Ex-FLEETWOOD MAC singer CHRISTINE McVIE will remain happily at home when the newly-reformed band play London's prestigious EARL'S COURT venue next month (DEC03).

The 60-year-old quit the GO YOUR OWN WAY legends ten years ago because she wanted to stop touring, and now lives in a mansion near Canterbury, England.

But Christine's manager, MARTIN WYATT, says it is unlikely the keyboardist - who is now working on a new solo album - will join Fleetwood Mac on stage at the event.

He says, "There has been no invitation or discussion about Christine joining the band on stage.

"Appearing with them would be an embarrassment - and anyway, they have included only one of her songs in their show.

"And she can't sit in the audience as people would probably spot her and make a fuss. She has spoken on the phone to one of them and hopefully they will be able to visit her at home.

"There is not likely to be a riotous party, however, as the band cleaned up their act years ago and neither they nor Christine drink any more."

27/11/2003 13:44