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Q&A Sessions
Bob Aguirre: November 26 - December 9, 2001
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Bob-- I have a question of my own. It is truly a rare experience for us Fleetwood Mac fans to explore the beginnings of Stevie and Lindsey's careers in Fritz and then Buckingham Nicks. In Javier's Q&A, he discussed his viewpoints and recollections of Fritz which were quite extensive. Keith Olsen, on the other hand, was rather dismissive of the band and we've been interested in the opinions of others who were there to try and piece it all together. In response to Keith Olsen's Q&A, Javier submitted the following which was posted on the Ledge in August 2000. My question would be could you read Javier's comments on what you agree with or disagree with? Thank you for this and for participating in this forum. (Marty Adelson, Hillsborough, New Jersey, U.S.A.)

Javier Pacheco's comments on Keith Olsen Q&A -- August 28, 2000

As you read this, you need to put aside your knowledge of S&L as members of that famous group Fleetwood Mac. You need to think back of them in the period in question (1970) as struggling artists way before their incursion into that band and the fate that awaited them. The point I am trying to make is that we do not live in a world where there is a level playing field for all. The opportunities they experienced would not and could not have happened to anyone who was perceived as 'other', that is, different from the white mainstream. In the three sections, I saw very few critical questions posed to Olsen. The adoring fans treated him more like a holy apostle than an ordinary person with ethnocentric foibles. But then, that's the nature of adoring fans.

I noticed he stated that he thought Lindsey's mono caused the break-up of Fritz. I guess those many years of heavy 'external stimuli' seriously wreaked havoc on Olsen's memory. Lindsey came down with mono at least 6 to 9 months after Fritz had disbanded. Also, Keith Olsen's curt, shallow answer to the only critical question posed (in my mind) of whether he picked out S&L on the basis of their 'look' did not surprise me. In order for one to make an informed and just opinion about the worth of another there must be some measure of empathy. Olsen wants you to believe he was fair-minded and that he gave all the members of Fritz ample thought and consideration. That is pure atrophied cow dung. He saw us perform once, one set of material. He had firmly focused on only two persons. Contrast that with Bill Graham, who'd expressed interest in the entire group. Curiously, Mr Graham never opined that only S&L were worthy of promotion--he was looking at the whole of Fritz, not simply pretty faces. Olsen conveniently overlooks the ell-documented reality of Rock music's star-making machinery and the patterns of racism pervading all aspects of the entertainment industry. Afterall, it is no coincidence that the chief moguls of that world are white and that Hispanics constitute less than one percent of all music venues. Well now, some of that has changed--now it is mostly black and white. But back in the 1960s many stars of African American music looked to Motown, Chess, and Stax labels in order to find the kind of support and exposure that was lacking for them in the cozy white enclaves of the times. I sense a cruel hypocrisy in his answers--or is it plain ignorance? His judgement that S&L were the only talented members 'worth fighting for' was based upon his hearing them performing my songs. It is curious that even back then he was able to detach them from the music and at the same time project that they would become the famous composers they are now, even though at the time they hadn't written anything of their own (with the exception of Stevie's pair of songs, which I don't believe swayed his thinking then). So he wants you readers to believe that this great leap of faith was based entirely upon his perception of their potential talent as a dynamic duo.

One last item to consider is one of regional values that I commented upon in the Fritz Q&A. We were a San Francisco Bay Area band playing music inspired by many of the big-name influences in the Bay Area at the time. We were somewhat a product of our environment. Olsen did not relate to this scene let alone, understand it. I had mentioned that Brian and I vehemently rejected the values of Tinseltown. Bob was unsure but willing to go along with everybody else, while S&L were bolstered and greatly encouraged by Olsen to go to the Southland. Now I understand clearly why their attitudes changed so drastically when we were gigging down in L.A. Our earlier band consensus had been that we weren't interested in becoming carbon copies of the Airplane or the Dead, we had our minds fixed upon our own originality. I like to think we had transcended the commerciality of the three-minute ditty. The prevailing aesthetic of Southern California recording execs was much more commercial and at great odds with our type of orientation. Therefore it is obvious that the band would have required a major overhaul in order to meet the $tandards of Hollywood. Therefore, it would be much easier to reform the sound by dividing up the group. Yes, its that old adage, divide and conquer. I tend to believe that it was a question of retaining major control. I discussed how David Forest (ex-con and thief) manipulated us to follow him to Los Angeles for the purposes of keeping his fingers in the pie. And I stand by my assertions of Olsen as a another racist product of the times. For him to imply that he was objective and fair-minded is spurious. Imagine if he'd heard East L.A.'s Los Lobos back in 1974--he would have been equally dismissive of that group ('no commercial potential'). Well they just aren't his 'cup of tea.' So just multiply that aversion by all the record/media biz sharpie insiders who make 'artistic' decisions on a daily, monthly, yearly basis and you have the macrohistorical patterns of discrimination. Yes everyday thousands of CDs vie for the honor of 'discovery' and hit status. Established names are already shoe-ins. But you'd be amazed how far the primary contacts from major labels (even payola) can help to get those new groups groups 'over.' Again, its a question of empathy.

Marty, let me add one more thing, Keith Olsen has never been one of my favorite people, I havn`t read his Q&A for that reason. I do agree with Javier on Keith`s willingness to dismiss the BAND, Fritz, because it wasn`t his cup of tea. This from a guy who played bass with a black glove on for... oh yeah, I DON`T know why.

Hi Bob..I don't have a question, but I am friends with Jody (Moreing), now Frankfurt, and I metioned you doing this Q&A and she wanted me to relay a big HELLO from her. Take Care (Rose, LA, California, U.S.A.)

Rose, thank you, please have Jody get ahold of Marty and get some info ( address e-mail etc.) would love to say " hey, whassup? "

When Fritz had the chance to go to LA to get a record contract and Stevie and Lindsey decided to go, how did you feel about it? Did you want the band to stay in Northern California or did you agree that Fritz would be better off in the big city of LA? (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Jo, I always felt Fritz was a San Francisco-type band, and this was home. I never knew of Bill Graham`s interest in the band until Javier`s Q&A, had that info been made available...who knows? certainly COULD have changed everything.

Hi! I was wondering if you could give us any stories about Lindsey's brothers Jeff and Greg? Had you ever spent time with either of them? (Laura, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Laura, I don`t really have any Greg stories. I do remember when Fritz used to rehearse at Lindsey`s parents house, between Jeff and Mr. B. we could always get a good game of hoops. I have more recently played golf with Jeff, and look forward to more outings with LB and Kristin, and Jeff.

Hey Bob! This is great that you are answering questions for us! Any regrets yet? Haha. I was curious what was your first impression of each Fritz member and who did you honestly think would make it and if you guys did get signed for a record deal, who would you have wanted to get rid of ( if anyone!) Thanks again, you sound very happy with life and thats cool to see:) (Janet, Riverside, New Jersey, U.S.A.)

Janet, Javier, Lindsey, and me were the core of Fritz,then we brought in Brian then Stevie. Brian later switched to lead guitar and LB to bass. Looking back the best thing we could have done was to add a bass player allowing LB to go back to guitar, giving us two lead guitarists.

As far as I know, no one ever explained exactly why Buckingham Nicks did so well in Alabama and Mississippi. Any insight? (Brian, Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A.)

Brian, there`s no accounting for taste, even in in Alabama or Mississippi. NO, come on now- I`m just having a little fun. Probably air play had a lot to do with it, just one of those things.

Hey Bob - Yer Q&A is a kick!!! Like yerself, I am a drummer playing in the Bay area. First, any advice to aspiring drumners like myself? Second, Why do you think Fritz never drummed up enuff attention to get signed? From the little bit of Fritz music you can hear on the LB BTM the songs sound as good as any other of the SF bands (Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, Dead, etc)that were comming out of the bay area around that time. Any reason you can think of that made the record companies shy away? Also, Stevie mentions in the LB BTM that Fritz opened up for many of the big bands in SF. (Nick Laquintano, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.)

Nick, thanks for the nice things about Fritz. Me give advice? OK- here goes...KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE---STEADY AS YOU GO... I don`t know why Fritz didn`t get signed, maybe we gave up too soon.

What's with bass players switching to lead guitar? First, Buckingham, then Moncrieff (I assume you saw Tom when he was playing lead guitar with Walter Egan). (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, U.S.A.)

Steve, dunno, what`s with all these models becoming actresses? OK-- both Lindsey and Monte were guitarists who played bass. You forgot McCartney & Sting.

Thanks so much again for answering all these questions! During and up to when Fleetwood Mac asked Stevie and Lindsey to join, how much (if any) talk was there about a Buckingham Nicks II album? Were there any negotiations with record companies? (Brian, Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A.)

Brian, thank you. Pretty much ALL the songs Lindsey & Stevie brought to the Mac were shopped around and turned down by EVERY label in LA. Their collective minds said there were NO hits. As I mentioned before, these songs sound EXACTLY how they do on the Mac albums. Lindsey had it all worked out... the guitar riffs opening I Don`t Want to Know...Rhiannon...So was all there.

Hi Bob, In ex-Fritz member javier ponchero's Q&A session he states that in retrospect he and brian kane felt that stevie was trying to sleep her way into the band. This to me sounds ridiculous given her obvious talent and success she has achieved without having to blatantly use her sexuality. I can see her maybe being freindly and flirty, but I have a problem with the way he puts it. What is your opinion of this and the relationships between stevie and the other Fritz members? THANK YOU (Tricia, Fremont, Ohio, U.S.A.)

Tricia, sounds like sour grapes to me. Ponchero, I like that.

Hi Bob-- You mentioned the set list from the Buckingham Nicks tour, is there any chance that this material may be made available to the fans? Thanks for you time (Neil O'Donoghue, Surrey, United Kingdom)

Neil, I hope so. If you guys like talking about this stuff, you`re gonna LOVE this tape.

Hi again Bob. You mentioned that Buckingham Nicks performed Sorcerer, which is now on Trouble in Shangri-La. Many fans have known this song, as well as several others, for many years from bootleg demo tapes that have been in circulation. They have are supposedly from the Buckingham Nicks era. Do you know anything about these songs: Candlebright (which is also on TISL), Cathouse Blues, Goldfish and the Ladybug, Without You, just to name a few. Were any of them ever brought to the BN sessions or rehersals? Also, what do you think of Stevie using a song like Sorcerer, which as you said was done 30 years ago, for her new album? (Josh Williams, East Liverpool, Ohio, U.S.A.)

Josh, those title don`t ring any bells, take that with a grain though. Good songs have a life of their own, take Silver Springs for example.

I noticed your are credited on the Lindsey Buckingham Go Insane album credits, could you tell us about your involvement in this. Best Wishes from the UK (Neil O'Donoghue, Surrey, United Kingdom)

Neil, right place, right time. I think I might have done some drum programming on Loving Cup.

What was your first impression of Stevie Nicks? (Alan Tobin, Little Neck, New York, U.S.A.)

Alan, I sure can pick `em, right?

Hello Bob, I have more of a comment than a question: As a major fan of the "original" Fleetwood Mac I am a supporter of this website and look in daily to see whats up. I don't really know that much about LB and SN except for the White Album and Rumors which I really like. After reading some of your Q&A my comment is: This guy is great! Great wit, Great sence of humor, Wonderful sensitivity to those asking questions, and really ANSWERS the questions. Great Q&A!

OK, maybe I will ask a question: You, like myself were around to see Jimi, Janis, and other greats. You said that Kiln House was your favorite FM album. I saw that show in Detroit before Spencer left the band, it "knocked ya right out", any comments on the original band from your experience? (Joe Panackia, Macomb, Michigan, U.S.A.)

Thanks Joe, you`re really too kind. My experience with the original band was only that of a fan, like yourself. I think Albatross was the song that got me hooked.
That's very interesting that you are a chef. I understand that Christine McVie is quite talented in the culinary arts too; did the two of you ever cook together, or exchange recipes?! (Maria, Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.A.)
Maria, Christine turned me on to an English dish called Shepherd`s Pie, which was GREAT, still one of my faves. I believe I prepared a few meals for the Mac while they recorded Tango at LB`s, no casulties.

Bob, loved the photo of you, Stevie and Javier at Shoreline. Can you tell us about your mini-reunion? Did Stevie know that you two were going to be at the show? Did you know Javier would be there? Please give us all the details. Inquiring minds want to know. (Mark, San Luis Obispo, California, U.S.A.)

Mark, Stevie knew I was going to be there, I knew Javier was going to be there, Javier let me know he was going to be there, I don`t think Stevie recognized Javier right away-- of course it had only been about 30 years or so, how quick we forget. Side Bar---I did not take that picture of the three of us, I believe Javier`s friend Carol took it, I like it. Whoever did--got any more?

(These photos were kindly provided by Javier Pacheco.)

Hi Bob- Although I am asking several questions, they're all on the same topic. Can you please tell us a little more about Janet? She was the original "girl singer" in the band? What was her reason for leaving the band? After she left, did the rest of the band contiously think "we need to get another girl player"? In your opinion would you say Janet or Stevie made a larger contribution to the band? Why? (Mark, San Luis Obispo, California, U.S.A.)

Mark, me thinks you mean Jody, and I`ve answered that question. I was bummed big time when Jody left, but obviously Stevie was/ is THE ONE.

Hey Bob - it's Nick again. Stevie had mentioned that you guys OPENED up for all of the big bay area bands at the big clubs (Fillmore, Winterland, etc..). Where you guys ever big enuff or have enuff draw to headline these clubs? (Nick Laquintano, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.)

No, Nick, we were never THAT big. Are you happy now?- you made me cry.

Hi again Bob! Lovely picture of you, Stevie and Javier. I can't believe it Stevie is wearing some sort of color! Anyways this is really a suggestion and not a question, but whenever you are chilling (sorry had to use the word) with Stevie, Linds or the Mac how about asking them when they tour next year if they can play "Station Man," "Green Manalishi," "World Turning," "Blue Letter," "Sisters of the Moon," and some old BN songs. Then I can jam onstage with them next time they come to Chicago! Just kidding! So thanks for doing the Q&A Session. You're too funny and PLEASE I'll sell my music instruments for that live Buckingham Nicks tape! Thanks! (April, Tinley Park, Illinois, U.S.A.)

Thanks for the idea April, next time I be chillin` with the Mac-Daddy posse, I`ll bring it up

This is a great Q&A to get some real insight on 'THE EARLY DAYS' of Fritz and the whole Buckingham Nicks thing. My questions are 1) did you ever think in the very early days that Stevie and Lindsey would become two of five of the biggest rock icons in music history and that they would go on to make music history......(Rumours) 2)What do you make of the cult like following that Stevie has acquired over the years as the 'Highpriestess' of Rock'n'Roll (Louise Beard, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom)

Louise, thanks for playing, as a matter of fact I KNEW Lindsey and Stevie would be huge, I just thought I`d be there too. As for her following, I love counting the "Stevie Girls" at her shows.

What about Brian? What has he been doing the last 30 years or so? Anybody still keep in touch with him? (Mark, San Luis Obispo, California, U.S.A.)

Mark, I`ve only talked to Brian a couple of times, once recently, we exchanged numbers, but haven`t really followed through on anything yet. Javier was working with him ( Brian has put together quite the home studio, I`m told ) and I was supposed to join them to re-do some Fritz stuff and something new, even talked to LB about it- he was up for it. After I relayed that info I havn`t heard much. I`m waiting..........

Hello! I was wondering about Lindsey's high school life. Did you ever watch Lindsey play water polo? Was he good at it? How about swimming? Did he make the sports pages? (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Jensen, LB was really good, yeah he made the sports pages. He was not at all "the loser" his coach made him out to be.

Word around here has it that Lindsey has torn down his old house and has built a new one in its place. To your knowledge, did he keep or rebuild the exotic rain room and the legendary studio called "The Slope"? Can you tell us about his new house? What's it like? Why did he rebuild? (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Jo, how do you know these things? Yes, it`s all gone. Some trees were even moved about on the lot. I guess he couldn`t find what he wanted, and decided to start over on his lot, it really is a beautiful piece of property.

When you see Stevie and Lindsey again, what will you tell them about this Q&A? LOL! (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Jensen, do I have to wait that long?

LB got a gig touring as a guitarist/vocalist with Don Everly for a while in, I think, 1974. Did you see any of those performances? (Les, San Diego, California, U.S.A.)

Les-- no, but what a band... LB...Waddy...Warren Zevon on keys..

I guess this is either a really "fluff" kind of question or I suppose it could be more difficult to narrow down your choices. Fleetwood Mac or solo -- when push comes to shove, what would be your favorite song of Stevie's and your favorite song of Lindsey's? (Lesley, San Diego, California, U.S.A.)

Lesley, actually this is a tough one. For Stevie`s songs...Silver Springs...Stop Draggin` My Heart...Sorcerer....Codine. For LB`s...Eyes Of the World...DW Suite...Foolish Pretender.( interesting side note- I was after Lins to cover the Great Pretender-again, he had a better idea ) He does a really cool version of an old Stones song on his new CD, just kills me. Of course, all this could change tomorrow.

LB got a gig touring as a guitarist/vocalist with Don Everly for a while in, I think, 1974. Did you see any of those performances?

No more questions from me, I promise! I just wanted to thank you for spending time with us here. It's been a pleasure and interesting to read your responses and learn more about the BN days, Stevie, Lindsey, Kristen, you...and to hear about Fritz from another perspective. Best wishes to you! (Lesley, San Diego, California, U.S.A.)

no, Les... ( I knew that last one was you too ) THANK YOU.

Were there any times where BN gigs weren't as well recieved as they should have? Thanks again! (Brian, Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A.)

Brian, BN once did a showcase at Art LaBoe`s on the Strip in Hollywood...and no-one I take it back, Waddy and a friend of his dropped by.

When you were rehearsing in the Buckinghams' garage, do you recall having any interaction with Lindsey's older brothers? Did you have any interaction with Stevie's brother? Thanks! (Sonia, Montoursville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Sonia, I`ve already talked about LB`s brothers. As for Stevie`s brother, Chris, I talk to him more now---back then he was ( still is ) 5 years it wasn`t cool...I mean WE were rock stars in training--and he was barely a teenager.

Hi Bob...It was great seeing those old fim clips of Fritz on completely took me by surprise that there was any footage at all. I'm sure I speak for many people in stating that we would absolutely without a doubt LOVE to hear the BN final concert! I knew there had to be a recording of it out there somewhere...maybe if BN ever gets rereleased on cd they could throw in a few samples of it...or, better yet, maybe Marty could set up a petition (like the FM DVD thing) to have the concert released!!! ;)Thanks so much. (Joe, newburgh, New York, U.S.A.)

Joe...that petition idea, sounds like a plan.

(I think that we had better finish the initial petition first-- as of the conclusion of this Q&A, we are just over 40% of the way to the 10,000 signatures needed. Tell people! -Marty)

Thanks agins for the Q&A, last one, I promise! Were you satisfied with the final product of the Buckingham Nicks album or was there anything you would've done differently? How about the single selection for airplay? (Brian, Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A.)

Brian, there`s an old joke....How many drummers does it take to change a light bulb ? .....5... 1 to change the bulb, 4 to say how they would have done it differently.

Hello again Bob - Sorry I made you cry on my last question...How can I make it up to you? Anyway, thanks again for your time and your have really made me laff this weekend! My question is regarding the double drumming thing with BN - how did you pull it off? I have tried it a couple of times in the past and it sounded like a train wreck..Does it really make that big a difference as far as the overall sound on stage with two drummers? The Doobies did it for years and it just sounded like one drummer..thanks again Bob...Nick (Nick Laquintano, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.)

Nick, 1st... very well, thank you... 2nd..( train wreck ) don`t try this at home...we ARE professionals. 3rd...making it sound like ONE...that`s the ticket !

I'll try to get my question in with 26 minutes left in the Q&A. I wanted to know what type of fan following Buckingham Nicks had. Were there girls who dressed like Stevie, people in the audience who sang along to every word of every song, etc.? Thanks! (Farrah, Whitestone, New York, U.S.A.)

Farrah, unlike all the girls who did their hair like you, I`m afraid the "Stevie" look didn`t come about til much later.

Closing Comments: Bob Aguirre has provided closing comments to us-- we thank him for participating in this forum and answering our questions.

"This being the last day of fielding questions, I would like to thank Marty for keeping after me to do this, however, you did mislead told me it would be fun...I had no idea it would be this much fun. A special thanks to my friend Gary Hodges-- you were right (again)-- this was worth it. Also, a special thanks to all those of you who took time out of your day to spend part of it with me. I would hope to apoligize to those questions of yours that I did not wasn`t that they weren`t valid, I either thought I`d already answered that one or the question was how someone else felt about something---and beyond my ability to answer. Thank you all again so much...if you had half as much fun with this...that means I still had twice as much fun as you!!!

See you down the road.

Bob Aguirre

P.S. I will still try to get Marty some more pictures...if you like."

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