Q&A Sessions
Brett Tuggle: September 12 - 25, 2000
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Hi Brett, thanks for spending some time with us and our questions. We appreciate it a lot. Do you have a favorite Stevie song to listen to? to perform? (Lesley, San Diego, California, USA)

Hi Lesley,

I was just in San Diego last Saturday night playing Street Scene with Chris Isaak and it was a gas. We did it last year as well and its so much fun. I love it down there....

I love all of Stevie's songs, really I do!!! But OK here it is; I absolutely loved playing "Silver Springs" live on The Dance album and tour. "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" is another gem that gets me. (great piano song). "Gypsy" is a fun song to play, "Landslide" is probably one of my all time favorite songs in the world. "Sara" is amazing. "Standback" and "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" are also incredible. I could go on and on but that gives you an idea of a few of my favs.

On the Dance tour, with Lindsey and Neale Heywood as guitarists as well, which songs did you also play guitar on -- were there songs where all three of you played guitar? (Lesley)

On The Dance tour I think I played guitar and about a third or more of the set which I loved doing. Lindsey, Neale and I played on "The Chain." I played acoustic on that one. Christine's "Temporary One" I played acoustic and that was the three of us. Lindsey's "My Little Demon" I played guitar on with Lindsey and Neale, "Silver Springs" I played acoustic on as well as "Go Your Own Way" again all three of us on guitars and finally I played electric guitar with Lindsey & Neale on the encore song 'Farmer's Daughter." It made for a nice full sound having the three guitars sometimes.

Do you remain in contact with Mick? Having been in the last incarnation of the Zoo, did you get any feeling about whether that was to be the last Zoo band/album? Do you know if Mick still has any plans or desires to keep the Zoo going in some kind of incarnation in the future? (Lesley)

I usually speak to Mick from time to time but it seems he has fallen off my radar screen as of late. I saw him in Hawaii this last year when I was gigging with Chris Isaak on Maui and we had a nice visit. I know he has spent quite a bit of time in England doing some projects and we haven't gotten together in a while. As far as The Zoo, I really don't know what he is thinking. With Mick you never know. He is the best and I miss him dearly....

As you alluded to in a previous answer, gossip and rumors never cease about public figures. Being famous, but also especially because of being part of Fleetwood Mac's unique history in terms of interpersonal turmoil and strained friendships, there has always been a ton of gossip and speculation about the members of this band, even these days. Sometimes, even when untrue, gossip can be fairly harmless. But often, it spreads superficial, skewed, if not outright mean-spirited and false impressions, encouraging harsh feelings towards the subject of the rumor. Obviously the nature of the rumor might affect how feel about it, but having spent some time with the members of this much gossiped about band, can you tell if that sort of gossip or speculation hurts or bothers any of them much at this point in their careers? Can they laugh about it? (Lesley)

I can only tell you that as people we all get hurt by comments, rumors, or accusations especially when they are false or incorrect. The members of Fleetwood Mac are all very grown up people now. They have been through everything imaginable and still have still managed to let the music do the talking. I cannot and would not speak for any of them but I can only tell you I think at this point in their collective lives they are pretty much "over" all the B__ S___. ya dig??????

In this Q&A forum, we've gotten some fairly diverse opinions about each member of FM from different people. It's always interesting for us to hear each new thought and opinion. If it's not too much trouble, could you select a few words or relay a few thoughts that describe how you think of each member? Thanks again Brett. Best of luck to you! (Lesley)

I'm going to make this short and sweet....

Mick: A real gentleman and has a great feel on drums.
John: Very intelligent, bass groove king and is 'The Captain."
Chris: Sweet, beautiful touch on the keyboards, sparking eyes and warm heart.
Stevie: Giving caring person, soulful, knows and gets what she wants.
Lindsey: To himself, A thinker, Passionate and plays with all his heart.

Hope that helps in some small way...


Hi Brett. Thank you so much for participating in this Q&A! I have read several articles about Stevie's forthcoming album and have heard there is a 'world music' vibe to it. Can you confirm or deny? Her past albums have had a little bit of dance, country and rock mixed in. Can you give us a hint of what type of music to expect from Stevie this time around? (Tracy Garner, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Hello Tracy,

It's not something I can really put into words. I guess the term "World music" in someway fits but it's pure Stevie. Just at this stage in her life it reflects where she is at now. I think you're going to enjoy it but you're just going to have to wait a little while longer to hear for yourself. Glad to hear people are excited to hear it. Thanks for the question.


During the Dance tour, did the Mac ever get together as a group after a show or while traveling and just hang out or have dinner together? Did you do anything special after the final date of the "official" Dance tour? (Tracy Garner)

Hello again,

Because we had our own 727 jet we would all be flying together from city to city so by being around each other so much of the time the band would eat and hang out and talk, etc., all the time. The only real time anyone got real private time was when we would go to our rooms for much needed sleep for the next days events. I remember the promoters threw this big "end of the tour" party in Chicago for the band and everyone involved with the tour. It was at an Italian restaurant called Carmine's. It was absolutely amazing!!! Great food, lots of adult beverages and everyone stood up and gave toasts and made speeches and stuff. It was great. Wouldn't have wanted to pick up that check on that night though. Yikes!!!!

Were you a part of the *special* things the Mac did after the Dance tour ended (like the Brit awards)? If so, what was that like? (Tracy Garner)

Hi again Tracy,

Yeah I did do the Brit awards and The Grammy's after the tour ended. It was a bitter sweet kind of thing for me. I can't speak for anyone else but it was like. Well, the tours over and here we are playing at these award shows and this is going to be it. Kind of sad because we all knew it was about over for playing live for who knows how long. I just wanted it to keep going on and not stop. Thanks for the question....

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