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Written by Dianne Apr 19, 2013 at 06:49 PM
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I would like to thank you all for the show last night in Boston. As I entered the city it was not the same. The vibe, energy, and looks on the faces in the crowds
were somber. I myself was struggling to stay strong and positive to make the best of the evening with the thought of it being too soon for me to have a good time when so many have suffered. Walking in the arena the mode was the same. At the end of the
night the mode had CHANGED. We were all looking in each others eyes and smiled as we passed by. Thank You, thank you for bringing back some light into our souls. We will never forget what evil can do but most important we will never forget, never forget who we are. Music will always remind us, give us hope, and keep our feet on the ground. Your parents are right, "SING". Thank You to them, for making you who
you are. We needed you yesterday and you made us all smile and connected our chain.

Thank You, Thank You. Love and Peace to you all. Di XOXO
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