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Q&A Sessions
Bob Aguirre: November 26 - December 9, 2001
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Thank you for hearing my questions again. From your perspective, how did the remaining members of Fritz react to you, Stevie and Lindsey as you went forward to LA to become the very struggling/yet talented Buckingham Nicks Band? As we read Javier's Q & A, he seemed to have a lot of unresolved anger--something that he seemed to come to terms with as the Q & A went on. While comments were no doubt cut and spliced, not necessarily showing the context framing some comments, what did you make of Stevie's comments on Lindsey's VH1's BTM that seemed to suggest Javier "ruled" Fritz? How was the B/N band's interplay and creative freedom as compared to Fritz's, with Lindsey essentially at the helm? (Susan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Susan, I never heard anything from anyone. I don`t think Stevie was totally off base, and I learned a LOT in LA.

First Bob thanks for being here and being such a good sport about answering our questions. I would like to know what drew you into music, what was your muse so to speak? (Debi, Syracuse, New York, U.S.A.)

Thanks Debi- My story was not unlike many others- that 1st night the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show....

Hi Bob. I would love to see you play with LB. Any chance a reunion could be in the works if LB releases GOS and does a few shows. I think a guest appearance would be in order! LB played the Coach House a few years back and if you can't come to Minneapolis, we'll come to see you! (Jim Roberts, Edina, Minnesota, U.S.A.)

Thanks Jim for thinking of me. I would be very happy having the TROUBS (check out that live video ) open for LB. Never give up hope- if you don`t have good dreams you`ve got nightmares.

Hi Bob, thanks for doing this Q&A. I have a bunch of questions, but I'll go with this one first - in Javier's Q&A, he stated that he felt the Tusk album was "quite forgettable," then he later backpedaled when asked about it. The Tusk album is quite a favorite among serious Fleetwood Mac fans, but I can see where people may have thought it was a little too "out there" as compared to the other Mac works. Do you have any opinions on the Tusk album? What is your favorite song from Tusk (if you have one)? Which Mac album is your favorite (again, if you have one)? Thank you! (Lori Aimino, Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Lori, good one! Tusk has always been my favorite LB>SN>FM album. I like all of LB`s stuff ( a lot of which he did at home, by himself ) Sisters of the Moon, Sara, Over&Over. I could probably name them all. My all time favorite FM album is still KILN HOUSE... go figure.

Hi again, Bob. I have another question which occurred to me when re-reading Javier's Q&A. He seemed to feel that, especially during the Fritz era, there was a lot of prejudice aimed at Hispanics, even within the more open-minded musical circles in which the band was traveling. In fact, he even mentions that he thought, up until the point of her involvement in the band, that Stevie's only point of reference with anyone of Hispanic ancestry was her relationship with her family's maids and gardener. I don't know your ethnic background, so this question may be either subjective or objective for you - but do you agree that at the time there was some oppression, either socially or musically or both, with regard to Hispanic musicians? Did this ever have an effect on Fritz, considering it had (at least) one Hispanic member? I look forward to your thoughts on this. Thank you! (Lori Aimino, Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Lori, what can of worms are you trying to open? I am of Mexican-Native American heritage, and no, I didn`t feel the way Javier did. If you look for problems, you`ll find them.

Hello once again, Bob. I hope you don't get sick of my questions! You've mentioned that early on, after the break up of Fritz, that you played with Dr. Hook, and that most recently you've been playing with The Trailer Park Troubadors, from Nashville. Is it safe to assume that you currently live in Nashville (one of my all-time favorite cities)? Have you always made a living as a drummer? If so, who else have you played with throughout the years? If not, what other line(s) of work have you been in? Thanks so much! (Lori Aimino, Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Lori, go away already! I`m just kidding, No I don`t live in Nashville- I`m still a California boy- living in the Santa Cruz area. I`ve played with many groups, Snail ( out of Santa Cruz ), The New Riders of the Purple Sage ( they called me Spartacus ). I even have my own group of "Nearly Wilson`s" that pop up every now and then called What About Bob? I am also a chef and work as one, I love to create, now I can EAT some of my creations.

Can you handle one more question from me, Bob? I can't promise it will be my last, but I can promise it will be my last one for TODAY. :o) I hope it's okay to ask more personal questions...I always like to find out about people's family lives. Are you, or have you ever been, married? Do you have any children? If so, would you mind sharing their ages with us, and also telling us if they have any musical aspirations themselves? Do they think it's just the coolest thing ever that their dad knows Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham?? ;o) Just in case this IS my last time to grill you, uh, I mean, ask a question, I'd like to thank you so much for participating in this Q&A. We fans just absolutely love these things, and they are all the more special when the "interviewee" is as sweet, open, humorous, and informative as you are. Thanks again, and God bless! :o) (Lori Aimino, Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Lori, Lori, Lori-- I feel like I`m only encouraging you. No, never been married, no children ( and yes, they WOULD think their dad was the coolest thing- I know this... cuz my cats think I am ) I live with my girlfriend of many years, Melinda. I am in the process of wearing her down before I let her make an honest man of me.

Do you have any old photos from the Fritz/Buckingham Nicks days that you could share here with us? (Laura, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Laura, I`m working on it-- this one's my fave. I supplied it for the VH1 show.

Hi Bob, You mentioned phoning Stevie after hearing her sing "Crystal" on Practical Magic. Had you ever heard her sing this song (by herself) during the Buckingham Nicks days? And if you have that on your tape, I'll open the bidding at $100.00. (j/k . . . I think!) I think Lindsey's vocals on that song are absolutely beautiful, but would have loved to have heard Stevie doing this song at that same era. If you recall, how did it come about that Lindsey sang the song? (Susan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Susan, don`t get me wrong, LB did a wonderful job on that song- I just had never heard Stevie sing it. Sorry, no I don`t recall how Lindsey came to sing it-he also sings I Don`t Want To Know- which is a Stevie song-SO WHAT? ( you know I`m kidding ).

Hi! Thanks for taking the time. Not really a question, more of a comment I guess. As someone else has already mentioned, for years it seemed as if no one ever spoke of the pre-Mac years for Stevie (or Lindsey for that matter). Whenever the story was told it always went, "Stevie and Lindsey met in high school, joined a band called Fritz, they left that formed 'Buckingham Nicks', that album bombed, Mick heard 'Frozen Love' the rest is history..." It hasn't been until the past few years that this "unknown" era has really been discussed. A big thanks goes to Marty and these Q&A's and guys like yourself who were there, taking the time to get involved in these discussions. So thank you for that. Finally I just want to say that there is a HUGE demand among Stevie/Lindsey fans for ANY recordings from the "Fritz/Buckingham Nicks" era. There is a bootleg out there with songs that were supposedly "The Fritz Demos" the belief is that these songs, "Amber", "When Will We Love", "See The World Go By", "I Need You", and "Anybody Out There" are actually post Fritz home demos. Do any of these titles sound ring any bells at all? Thanks again! (Al Chapman, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, U.S.A.)

Al, first of all you are absolutely right! BIG TIME CHEERS to Marty for ALL he`s done. I know of no Fritz bootleg, those song titles do not ring a bell. How would I go about finding one of these tapes for myself? Maybe only then will we find the answer to the question the WHOLE world is asking... WHO IN THE HELL IS FRITZ?

Hi again Bob! Why did Stevie stop playing the guitar live? I know she has said that she gets nervous if she plays the guitar onstage, but I've seen the pictures of her in Fritz with a guitar strapped on. So how was her style of playing? Maybe she and Lindsey can have some guitar wars onstage(alright just in my dreams). And what songs, if you can recall, did Lindsey play banjo on during Fritz? Thanks again! (April, Tinley Park, Illinois, U.S.A.)

April, sounds like Stevie already answered your question. LB used to play the banjo on a song we called Bonnie & Clyde, the actual title was Foggy Mt. Breakdown if I`m not mistaken which we ALL know by now is highly (un)likely.

Hi Bob again! Some of your answers are too funny...reminds me of my brother's humor. Anyways here's a drum question. I noticed in one of the pictures Javier supplied to the Penguin two kick drums. Did you really use two kick drums in those days and how was your drum set up like and what kind did you use? And did you kind of keep the same set up when you played with Stevie and Lindsey? (April, Tinley Park, Illinois, U.S.A.)

April, good eyes. Yes I was way over my head with two kicks, I saw the Who at the Fillmore, and Keith Moon looked pretty cool behind them Soooo... At the time of Fritz it was always Ludwig drums ( Ringo again ). I still have the blonde maple Ludwig set I bought back in 68-69...they sound great, still play them, they`re my favorite set of the 4 sets I now have.

I would like to know if the Buckingham Nick's album will ever be released on CD, and when? Thank you very much. (Leisa, Pineville, Louisiana, U.S.A.)

Leisa, If we`re talking about the same one, I would LOVE that, but I have this feeling it`s NOT up to me. If you`re ever in the neighborhood, stop by and I`ll play it for you.

Hi Bob! Thanks so much for taking the time for doing this. I am a 16 yr old Stevie/Fleetwood Mac fan, which is in some ways odd..but I was just wondering, I have noticed that Stevie's voice has gone through a considerable amount of changes (I personally like every stage her vocals have been at.) When Stevie was with Fritz can you remember any vocal troubles with Stevie, or times when her voice may have been possibly undergoing yet another change? Or did that only begin after her long tours with Fleetwood Mac...thanks! (Chris McLeod, Locust Grove, Georgia, U.S.A.)

Chris, this has been an on-going situation for Stevie since way back when. I believe it to actually be the fault of people, like you, who can never get enough and therefore she HAS to work harder.

Thank you, Mr. Aguirre, for taking part in this Q & A... it really does mean a lot to us fans. We're a rather inquisitive bunch when it comes to this group of people, and their history. Would you mind offering a little insight into how Fritz chose which material to work on and perform? It certainly sounds like there was a bit of a pecking order as far as song contributions, but was the atmosphere such that any of you would have felt comfortable offering up something you had written? Thank you in advance. (Brian (Johnny Stew), Midland, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Thanks Brian, but I think I`ve mentioned before that Javier was doing the writing at that time, and that`s just the way it was.

Hi Bob! Thanks for answering our questions! I was wondering whose idea it originally was to form Fritz? (Kathryne, Edmonton, Canada)

Kathryne, that`s easy...MINE MINE MINE.

At the time of the famous Monterey Pop Festival in June 1967, Fritz was a very young band. Did any of you attend, either individually or as a group? (Barbara, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.)

Howdy Barbara- if I`m not mistaken ( and we know the chances of THAT ) our guitarist Brian Kane worked a booth for Rolling Stone.

Hey Bob A.....Just one of your 'ol Suitcase Johnny bandmates trying to reach you. Send me a note when you get Sheryl Crow off your arm. ("The Al", California, U.S.A.)

Did I forget to mention Suitcase Bobby or Johnny or WHATEVER! The Al, I will talk to you soon, and no, I will not let go of the Crow.

Hi, thanks for answering so many questions. I've always have been interested in Fritz's work. My question is out of all of Stevie's material, do you think she would ever redo a Fritz song, for a Fleetwood Mac album, solo or other? Thanks again (Joe Moosbrugger, Lansdale, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Joe, let me put it this way...NO.

Hello, Bob! You've already said that you were the one who started up Fritz, and the one who got Stevie involved. Can you give us some details as to how Fritz's lineup was formed - was it like "That Lindsey Buckingham plays a mean bass, I'll ask him to join" or was it more like "Does anybody around here play anything 'cause I'm starting up a band!" (Nancy Kerns, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.)

Nancy, that`s pretty much it. When the original line-up of Fritz was put together it was for the senior talent assembly. I knew Jody could sing, Cal Roper on bass, I had already played in bands with Javier, and Lindsey & I had been friends all through high school, so I knew he played guitar. Funny side note at that time LB did not own an electric guitar- so we borrowed this Rickenbacker 12-string from this guy I was playing in a band with. In one of the yearbook pictures, you can actually see the guy off to the left-intently watching LB take care of his new guitar. Oh yeah, I immediately thought I would be perfect for the drumming slot.

Hey there Bob! Let me first start off by saying that I have read every Q & A on the Penguin, and you are definitely the coolest, funnniest person Marty's had! Your answers have been both informative and hilarious! Anyway, my question. So little is known about Fritz's namesake, Fritz Raybyne. We know that he was a shy, German student attending Menlo-Atherton, and that the band pretty much called themselves Fritz as a joke. So what did the real Fritz think of this? Javier has said that he was kind of "Why me?" about it. Care to elaborate on that any? And would you happen to know what he's up to these days? (Josh Williams, East Liverpool, Ohio, U.S.A.)

Josh, thanks for thinking I`m funny, I`ll be appearing at "GIGGLES" in your area, as soon as they open one. No, I don`t have a clue what Fritz is up to- I do remember he was NOT really thrilled, nor did he think our little joke was all that funny, gee maybe HE should be reading this.

Will you describe for us what it was like in a typical day or two on the road with Fritz? With Buckingham Nicks? We want to know what the travelling life was like! Thank you! (Jo, Larksville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Jo, trying to remember life on the road with Fritz, being sooo long ago would probably bring on a headache, so here`s a fuuny ( I guess that`ll be up to you ) about the BN trip to Alabama. Keep in mind in 1975 we couldn`t get arrested, well, maybe we could have, I mean our neighbors didn`t even know who we were, so our first morning in Ala. we hit the local diner for breakfast, and we`re being approached for AUTOGRAPHS! ( reading that back it wasn`t funny at all )

Hi Bob, You mentioned you and Lindsey had been friends all throughout high school. Do you actually remember how/when you first met? What did you think of that scrawny kid at the time? (Kidding) Was music a part of your friendship from the start? Thanks. (Lesley, San Diego, California, U.S.A.)

Lesley, I was just telling my girlfriend this one the other day. My dad John (Fritz did a song dedicated to him called-John the Barber ) was the Buckingham family barber, so before I got to M-A ( which I wasn`t real happy about-cuz I wanted to go to rival Sequoia High-but, things worked out so I can`t complain ) my dad told me to look up this guy- Lindsey- who was a nice guy and would be the same year as me. His thinking was I would have at least ONE friend when I got to M-A. My dad also bought his first set of golf clubs from Mr.B, a passion he has handed down to me.

What was your exposure like to the rest of Fleetwood Mac? Did you get to know Mick, John and Christine well? Were you aware of and/or a fan of Fleetwood Mac before Lindsey and Stevie joined? (Lesley, San Diego, California, U.S.A.)

Lesley- yes and yes yes. I love Mick, he gave me a "stick bag " for Christmas 78 that I STILL use. John has the best sense of humor, and does that guy have some great stories. I absolutely had the biggest crush on Christine. ( I gave my brother a photo of me & Chris at that time- I`ll try to pass that along-should be fun ) I mentioned before that one of my favorite albums of ALL time is FM`s Kiln House-check it out!

I think someone asked Hoppy Hodges this question as well, but it couldn't hurt to get a second opinion, right? Do you remember if any of the songs that we'd later come to know as Mac tunes were performed at BN gigs? (Lesley, San Diego, California, U.S.A.)

Les, I feel I know you well enough now, thanks for the question. Yes BN did many recognizable FM tunes. Monday Morning--I Don`t Want to Know--Rhiannon-which was the newest song we did--Crystal--Don`t Let Me Down Again-- those last two being BN songs as well-- Sorcerer- which is on Stevie`s latest album--oh yeah, Blue Letter-- I`m sure I`m leaving something out. I know, I`ll print out a set list from that last BN tour through Alabama, and pass that on.

When Jody was in Fritz, was she the one and only lead singer or did any of the others take turns on lead vocals too? Do you know if Jody or Cal ever pursued music after leaving Fritz? (Lesley, San Diego, California, U.S.A.)

Lesley, YOU again. LB and Javier also sang lead. Jody left us for a bigger band (at the time ) The New Invaders. I think Cal followed the family business and is now a veterinarian.

Hi, thanks for taking time to do this. I was wondering how it felt for you and the other band members when Stevie & Lindsey left? And Stevie said in a tv interview that agency's wanted to book 'the band with the blonde, brown eyed girl' which drove the rest of the band crazy. What was it like in those days??? Thank you and I do hope to find some Fritz music someday.... (the catdancer, Delft, Netherlands)

Cat Dancer, huh? I think the better answer lies in how you got that name. Honestly, I don`t remember being THAT torn up about the band breaking up at that time. Lindsey had been sick for a long time before, so we hadn`t been playing together that much anyway. And I was busy, off somewhere doing my BOB thing.

Hi again, Bob! Don't want you to think I wasn't paying attention... *laughs*... I realized that you had said Javier wrote all the tunes, but I still wondered if, for instance, any of you had written something you were particularly proud of, would you have felt the atmosphere in the band was such that you could have shared it with everyone. "Say We'll Meet Again" is an incredible song, and obviously Lindsey and Stevie aren't so bad at writing songs either... so it's a shame the talent pool wasn't dipped into a little more when you were in Fritz.

Now, finally, my question...Along with the proposed release of the original Fritz recordings, the possibility of some brand new Fritz recordings has also been mentioned... Is that something you'd be interested in? Do you still feel that you'd have a musical chemistry with that particular group of people? Thanks! (Brian (Johnny Stew), Midland, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Stew Boy, of course I`d be interested, however, I can`t see that happening. I wish I could elaborate more--the phrase...beating a dead horse...comes to mind.

Hi! First, I'd like to thank you for doing this Q&A. My question is in regard to "You Won't Forget Me" which was listed as being part of the B/N setlist. Is there any chance this song is Stevie's "How Still My Love" that popped up on her Bella Donna album? If you remember any of the other lyrics so you can help us place the song? :D (Robert, Munster, Indiana, U.S.A.)

Robert, ( cool name ) as far as I`m aware, that song is still a collector`s item. Another title might be Not Even Say Goodbye,,,After All This Time... If I give away any more lyrics, I`m afraid I`ll be killed or sued-- in that order.

Thanks for answering my previous questions! I am really enjoying reading your answers. Stevie has always seemed to me to be a very special, sweet woman. Since you have stayed in touch with Stevie for all these years I was wondering if you have seen any changes in her basic personality since achieving fame and success or is she still pretty much the same person? (Shane, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Shane, she is still pretty much the same, so is LB for that matter. As a matter of fact, the last time I saw her she was telling a story about "I was driving to such and such" when I asked- Really?, exactly WHEN was the last time YOU drove a car. I think in all the time I`ve known her I`ve seen her behind the wheel once or twice. Even back in the Fritz days someone else was driving her car.

Hi Bob- In the liner notes of Buckingham Nicks, Stevie's name is spelled: Stevi Nicks. Is this a typo, or is that how she spelled her name back in the day? Also, if this live tape of a Buckingham Nicks show is any good, I would be very interested. Thanks :) (Courtney Markuson, Mankato, Minnesota, U.S.A.)

Courtney, it probably was one of those Record Company Executive`s decision. How did you wind up with your e-mail address? Notice how clever--now I`m the one interviewing you.

You have worked with Lindsey since Fritz so I was wondering if you and Stevie have ever talked about working together again on some level? (Shane, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Shane, have you ever thought of being an agent? To answer you, yes and I`m working on it.

I've seen a couple of sports guys from years past with the same spelling of your last name, yet they pronounce their names differently---Hank Aguirre (Ah-GEAR-ee), former Tiger & Dodger pitcher from the '60's and Mark Aguirre (Ah-GWY-er), former NBA star of the '80's. Which way do YOU pronounce your last name? Or, a third pronounciation, altogether?? (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, U.S.A.)

Steve, yes. I go with the Ah-GEAR-ee version. But I`m open to change.

Hi Bob-- Thanks for the great q& come over as a fun guy! Are you ever near Pittsburgh? We have a hunting camp way up in the Big-Woods where we fish & hunt...ETC!!!! Now...about TROUBLE!Lindsey was so handsome and cool on that video and I thought you were third up from Mick! Were you his drummer man on special sessions? I also read about you and Lins being buddies! Remember the trip up north to find you a GMW? Your Dad had good taste to suggest Lins for a friend! Did Lins ever play golf? Or was he so into that plectrum music nothing else mattered? Nice to see Lindsey a happy Husband and mighty proud Daddy! You should try it! Please tell Lindsey we want GOS!!!Musical Blessings!Char... (Charlotte Ann, N. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Char. Yes, I`m three up from the Master. We are buddies, I think you`re referring to Javier`s Q&A about a trip north, false-I believe it was the holidays, and what does plectrum mean? LB`s wife, Kristin is a very good golfer, so we`re working on him. I hear he`s taken a couple of lessons. PLECTRUM...humm

I saw that you guys used to perform Rhiannon in BN. What was Stevie's performance like before FM, was it a crazy whirlwind thing? Someone in another Q&A stated that Lindsey wanted to do a sort of "paint it black" speed with the song at first. Also, what did you think of Rhiannon the first time that Stevie performed it on stage? Thanks a lot. (David Deganian, Athens, Georgia, U.S.A.)

David, when we did the song in Ala. we needed another up-tempo song in the set so we made it faster, you can hear Stevie say right after her intro "And remember, not too fast" But the arrangement as you know it was already in tact. That was Lindsey, the performance was ALL Stevie.

What was a typical hanging out night for y'all?? Did you play music all the time, or were there other extracurriculars? Thanks! (Gerry Bond, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.)

Thanks Gerry, no, it was pretty much music. We had this un-used club about 20 miles from where we lived, and we rehearsed 8-10 hrs. a day. On the weekends we played. We slept in on Sundays.

Is that swim coach that called Lindsey a LOSER still around and do you know how we could write him? :) Seriously, when did Lindsey begin to experiment with recording and did he record Fritz rehearsals, etc., or was he just working on what would be Buckingham/Nicks material? Thanks! (Barbara, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.)

Barbara, to the best of my knowledge, LB started experimenting with recording when he was sick with mono, towards the end of Fritz, and I gave him my Sony 4-track. He was at home with time on his hands, and decided to use it well.

Hello Once Again Bob !!!! Here's my final round of questions... 1)Mick Fleetwood states that the Early FM used to play the same venues on the West Coast during the Late 60's/Early 70's that Fritz did. So did you guys ever meet back then ? 2)Did you have any interesting experiences with the Legendary Wolfgang Grojanca aka Bill Graham ? 3)Any thoughts on the late George Harrison ? Bob, thank you for putting up with my questions and Feliz Navidad !!! Vaya Con Dios Compadre !!! (Arizona Ranger, Cranford, New Jersey, U.S.A.)

Thanks Az. Ranger, best holiday wishes to you as well. Nope, never met the Mac back then. Met Bill Graham a couple of times, heard he liked the band ( Fritz ) so that was cool. God bless George-then there were two.

Bob, in previous answers you mentioned that most of the songs performed were written by Javier, with a FEW songs by the other members. What about collaborations? Did any of the band members write together? Javier with any of you? Stevie with other members? Lindsey? and how about yourself? (Mark, San Luis Obispo, California, U.S.A.)

Mark, we all had input when it came to the arrangements.

Thanks so much for taking part in this Q & A! Two quick questions: 1) Other than Rhiannon being more uptempo, where there any significant differences in the BN or future FM album cuts and how you played them live? 2) Was Lindsey's I'm So Afraid still taking shape during the BN tour so it never got played live then? Thanks again! (Brian, Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A.)

Brian, no difference at all. Lindsey had ALL the arrangements together. So Afraid`s working title ( even though the demo was done ) was 3-part guitar harmony song, being as there were 3 distinct lead parts, we didn`t do it then cuz we hadn`t figured a way to pull it off. Lindsey later did it with FM because his equipment was better, back in BN he was playing out of a basic Fender Twin.

Greetings Bob. I've read that Stevie has "star presence", in other words you can just feel in the air that she is someone special. I was wondering if you ever felt that she had(s) this quality and was this something that she developed over time? Is she/was she at all intimidating? Sidenote: I have had the pleasure of meeting Lindsey (about 10 years ago) and found him very friendly, not intimidating at all. Thanks much. (Patricia, Johnstown, Ohio, U.S.A.)

Patricia, Stevie IS very special, and like Lindsey, when you talk to her, puts you very much at ease.

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