of Christine and Brett together at a piano bar posted in his biography. ]

Dear Mr.Tuggle,

I was wondering if any funny things happened while you were working with Fleetwood Mac?? Any practical jokes, pranks, ect.??? And on the other side of things I was wondering if tempers flaired at any time working with Stevie and/or Fleetwood Mac??? One more do you remember any specific concert (specifically the one's at the Target Center) or are they all just a big blur??? Thanks for answering these questions you really are helpful into giving us a better insight as to what's going on! LOL (Alexandra Campbell, Winona, Minnesota, USA)

Hello Alexandra,

I think the best prank was the one on John McVie by our tour manager Marty in Cincinnati Ohio with the bird. If you get a chance go back and check that one out. I'd tell it again but it took quite a while for me to type that one out with my limited typing skills. But it was sooooo funny......

Yeah, sometimes the days run together and you lose track of what town and what day it is but that is part of the whole road experience. I always tell people the two hours on stage is the easy and fun part of the job. It's the other twenty-two hours of the day that are hard. Moving from place to place, etc. Wouldn't trade it for the world though.

Take care and be happy.....


First off, thanks for your participation in this Q&A session. Your insight into recent Fleetwood Mac history (including the recording of Stevie's new album) from your viewpoint has been intriguing. I'm not sure if you are privy to such information (in regards to the commercial/marketing aspect), but do you know for sure if "Love Changes" (that might be a preliminary title, the tracklist that I have might be incorrect) will be released as the first single from the forthcoming album? Everything I've been hearing seems to suggest that's Reprise's first choice, but there hasn't been confirmation about it yet.

"Stevie actually has recorded more songs than she can put on the album so until it is completely mixed and mastered I think it's best to wait and see which ones make the cut...."

To me, this confirms something I heard this Spring (that Stevie has recorded as many as two dozen songs that were either requested to be re-recorded or removed from album consideration, including the Sheryl Crow produced selections). Are you able to expound on this at the present time? Thanks! (Luke Arnott, Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Hey Luke,

I wish I could tell you more but I honestly don't know what the first single is going to be yet. But yeah, she recorded a lot of songs and she can't put them all on this CD but I am sure they will find their way to be heard in one way or another. Not much more to "expound on" at this time other than I think you can count on there being some of the Sheryl Crow stuff on the CD. I'm just as anxious as you are to have a copy in my hands.... All the best,


Hello again Brett! Just wanted to let you know that I am REALLY enjoying this Q & A! The only thing that I DO NOT like is the fact that the AHI Benefit sounds like it will ROCK and I won't be there!!!! Thanks a lot!! LOL...Anyway, another question: In the Peter Lewry book "Fleetwood Mac, The Complete Recording Sessions", it talks about rehersals for MTV's "Unplugged", which became The Dance. It has a listing of songs that were recorded at this rehersal (the date is April 18, 1997), but none were issued. There are a few songs listed that I have never heard of: "Forbidden", "Where Were You", and "Shadows of Love". Can you tell us what happened to these songs, or whose's songs they were? It also has songs listed such as "Little Lies", "Twisted", and "Brown Eyes". If this Unplugged resulted in The Dance, why weren't these songs incuded? If you did not take part in these rehearsals, I am sorry for wasting your time with this question! But I was hoping you *might* just know! Thanks!! (Josh Williams, East Liverpool, Ohio, USA)

Hello again Josh,

You got me on this one... I really couldn't tell you anything regarding the "song list" situation and why certain songs were picked over others. I am just the humble keyboardist and rhythm guitar player. Somebody out there knows the answers to those questions though, sorry that it's not me. It's been a long day, think it's time to shut down my happy Mac computer for the night. Take care.....


[ Note from MEA: This last answer was sent at 3:42 AM. ]

Hello Brett,

Thank you for appearing in the Q and A and sharing so much with us fans! It is wonderful to be able to talk to someone that actually lived in the Dance and Enchanted world! One thing I noticed at several of the shows I have attended is that they were all recorded/videoed. Is this common practice for performers, to record/video all their shows? Are you aware of any plans for a LIVE Stevie collection album or video in the future?

As you are part of the "Stevie Nicks and Friends" show, maybe you know why there was an agreement made to not make a video of the benefit show? There is a mailing list, sent out by Nicks Fix that said this: "Note: Due to agreements with the other artists, the concert will not be taped. If you want to see it you must go in person." Is there any chance that the music might come out on cd? I am guessing that the performers would only want their best work to be commercially released, and might want to edit, revise, etc . . . but wonder what you have heard. Maybe you have heard that a large group of internet fans sent in a petition to let Stevie know there is interest in this. Maybe you can ask her for us!!! It's a benefit . . . I'd be willing to buy quite a few copies! I am touched that this benefit is being done to raise funding for the Arizona Heart Institute, and for a research center there . . . I hope you all make it happen! Thank you for "hearing" me! (Susan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Susan-- Good hearing from you.....

It is not uncommon these days for performers to make some sort of recording of their live shows so they can hear back to make corrections, etc. Most bands today use a DAT machine to record to. A DAT tape (Digital Audio Tape) is just a simple way of getting a high quality stereo recording of the entire show on tape. The "soundman" usually operates that back at the mixing board. On most tours I've done we haven't had a "video crew" on the entire tour, that would be very expensive. Although a lot of venues today have those big screens in them and they have camera operators running around to help the audience see the performers onstage. There were always cameras around on The Dance tour though and I never knew half the time what they were there for. Getting those 5 people back together was a pretty big deal no?........

I am not aware of plans to release a "LIVE" Stevie collection album or video in the near future but you never know. I think she has just been consumed with getting her new record finished and after the AHI Benefit she will take a much needed vacation and then get ready for a nice long tour next year. Can't wait.........

This entire "AHI Benefit" is Stevie's brainchild. It really is just a great way for her to raise the much needed money to help the institute. I'm not sure why the opted to not record the performance for commercial release. Maybe everyone felt it would turn into to much of a major production to try and make a CD out of it. Don Henley is on the road and is flying in just for this. Chris Isaak is taping his new TV show for Showtime in Vancouver that will air this December and is also being kind enough to fly in and out to do it. Sheryl Crow is of course very busy as is Lindsey finishing his new record. I think there wasn't enough time to put that end of it all together to do it right but that's just my guess. Good idea though......

Thanks for writing in and take care,


Have you ever considered releasing a solo album? If so, what would the general style or 'feel' of it be, who would you like to have join you on the album? Thank you for taking the time out to do this 'Q & A' , and say 'howdy' whenever you're in NY! (Gabriella, New York, New York, USA)

Hi Gabriella,

Yes, a matter of fact I have thought about doing my own record several times and have been asked that question by quite a few people. I am flattered and I really would like to do my own CD sometime but it seems to always get put on the "back burner." I have been so busy and put most of my energy into playing and backing a lot of "name" artists that I have not set aside enough time to work on my on stuff. I do get in "writing modes" but it comes in spurts. I really should devote more time and energy to a project of my own sometime as it would be rewarding from a creative standpoint. One of my problems is saying no to all of these wonderful people like Stevie and Chris Isaak who want me to play with them. I consider myself lucky though. Thank you for asking, now I'd better get to work.....

Take care of yourself and come see us when we get to New York, OK,


Hi Brett! Thanks for doing this q&a, your answers are fascinating. It's really interesting to get perspective from someone who's worked with the band and Stevie recently. I was excited to read your comments about Waddy, thanks for approaching that issue. I'm known for being one of his biggest fans here on the net, so it made me smile.

I was curious about the band that will be playing at the AHI benefit show (and, from what you intimated, a tour next summer as well)-will Waddy be playing? And, if so, will Carlos Rios be playing as well? Have you noticed any change in the sound of the band, and of the songs, with the addition of Waddy back at guitar? Thanks, Brett! Some people ask a lot of questions about Stevie, I ask a lot about Waddy. (Hayley, Kansas, USA)

Hi Hayley,

I was actually born in a small town western Kansas and we moved to Denver when I was only a year old. Now that I've shared my Kansas connection on to your question.....

The tour isn't until next year but the current line up has been Waddy and Carlos and let me tell you IT ROCKS, BIG TIME!!!!! I really love having Waddy in there with Carlos. They both are awesome musicians and incredible people. I hope that is going to be the case for the tour. I'm thinking it will be. You're gonna love it......

See you out there,


Hi-- Thanks for taking the time! Seeing as how you toured with Stevie back to back on "The Dance" and "Enchanted" tours, did you notice a "change" in her between the two tours? Here's what I mean, "Fleetwood Mac" puts on a great show, but during these Stevie seems very reserved. When "Stevie Nicks" does a show she seems far more relaxed and seems to be having more fun. I realize that in Fleetwood Mac she is one of five and her solo shows are all about her. Maybe it's just me but she seems to have more fun solo than with the Mac, not to imply that Fleetwood Mac isn't fun for her, just that a solo show is where she really gets to spread her wings. Stevie's fans are a loyal bunch and we're happy to see her anytime we can!! Thanks again! (Allen Chapman, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA)

Hi Allen,

You are absolutely correct in your observation of the difference's in Stevie as a member of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie the "solo artist." Being fortunate enough to have worked with her in both environments, I was able to observe and work with her in those two worlds. First and foremost, she is ALWAYS Stevie when she steps on that stage and pours her heart out to the audience. Whether it is one of her songs or in the case of Fleetwood Mac singing harmony with Lindsey or Christine she always gives it her all. But there is a noticeable difference in Stevie in each setting. With the Mac she is a member of a group of other "band members" and therefore they share the spotlight as musical endeavors as a band. All members of Fleetwood Mac blend together to become one powerful entity. I know for a fact that Fleetwood Mac is near and dear to Stevie's heart and she loves being a part of that group, also she doesn't have to carry all the weight on her shoulders, the band shares that responsibility. The solo Stevie gives her the opportunity to do what she wants and for that reason she is able to have more freedom to call all the shots but it also puts a lot of pressure on her as well. I respect the fact the she really loves both worlds. Yes, it has caused friction in the past but to me she will always be adored by her fans because she is so great at what she does. I'm amazed at how much she still cares about there still being a Fleetwood Mac and not just saying "I'm going to just be a solo artist and the heck with the band." To me it shows her loyalty and true character that she still wants to work with her friends that have she has been through so much with and still cares about. I admire her very much for that. Take care and thanks for writing in.


Thanks so much for answering my other questions. I have another one=:-) Do you think Lindsey has any idea how many fans he has out here? ( I am a major Lindsey fan ) I know he doesn't win all those big time awards or appear on lists of guitar gods. We have had discussions on my message board about why not - mainly the consensus is that Lindsey doesn't really match any of the guitar stereotypes. However there are many of us who consider Lindsey to be a great musician. I hope he knows this. If he doesn't, please tell him=:-) In The Penguin archives is a lovely tribute to him written by John B. Lindsey should read it sometime-it would make him feel really good=:-)

Do you think it bothers him that he isn't as recognized as much as some other rock performers are? (Vianna, Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Hi Vianna,

There is no question that Lindsey Buckingham is an incredible guitarist. Your point is well taken that yeah, his name is not synonymous with some of the so call "Guitar Gods" of rock but Lindsey's unique style and right hand finger picking technique in my opinion is one of the most outstanding I've ever heard. He always blew me away every night on the Dance tour. I also know many other "name" players all over who have always commented to me how incredible they thought his guitar playing is.

I think Lindsey definitely knows he is respected as a musician by fans and his fellow peers. I've heard him receive many compliments about his playing. He is always very humble, cool and almost shy about the accolades. But I don't think Lindsey has lost any sleep at night at not being Jimi Hendrix. Didn't we all want to play that good? He has achieved so much. Can't wait to hear his next album.......

See ya,


Hey Brett, Shawn again in Pittsburgh (hope you're not too tired of me yet) Anyway, I had read your Bio on the Penguin and I didn't know you toured with Belinda in 1985. My question (alittle off the Stevie Nicks subject here) is did you get the chance to see the GoGo's Summer tour this past season? They put on a great show, plus the Ultimate Party band the B-52's were awesome as well. Just wondering If you did, and when you get the chance to take a break, who are your fave live performers that you recently had the chance to see?? Have a good nite, and thanks for taking the time to do this Q & A. Still counting down the days to the show!!!!.... :-) (Shawn Collins, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi again,

No, I've never saw the Go Go's live at any time. I only worked with Belinda for short time right after her first solo album came out. I played keyboards a short tour for her back in 1986 and during that time was offered David Roth's gig. She was very sweet.... Haven't seen her since.

To be honest I haven't been out to see any shows in ages. Can't even remember the last concert I went to. When I'm home It's hard to get me out of the house......

Stevie seemed to be kind of reserved (reflective?) in some of the concert videos I saw from the Dance tour. Did you notice Stevie having a different attitude toward the Enchanted tour than she did during the Dance? My second question is: other than the televised MTV version, which was the most memorable Dance concert for you and why? Thanks. (Regina, Bronx, New York, USA)

Hello Regina,

I've described in detail a similar question about the differences in Stevie, one-fifth of Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie the solo artist. Rather than repeat mysel with my poor typing skills could you go back a day or so and take a look at the Q & A section. I think you'll understand my thoughts on that subject.

I'd have to say for me the most "memorable concert" on the Dance tour for me was The Hollywood Bowl show but there were many memorable shows. Just something awesome about finally getting to play The Hollywood Bowl that was cool. But the very first concert of the Dance was also amazing just to see the audience react to them being back together after so long. Priceless. (Just like the commercial.)

Bye bye,


Hi Brett,

I've been reading through much the questions and I have to say that you sound like such a nice give detailed, straightforward, and most importantly, honest answers to all of us rabid fans :) Thanks for that.

Stevie is such an inspiration for so many...she has helped and taught me more than anyone, including herself, even knows. I truly owe my life to her. I have a couple questions if that's alright. First...will Lindsey be singing at the AHI benefit, or only playing guitar? Second, and forgive me if this is a repeat question, who were your musical inspirations?...what made you decide on the career path you chose? and how did you come to work with Stevie? Thanks again, Brett. I look forward to seeing you at the AHI benefit! (Tracy, Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Hi Tracy,

Glad you feel like that .... Yes, to both, Lindsey is singing and playing at the benefit. It is gonna be soooooo fun. You're gonna love it.

As I mentioned in my bio. Without question The Beatles made me want to be in a band. I had been playing piano for years already but they were the ones that really got me excited about Rock and Roll. I also really loved The Beach Boy harmonies when I first heard them. Man could those guys sing!!!!!!!

I came to work with Stevie because first, I was in the Zoo with Mick and Mick and I had become friends. I then was asked to do the Dance and from there went on to be in Stevie's band. Just sort of all happened......... Lucky me I guess.....See you in Phoenix...

Hi again Brett! Thanks so much for answering my last question and giving me hope that Stevie may bring a tour "down under" next year. You should see this place at the moment with the Olympics in full swing - Sydney is ROCKING!

I have another question after reading your complete Q&A from top to bottom this morning. I read in one of your early answers that you loved playing the song Sara... we haven't heard Stevie sing Sara in such a long time... was it played sometime during The Dance tour or are you guys rehersing it currently? THAT would be awesome (even though I can't make it to Phoenix this time)

I will certainly watch out for you and give you a wave or try and catch up with you when you're down here - what a buzz that would be. Thanks again - I am loving this Q&A session. (Dawn, Umina NSW, Australia)

Hello Dawn,

Sydney must just be amazing right now. Wish I were there for the festivities!!!! I love that city.....

I would flip if Stevie would sing Sara again live. I have never done that song with her and I really want to. I really don't remember us tossing that song around for The Dance tour. I don't know when or if she is planning on singing it live again but I wish to heck she would. People would love it!!!!!! Hope to see you down there on tour.

Hi Brett...Thanks for explaining how the band functions and about the synthesizer machine...that's where they get thoes fantastic layered sounds ! We really have enjoyed The Dance video and The Great Mac Band!

Thanks you so much for telling us that Lindsey had arrived...that he "came in today and it was great to see him!" All us Lindsey fans can breathe a sigh of relief and eally belive he will be there now! HI! LINDSEY!

Unfortunately my family cannot fly out to AZ for this great Stevie Concert to help the AZ Heart Institute! I am very sad that it will not be on the television or made available to us who love them and have a need in our Heart to support this great cause! My kids and I wanted to buy a CD to support the Heart Institute and Honor their Dad! He died suddenly of a heart attack and we wanted to give something in His Memory!!! We signed a petition to put out a cd! We could buy it, the money would go to the AZ Heart Institute !!!!! That way we all could support our favorite musicians for a worthy cause! We are just so disappointed !!!

Cheers for The Great Guitar Man....Lindsey BucKINGham!!! My Blessings to You Brett. (Charlotte Ann MacCullough, North Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Charlotte,

First, let me say I am so sorry about the loss of your husband and your kids losing their father. I can only imagine at how hard all of it must be on your family.

I understand you wanting to buy a CD to support the cause and do something in memory of your late husband. I have no way of knowing why the performance is not being released on CD other than what I commented on before in a similar question. I think we must be grateful to Stevie for what she is doing and not just say "we want this" and "why can't we have that." She is doing this out of the kindness of her heart and it will raise a lot of money for a worthy cause. She really should be commended for all the hard work she is putting into this benefit. The CD idea sounds like a good one but there must be a good reason for it not happening. I'll even ask around to see what I can find out and post any information if I get any that will help us to know the story. How's that?

Take care and all the best to you and your children,


Brett, you mentioned that you played the Super Bowl pre-game show with Fleetwood Mac. We saw that on television! We saw the band play "Say You Love Me" with Christine, John, Mick, and Billy. Did the band play a set or just the one song that was broadcast on TV?

This is kind of a stupid question, Brett, but if you could go back in time to see a great rock concert (the Beatles in Hamburg? the Stones at the Coliseum? the Doors at the Whiskey? Elton at the Troubador? Mac at Madison Square Garden), who & where would it be? (David, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Hello David,

We actually did a set at the Super Bowl that year. But there were different artists involved. I believe "Say You Love Me" was the only "Mac" song. Other performers sang as well like, Tanya Tucker, Albert Lee on guitar and since "The ZOO" were all in the line up that day we also played a few of our songs as well. They billed it as an "All Star Band."

If I could go back in time to see a concert it would probably have be a Beatles concert. I'm not sure which one though. They came through Denver when I was thirteen and I didn't get to see them. Dummy!!!!! Any Jimi Hendrix show (I did see him once though) and I would have love to have seen Cream and the old Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green........

Take care OK?


Hey, man! More questions from the Stevie-wannabe's husband ... lol ... not sure if they make this for the Macintosh, but you mentioned music software earlier and I was wondering if you have used "CakeWalk" before? What software package(s) are you comfortable with?

Also, would we see you in Stevie's VH-1 Storytellers special? I haven't seen it in a while (I know, I know, what real fan doesn't watch these things every week, huh?), but would love to re-examine and look for you there. Yes, after numerous viewings of The Dance video, I saw you guys in the background ... rent me your shoes for the upcoming Stevie tour, damnit, 'cause I wanna stand in'em for awhile! LOL

Finally, have you mentioned to Stevie (or Lindsey) that you're doing this Q&A? What was the response? Thanks again! Take care. (Tim Bucci, Springfield, Illinois, USA)

Hi Tim,

I've definitely heard of the program CakeWalk for the PC and hear it works pretty good as a MIDI sequencer/Digital audio recorder etc. I am not familiar with it because they don't make that for the Mac. Even if they did, I have been using a program for years called Digital Performer on my trusty Mac. I absolutely love it. It's an amazing program for creating and editing music. Some of the other main software programs I use are Unity DS-1 and Retro AS-1 which allow me to carry a synthesizer and a sampler (real sounds of piano's, strings, brass, etc.) with me in my PowerBook (Lap Top). It's amazing what you can do in your bedroom or hotel room or bus these days.....

And yes, you can see me in VH-1 Storytellers with Stevie and her band. I play keyboards on her left side and I also play acoustic guitar on a couple of songs. That was a gas.....

Haven't mentioned this Q & A session to Stevie or Lindsey yet. No particular reason other than we've been rehearsing so long hard for the upcoming benefit this Saturday I haven't thought to tell them......

Hi Brett. I can't believe no one has ask you about that other wonderful singer from Fleetwood Mac, Bekka Bramlett. You must have some words about Bekka Brett? Were ask to play back up with the Time band, I see they had steve Thoma as a back up player. Being from Denver ever play with Tommy Bolin? Thanks for your time Brett I've seen you play twice in the twin citys here "Zoo" "Mac" you are Good my friend! Take Care. (Bill Seamans, Buffalo, Minnesota, USA)

Hi ya Bill,

Yeah, Bekka could really belt out a tune. A lot of power and soul in her voice. She came from a very talented musical family and It was just in her genes. Have no idea where she is or what she is up to though.

I used to hear Tommy Bolin's band "Zepher" around the Denver/Boulder area when I was very young. He was such an amazing player. My favorite album he played on I finally found on CD but it is hard to get. The album is called "Spectrum." It is by the extraordinary drummer Billy Cobham and was Cobham's fist solo record. KILLER RECORD. One my all time favorites instrumental albums... Take it easy and see out there sometime.

Hi Brett, I was over the moon when I read that their will be an extensive Tour following the release of Stevie's new album and that it is likely to reach Aussie shores. I was wondering how aware Stevie and the other Mac members are of the fans of the web? Also if you have told any other band members about you doing this Q & A and are any of them interested? Thanks for all your great info and insight. (Nick, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Nick,

Believe me, I'm just as excited to come back to Australia as you are to have Stevie come there. No dates have been booked yet and I do not want to mislead people in anyway that we are definitely coming down. The freakin' CD isn't even out yet!!!! But she did say she wanted to do an extensive tour when the new CD comes out. I like the way she's thinking anyway. So stay tuned down under OK??????

I know John McVIe has a computer and Christine does as well. Stevie, I don't think even owns one or if she does I am not aware of it. Most musicians out there are on the net now. Come on, look at the world now. The net is massive!!!!!!!

All I can do is ask if any of the others are interested in a Q & A session. You never know..... Thanks for writing in and take care,


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