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Goodbye for Now

Written by Michele Jul 11, 2013 at 08:31 PM
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The end of the line. It was one of those bittersweet nights when joy becomes history. But there were no tears from the band.

The show was great. I love the way you first see it's going to be most a magic and manic night during The Chain when Lindsey runs back to his mic as soon as John's solo is over and jumps up after the close.

Stevie says the've been on the road for 3 months and this is their last show in America, so they plan to have a ____ she stops herself and says, "Don't swear, Stevie. That being said, this party starts NOW."

For the NTF intro, Lindsey observes as he has in the past that 'it smells like you guys are having a good time down there.' He talks about the axiom which describes the process of identifying a formula, exploiting it, using it up and then moving on to something else.

At the beginning of Sisters of the Moon, I can hear Lindsey counting of "1, 2, 3, 4" even though he's not in front of his mic. I am happy with the way the song has ended up. Musically, it rocked harder in 1982, but I think Stevie's energy is pretty high for it and I'm somewhat surprised that she's remained so up and intense for the entire tour, when you consider that this is a song that -- if we believe Mick -- she's resisted doing for some time. I love the bite she's put into it.

For Big Love, Lindsey does play with the audience. He says it was written in 1987, "before you were born." I don't know what the people said in response to him. But he said, "hmmm" and contemplates a further response before declaring, "I could of blew the whole vibe there." He talks to them some more, but I can't hear the conversation.

For Landslide, Lindsey and Stevie don't play around. She says she dedicates it to friends and family and she does have friends and family there tonight.

To Bob Fogel whom she's known since she was a freshman in college, "if you can believe that." And to the Schneider family, the family of her best friend Robin. And mostly she dedicates it to the fans.

For Without You Stevie says that the introduction started at 3 minutes and she thinks it's lasted for up to 9 minutes since then, it won't be 9 minutes tonight -- or maybe it will. She says that when she wrote it in the early seventies she and Lindsey were "going out" [Going out?? I've never been so insulted in my entire life]. She says they were in the middle of a musical love affair in San Francisco during that exciting era.

She wrote a poem and she thinks it's the most beautiful thing she's ever written about them, not just about Lindsey but about the two of them. They made a cassette of the poem and then it disappeared for a time. They lost it [before she was saying that she and Lindsey never noticed it was gone]. She says she doesn't know if one of their sleazy friends took it or if one of their nice friends took it because he didn't think they would miss or care about it, but whatever, it disappeared. She says that this is the part of the story where Lindsey walks away [he walked over to Mick] because he is wondering what she is talking about.

Then her friends the song again on Youtube and she had them make a cd of it so she could play it for Lindsey.

She played it and asked Lindsey if he remembered it. Lindsey said that's us [which I guess means he did NOT remember the song. He just can recognize his own voice from 40 years ago.]

She says Mick said remember that's what attracted him to them and somewhere at the beginning of the tour, Lindsey stepped in and said, "Now hang on. That's not what attracted Mick to us. Mick puts his drum sticks over his face and Stevie chides him, "Don't hide Mick. Don't hide." She says that Lindsey reminded her that their guitar player quit and what they needed was a lead guitarist." Then she said that Lindsey didn't say it, but she herself said, "and no where in the words Lead Guitarist does it say and his hippy girlfriend."

So, she says that this is the part where she hands the story over to Lindsey. [I guess she didn't want to say that she throws "it" over to Lindsey, because he made hey with that phrasing in Los Angeles]. Lindsey takes the mic and says, "Me? Me?" He goes through his phone conversation with Mick and says that he wouldn't join unless they took his girlfriend, ending his segment by saying, "NOW THAT'S LOVE, BABY."

Stevie laughs and says that now that Mr. Buckingham has stated such a sweet sentiment, she wants to thank all of the men in the band.

She thanks John saying that he was married to the other woman in the band [what what? I'm drawing a blank here] and never said, "I don't think this is a good idea." She said that John could have trashed the whole thing, but they'll talk about THAT side of the story on the next part of the tour when they go to Australia, she bets John can't wait!

I notice that Brett and Mick point to each other at the end of ISA.

During Stand Back, I think Stevie missed the line, "one man did not fall" but it was hardly noticeable. I guess I don't look at Neale a lot, but this is the first time I noticed that he is wearing a sequins jacket. Stevie smiles broadly at him as he plays his part and during the song Lindsey cranes his neck to take a peek at Brett over there in the corner and they both have a good laugh over an inside joke, no doubt.

During GYOW, once Lindsey jumps down from the drum kit, I smile because we've talked about George and Gracie being old, but the way Stevie follows Lindsey as he circles, she is hunched over and makes me think of Groucho Marx. All she is missing is the cigar. He used to do a kind of duck walk while pacing in that rhythmic fashion.

After GYOW a lady hopped onto the stage. She'd been trying to angle her way into position to do this all night and finally succeeded. Stevie calmly told her, "You can't do that. You can't do that" and gestured to her. Later, instead of removing her from the audience, you can see Stevie mouthing a conversation with her during other songs telling her if she gets crawls back onto stage she will have security come from the back and push her off. She makes a shoving motion with her hands. I wish they'd thrown the woman out and instead of making a pushing gesture at her, I wish Stevie had pantomimed all of the other things that security might do to her: hit her with a baseball bat. Handcuff and drag her off. Taser her. A little staccato chop across the throat to signify a beheading. My imagination runs wild with all the things Stevie could have done to discourage further antics.

I hadn't noticed this before, but I like the way the lights blink bright when Mick asks the audience a question. It encourages a response back from the audience. "Are you with me?" Yes, everyone screams back.

At the end of Don't Stop I love the way the video camera is roving over all four of them. Lindsey, Mick, Stevie, John, Lindsey, Mick, Stevie, John, the movement matching the frenzied climax of the song.

The thing about Say Goodbye is that Lindsey's intro in 2003 was about peace and reconciliation. It's not about that now. He's not saying that all the drama is gone from their life or that their relationship is better than it's ever been. All he says it's that their illusions have fallen away. You need to hold on to dreams at one point in your life and then you need to discard them to grow.

At any rate, Stevie isn't shaking her head tonight. She's looking back at Lindsey somberly.

When they return after an encore, Mick and John usually make gestures of one kind or another towards one another. Last night I saw them holding up index fingers. I took it as the #1 sign.

Tonight, after the group bow, John and Lindsey hug as well.

In her dreamcatcher speech Stevie says that this is the last show in America and she can't tell us how thrilled she is. She can't wait to take a break. She says they've done 48 concerts and this is probably the hardest tour they've done. It's 2 hours and 30-40 minutes long, as she's sure we know and she points out, "and we aren't young."

But they've been throwing out songs to us and we throw them back for 35 years now and it has made her fall in love with us all over again.

For his part, Mick says that this is not their last concert by far and we should remember that "The Mac will be back."

Then, it's over and I leave -- with all of my illusions still intact, actually. Thank you Fleetwood Mac. Live 2013.
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A Magnificent Concert

Written by Marie-France Jul 07, 2013 at 08:13 PM
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Just wanted to thank you for a magnificent concert last night in Sacramento! You
were stupenduous as usual and soooooo generous!, even after such an arduous tour!

We offered the staff of our veterinary clinic - 14 of them - tickets to your
concert. They were thrilled beyond belief when invited by officials to come to the
center stage area, feets from you! It is still a mistery to us how they were picked.
One of the staff even got the hankerchief Lindsey threw! One staff member is missing
half of one leg and stood there for all of 3 hours! I am 70 years old and had a hard
time staying in my seat, - wanted to dance! There is no band like yours, as you
cross several generations. The youngest staff member is 18. The beat, lyrics, music
are incomparable!!! NO ONE will ever be able to follow in your footsteps, just as
the Beatles cannot be replaced. I heard your music 30 years ago for the first time
and you have been my alltime FAVORITE ever since! (I was born and raised in

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU! WHAT A CLASS ACT in every respect! Enjoy your well deserved
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