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The Dirty Dozens (1985) - Jimmy Rogers And Left Hand Frank

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Left Hand Frank (Craig), Jimmy Rogers (James A. Lane)

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Side One:
Take A Walk (With Me)
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 4:31
You're Sweet
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 4:46
Mean Red Spider
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 4:33
  Comments: Trad. Arr. Lane
Fishing In My Pond
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 3:10
Crazy Woman Blues
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 2:33
Information Please
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 2:41
Side Two:
Dirty Dozens
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 5:08
  Comments: Trad. Arr. Craig
Oh Baby
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 2:55
  Comments: Trad. Arr. Craig
Honky Tonk
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 3:20
One Room Country Shack
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 4:20
Cleo's Gone
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 3:30
Baby Please
  Date Performance: 1979, Running Time: 2:10
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Bob Brunning, Ray West(on)

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Import Vinyl/CD Album

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Charles Brown (Songwriter), Bill (William Ballard) Doggett (Songwriter), Little Walter (Walter Jacobs) (Songwriter), Jimmy Rogers (James A. Lane) (Songwriter), Jimmy Rogers (James A. Lane) (Songwriter), Speckled Red (Rufus G. Perryman) (Songwriter), Junior Walker (Autry DeWalt Mixon) (Songwriter), Mercy Dee Walton (Songwriter), Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) (Songwriter)

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JSP Records

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JSP 1090

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Jimmy Rogers' importance in the development and story of Chicago Blues cannot be underestimated. Under his own name he has contributed a significant body of recoreded work. Equally important, his guitar work with the formative Muddy Waters Band was the essential foundation around which the band sound to the blues band style that moulded Chicago Blues for decades to come. Some writers have called him a 'Rhythm' guitarist. True enough maybe but that doesn't really do justice to Jimmy's subtle, powerful and immensely funky style.

Jimmy is in charge on Side One of this album. The two Delta Blues classics 'Take A Walk With Me' and 'Mean Red Spider' were never previously recorded by him. He invests them with tremendous authority and swing. As on every track on this album Left Hand Frank plays stunning lead guitar and there is a beautifully felt interplay between the two guitarists. Frank's is a truly rocking style developed over many years of club work in Chicago. 'You're Sweet' was previously recorded by Jimmy on a rather lacklustre French session many years ago. Here this simple but effective blues song is performed in a rousing, crowd pleasing, rocking way. The last theee of Jimmy's tracks are just him with only Frank supporting. The two guitarists exhibit their usual empathetic interplay and Jimmy sings with feeling on three of his own songs that had not been previously recorded.

Left Hand Frank has spent many, many years playing in the obscurity of Chicago clubs. Only four tracks on him had ever been previously issued and he has since gone back into the obscurity of the clubs. A great shame because he is a magnificent bluesman with a totally original style. He gives out truly powerhouse music. No concessions here to a new European audience, Frank just rocks the house with powerful blues. 'Dirty Dozens' is truly dirty, straight out of a tradition that has rarely found its way onto record let alone been performed so enthusiastically in front of a white audience in a London club! Frank storms his way through his numbers playing as if his life depended on it. The last number is back to the studio session without the band. It's a Charles Brown performed in a very idiosyncratic style but totally effective.

(C) (P) 1985 JSP Records
112 Sunny Gardens Road

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Manufactured in the UK

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33 1/3

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Oddly compiled but still worth it
Review written by John Fitzgerald, December 26th, 2004

5 of the 8 recordings Bob Brunning plays on from this record also have been released on the "Chicago blues" album. The three that only appear here are good ones though, "One room country shack" is a slow blues punctuated by some thumping drum rolls and two instrumentals, the upbeat "Honky tonk" and the funky groove of "Cleo's gone". The other five are nothing to overlook either although for some bizarre reason, the three that start side one are all slow blues ("Take a walk" (which is billed as "Take a walk with me" on "Chicago blues" but it is the same recording), "You're sweet" & "Mean red spider") which, although well done, doesn't say much for the sequencing process. The title track is shockingly graphic in it's lyrical content and although it doesn't say so on this release, it does state on "Chicago blues" that this track is "not suitable for airplay" but the less prude listener will get a chuckle or two from this number. Overall, this good sounding lean but not overpowering traditional electric guitar driven Chicago style platter has an intimate live setting one can nestle into nicely.

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