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Without You

Written by Michele Apr 06, 2013 at 03:44 AM
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Heavy persuasion. It was hard to breathe.

It was a great show. Everyone seemed smiley and happy (heaven knows that will change) and there was plenty of energy. Even if we didn’t get as many new songs as we’d hoped, the reprised ones (including NTF, EOTW and, the somewhat dreaded Say Goodbye) were welcome old friends.

John walked out first and I don’t know why he ever dyed his hair, the white hair and beard go so well with his shirt and cap. His dark brows framing his aging features gracefully.

Stevie and Lindsey emerge, meeting in the middle. He kisses her hand. Stevie is in her sunglasses. Despite all the votes we cast, Lindsey chose a black tee.

SHN: I think that’s a great song to start off with. Full of energy. Everyone knows it. You can’t go wrong there.

I look at the stage, Brett and his keyboard are set way off to the back. He’s hidden behind the equipment. I think of the people going to the London show. If you walk into the arena and you see the piano near the FRONT of the stage, then that’s when you die. Just say your prayers as soon as you set eyes on that prominent piano, because you’re going to heaven soon.

The Chain: Both Stevie and Lindsey stand over to the side, Stevie squeezes way over to the edge of the stage, to give John the spotlight for his solo.

Stevie takes the mic. She says this is the first of 50+ shows and, of course, they wanted to welcome us. There will never be another night like this show – I hold my breath, thinking this may be a Christine announcement – but Stevie only concludes that this is a unique night because it’s the first show they’ve done in three years. “The party starts now!”


Lindsey takes the mic and says that as Stevie says it’s been a little more than 3 years since they’ve convened to do this. You wouldn’t think that after all this time they would still have things to work out, but they do. This just keeps evolving. He says they’ve been in the studio producing a lot of new material and he doesn’t know what they’re going to do with all of it. But it’s the best stuff they’ve done in a long time [where have we heard that before?] He says they’re going to be releasing an EP in the next few days [where have we heard that before?]

SAD ANGEL. This song starts with a beat. It’s catchy. It’s everything I didn’t think it would be. It’s better than Without You, to my ears. Stevie and Lindsey look at each other as they sing. There’s a video playing in the background, displaying pictures of assorted angels. Angel statues. Those of you who watch Doctor Who know that this is NOT a good thing. Don’t blink, people!

I can’t really hear the words to the song. It sounds like they are asking Sad Angel if she’s come to find the lord. But don’t hold me to that.

This song has a long guitar solo ending. In fact, at one point I thought it might never end. It seems to be over, but then comes roaring back to life. Stevie runs off the stage afterwards and I think Lindsey is going to do something like Big Love, but no, she went to get dressed for ... Rhiannon!

Rhiannon! Ends with the pencil drawing of the Welsh Witch on the screen.

LB takes the mic and starts talking about axioms. He notes that there’s one in show business that says if something works run it into the ground and he feels this is not a good formula for someone aspiring to be an artist over the long term. Well, I agree with you, man, but this is still the Rumours tour, so take a cold shower in those skinny pants and get real.

He says that sometimes you have to subvert the if-it-ain’t- broke-don’t-fix-it mentality and Tusk is a good example of having done that. Tusk remains a guide to what he aspired and still aspires to be.

Not That Funny sounds great. It’s not long as it was for Mirage. There’s no drum solo. It just moves like a locomotive and as he spits the words out, “Don’t blame me,” I still hear true defiance and rebellion. I didn’t want to be this late, but don’t make me wait. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tusk. The video playing behind it shows tribal images.

Oh, as the first notes begin, SISTERS OF THE MOON is unmistakable. What a thrill. Stevie circles the mic with her hands and sings “sisters” into the hollow. Hey, it doesn’t have the frenzy of 1982, but it still says rock concert and I don’t know why anyone who wrote this song would sing Rock and Roll. Out of this world. Lindsey doesn’t get to sing his line. Poor guy. I want to wrap him in velvet. Stevie’s spotlight goes off while she’s still singing the final “sister of the moon” and it’s rather witchy and fitting.

Sara. I think this song is still beautiful, especially during those brief seconds where they sing in unison. “I think I had met my match, he was singing” they say. Then, as one they say, “I’d stay at home at night all the time. I’d go anywhere, anywhere, anywhere . . .” The song is just so moody, without there being a goodbye in it. Desperate, without containing a plea. It doesn’t matter if someone is losing a lover or a baby, you just sense the understated sorrow. So, she goes over to his mic and he steps back to give her room and when she turns he moves and she just puts a hand on his shoulder before leaving. Sublime.

Big Love. Hmmm. Somehow Lindsey has no trouble remembering that the song was written in 1987. Must’ve have taken pills for that. He shakes his hands before starting. Let’s his fingers fight each other and smiles. He makes eyes with the people in front, purses his lips. Charms. A white sheath drops down from the ceiling and his image is projected onto it as his fingers fly.

Landslide. Lindsey had to go and check the setlist to make sure this was the next song. Ha, we were kidding a few weeks ago and some Buck fans said they would leave during this one, but they didn’t budge at all. And why would you when he is standing there playing behind her LIKE A BOSS? I’m surprised that Stevie doesn’t dedicate the song to anyone beforehand. You hear the crowd singing all the words, thousands of voices filling the venue.

Just before the landslide brings her down, Lindsey blows Stevie a kiss and wipes his face as she pauses. She holds up her hand. He presses his against it and then their fingers clasp. She finishes and she applauds the audience back, as they serenade her.

Never Going Back Again. Lindsey hasn’t listened to us. He still insists on drawing out the notes. But absence makes the heart grow fonder and I love an arrangement that I don’t even like, just because I haven’t heard it in awhile.

They bring out Mick’s mini drum kit and put it down on the floor, near the front of the stage. Stevie comes to the mic and says that the next song has a great and funny story. She says she goes on and on in her own shows, but she doesn’t get to talk as much in FM shows.

This is actually the first song of theirs that Mick heard, which made him know that he wanted them in the band. [Hey, I don’t appreciate Frozen Love being frozen out like that. Don’t change a story that has become part of FM lore.] Well, Mick wanted Lindsey in the band but “package deal” Stevie says, with a laugh. The song may have been written in 1974, but she thinks the poem was written in 1971, even before they came to Los Angeles. They found the video, where else? Of course, on Youtube in 2010. [Man you didn’t send Lori back to Arizona to look for it?] She says that their Buckingham Nicks album had just hit the ground “NOT running” and they were preparing for a second BN album. She thinks it’s one of the nicest songs she has ever written about “the two of us” and it reminds her of what a great time they had growing up together in San Francisco. Without You.

I’m not overcome by the song, but I’m very glad to have this new version and I want it to stay in the setlist. At the end when they say “ah ah ah ah ah” she holds up her fingers and counts each “ah,” all 5 of them, out at him.

Gypsy. The video behind them has two girls playing on the beach.

EOTW. I don’t know why, but this surprised me. We actually have one song from each of the albums. And I’m so happy that they did that. The video behind them just shows a series of eyes. What I want some of you to tell me is whether you saw Christine’s eyes in there too. I can’t say. Tell me what you think. Mick’s bulging orbs stand out the most, because you actually see more than his eyes. You see more of his face. But for everyone else, there are just EYES, EYES, EYES.

Gold Dust Woman. The video behind them has a woman in water, under water, drowning in the golden waves. Stevie ends the song with “you should see me now, you can’t feel me now” and then goes on to “you can’t save me.” And she chants “you can’t save me,” “you can’t save me,” “you can’t save me” her voice takes on a plaintive, almost childish tone. And with the woman in the video being submerged behind her, it’s really a wonderful image of someone going under, out of reach.

I’m so Afraid. Oh my goodness. Some were born Perfect, some just become that. If there were three young Buckinghams in the audience, I hope they were proud, because I sure was. Tour de force.

Stand Back. What’s really cool is there is a Stevie look alike in the video behind her and she is thrashing about, seeming to fall, and then when Stevie does her spin, then the model disappears and it’s the real Stevie up on the screen spinning. Very effective. It’s like you traveled back in time and returned to the present with her. And, not to be pervy, but Stevie was looking mighty cute from behind. Short boots, tights, short skirt with a split. She looked very hip.

She runs offstage, to go get dressed for GYOW. During the song, Lindsey stops on both sides of the stage and in the middle to let people play his guitar.

They all leave the stage, Mick returns first, then John, Stevie and Lindsey, from opposite sides. They bow.

World Turning. I have no idea what Mick was muttering. But I think it’s much more effective when he keeps playing at his drum kit, rather than using the drum vest. I mean, the song is meant to showcase his talent and the vest doesn’t. Lindsey sits to the side. Then stands, looking on. Then, Stevie comes out and they march to the stage with alacrity, then to their mics to resume singing.

Lindsey introduces the one, the only Mick Fleetwood. Mick introduces Sharon, Lori, Neale and Brett. To his left is Lindsey Buckingham. “One of the world’s greatest guitarists.” One of them? You can do better than that, Mick. Mick introduces Stevie as their “main lady on stage.” Hmmm. Well, as long as you aren’t implying that Lindsey is a lady too.

He introduces John, "way back in the boonies", as the backbone of the band.

Don’t Stop.

Silver Springs. Now, I didn’t notice when Stevie took off her sunglasses, but they aren’t on by this time. It’s a very lovely close to the evening. Stevie obviously thinks so too, because she grabs John’s hand and tries to pull him over to take their group bow, but Lindsey is standing there across from her with his hands on his hips. Has she forgotten something? Stevie convulses in giggles. And I know that Silver Springs wasn’t destined to be the end of the show. They all leave the stage and return.

Stevie comes to the mic and says this is a beautiful song of Lindsey’s and she just LOVES to sing it. Yeah, you love to sing it so much you tried to sneak off the stage and back to the hotel without performing it, didn’t you?

After that introduction about it being a song of Lindsey’s that she loves to sing, I think the song is going to be “Miss Fantasy” but then Lindsey bursts my bubble by saying that it’s a song that he wrote 10 years ago. Not really Lindsey, unless you think 1997 was 10 years ago.

He says that Stevie said the nicest song she wrote about him was way back in the seventies (BURN). It may have even been before they got to Los Angeles [I know, right? She hasn’t had a nice thought about you since then. It’s got to hurt]. But he has written a really nice song about her somewhat more recently than THAT. He says it’s a song about getting closure. "Say Goodbye."

They’ve been getting along really well now and rehearsals went well and he thinks they may really be as close now than they ever have been since the seventies. [Don’t speak too soon, Linds. Tours tend to take a turn for the worse].

As the song ends and he gets “just a dream, within a dream” he puts a little catch in his voice. It may be manufactured, but it’s moving nonetheless.

They all bow. He kisses her hair, as he did several times during the night. I saw him whispering into it when they returned after an encore and she answered “O.K.” to whatever he said.

Lindsey darts off the stage first. John and Stevie leave from the other side. Mick closes telling us to be good to each other.

A great night. I wasn’t disappointed by the setlist. I think the sequencing was crisp. There was never a lull, nothing to be gotten through. A night of triumph, from my perspective.

As Dido says: I’m in love and always will be.
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