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Q&A Sessions
Billy Burnette: March 18 - 31, 2000
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Hi, Billy! Thanks for taking the time to put up with us! My initial battery of queries (which by the time get to you, you'll probably have been asked three or four times already!):

Fleetwood Mac days (mainly 94/95): I've read where, uncharacteristically, there were auditions for guitarists after Rick Vito left, when the band was being reformed. Before the decision to add Dave Mason to the lineup was final, could you drop some names of people who had auditioned? We're big on the "what if" game here. :-) (Steve Denison, Long Beach, California, USA)

I wasn't involved in the band at that time. Therefore, I don't know of any guitar players they had auditioned.

Bekka's version of "Imagine" that F-Mac closed the set with on the 94/95 tour, who came up with that arrangement?? And, speaking arrangements, who came up with the re-arrangment for "Gold Dust Woman"...which I found to be a breath of fresh air for that song. Gave it new life! LOve that Dobro intro. (Steve Denison)

The band made the arrangement at rehearsals. Fleetwood Mac, as a band, was pretty democratic about these things.

Did Dave Mason have a problem with singing older Fleetwood Mac material rather than just his own songs in concert? (Steve Denison)


Why weren't more songs from "Time" played in concert? (I only recall Dave's "Blow By Blow") (Steve Denison)

We tried playing newer songs during the tour, but the fans wanted older hits.

Besides "The Bigger The Love" had you considered re-recording any of your songs, (ie "Don't Say No" or "Danger Zone", which in retrospect are very "Fleetwood Mac-ish" to my ear) with Fleetwood Mac? (Steve Denison)

Funny you should say that, I was then and still today, a huge Fleetwood Mac fan. Maybe.

Overall, how much input did you really get to have during your tenure in the band? (Steve Denison)

Just as much as the next, they were gracious to let me have the input. (Steve Denison)

Looking forward to hearing "All Night Long" and the new one when it finally hits the streets. More interrigation in the coming days...thanks again. (Tell Bob Welch "hi" for me, when you see him.) (Steve Denison)

Thank you. I'll tell Bob "hello" when I see him.

Hi Billy - just wanted to say I enjoyed the webcast - the Dixie Dicks are my new favorite band. Anywho, my question's this: during the Behind the Mask incarnation of FM, you and Chris paired up musically very, very well. What drew you to her style (or vice versa), and why in the heck didn't you work togetehr more on the Time CD? (Laura Astorian, Woodstock, Georgia, USA)

Christine and I are great friends. She is one of my favorites to sing/write with. I had to quit the band then I rejoined. That's why I didn't work with her more.

When you were asked to join FM back in -87...did you instantly think YES or did you think long before you decided? (Rebecka, Sweden)

It didn't take long. First, I had to get out of a solo record deal with MCA Records. Fleetwood Mac was my favorite at the time, so it was a dream come true.

Was Christine McVie the first FM member you worked with? (Rebecka)

No, Mick Fleetwood was first. Mick and I had a band called The Zoo.

Of the songs you recorded with FM...which one do you like most? (Rebecka)

Songs with Fleetwood Mac! Hard Fleetwood Mac is my favorite.

Hi Billy! First of all, thanks a ton for doing this...I've got a few questions. First, what was your first impression of Christine McVie when you met her? (Ali, Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania, USA)

Just like a fan. I was a huge fan.

Second, what is it like working with her? (Ali)


Third, what do you remember about working on Christine's 1984 solo album? (Ali)

I wrote with her on solo album and TV special. We had a great time.

And fourth, what music are you listening to at the moment? Thanks again. (Ali)

Currently, the new Michael McDonald album.

Hello Mr Burnette,Thank you for taking the time to do this! Since you were in F Mac during the long tour to promote "Behind The Mask".can you tell us anything about Christine and Stevie? I really love both ladies, they are great writers and vocalists and I was wondering if they seemed close to one another while you were in the band. Also much has been written about Stevie's sense of humor, any stories come to mind about that. I was able to see you in the Bay Area on the Mask tour and I do wanna say I wish you had played "Hard Feelings" and "in the Back of My Mind" at that show, those 2 songs were among my favorites on that album. Thanks for your time. (Joseph, San Francisco, California)

Stevie and Christine were great friends. We all became a family after being on thr road for so long. Everyone got along fine. Mick and I were the bad boys and were scolded often for being wild. Thanks. Hard Feelings and and Back of My Mind are my favorites too.

Hi, Billy! Do you remember Michele, the girl who wrote your biography on this site? If not, she's a really good friend a mine and a huge fan of yours as I am! I created an e-mail list just so we could talk about you! It's a girl thing, we do that! Okay, there ARE a couple guys who probably just shake their heads at me and Michele for gushing! Anyway, when I first met Mich, as she likes to be called, I had a question about In the Back of My Mind, which is my favorite off of Behind the Mask. The words fascinate me, and it's just a GREAT song! So, here's my question: where did those lyrics come from? I love it! Thanks! (Natalie, Deltona, Florida, USA)

David Malloy cowrote the song with me. We were thinking of the Fleetwood Mac "vibe" at the time. David and I wanted Mick to sink into the song as a drummer. All along Mick was meant to do that intro. Thanks for asking Natalie, that's one of my favorites also.

Okay, a few more questions (though I bet Steve D. by now has already asked a couple of these). I vaguely recall reading somewhere that even if Lindsey hadn't left in 1987, you were probably going to be asked to at least be a backing guitarist/vocalist on the 1987 tour. Is that true? (Steve MacDougall, Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Yes, that is what Mick talked about.

I have Delaney's "Giving Birth To A Song," and was wondering if you would ever consider recording "Lonesome, Long Gone, So Long," which is another favorite of mine. (Steve MacDougall)

Yes, I love Delaney Bramlett. He is one of my mentors! Hopefully, one day we will get to record it.

Recently, I've gotten into the latter Byrds/Flying Burrito Bros/Gram Parsons. Did the late, great Gram have any influence on your music? For that matter, what about the late, great Clarence White? (Steve MacDougall)

Yes, I like the Flying Burrito Brothers, but I was more influenced by Delany and Bonnie Bramlett.

Was "The Bigger The Love" going to be on "Time," and if so, why was it cut (it's such a great song)? (Steve MacDougall)

Thanks for the compliment! We almost put "The Bigger The Love" on the TIME album, but at the time we decided differently.

On the Time album, how great was Christine's involvement on the tracks by the touring members, and vice verca. (Steve MacDougall)

Christine's involvement was one of the most important of the band's, at the time.

Why did you and Dave have so few songs on Time, and Christine so many? (Steve MacDougall)

I had quit the band and then was asked to rejoin. Once I returned, I just did the 3 songs because they were already into the album.

Related to the previous question, compared to "Behind The Mask's" cohesiveness, why was "Time" so fragmented? (Steve MacDougall)

"Time" was fragmented because we were trying to find ourselves at the time.

Since you still keep in touch with Mick, did he give a reason for you not being inducted into the Hall of Fame? I thought you definitely should have been in there! (Of course, as a fan of your solo work -check out the discography section- and of Delaney & Bonnie, I'm probably a wee bit biased.) (Steve MacDougall)

No, I never asked. After spending almost ten years with the band touring and recording with the band, I should have been involved as well.

Hi Billy... a thousand thanks for taking your time to "talk" with us fans. I am very fond of your work with Fleetwood Mac, and thru that, I have become a fan of your solo work as well. My question is about your time with Fleetwood Mac: There has been a lot of confusion about the new songs on '25 Years - The Chain'. Lindsey mentioned in a 1992 interview that he and Stevie had agreed to go into the studio with the band to "record some new songs" for the boxed set. However Rick has said that "Paper Doll" was recorded in 1988. Was it a completed track at that time, or were finishing touches put on it for the boxed set? Could you shed some light on that song for us, as well as "Heart Of Stone" and "Love Shines"? When and where were they recorded, and the line-up on each, etc. (Brian S., Midland, Pennsylvania, USA)

In 1988, "Paper Doll" was overdubbed by Lindsey Buckingham, Rick Vito, Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, and myself. "Heart of Stone" and "Love Shines" were recorded in L.A. by Christine, John, Mick, and myself.

Again I thank you, and I look forward to your new album! (Brian S.)

Thanks! I hope you like it. Remember, the new album, ARE YOU WITH ME BABY on FreeFalls Entertainment, will be in stores on May 9th.

Hello again. Some time ago I was flipping through the channels on television and I came across a program about Roy Orbison. Unfortunately I was only able to watch for a few minutes, but during that time I saw a clip of you talking about the late, great singer. I was wondering if you ever got the chance to meet and/or work with Roy, or if he is simply someone you greatly admire? (BTW... I ordered your new cd from this site and Bekka and Billy from and I can't wait to get them!) (Victoria, Vacaville, California, USA)

Yes, I was able to work with Roy. He recorded a song I had written "Dream You" for his Mystery Girl album. Actually, the day I was in the studio with Roy, Mick asked me to join Fleetwood Mac. I hope you like the new album, ARE YOU WITH ME BABY.

Hi, Billy. I only recently found out tht there was a video for "Love Shines". Did you make any other videos with the band after the Behind The Mask album? Also, where were the pictures for the Time album taken? I've always wondered. Thanx for your time!!! (Brian, Cornwall, Pennsylvania, USA)

"Love Shines" is the only video we made after the Behind The Mask album. The pictures were at John McVie's house in the west San Fernando Valley.

Hi Billy, Whatever happened to your cousin, Rocky Burnette ? He had that one big hit "Tired of towin' the line" and I never heard anything from him since. Does he still record music like you ? (Steve Elliot, Arlington, Virginia, USA)

Rocky is still recording and touring.

I really enjoy "Tear it up". Great song ! Good luck with the new albums !! (Steve Elliot)

Thank you!!

Hi Billy, I loved your work with Fleetwood Mac - why did you leave the band??? (Kim Abrahamsson, Skovlunde, Denmark)

I left twice, once to persue my solo career and the second time because the band decided to go on with the Dance album and tour.

I know there´s quite a few Burnette´s out there on the music scene, and that some of you are related... Are you related to T-Bone Burnette - or is it (as I´ve heard some say) an alias of yours??? (Kim Abrahamsson)

No, T-Bone is a good friend or mine. I don't think there is any relation between us.

How did working with Roy Orbison on the Mystery Girl album come about??? Was "(All I Can Do Is) Dream You" written especially for him??? Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions... (Kim Abrahamsson)

Yes, that is how it came about. I taught it to him at his house and the next week we were in the studio. That was the greatest thrill of my life!

I love In The Back Of My Mind, it was such a great song to open a concert with. I was wondering what was it like on the BTM tour when Christine and Stevie announced they were no longer going to tour? Did this come as a complete surprise to the rest of the band? (Shane, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

It was a surprise, but in the back of my mind I knew. Plus, with Mick's book floating around it wouldn't have taken long. Either way, we were going to go on anyway with the lineup.

Hey, Billy! Thanks for doing this Q&A. The first rock concert I ever saw was the St. Louis stop on your 1987 tour with the Mac, and I was hooked! I really like your solo work as well, especially the Try Me album, which is chock-full of great melodies and riffs. My questions are about the Behind The Mask album, which I love and I think is really underrated. I know that Lindsey's role in the band often focused heavily on his production skills, so how difficult was it to decide on a producer for Behind The Mask? (Carter Smolik, St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

We went through a few producers before we made the decision.

Was there any particular reason you chose Greg Ladanyi? (Carter Smolik)

He was a great engineer.

What led to the cameo appearance by Lindsey on the album's title track? (Carter Smolik)

We thought it would be good to have Lindsey make the appearance because we loved his playing and there was no tension between the band.

And finally, were there any tracks that you recorded with the band that were not released? I was disappointed with the box set's relative lack of unrealeased/demo material, and wondered if anything was still "in the can" from those sessions that might surface later on down the line. In any case, thanks again for your time, and I look forward to hearing your new album! (Carter Smolik)

There might be, I'm not sure. In any case, thanks!

Hi There...Thanks so much for taking the time to do this !! I have a video tape copy of the show in San Francisco during the BTM tour when Lindsey came on as a guest and it looks like the tension between Lindsey and Stevie was so thick you could cu it with a knife...especially at the end when Mick was introducing every one and Stevie went to hug Lindsey and he seems to brush her off !! question is was this tension for real or am I just reading something into it ?? Did they talk much back stage ?? Thanks. (Kris, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Thanks Stevie was thrilled that Lindsey played. She asked me if it was O.K. for him to play landslide and I said "yes". I saw them backstage on the Dance Tour in Nashville and we had a great time backstage!!

Hi Billy. Thanks for doing this for us. I have two questions. 1. What is the most challenging Fleetwood Mac song for you to do? 2. I saw an interview once where the interviewer asked John which incarnation of the band was the best and the worst.(sorry, don't recallt he source.) He said the current incarnation (the one you were with) was the worst. I could not tell if he was being sarcastic or not. Was there tension between you and John? What are your thoughts on his comment? (Janice, Aurora, Illinois, USA)

"Everywhere" was the most difficult. It required vocals and guitar at the same time. I'm sure he was being sarcastic at the time. John and I are great friends (or maybe he had one too many).

Mr. Burnette, My friend Natalie is a HUGE fan of yours, in fact, if it weren't for her I'd have no idea who you are. Anyway, my question is: Have any dates been confirmed for the tour and what are the chances of hitting Central Florida, if no dates have been scheduled for that part of the country. Thanks for your time! (Yvonne, Galt, California, USA)

We are working on that at this time. I hope to see her this summer in Florida. Thank You.

Hi Billy, You have such a good humor I enjoy! Who is in the band you work with as mentioned in a previous answer? (Charlotte Ann, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

If you are referring to my current band, Kenny Vaughn, Ian Wallace, and Dave Rorick (sometimes Mark Winchester).

Did you back Lindsey on SNL with Bwana & Trouble? The man looks like you and sings backup? I also wanted to say...Thanks to your family for many years of great music! Rock ON !!! (Charlotte Ann)

Yes that was me.

Hello Billy! Thanks for doing the Q & A for us! Many former child performers have said that being a child star was either terrible, or very helpful in developing discipline, etc. What is your opinion on being in 'the business' at such an early age? (Josh Williams, East Liverpool, Ohio, USA)

That is a hard question. This is all I have ever known.

Also, what do you think of Stevie's cover of your dad's song "It's Late" which is on her box set, if you have heard it? Thanks again! (Josh Williams)

Sorry, I haven't heard Stevie's version of "It's Late". I hope to soon.

Hi Billy. I gave you a behind the mask tshirt a few years ago right off of my back here in Detroit. My name is Radar, maybe you'll remember that? I was wondering if you still had it? (James Bussell, Roseville, Michigan, USA)

Yes I remember you. I probably still have the t-shirt.

After which you gave me a backstage pass to meet John McVie, at Pine Knob do you remember that? Are you currently working with any Nashville Artists as a session player or back up singer?

No, actually I just finished my new solo album ARE YOU WITH ME BABY due in stores May 9th.

I'm also good friends with Steve Turner he said during the recording session for the coming home lp that Steve played on alot more tracks and I was woundering if they would ever be coming out? (James Bussell)

I think they will someday.

Thanks for all the good memories/music of when you were with Fleetwood Mac. Is Bekka still doing backup for Vince Gill? Once again thank you, hope to hear from you. (James Bussell)

No, she is not working with Vince Gill. She'll begin working on her solo album soon.

Me again...I just wanted to say that I thought it was a crime that you didn't get to do more of your own songs on the Fleetwood Mac tours. I mean, the list of people who have recorded your songs is so amazing, yet you seemed to be the guy who had to sing the Lindsey Buckingham stuff. I was wondering if you had had more time in the set during the Time tours, would you and the others have done more in the way of original material? (Steve MacDougall, Columbus, Ohio, USA)

We had to stick to the Fleetwood Mac hits.

BTW, you and Bekka are responsible for one of the most amazing concert experiences I've ever had. Fleetwood Mac was playing at Timberwolf at King's Island, near Cincinnati. During the encore set of Dreamin' The Dream, fireworks went off. It provided a beautiful background for an amazing song. (Okay, it practically brought me to tears, and that NEVER happens.) (Steve MacDougall)

Thanks for the compliment! That is Bekka's and my favorite.

I just saw the cover for your up coming CD (BTW, I think it's cool that you're releasing two albums so close together), and it kicks butt. Here's something a bit weird. I have all of your solo albums to date, and a majority of them are promo copies. What's weird about that is that I've gotten your albums at a variety of places. (BTW, my favorite has to be "Between Friends," especially the song "Hey, You Got Away" with that killer Nashville piano...Gooseflesh). Regarding your past albums being released, I know you don't have much in the way of control, but how do independent labels (i.e. One Way Records) reissue the albums, especially here in the States? Is there anything we fans can do to get a company to release the albums, because there's a lot of great music on those albums!

It seems like they are available more in foreign countries. Try writing a letter to the record companies to get them to reissue the albums, any little bit will help. Thank you for your continued support!

Hi Billy! Thank you for doing this Q&A. Could you please tell me a little bit about your Try Me album?? (Tracy G., Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

The Try Me album was done in L.A. with Richard Podlor, as producer. He was nominated for Best New Male Vocalist by the Academy of Country Music.

What involvement did Christine and Mick have on that album? (Tracy G.)

Mick played drums. Christine and I performed the duet.

You and Christine sing so beautifully on It Ain't Over and Rock and Roll Lullaby...did she sing on any others? And which tracks was Mick a part of? (Tracy G.)

No, those were the only one's Christine sang on and I think Mick played only on two tracks. Thanks.

What made you decide to rerecord I'm Not Me? I love that song :) The more the merrier. (Tracy G.)

That song came from my Credence Clearwater/John Forgerty influence. I love this song too. Thanks.

I know this is all probably ancient history, but it's fascinating history, so...what do you remember of the Blue Whale? Was it as crazy as Mick made it out to be? (Tracy G.)

Yes! Crazier!! It was one big party best described as, crazy and wild as it gets, but we made some great music there.

Were you a mainstay in the Zoo? (Tracy G.)


Were you there at the concert Mick mentions in his autobiography? (The one where the crowd heard about Stevie's appearance with the band and swamped the venue.) (Tracy G.)

Yes, it fact, they had to close the street down that night in Hawaii.

And speaking of that autobiography ;) did you read it? If so, what did you think of it? (Tracy G.)

Yes, it was fun to see the reactions from the rest of the band while we were out on the road

Did any of you discuss it while you were touring for Behind the Mask? (Tracy G.)

Discuss it was an understatement! It was like someone dropped a bomb on the tour!

Billy - I've only had the opportunity to see you in concert once. It was Labor Day 1994 and you played an outdoor benefit concert at the Motor Speedway in Farley, IA. The show was postponed from the day before due to less-than-desirable weather. Thankfully you were able to play the next day and I was happy to drive the 2 hours a second time to see you (gas was much cheaper then!). All this leads up to the fact that it has been far too long since I've been able to see Billy Burnette in concert! Are there any upcoming tour dates that would bring you close to Iowa? (Tony, Iowa, USA)

Yes, I will be touring in support of my new album ARE YOU WITH ME BABY scheduled to hit stores May 9th.

You're a singer, songwriter, guitarist and now screen writer? I'm amazed... Can you give us a sneak preview of what your upcoming screenplay will be about? (Tony)

The screenplay is about a Rock-a-Billy singer, imagine that.

Where can I find 'Nothin' To Do' (And All Night To Do It) other than on the 'Saturday Night Special' video? (Tony)

I think that is the only place you can find the song or you can call Warner Brothers.

This isn't a question - more of an observation. When I first heard 'Hard Feelings' back in '90 it occurred to me that your work with the Mac didn't stray all that far from your rock-a-billy/country roots. That continued on through the Time CD. You deserve a lot of credit for playing what's in your heart. I just wanted to say "thanks" for that. (Tony)


Hi Billy, I asked you in an earlier question about work you did on an album with Rick Vito, pre-Fleetwood Mac. You mentioned the Roy Orbison 1988 album. I checked on an album by Troy Newman, GYPSY MOON,in the discography, and it mentions involvement by you and Rick. Do you recall this? The album is from 1970. Thanks again! (Timothy Kee, North Huntington, Pennsylvania, USA)

Yes, now that you mention it I do remember that album. Thanks!

Hi Billy, I loved your work in BTM and Time. I've been a Mac fan since several years ago. What was your hardest contibution in BTM? I mean which was the most difficult song to record and perform, and why? (Carlos Villavic, Lima, Peru)

BTM was the most difficult because there were so many tracks. We had to hook up three 48-track machines together to handle the job.

Hi Billy, it's me the Peruvian guy again. Could you please describe in very very few words Mick, Rick, John, Christine and Stevie? Actually, if you could describe with just 2 or 3 words these people, which words would you choose for each one? (Villavic)

Mick - one of my best friends
Rick - great guitar player
Christine & Stevie - both very gifted people
John - Great bass player

Hey Billy, Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. I am wondering have you got any Irish connections, or have you are Bekka ever been to N.Ireland or down south??? Thanks for the music. (Angela, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Yes, I am part Irish. I've played Dublin twice with Fleetwood Mac. I can't wait to go back and have some Guiness. Thanks!!

Of the following, what would you consider yourself first and foremost?

1) Rock singer
2) Country singer
3) Country songwriter
4) Rock songwriter
5) Guitarist

Thank you, Billy. (Rob Hylen, Quincy, Massachusetts, USA)

I would consider myself a rock singer, a country songwriter, a rock songwriter, and a guitarist.

Could you please tell us about your acting days? Any highlights or regrets? (Robert, Munster, Indiana, USA)

My first acting day in Saturday Night Special, I had the lead role. I was put right into a love scene and freaked me out totally!!

Hey Billy! I just recently got into Fleetwood Mac (because of their awesome reunion), and I have been discovering all of your work with the band and on your own. I have to ask...Hard Feelings has so much passion, and to this day it remains one of my favorite songs ever. Was this song taken from a personal experience? Thanx a bunch, and take care. (Robert)

Yes. It can relate to any personal experience when you lose someone.

Hi Billy, I first saw you on a Showtime Special in the early 80's and you were singing with Bonnie Bramlett on I believe Tear It Up and I still remember it. I love that song. Do you know what Bonnie is doing these days? (Tracy, Texas City, Texas, USA)

Bonnie is living here in Nashville, TN.

When I first heard Bekka on the Zoo album I knew it had to be Bonnie's daughter, what an awesome voice. I also love the Bekka & Billy cd, I love Soul Searching. If you tour behind this new cd will you perform any of the songs from the Bekka & Billy cd? Thanks for answering all our questions. Tracy

I may perform "Soul Searching." Thanks!

Hi Billy...Did you get to see Fleetwood Mac on The Dance tour in 97, if so, did you talk to any member the band and also how had they changed since the last time you saw them ??? (Jeff, Sunvale, California, USA)

I saw them on The Dance tour in Nashville. We had a great time backstage.

Hello Mr. Burnette. I have enjoyed your music and enthusiasim. What a special day it was when you and the Zoo did the Ricky Nelson Memorial Concert at the Palace in Hollywood. Would you share some of your recollections of that day. You closed the event with the song Ricky closed a number of his shows with. What was that song? I am looking forward to your new cd and tour. (Carl Swift, Sierra Madre, California, USA)

Rick Nelson was a close friend and we shared the same birthday. He was a great loss to me and my family. We closed the show with "Late". Thank you!

Hello Mr. Burnette! I too must add my thanks for you taking the time to answer our questions. Also I must thank the Penguin site for providing such a fine forum. I became a FM fan during the TANGO period, and was fascinated by the changes in the band when you and Mr. Vito came in to take over Mr. Buckinghams' place. BEHIND THE MASK is a fantastic album, I still go back to it all the time for the great songs "Save Me", "Skies The Limit", "When The Sun Goes Down", and the already mentioned "Hard Feelings". I think that song may be my all time favorite MAC tune - just becuase it comes accross as an honest testiment - Bravo. Since then any time I see your name in the writing credits I always take a listen - as I think your writing is so strong . (how about "Now I Know" and "the Bigger The Love" from John McVie's Gotta Band CD! - great!) Unfortunately I didn't see the MAC till the Dance, but I loved your work for the TANGO video - especially "Oh Well" and "World Turning" - fantastic! A few questions for you, I'd like to know about your recording experience with Roy Orbison on MYSTERY GIRL, what was it like to work with one of the greats? (Todd Richards, Cleveland, Ohio)

It was like a dream come true working with Roy!

Did you share stories with him about yourself and your family musical history? (Todd Richards)

We did share the story about the first time Roy met my dad and uncle.

What work did you do on the four "new" tracks on "The Chain" box set? (Todd Richards)

I played the guitar and sang vocals.

How did the "Time" version of FM disband? Did you and Bekka go right into your duo album? (By the way, great performance on "Prime Time Country" way back when ...) (Todd Richards)

Bekka and I were together as a couple at the time. We felt we had to reinvent ourselves as Bekka and Billy.

I am happy to hear about your new CD being released in May. I understand that your label, Freefall is based here in Cleveland (?). If so, how did you get together with them, and are you planning a stop here on tour? (Todd Richards)

Yes, the label is based in Cleveland, OH. Keep listening for concert updates in your area.

Finally, as many of the Penguin readers will know, I host a yearly radio marathon here in Cleveland ("Fleetwood MAX") that focuses on FM and all their members. I hope you might accept and invitation to talk to the Cleveland FM fans about your music and time in the band. Let me know if there is a direct way to contact you, or I can use the postal address previously mentioned. Mr. Burnette, thank you for your honest musicianship, fantastic writing and all around professionalism. Best wishes on the new album and tour. (Todd Richards)

You can send the request to FreeFalls Entertainment. Thanks!

Hey Billy! I just have one more question that I have been dying to know. There is a lotus flower type symbol on the Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits album. Since you were involved with the band at that time maybe you can tell me what it means? Or does the symbol have any meaning as far as the band is concerned? Thank you for your time! (Brandon Jones, White Hall, Arizona, USA)

The symbol had no special meaning at all. It was the symbol of cotton. We just liked it.

Billy, thanks for your time and good luck with the new album! I saw one of your shows when you were touring with Bekka acting as Stevie in Fleetwood Mac. I was very disappointed, not so much of Bekka's performance, but because it was so unexpected. Why do you think Mick and the Mac wanted Bekka to imitate Stevie and not be herself? (Rick, Hinesville, Georgia, USA)

Bekka did an incredible job stepping into the situation at the time. She took the material and made it her own.

Hello Billy! I have a few questions about the song "The Second Time." I was wondering if, when Stevie and Rick brought that song to the band did they already have their minds made up about how they wanted it to sound? Is it just Stevie and a guitar? Who is playing the guitar? If you are both on that song, who is playing the majority of it? Is Christine or John playing on this song? Did Stevie write all of the lyrics and Rick the melody? I know you may not know the answer to all of these questions, but it is a very lovly song. Thank you very much. (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Stevie and Rick brought the song to the band. When we cut the song, Rick and I were on the guitars

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