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Brett Tuggle: September 12 - 25, 2000
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Hello Brett, I am wondering, since you have been in Stevie's touring band, are you also working on new studio tracks with her? If so, can you elaborate a little? Have you heard any of the Black Crowes with Jimmy Page? I think that's the best combo since Page and Plant themselves. I couldn't believe it when I heard them do a killer take on "In My Time Of Dying." It was incredible.(Apologies to David Coverdale.)How much time did you spend working with Brian Wilson, and what was that like? You have quite an impressive track record. Chris Isaac is a hell of a singer and I love those Spartan arrangements. They let his vocals stay out in front of the mix. Thanks for taking the time. (Timothy Kee, North Huntington, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Timothy,

First, let me say that I have not played on Stevie's new record yet and I'm not sure if I will to be quite honest. Although I would in a second if she asked me for some reason she hasn't really used much of anyone from her touring band except Waddy Wachtel on some guitar tracks and Sharon Celani and some backing vocal stuff. Benmont Tench from Tom Petty's band has played some keyboards on the record and also Sheryl Crow and some of her people. Stevie did play me most of the new record in her hotel suite a couple a weeks ago and I it blew me away. There are some amazing new songs on this record and I think people are going to love it.

I also agree about Jimmy and The Black Crowes, GREAT COMBO!!! I always liked The Black Crows anyway but the combo is pretty cool. I've heard different cuts on the radio of the live CD they have out and it sounded awesome. I must go out and get that CD.

Brian Wilson is probably one of my biggest heroes. I grew up in Colorado listening to Beach Boy stuff over and over. I had the pleasure of doing one session with him about five years ago. It was a new song he had written and I got a call to come and play on it. It was very cool working with him if only for a day.

I agree that Chris Isaak is a great singer. He is also a funny guy and a lot of fun to work with. He is in Vancouver now working on a new TV sitcom for Showtime that will air in December.

Good chatting with you and all the best Timothy...


Hi Brett, I have a couple of questions concerning the different people that you've had the pleasure of working with.

1. When you worked with Chris Isaak on his "Speak of the devil" Tour did you ever hear as to why his original Guitarist, Jimmy Wilsey wasn't playing in Chris' band, Silvertone anymore ? There was never a reason given as to why he left ? Jimmy was such an important part of Chris' sound and band and he helped make "Wicked Game" the top 10 hit it was. (Steve Elliott, Arlington, Virginia, USA)

I agree that Jimmy Wilsey had a great sound for those Chris Isaak and Silvertone albums. To be quit honest with you I never really asked or heard why there was a parting of the ways with those two. I can tell you this though, Chris and some of the other guys in his band got together with Jimmy after a gig we did here in LA a few months back and guess they had a nice visit. All I can tell you is sometimes people and artists can work together for only so long before musical or personal differences make it so they have to go their separate ways. No matter why they split Jimmy's sound will always be appreciated on those records. Hershal Yatovitiz has been playing with Chris for almost six years now and he is an amazing guitarist to work with.

2. What instrument(s) did you play on Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance" Tour since, Christine is the keyboard player for the band. Synthesizer ? (Steve Elliott)

On The Dance album and Tour I played all of the synthesizer parts, acoustic and electric guitar and did some backing vocals. Was a lot of fun....

3. What was it like working with Brian Wilson ? What did you do at that session ? (Steve Elliott)

Working with Brian Wilson was pretty darn cool. He has always been one of my heroes so I was honored to have been called to play on a song for him. If memory serves I think I played piano and synthesizer on one song and that was it.

4. What's David Lee Roth doing these days ? He must've been a lot of fun to work with. Thank you ! (Steve Elliott)

I heard that Dave is back with the Van Halen boys to see if they can get it together to make a new record. I really hope it happens. I know if they can get it together and make a great record they could go out and sell out huge places and the fans would go wild to see that reunion. Dave threw the best backstage parties and he was proud of the fact he threw the best backstage after show party of anyone in Rock and Roll. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun those years were. YEE-HAW.

Good chatting with you Steve and take care....


Hi, Brett. Thanks so much for doing this Q&A. I have two questions for you. The first one is how did it feel to work with Fleetwood Mac on The Dance? My second question is regarding Stevie. I saw her live a couple of times and will be seeing her again in Arizona for the AHI Benefit and she just seems to have such a great personality. She just comes across as being a genuinely nice person. Is she really as down-to-earth as she seems to be or is it just my imagination? (Michelle, Brooklyn, New York)

Hi Michelle,

Let just start by saying, I LOVE NEW YORK!!!!! There now I got that off my chest.

Working on The Dance album and tour was really and truly one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I had played with Mick in The Zoo and had played a show with Christine and John Mc Vie at a pre-Superbowl event once. But getting all of those five people together was so awesome I can't even tell you. I also met Lindsey and Stevie for the first time at those rehearsals so The Dance project was really the beginning of my working relationship with Stevie which progressed into me being in her band. And yes she really is what you see and hear. A very caring and kind person. She has a heart the size of Texas. I adore Stevie with all my heart. I hope to play in her band for a long time.

Good chatting with you and give my best to New York....


Hi Brett. Thanks for doing this. Even though most questions here will be about your involvement with Fleetwood Mac and Stevie, I've gotta ask some about your work with one of my favorite bands, Silvertone. Thanks a lot! What are each of the guys in Silvertone like and what is it like to work with them? (Ali, Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Ali,

Glad to hear you are a Silvertone fan. That band is sooooo much fun.

Each member of Silvertone has there own distinct personality. Kenny the drummer is hysterically funny. He comes from a small town in Texas and is just hilarious. Roly the bass player is and incredible artist. He paints water color paintings that will absolutely blow you away and is a nice guy and great bass player. Hershel the guitarist is one of the best guitarist I have ever worked with. This guy can play just about anything and play it great. He is also a lot of fun and a great guy. Chris? Who's Chris? Just kidding. Chris is just the best, period. Hard working guy, very smart, extremely talented and has a voice of gold. As a matter of fact he's so good, it pisses me off (ha ha)......

What are your favorite songs to perform on stage ? (Ali)

I love to play all of Chris's songs but two of my favs are Somebody's Crying and Forever Blue.

Do you prefer playing smaller venues with Silvertone or larger ones with FM and Stevie? (Ali)

I like both the big and small venues. I think I prefer the theater size venue the best. They sound is usually better than the big arena's. But the big crowds can be awesome.

What was working with Christine McVie like? (Ali)

Christine Mc Vie is a total doll to play with. She is so sweet and really has some fun party games to play after a show. I miss her a lot.....

Good to hear from you,


I was hoping you might be able to tell me what Stevie is REALLY like as a person. People always say she is the greatest. Funny, thoughtful, down to earth and very generous of spirit who makes friends easily. Yet, I found that when she recently did a Q & A on the site her answers were very short. Almost stingy with her words...I was extremely disappointed. I read all her lovely questions from genuine fans and she in turn just seemed so abrupt; offering the bare minimum...I hope I am wrong about her. This sounds like a sound off to show my disappointment and I guess it is. I have ALL her music she has ever done and AM a really HUGE fan so maybe you can understand my shock when I read her curt answers. (Michelle, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom)

Hi Michelle,

Sorry you were disappointed with some of her short answers. Stevie truley is a very kind and generous person. I have worked with her for over three years now and have seen a lot of sides of her and can say she is an amazingly caring person. First and foremost she is extremely talented and puts everything she has out in her performances. She never disappoints the crowd. Since I didn't see her Q & A on the Nicksfix I can't really comment but I will say she works extremely hard and when you work that hard you are going to have days or night where you just aren't up to doing certain things. My guess would be she was having one of those days. She really does love and appreciates her fans so much. My advise would be give her another chance, her new album is amazing. We all have our days....

Take care Michelle,


I have always wondered, what is it like to work with a group of this magnitude? I always used to and still do think about what it would be like. Is it tough, easy or in between? Thank you very much. And when you see The Mac can you tell them I said "Hi"? I know you probably will forget but it is the thought that counts right? Thanks again. (Dani, Johnston, Rhode Island, USA)

Hi Dani, Working with a group like Fleetwood Mac has to have been one of the best experiences of my life. There are tough things and fun things about playing in a huge group like The Mac. I think the hardest thing to do is the traveling from one place to another. The two hours on stage is the fun part. And you really do become a family with everyone on the tour. You've just spent the last half a year with all these people and then suddenly its over. Glad to still be working with Stevie though and her new record sounds great!!! I'll say hi for you OK? All the best to you Dani....


Brett, my question concerns Christine. She may not be aware of just how many of her fans study her keyboard licks and style as closely (even obsessively) as she once studied Sonny Thompson's licks. As she has said herself, she isn't a virtuoso in the traditional sense, but her style has insinuated itself into many of our hearts and minds -- to the point that many of us (just as Mick Fleetwood once admitted) actually have trouble listening to most other keyboardists (Mick called them "incessant twiddlers"). I've heard numerous other keyboardists play "Don't Stop," for example, but they just don't handle that blues shuffle with the strongly rhythmic quality that she does. (Suggested project for Christine: "How-To" book and CD with lessons on her style and licks)

That said, your keyboard work on the Mac reunion tour was smashing -- understated, tasteful and elegant. To me, Mac's music onstage is to a great extent about space, about letting the song "breathe" by not filling in every last hole, and letting the rhythm section carry a song forward from time to time. I believe you played the piano part on "Oh Daddy" -- is this correct? You worked it in beautifully with Christine's B3.

Can you tell us about the keyboard setups for you and Christine? She's been using a Yamaha controller keyboard in concert since the Tango tour in 1987, but we don't know where her patches come from. Before that, she depended almost wholly on a single electronic piano and her Hammond onstage.

Thanks, Brett. I really hope we see you again on tour with Nicks or Mac or Buckingham. You understand their sound as well as they do. (David, Los Angeles, California, USA)


Thank you so much for your kind words and I'm glad there are people like yourself out there who hear the different little keyboard parts going on. On "The Dance" album and tour I played Synthesizer, some guitar Christine handled all the Piano and Hammond organ stuff. I agree with you that she really has a definite "feel" in her keyboard playing. She has told me she's no virtuoso but I absolutely love her style of playing and the way she makes a song feel. To me that is what it is all about anyway.

As far as her set up goes if memory serves she played the Hammond B3 and Yamaha KX88 controller onstage and she had two huge racks that were full of MIDI modules. She had and EMU Emulator 4 Turbo for the Fender Rhodes piano sounds and some Roland and other synth modules in her racks. I think there was a lot of extra stuff in those racks that she didn't even use. But the keyboard tech had all the different synths there in case we needed sounds for something. I know she had a couple Mackie mixers in there as well. Christine's and my keyboard tech Scott Pinkerton did and excellent job on the gig keeping everything up and running and he also programmed his butt off.

My keyboard rig was rather simple but effective. I used the Korg Trinity Pro which sounds amazing and an EMU E64 sampler back then. As you said so well, a lot of The Mac's music was so great because of all the space in the tracks. I think that is a big factor in their sound. It was also fun playing some rhythm guitar on the gig. I'm always up for strumming some guitar parts especially when it's with someone as talented as Lindsey Buckingham.

Good hearing from you David and I wish you all the best.....


Hello Mr. Tuggle! There were some rumours about Stevie's song 'Twisted' being brought into the rehearsals for 'The Dance.' I was wondering if you could tell us if that was true or not? Was that song brought into the rehearsals? How did it sound? I would LOVE to hear Stevie and Lindsey sing that like. Stevie did a wonderful job on that song on her 'Enchanted' tour. Thank you. (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Jensen,

Twisted is an interesting song and was a lot of fun to play on The Enchanted tour. From what I know about that songs history was that it was originally written for the movie Twister a few years back. I don't remember it being introduced to the band for The Dance album or tour but that doesn't mean it wasn't discussed by some of the band members. I really don't know any more about the song other than the arrangement we played live on The Enchanted tour was arranged by Carlos Rios Stevie's musical director and was somewhat different from the track on the Twister soundtrack.

Take care and keep on listening....


Do you happen to know why the song 'Eyes of the World' was dropped from the setlist? I LOVE the version on FM's 1982 'In Concert.' Do you know why they had changed it around in the first place? Christine and Lindsey's 'Ba, bow, ba, bow's' were awesome. They made the song rock. Had you ever had the chance to see Stevie solo, Lindsey solo, or a Fleetwood Mac concert prior to 1997? (Jensen, Larksville, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hello again,

I'm not familiar with that song to be quite honest with you. I never saw Fleetwood Mac live or Stevie and Lindsey live before I started working with them. I wish I could have though. I've heard some incredible tapes of some of the live FM shows but that's about it. I really became aware of Fleetwood Mac way back when Peter Green was in the band. We used to play a few of their songs in our band in Denver. Sounds like you know a lot about the history of the group and its members. Good for you, I hope you keep enjoying them as a band and as solo artists....

All the best,


Hi! It has been inspirational reading about your lifelong love of music--thanks for sharing that with us and for taking the time to do this! :-) For now I have two questions: When you were working on the Dance tour, were there any particularly weird or funny moments, or practical jokes, that stand out in your mind? (Lisa G., Bloomingdale, Illinois, USA)

Hello Lisa,

There were many funny and crazy moments and events on The Dance tour just like on any tour. It would take way too long to try and type all of the funny stuff but I remember one hysterical incident. John McVie was pulling a prank on our tour manager Marty Hom. He had told Marty that he had bought an exotic bird in a local pet store. John said he had bought a Cockatoo bird and it was going to be traveling on the road with himself and the band, this included the plane, bus, hotels backstage, shows, etc. Well, since it's the tour managers job to oversee and take care of their needs he was going to have to attend to this bird now, along with everything else a bird traveling along was not in the job description and Marty was going out of his mind trying to figure out how in the world he was going to handle this and what he was going to do and how to take care of it. Well, a few hours later Marty found out that John was pulling a prank on him, so to get back at John, Marty arranged with the pet store owner to have the bird delivered to John's dressing room anyway. When John showed up for sound check Marty said "Oh John your bird is in your dressing room and everything is arranged for the bird on the road." John was flabbergasted now he didn't know what he was going to do or how this happened. Everyone ended up having a good laugh at the look on John's face when he saw the bird in his dressing room, too bad it wasn't a penguin... Ha Ha!!!

Hi Brett-- First, I just want to start by saying Thanks!! I was in the audience at a Rick Springfield concert at the Universal Amphitheater some 19-20 years ago, when he was at the height of his success. At the end of the show, Rick passed out roses to those in the first few rows, he handed one to me which was quickly grabbed out of my hand from a very nasty girl behind me, you witnessed this and gave me another rose. I am sure this is not something you remember, but I have never forgotten it and I'm glad I have the chance now to tell you so.

On to my question: Mick said in his book, that they would have to "drag Lindsey out of this hotel room just to have any fun". I was wondering if it was that way during The Dance tour. Did he socialize or did he spend all his free time working in his room? Thanks again !! (Michelle, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Hi Michelle,

It is so nice to hear from someone that was not only at that Rick show but someone that I could help out with the rose situation. Some of the Rick fans could be pretty brutal when it came to getting Rick's attention. What a small world huh?

As far as Lindsey goes, The Dance was the first time I had had the pleasure of playing with him and he had a great time on that tour. He seemed to really enjoy himself out there. As far as Mick's comment in his book, those were different times back then and I'm sure they all had they're days when it became hard to deal with the road.

Thank you for remembering the Rick show and take care of yourself.....


Hi Brett! Thanks so much for answering all these questions for us! It really means a lot! My question is regarding Stevie's solo setlists. Although we love Stevie, many of us have been hoping that she would change her setlist a little from her usual, predictable setlist that she used for the Enchanted tour/Millennium shows. Any chance on there being some different songs at the AHI benefit? (that is, if you will be playing!). Her fans would love to hear some of her old classics that she has not done on stage in a very long time. (Josh Williams, East Liverpool, Ohio, USA)

Hello Josh,

Yeah, I know what you're saying about the set list. I didn't even realize how little the set has changed over the years. Yeah there have been a few changes year to year but no major departures. I think she gets comfortable singing certain songs live that work for her best. When you are touring your voice can get very tired so pacing yourself so you don't blow out your voice is key to keep singing every night. My gut feeling is the set list she has been doing works for her on a night to night basis and she is comfortable singing those songs. But I have a feeling after hearing her new album and as excited as she is about the new recordings we will probably be doing some of the new songs When the album comes out. I must agree with you that there are sooooo many great songs from her past, some of them would be just incredible to play live. Now the AHI benefit she will do her "normal" set but we will also have Don Henley, Sheryl Crow and Chris Isaak doing songs with us as well so that will make for a great evening of music. We'll keep working on that set list and thanks for your input. Good hearing from you.

East Liverpool huh? Only knew about the Liverpool in England. Cool!!!!!!!


Hi Brett! Great to have another wonderful Q&A session to get into. The internet gives us FM/Stevie fans from all over the world the most amazing opportunities! My question of you is Stevie related, and is simple and straight forward: Is Stevie going to tour Australia next year? Thanks so much and take care. (Dawn, Umina NSW, Australia)

Hi Dawn,

First, let me say how much I adore your country. I have been there a few times the most recent being just a little over a year ago with Chris Isaak and we really had a great time. Can't wait to come back!!!!!!!

Yes, I agree the Internet brings our entire planet much closer together. It's wonderful....

The answer to your questions is, Yes it probably will happen. I've heard that when the new album comes out Stevie wants to go on an "extensive" world tour which would almost certainly mean playing some shows in Australia. Nothing has been set in stone yet because it's to early to book the tour dates but I would say chances are very good that we will be heading "down under" at some point. So come say hi when we get down there OK? Take care.....


Hi Brett! It was great to find this site and catch up on your career. As a diehard Rick Springfield fan, you live on for me in my video collection from the 80's! I'm a big Mac fan too, and loved the reunion tour! With Rick back with a new album and back on tour again I was just wondering if you keep in touch at all or had a chance to check out his latest release "Karma". Thanks! Keep up the good work! (Christine, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)


Hi back at ya!

It is so nice to hear that people remember the cool stuff that Rick and his band played for so many years. Rick is still kicking butt out there. I will always treasure all the fun times we had playing gigs and traveling the world. I just saw Rick about a month ago and it was great seeing him. He came and sat in with my local LA band "The Lads" and we had a blast. The Lads play all Beatle songs. It's therapy for me and people love it. Yes, I have heard Karma and it's a great album but I would expect nothing less from him. I've always thought Rick wrote great songs. Thanks for remembering and take care, hope to see you at a show sometime.....


Hi!!! I've heard a rumor somewhere that Stevie was romantically linked to Chris Issak ... do you know of any truth to that rumor? ("Yellow Flower", Michigan, USA)

Hi there,

The rumor mill never ceases to amaze me. To be perfectly honest with you I really don't ever discuss Stevie's or Chris's personal relationships with them, I feel it's their business and if they want to "share" something with me that's fine too. But I can tell you honestly from what I have seen that they are just good friends.....

All the best,



I have to comment that you are a very good musician, and Adore Stevie Nicks (and Chris Isaak) I was very excited to find out he would be joining in the AHI show. Is it possible if Stevie and Chris would do a song together? or is that still up in the air.

Also....I have a second question. Being on Tour with Stevie, you've seen alot. Was there anything that a fan did that totally shocked you and you've said "WOW, I can't get over he/she did that" and what was it? and what did Stevie think about it? Thanks a lot, and I can't wait to see you play SOON in Pittsburgh. (Shawn Collins, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Shawn,

Thank you for the compliment you are too kind.

For the AHI show Stevie and Chris are planning on singing something together so that should be a real treat. As far as being "totally shocked" I've seen a lot people try to get on stage to touch Stevie or give her something but nothing sticks out in my mind as completely over the top crazy. Mmmmm, if I think of something later I'll write you back. Sorry.

Thanks Shawn and take care,


First I would like to thank you for doing this Q & A session with us Stevie / Fleetwood fanatics.(lol) My question is after hearing some of the new Stevie album would you compare the new material with her older stuff are is she taking this album in a different direction. I will be happy regardless because for me she is one of the most incredible song writers there is. Her passion and emotions are expressed in every lyric that she writes or sings. Take care of yourself and wish Stevie much love from her fans. (Debbie M., Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Hi Debbie,

It is my pleasure to do these Q & A sessions. I am enjoying meeting all of you out there and I hope I can shed some insight into working with one of my favorite people who has brightened my life, I'm talking about Stevie of course. I feel the same way about how incredibly passionate she is in her songs. She is truly gifted and has given so much to so many. Comparing the new songs to the old is difficult because I think most artist's progress in the songs and their sounds as they progress in life. Stevie certainly has shown that over the years. All I can say about the new songs are they are pure Stevie. She captures you with her voice and her lyrics and just takes you to that place where she "let's you in." You will have to judge for yourself but I am sure you and others who love her will be delighted with the new stuff. Good hearing from you and take care of yourself Debbie.


Hi Brett-- Thanks for doing this, my question is, on The Dance tour was the connection between Lindsey & Stevie real or were they just going thru the motions night after night (Silver Springs, Landslide, etc.)? (Amy, 1000 Oaks, California, USA)

Hi Amy,

I have to tell you in the whole time we recorded and played live shows on The Dance tour it was all very much real and honest emotion coming off that stage. One of things I admire so much about The Mac is even though they've been through so much over the years, they always seem to "connect" on stage and that is what makes that combination of people so special. What you see is not a put on, they were all real up there on stage every night. It was amazing.........Thanks for writing in and take care.


Hi Brett. I have a few questions for you: What is it like to be a musician? Was it your childhood dream to play music or just a hobby that turned into more? How long have you been playing and touring with bands? And who was the first *famous* band that you toured with? I also have a question pertaining to Stevie if you can answer it. You've been on the road with her during the Dance and Enchanted tour. Do you happen to know what Stevie likes to do in her spare time when everyone is sitting around or she does something to pass the time? Does she read or knit or draw a lot? Does she talk a lot with everyone or is she shy and introverted?

You don't have to answer any of the questions if they are too personal. I just can't think of anything else at the time to ask. haha Take care, and thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions! (Angela Simpson, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

Hi Angela,

Being a musician is all I've ever really done so I don't know any other way to go through life. I didn't plan on any of it happening the way it did, it just was a natural progression for me. If you read the bio I wrote I explained how I started playing piano very young and just kept going because the desire for playing music was something that was just a much a part of me as breathing. The first band I ever recorded and seriously toured with was Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels. There, I've dated myself now.

Stevie works so much she doesn't seem to get a lot of "spare time." But I know she enjoys being with her two Llaso Apso dogs. They go everywhere with her. She also travels between her LA home and her Phoenix home a lot but is always writing and being creative. Sometimes I think she needs to take more time off. I must find out what vitamins she takes......All the best.


Hi Brett, Thank you for answering the questions in such a thoughtful and complete manner. It is appreciated!! Two questions. The AHI benefit lists Stevie, Sheryl, Chris, Henley, and Lindsey as appearing. You did not mention Lindsey in your discussion of the set list for the show. Is he not going to be appearing or is just doing a couple of things on his own?

Did you find when you were playing with Rick Springfield that it hurt your perceived creditability as a serious musician because of all heartthrob, teen idol, TV star stuff? Rick's music was sometimes dismissed as packaged teenybopper music. Unfair as compared to today's teen bands, Rick wrote all is own stuff, was a pretty good guitar player, and as a live performer rocked pretty hard. (to the point a guy could go with his girlfriend and come away saying these guys are good) Anyway did you feel there was a certain stigma being in his band or a good opportunity? Thank for the time. (John, Franklin, Massachusetts, USA)


Glad to be meeting new people like yourself. We start rehearsals tomorrow (Friday) With Stevie and I'm not quite sure what all Lindsey is going to do yet. I think he will probably do a couple of songs on his own ALA The Dance when He did "Big Love" and "Go Insane," and hopefully Lindsey and Stevie will do "Landslide" together. It's not been set in stone yet but that is my guess.

Yeah, Rick didn't get real "Rock" mainstream credibility mainly with the male audience because he was dismissed as just another "heart-throb" guy that was also and actor and was therefore stuck with the teeny bopper image. Really was a drag too because as you said, the guy was and still is a pretty amazing song writer and performer. Unfortunately this business can be tough on you when you're labeled with the "prettyboy" image thing. People that really know what he is about know the real truth which is he is really a damn good singer/songwriter and showman. It didn't really bother me much because myself and the other members of the band knew what the deal was and we made the best of it. Guys like Jon Bonjovi and lots of other "rock guys" really admired Rick and I've spoken to him and many other rock bands that dug his stuff. Success is success, but being happy with what you do is the most important thing in the world. Thanks for the questions.....


Hi Brett! I have to reiterate how great it is that you are answering these questions for us. You have given us a lot of insight!

My first question is one that has been a little touchy with Stevie fans lately as we are a bit confused and need some enlightening. We hope you can help us! We had heard somewhat recently that Waddy Wachtel was arrested for child pornography but never really got any news beyond that. As fans of Stevie, we just feel that we need to know a little more about that subject considering that she is working again with Waddy. Maybe there are issues that you can't discuss...but we as fans just feel disappointed in Stevie if Waddy truly was convicted of such a crime. She always has had a great love for children so we're hoping that there is a perfectly good explanation.

I also noticed that you didn't mention Lindsey in the line-up for the AHI benefit although he is named as a guest. Was it that you just forgot to mention his name or is he not going to be there?! Please don't scare us Lindsey fans! Ha ha!

Thank you again for being so kind to answer these questions for us. Good luck with your upcoming projects! (Melissa Emmerson, Florida, USA)

Hello Melissa,

You're right Stevie loves children and she would never have Waddy in her band if there we any real truth to him being involved in child pornography. All I really know is that there were some files on his computer that were questionable when he took it in to be fixed and most of what happened was completely blown way out of proportion by the press and was dismissed anyway. Waddy is a wonderful person, I have complete faith in the fact that he is not a weirdo but sometimes we all learn hard lessons. Downloading stuff from the Internet scares the heck out of me. I think Waddy learned that the hard way but there is no way Stevie would have him in her band if she thought he was guilty of any wrong doing. Show business is tough sometimes....

I am such a bone head for not mentioning Lindsey in one of my earlier Q & A's. Of course he is going to be there and I am very excited to see him again. He is going to bring the house down..... Thanks Melissa and take care....


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